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Celeste AcIbadem Complex in the Asian Part of Istanbul – the Best Choice by the Sum of Properties

When choosing property in Turkey, what many people tend to do is choose a project for a few reasons that seem important, while agreeing to compromises in certain other aspects from the very start. This approach is considered to be quite practical, because it allows the investors to stay within the budget and eventually get an apartment, house or villa that almost meets their wishes and requirements. Almost. However, if you do not want to put up with the “almost suitable” options, you will see that the market, unfortunately, does not have many excellent offers for non-compromising buyers. We are happy to say that the new residential complex Celeste Acıbadem will be one of those rare offers.

Celeste Acıbadem

Please read our concise guide to buying residential and office property in Turkey. We tried our best to include all the necessary information for an investor contemplating the possibility of entering the Turkish real estate market.

For any owner of real estate in Turkey, there exists another life-changing opportunity – the chance to get a permanent residence permit and even go on to become a citizen of the country. Turkey runs a successful citizenship by investment program. And here you can read more about the best cities for foreign expats in Turkey. Also, please visit our web-site to find more information about investments abroad and foreign citizenship or to set up a free consultation with one of our experts.

Key Features of Celeste Acıbadem Project:

  • Located in Üsküdar District in the Asian part of Istanbul;
  • Type of property: apartments;
  • Distance from the airport: 35 km. This is the best distance that provides the peace and comfort away from the noise of the air traffic, but eliminates the problems with long transfers;
  • Distance to the nearest beach: only 5.5 km, making it reachable even on foot if you want to take a leisurely stroll. Should you choose to go by car, the drive is really short;
  • Distance from the center of Istanbul: 4.5 km. Again, you will agree that this is the perfect location for residential investments. The place guarantees that you will not be disturbed by crowds of tourists, but it does not give a feel of living on the outskirts, far from civilization, entertainment, and comfort;
  • Status of the object: the complex has been commissioned;
  • Apartment areas: from 62 m2 to 315 m2.

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Description of the Celeste Acıbadem Residential Complex

Sometimes the phrase that buyers and investors get the most for their money is merely a marketing jingle. It’s easy to say that, and much harder to really offer investors something truly unique – a better set of features, additional comfort, more facilities that make the offer hard to turn down. In the case with Celeste Acıbadem, the construction company succeeded in that. 

  • Total area – 30,622 м2;
  • Choice among 562 apartments situated in 9 towers (buildings);
  • Number of floors in the residential towers – 15;
  • Number of rooms in the apartments – from 2 to 6;
  • Private parking for 1,505 automobiles;
  • Area of the adjacent premises – 1725 м2.

Additional Features and Facilities in and around Celeste Acıbadem: 

  • Swimming pool for children;
  • Swimming pool for adults;
  • Area for natural sunbathing;
  • Shady path for relaxing walks;
  • The complex’s own camping;
  • Modern well-equipped court for mini-basketball;
  • Well-equipped children’s playground;
  • Well maintained garden;
  • Several cozy picnic areas;
  • Carp pond.

Celestial Park Features for Apartment Owners at Celeste Acıbadem (Residents Only Club):

  • Lounge area;
  • Terrace with easy armchairs and coffee tables;
  • Area for business recreation;
  • Library with a large selection of books, magazines, and newspapers;
  • Cozy café;
  • Equipped TV room;
  • Indoor pool;
  • Advanced fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment;
  • Table tennis area;
  • SPA-salon;
  • Children’s club;
  • Squash court.

It should be underlined that Celeste Acıbadem cares deeply about the comfort and privacy of its residents, therefore it has its own equipped beach, where you will be spared from crowds of tourists, noise, garbage and annoying vendors. We strongly recommend all lovers of silence to visit the Zen Garden at this complex: there you can not only take a walk and get close to nature, but also do yoga or Pilates. Children will surely enjoy their very own treasure island, made to look as authentic as possible and creating a complete immersion effect.

We would like to add a few words about the environment of the complex. Even expensive premium properties are often located in areas with air contaminated with car fumes, dirty water and high levels of noise pollution. All these shortcomings, in a sense, are the price one has to pay for the opportunity to live in the city center, and usually they are considered conditionally normal. However, the developer of Celeste Acıbadem has a different point of view. They believe that modern technical equipment, well-developed infrastructure, and a high level of comfort are quite compatible with fresh air, silence and peace, clean water and birdsong in the morning.

This is why the Celeste Acıbadem complex is surrounded by dense forest, which really fences the residents off from the negative effects of living in a big city. To say that this radically improves the quality of life in the complex would be an understatement. We will not go as far as to claim that the forest is a prerequisite for comfort and coziness, but after living in a modern metropolis, Celeste Acıbadem would feel like a breath of fresh air, a beautiful alternative reality created specifically to satisfy your longing for comfort and coziness.

