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Cost: from 710 000 EUR


Citizenship by Investment in Turkey for Lux Antalya Villa Buyers

The citizenship by investment program is a great opportunity to move to Turkey in 2022 for investors purchasing properties worth at least USD 400,000 in the country. International Wealth is happy to offer you a lux Antalya villa in the prestigious Döşemealtı district about to become your home, office, or a profitable investment option.

Turkish passport when buying a villa in Antalya

Residence permit in Turkey via purchasing lux 5+1 Antalya villa in Döşemealtı 

Successful people are used to planning their life and vacations well in advance. For this purpose, they invest in posh overseas properties. High-quality apartments may cost you a fortune in Cyprus, the amount you may spend to purchase a lux Antalya villa on the Mediterranean.

Foreign investors enjoy a lucky opportunity to get a Turkish passport in 2 months under the local citizenship by investment program. A high-end furnished Antalya villa with central heating, and a swimming pool in the ecologically clean Döşemealtı area comes as a nice bonus. Together with its Turkish partners, who cooperate with a popular Antalya developer, International Wealth brings to your attention an elite residential real estate built in 2019.

Lux 5+1 Antalya villa offering comfort and luxury to its future residents

The above villa sits in a scenic Antalya district, with flower aroma smelling so good and birds singing so happily in the mornings. Covered with virgin fur-tree forests and mountains yesterday, the place now boasts superb recreational facilities and first-class living conditions.

Turkey real estate
Real Estate

The Döşemealtı district has everything necessary to live comfortably and enjoy life:

  • residential real estate in Antalya sits in the middle of the conifer forest beneath the mountains, and the local air is clean and pure
  • apartment complexes and residential compounds are starting to appear in the area, and the price thereof will grow significantly in the near future, be it a spacious fully-furnished villa or the largest Antalya mansion
  • with neither hustle, nor bustle of a huge city, the place will give you an opportunity to savor its natural beauty and take a break from your working days
  • you will neighbor upon wealthy people, who set high value on their time and have an eye for lux living
  • proximity to the downtown area – 15 km to Antalya, 17 km to the Mediterranean Sea, and 30 km to the airport
  • supermarket is 500 meters from the property, the school and the main highway – 1 km, and the municipal transport stop is close by.

Döşemealtı villa in Antalya for you to enjoy comfy life all year round

The property’s architects took care of their every customer and accounted for all their wishes, which is evident in the villa concept:

  • heated swimming and paddling pools
  • playground
  • superb landscaped areas around the villa, with 24/7 security and entry into the territory protected by an automatic gate and CCTV cameras
  • all villa owners have the right to use a shared sauna, a cinema, a gym, a tennis court, and a basketball court
  • residential complex disposes of a hamam and gazebos.

The Antalya villa has its own natural gas supply, electric power generator (in case of power failure), exterior lighting, wireless Internet connection, and central heating. It is especially important for those residents wishing to live in their new cottage all year round.

Each room is unique

The Antalya villa boasts unique classic interiors with a touch of antiquity. Future residents will enjoy everything necessary for a lux comfortable life:

  • furnished sleeping areas and built-in furniture in the kitchen, the hall, and the walk-in wardrobe
  • under-floor heating and walls, ceilings, and floors finished with advanced modern materials
  • household appliances and climate control equipment, with a cooktop, an oven, an air extraction unit, an air conditioning unit, a washing machine, etc.
  • video intercom, providing for an opportunity to see your guests before they enter
  • home sauna and a lux jacuzzi bath
  • modern bathroom equipment in all bathrooms
  • steel front door and roll-shutters on the windows
  • walls covered with insulation materials, reducing the noise level and excluding thermal bridges
  • smart home system to control all the connected devices, turn the heating on and off, and remotely open the roll-shutters.
Villa in Turkey

Take a look at the lux Antalya villa layout:

  •  7 rooms, with 5 of them turned into sleeping areas with private bathrooms
  • hall with a curved staircase leading to the second floor
  • kitchen boasting luxurious furnishings and stained-glass windows, with magnificent views of the  green area surrounding the villa
  • second floor balcony and a terrace.

The total land plot area makes 38,000 square meters, and the villa area – 420 square meters.

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FYI: International Wealth suggests you purchase the elite Turkish real estate directly from the developer. Our experienced industry experts will provide full support for your real estate sale and purchase transaction. We will meet you in Turkey, arrange for a city tour and title registration, including, inter alia, getting citizenship by investment and a residence permit in Turkey.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey – questions and answers

In recent years, more and more well-off people around the globe decide in favor of the citizenship by investment immigration program in Turkey. The International Wealth industry experts and our partners in Turkey will answer the most pressing questions regarding the Antalya villa purchase and the citizenship by investment program in Turkey.

  1. On what terms may I get a Turkish passport under the citizenship by investment program in 2022?

To be eligible for citizenship by investment and a residence permit in Turkey, you shall buy either residential or commercial real estate in the country upwards of USD 400,000. It may equally be an apartment, a villa, a cottage, or a commercial facility.

Foreign investors happen to prefer this option, for it allows earning extra income. If you purchase your apartment from the developer, it will go up in price several times in a couple of years. 

