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Citizenship by Investment in Turkey for Antalya High-End Villa Buyers

Foreign investors and businessmen looking for a safe harbor will be happy to receive citizenship by investment in Turkey to have an escape hatch in case of any unfavorable political or economic developments. The recent pandemic with borders closed is fresh in their memory, and they remember the borders were kept open for local residents. If anything like this happens again, citizenship by investment in Turkey will be the key opening many doors, which is important for both international investors and businessmen.

buying a premium villa in Turkey

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Industry experts recommend you get a second passport in the jurisdictions you have businesses or investment interests in. In the above or the like situations, a residence permit may be your only opportunity to cross the border. It was a hot issue a short time ago and may easily return to the agenda.

At International Wealth, we suggest you consider getting citizenship by investment in Turkey. You may receive it via purchasing a lux modern Antalya pine forest villa. With the property priced at EUR 625,000, an investor is eligible for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey. The minimum investment amount hereunder currently makes USD 400,000.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey for buyers of modern villa by the Boğaçay canal

Getting a second passport is a great opportunity for foreign investors and businessmen looking for ways to safeguard their assets. Any forecasts are mostly useless in the current economic and political situation, yet asset diversification together with a backup plan will shield you from any storm. Citizenship by investment in Turkey is an opportunity to visit the country whenever you wish. It gives you the same rights natural-born Turkish citizens enjoy, together with strong government protection and social, political and economic support.

The International Wealth team suggests you take a look at comfortable and modern Antalya villas from the developer. The property is your pass-ticket to a Turkish passport. It comes with multiple benefits for foreign real estate investors in Turkey:

  • high ROI asset
  • remote property management via special-purpose management companies
  • lux residential real estate to reside in on a permanent basis
  • opportunity to sell your property after a 3-year holding period
  • simplified residence permit and citizenship by investment procedures in Turkey
  • citizenship by investment in Turkey for all family members, including children.

The Turkish passport ranks the 47th most popular among the countries allowing multiple nationalities. Lux real estate in Turkey enjoys high demand with foreign investors globally. 

The International Wealth experts encourage you to consider purchasing the new property from the developer, commissioned in August 2021. The opportunity to purchase an exclusive modern villa sitting in a lux district comes with a special installment scheme. The property boasts a brand-new European-style design approach, providing for extra comfort and offering miscellaneous facilities for larger families.


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Citizenship by investment in Turkey for buyers of modern Antalya villa – real estate characteristics

Getting citizenship by investment in Turkey is transparent and easy.  The first thing you need to do is obtain a property title certificate. A second step is filing the documents necessary to get your residence permit with the corresponding government body. This stage completed, the investor may apply for a Turkish passport.

Real estate investors purchasing the modern high-end Antalya villa to get citizenship by investment in Turkey will enjoy a luxury lifestyle and an opportunity to permanently reside in a posh premium segment Antalya property. Real estate buyers about to purchase the elite residential property unit in Turkey will embrace life in a detached elite community boasting a unique atmosphere.

The 4-floor villa of 500 square meters was commissioned in August 2021. The property price makes EUR 625,000. Here’s what it has to offer to future residents:

  • rooms – 8
  • detached bedrooms with separate entrances – 5
  • isolated bathrooms – 5
  • modern elevator
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • balconies and terraces
  • barbecue area
  • 2-car garage.

The premium property comes with an opportunity to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey. It boasts European layouts and increased comfort. Let’s take a closer look at each floor of the lux modern Antalya pine forest villa.

The 1st floor houses a well-equipped and furnished open-plan kitchen of 14.6 square meters.

An interior garden (8 square meters), a spacious room with soaring ceilings (52.5 square meters), a bathroom (3.1 square meters), an elevator, a hall, and a terrace (13.5 square meters) are here for you.

The green space area makes 103.6 square meters.  

Going upstairs, you’ll find yourself on the 2nd floor with numerous amenities and things to enjoy:

  • spacious hall – 10.5 square meters
  • guest area – 21.5 square meters
  • bedroom – 10.2 square meters
  • access to garage of 63.4 square meters
  • bathroom – 7 square meters
  • 2 balconies.

You’ll discover comfortable premises and amenities on the 3rd floor:

  • large terrace – 9.5 square meters
  • 3 bedrooms with separate entrances – 16.6, 14.5, and 14 square meters
  • wardrobe – 6 square meters
  • corridor – 14.5 square meters
  • 2 isolated bathrooms – 4.8 and 6 square meters
  • elevator.

The 4th floor welcomes visitors with its huge terrace surrounding the rooms on 3 sides. It boasts a large hall (21 square meters), a utility closet (5.5 square meters), a bedroom with a separate entrance (23 square meters), a wardrobe (10 square meters), and a bathroom (7 square meters).

Electricity generation from solar panels is the property’s key feature. It will appeal to investors purchasing real estate with a view to get citizenship by investment in Turkey.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey for buyers of modern Antalya pine forest villa

The 4-floor villa whose price authorizes real estate investors for citizenship by investment in Turkey sits in a picturesque pine forest. The residential complex comes with 24/7 security, CCTV systems, and landscape design. Walkways, playgrounds, an outdoor swimming pool, and gazebos are provided for.  The gated  community brings the highest safety to its future residents.

Modern apartments with external lighting have high ceilings, boasting spot LED lighting and electric-powered roll-down shutters. With its exclusive high-tech interior design and integrated smart house technology, the villa makes it possible to control the temperature, lighting, and other utility systems remotely.