Buying real estate in another country creates many other opportunities for the property owner. Among them, the most significant one is probably the chance to get the residence permit or the citizenship of the country where your investment property is located. Getting Turkish permanent residence alongside purchasing Turkish real estate is totally doable, especially with the help of our seasoned experts who deal with this sort of issues daily. On our website we have the latest (2022) information about new requirements and rules for applying for permanent residence in Turkey. Getting an individual consultation with an expert is the most effective way to figure out the best way to benefit from buying real estate and participating in the citizenship for investments program in Turkey.

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To read more about making profitable investments in Turkish real estate click here.

Another important note is that investment property is available in many of the country’s regions, far beyond the country’s capital. You can choose among office or residential complexes, apartments, villas or plots of land in different various cities and areas of the country: Antalya’s villas or officesBodrum’s penthouses by the sea, land plots in Alanya, and so on. 

About the District 

The most interesting fact, though, is that in Celeste Acıbadem you will certainly not be cut off from civilization. Here, in Uskudar district, everything you need is literally at arm’s length. Therefore, you will not have to worry that you have to pay for comfort and coziness by refusing the benefits of civilization. There are plenty of hospitals, schools, shopping centers, city parks, shops and public transport interchanges very close to Celeste Acıbadem.

Attractions and Sites We Recommend You to See:

  • Lookout tower Kız Kulesi;
  • Beylerbeyi Palace Complex;
  • Camlica Hill;
  • Emaar Square Shopping Center;
  • Üsküdar Tekel Sahnesi Theater;
  • Çamlıca Mosque;
  • Fethi Pasa Korusu Park;
  • Observation platform Büyük Çamlica Tepesi;
  • Aziz Mahmut Hudayi Mosque;
  • Uskudar Pier.

The Most Noteworthy Restaurants and Cafes Within a Short Walking Distance:

  • Rainbow Cafe & Restaurant – classic Turkish fast food;
  • Metet Kozde Doner – the best kebabs in Uskudar;
  • Bridge Restaurant – stunning views of the Bosporus and delicious cuisine;
  • Maiden’s Tower – a restaurant on the island;
  • İnciralti Meyhanesi is a great place for a romantic dinner, especially if you love and appreciate seafood;
  • Habesha – An atmospheric African restaurant;
  • Cengelkoy Tarihi Cinaralti is an inexpensive cafe with a great view; you can actually bring your own food and enjoy the scenery;
  • Tike Beylerbeyi serves the best lamb in Uskudar; don’t miss it!
  • Ioki – Asian and Japanese cuisine restaurant;
  • Kukis is a café serving the best desserts in the area.

Technical Peculiarities of the Project

Real estate projects with high investment attractiveness (and Celeste Acıbadem is undoubtedly one of them) do not always offer something really useful and necessary for residents. When designing them, priority is given to external factors that are on the surface – those that would look really good in advertising brochures.

However, the creators of Celeste Acıbadem had another philosophy. They made sure they take the best possible care of the end users – the people who will inhabit the complex. The features that usually spring to investors’ interest were also taken into account, but they were not a priority. As a result of this approach, Celeste Acıbadem can offer you the perfect combination of consumer characteristics and factors that make it a great place to live, while also contributing to the high investment value of this real estate venue.

Security and Safety of the Apartments:

  • High-quality reinforced steel doors;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system, in which the main components are duplicated for extra safety;
  • Networks of fire and smoke detectors;
  • Surveillance cameras around the perimeter of the premises;
  • Closed-loop tracking system;
  • 24-hour security with a dedicated line of communication with the police;
  • Video intercoms.

Technical Equipment and Services:

  • Cable TV;
  • Water pressure boosting equipment;
  • Each apartment’s private water tank;
  • Technical support service working 24/7;
  • Round-the-clock supply of natural gas;
  • A diesel generator installed in each apartment to be used in case of power outages;
  • Centralized hot water supply system.

Types and Sizes of Apartments:

  • 1 + 1: from 62m2 to 72 m2, 1 bathroom.
  • 2 + 1: from 96 m2 to 108 m2, 2 bathrooms.
  • 3 + 1: from 164 m2 to 315 m2, 2 bathrooms.

Summary and Recommendations 

Celeste Acıbadem is the best real estate offer in Uskudar in terms of the sum total of its features and the unique combination of comfort, coziness, environmental friendliness, and personal safety, a decent level of technical equipment, well-developed infrastructure, and care for residents that is manifested in every little thing. Should you invest in Celeste Acıbadem? You certainly should. The project is distinguished by its high investment attractiveness and unprecedented comfort. There is certainly nothing similar in Uskudar, and probably not that many alternatives in the whole country.

Is it worth buying an apartment in Celeste Acıbadem to actually relocate to? The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences. Some people do not like the bright and vibrant life in Turkey. But the fact remains that here, in the Celeste Acıbadem complex, your life will be as comfortable and peaceful as it can ever get. If you like a touch of Oriental flavor mixed with European traditions and comforts, these apartments will definitely not disappoint you.

If you would like to look into this offer, please email us at [email protected], and you will get a chance to discuss the best way for you to become a proud owner of one of the Celeste Acıbadem apartments during your individual consultation with an expert. Our specialists will be happy to provide all the necessary information, including lists of documents and other requirements, and guide you through the whole process of investing in Turkish real estate.

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