An investor, purchasing their apartment in Turkey under the citizenship by investment program, enjoys the right to dispose of their property after a 3-year holding period is over. It does not influence their citizenship rights and secures a property sale income or a real estate rental income.

  1.  Is real estate investment popular in Turkey and why?

Turkish authorities seek investment and give extra benefits to foreign investors incorporating joint stock or public limited companies in the country’s free economic zones. The above benefits include zero taxes and no customs fees.

Purchasing real estate in Turkey is a good buy at present. With real estate prices going up by the day, you’ll be able to sell your property at a profit in the future. 

  1.  What programs offer citizenship opportunities to investors in Turkey in 2022?

You may get citizenship by investment in Turkey under 3 programs:

  1. Real estate investment in Turkey, with the minimum investment amount of USD 400,000.
  2. Fixed investment in a Turkish company, opening a bank deposit in the country for 3 or more years, or purchasing Turkish government bonds maturing in 3 or more years. In each case, the minimum investment amount makes USD 500,000.
  3. Incorporating a company in Turkey, including, inter alia, a closed joint stock company with a hidden beneficiary, to provide for at least 50 jobs (under the above program, your company shall stay active for at least 3 years).

Notice blue

FYI: a residence permit in Turkey will cost you much less. To be eligible, you shall purchase Turkish properties priced at USD 75,000 or above. The Antalya apartments on the Mediterranean upwards of USD 125,000 are a worthy option.

  1. What may I expect when purchasing the Antalya villa upwards of EUR 710,000?

If you buy the high-end Antalya villa in Döşemealtı, you will receive full title to the luxury real estate. Here’s what a potential investor may do with it:

  • sell the property after a 3-year holding period at a much higher price
  • lease it out and enjoy a 4-8% rental profit per annum
  • use the apartments to live or spend time therein all year round, including, inter alia, to meet your business partners.

Cooperation with International Wealth comes with multiple benefits:

  • booking a villa for up to 2 weeks
  • booking an Antalya hotel room for you
  • city tour and personal property tour
  • assistance from a local guide and a translator
  • opening a settlement account with an Antalya bank and getting a TIN without the investor’s presence
  • real estate valuation and title registration (TAPU).

The International Wealth experts will help you get a residence permit and citizenship by investment in Turkey, lease out your residential real estate on favorable terms, and monitor both utility and rental payments. 

  1. Does the above program provide for citizenship by investment for me only, or are my family members eligible as well?

A villa owner has the right to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey and include their spouse and underage children under 18 therein. Age limitations do not apply, where a child has any serious health conditions.

  1. How long does it take to receive a Turkish passport?

You will get your Turkish within 60 days, provided all the investment program terms are met. You are welcome to contact the International Wealth pros, if you wish to shorten the above period.

  1. What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship?

Take a look at the rights a foreign investor with a citizenship by investment status in Turkey will enjoy as a Turkish resident:

  • visa-free entry to 115 countries, with Japan, Singapore, and South Korea among them
  • moving to Great Britain on a business visa
  • applying for the E-2 business visa to the USA, getting the EB-5 immigrant card later on, and applying for a green card
  • using business tax haven opportunities, high-quality medical services, and free education.

NB: you are not obliged to live in Turkey after you receive your passport.


Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

Contact a consultant

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How can I get citizenship in Turkey remotely?

You have an opportunity to get both a residence permit and citizenship by investment in Turkey within a short time  by contacting the International Wealth industry experts. We will take care of every aspect and issue, and you won’t have to look any further. Both the real estate sale and purchase transaction and your application for a Turkish passport may be registered online without the applicant’s or the owner’s direct participation.

The International Wealth lawyers, consultants, and experienced industry experts will be delighted to give you a hand and support you with any immigration issues you may encounter.

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FYI: a PoA issued to our Turkish partner is necessary to avoid visiting Turkish government establishments, banks, and tax services. You will only come to Turkey to sign the documents necessary to register your property title and get your passport. The International Wealth experienced pros will take care of everything else.

International Wealth services

Here’s what we are happy to help you with:

  • close the purchase and sale transaction for the Antalya villa (priced upwards of EUR 710,000)
  • register your property title (TAPU)
  • open a bank account with a Turkish bank
  • get a local TIN
  • support you with cultural adaptation in your new home country
  • take you on a tour of Antalya
  • counsel you on company registration in Antalya, Istanbul, or any other free economic zones in Turkey
  • lease out your real estate in Turkey, where necessary
  • assist you with getting citizenship by investment in Turkey on favorable terms.

Getting a residence permit and citizenship by investment in Turkey remotely is not a myth, but a reality. The International Wealth partners will prepare the necessary documents under the PoA issued by you, and you will sign them. You will only need to visit Turkey in person to sign the documents and receive them.

You will spend 2 to 5 days in Turkey to have your property title to the Antalya villa registered and receive your Turkish passport.

You are welcome to use the additional services from International Wealth as a part of the Antalya villa sale and purchase deal, or book them separately. Every interested customer may open an offshore bank account, get accounting services, apply for an immigration program of a European or an Asian state, and safeguard their assets.

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The International Wealth experts will assist you with any issues, if you contact us at: [email protected].

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