With the property of EUR 625,000, real estate investors are eligible to apply for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey (according to the 2022 amendments, the minimum investment amount thereunder shall make USD 400,000).  

These are some extra benefits offered by the modern Antalya villa:

  • walls finished with water-resistant satin paint
  • automatic underfloor heating
  • high-quality bathroom equipment
  • fully furnished kitchen (with an oven, a stove, an air extraction system, etc.)
  • breathtaking view of the mountains, the pine forest, and the swimming pool
  • hamam
  • private generator and natural gas supply system.

The property is conveniently located close to the main Antalya infrastructure facilities and amenities:

  • Antalya International Airport – 20 km
  • public transport stops – 1.3 km
  • city beach – 4 km
  • Downtown Antalya – 8.5 km
  • supermarket – 1.2 km
  • main highway – 350 m
  • sea distance – 4 km.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey for buyers of modern Antalya pine forest villa – title registration

Foreign investors and businessmen will be fascinated by the prospect of purchasing the high-end Antalya residential properties and receiving citizenship by investment in Turkey. By and large, overseas owners prefer to lease out their Turkish real estate and spend vacations therein. The above villa is ideal to reside there on a permanent basis together with a large family. Several families will find it suitable for comfortable living as well.

With a Turkish residence permit or citizenship by investment in Turkey, you will enjoy an opportunity to visit the country as its citizen. This is important if for some reasons such as the recent pandemic boarders are open to the country’s residents only. If you have a business in Turkey or are interested in living in the country for any other reasons, you’ll be able to visit it without any limitations after becoming a citizen.

Here’s what non-residents shall do to get citizenship by investment in Turkey:

  • register title (TAPU) to the 4-floor Antalya villa (a preliminary agreement shall be made, accounting for the commissioning deadline)
  • submit TAPU and the valuer’s report to the corresponding migration authority
  • obtain a residence permit in Turkey
  • apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey and get your Turkish passport within 3 to 6 months.

Please, remember, that the citizenship by investment program in Turkey prohibits any property sale within the 3 years following its purchase. All the investor’s family members are eligible for a Turkish passport thereunder.

Here are some legal aspects foreign investors and businessmen about to purchase real estate in Turkey and obtain citizenship by investment therein should keep in mind:

  • lands purchased by foreign investors in Turkey may not exceed 30 hectares
  • buying or renting real estate in either strategic or safety zones is not allowed (such properties may be rented only under the corresponding permission from Turkish authorities)
  • with the minimum investment of USD 400,000 provided for under the citizenship by investment program, potential investors may purchase several property units totaling the above threshold amount
  • Turkish real estate may be inherited, regardless of the heirs’ residence or citizenship.

Under the present situation, the above 4-floor Antalya villa in a scenic residential complex is a perfect opportunity to obtain citizenship by investment in Turkey and an excellent plan B. It is with high certainty that industry experts recommend you start searching for new methods to diversify your assets. Real estate in Turkey is a plausible way to protect your savings and secure an escape hatch for yourself and your loved ones in case of need.

As of August 2021, the commissioned property price made EUR 625,000. An investor having eyes for the villa, shall deposit the corresponding funds in any currency with a local bank, and convert them to TRY at the fixed exchange rate to make the transaction. International Wealth is here to offer you expert assistance with making the sale and purchase deal in question. Besides, we will help you get a residence permit and citizenship by investment in Turkey.

Experienced industry experts at International Wealth won’t leave you alone in an unknown country. We will arrange for an airport transfer, give you a hand with settling down in a hotel, and take care of all the documentary and organizational issues. It is enough to visit Turkey just once to be able to purchase the comfortable and modern Antalya villa, and the International Wealth representatives will handle all the other matters remotely. We assist our customers with company incorporation, account opening, and selecting any commercial or residential properties in Turkey to match their preferences.

How can you describe the high-end villa for sale in Antalya?

It is a premium property with the total area of 500 square meters, 4 floors, 8 rooms, and 5 isolated bathrooms. The villa has 5 bedrooms. Future residents will enjoy an outdoor and an indoor swimming pool, a modern elevator, a spacious 2-car garage, and a barbecue area. The high-end villa was commissioned in August 2021. It is located in a separate cottage complex, offering a unique lifestyle. All premises come with high ceilings. The villa has its own interior garden and a comfortable green space. The property disposes of its own solar power generators, providing for an opportunity to produce electricity, and sits amidst an old pine forest.

Why is the Antalya property’s location beneficial?

Distance to Antalya, the popular tourist destination, makes 8.5 km, and the public transport stop is 1.3 km away. The high-end elite villa is far away from the hectic city, and you can savor clean fresh air and scenic sea and mountain views. Located within 350 meters of the main highway, the property is highly appealing. It may be leased out to well-off country guests visiting Turkey for business or private purposes, who wish to enjoy the local crystal-clean air and maximum comfort.

Why is real estate investment in Turkey profitable in 2022?

Turkey manages to keep its economy strong after the pandemic. Special government measures with preferential regimes and various benefits for businesses contributed thereto. Prices for Turkish properties grow by 5 to 10% per annum. You will be able to sell your real estate at its purchase price even in case of negative market developments. Non-residents enjoy an opportunity to get a residence permit and freely cross the country’s border. Residence permit holders are eligible for citizenship by investment in Turkey in the future. This way, you may have a backup plan for any potential negative developments in your home country.

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