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Cavalli Tower by DAMAC in Dubai Marina: Deluxe Apartments in the UAE

Are you looking for a deluxe apartment or a penthouse at the beach with wonderful views of the sunset, palm trees, and a large marina? If so, you may be interested in our offer. Ultra expensive and luxurious apartments in the UAE: Cavalli Tower by DAMAC in Dubai Marina is a building constructed by DAMAC Properties and designed by Roberto Cavalli, a famous fashion designer.

Cavalli Tower

Cavalli Tower by DAMAC in Dubai Marina is an architectural masterpiece of 70 stories. It is designed for perfectionists who value expensive things and want to reside at deluxe places. Cavalli Tower is a unique building overlooking Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, and the marina.

Cavalli Tower interior design is exquisite indeed and it will impress even the most demanding customer. An aristocratic taste, luxury, and aesthetics are to be found in every little detail. Roberto Cavalli is a true artist and his touch makes the building outstanding and recognizable.

Cavalli Tower

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Are you dreaming of buying an expensive and luxurious penthouse or a villa in an elite district of Dubai? If so, please check out some of our offers!


Apartments and penthouses in Dubai Marina: an expensive but attractive offer

Cavalli Tower is a unique development project carried out by DAMAC Properties, a large construction firm. The building has been designed by world-renowned artist Roberto Cavalli. The Tower is the only building in the world designed by his firm – Roberto Cavalli S.p.A. 

You may appreciate the clothes that this fashion house makes but now you can also enjoy living in a building conceived by the artist. With our assistance, you can purchase the property directly from the developer and choose the size of the apartment and the floorplan.

Cavalli Tower by DAMAC in Dubai Marina boasts some characteristics that make the building truly unique. These include the following ones:

  • 70 stories each with its own design and unique furniture;
  • Shaun Killa’s Museum of the Future in Dubai has inspired the designers to build a cone-shaped tower.  
  • The apartments are equipped with state-of-the-art home appliances and the Tower is under round-the-clock security surveillance.
  • Apartments in Cavalli Tower come in different sizes from two-bedroom apartments of more than 300 square meters to four- and five-bedroom two-story penthouses of more than 1,000 square meters.
Cavalli Tower
Cavalli Tower

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You are welcome to contact us if you have other interests in Dubai in addition to purchasing property there. We can help you with opening a bank account in the UAE, registering a business company in the country, and applying for a residence permit there. We always reply quickly!

Exterior and interior design of Cavalli Tower in Dubai

You will be impressed with the look of the skyscraper. You will be even more impressed when you get inside the building.

  • The lobby in Cavalli Tower by DAMAC in Dubai Marina takes up the first four floors. There you will find a waterfall and fantastic ceiling windows. 
  • Traveling from one floor to another is easy, as there are 6 high-speed elevators in the building. Taking the elevator is going to be a breathtaking experience because you will have the view of the wonderful marina located nearby.
  • The 24th floor is going to contain landscape zones and a juice bar in a Zen area. 
  • The 58th floor is going to be the culinary floor: there you will find exclusive restaurants with experienced chefs and fine cuisines. Besides, there will be an infinity pool and a sky garden.
  • Every single apartment is going to have its own style and its own design. All apartments are equipped with various appliances from most famous world manufacturers. Roberto Cavalli S.p.A. oversees the design of each apartment in the building.

Dubai Marina district

Cavalli Tower overlooks the marina with a three-kilometer-long coastline and a glamorous waterfront promenade. Many resorts and hotels are located in the area and life is always in full swing there. The place has a maximally advanced infrastructure that includes:

  • Restaurants and shopping centers;
  • Land-based and water-based entertainment facilities;
  • Amusement parks for kids and adults;
  • Cafes, pleasure boats, and many other things.

Even though the district is very busy, the transport communication is superb. You can easily get to other parts of Dubai by tram, subway, or water taxi.

Life and recreation in Cavalli Tower 

In addition to luxurious apartments and penthouses in Cavalli Tower, you will find many natural wonders in the vicinity. First of all, you can enjoy resting at Malibu Bay that has the following properties:

  • A private beach of 900 square meters;
  • A large swimming pool;
  • F & B service complex for VIPs.

Cavalli Tower is also going to offer the following business and recreation facilities to its residents:

  • A spacious conference hall for meetings and celebrations; 
  • A cigar lounge;
  • Splash pools;
  • A world-class gym; 
  • Tennis courts and paddle-tennis courts.

Residents of Cavalli Tower will be able to use the services of professional designers and holiday organizers, master various hobby skills, and hire a baby tender if they wish.  

Дубай Марина
Cavalli Tower
Cavalli Tower

Main characteristics of the apartments in Cavalli Tower

The main technical and administrative characteristics that you should know about when purchasing an apartment or a penthouse in Cavalli Tower by Damac in Dubai Marina include the following ones:

  • The building will host a shopping mall with world-famous brands and products for aesthetes.
  • A number of shops trading in small everyday things can be found on different floors.
  • Gentlemen and aristocrats like discussing business deals, drinking coffee and smoking cigars. They can find a cigar lounge in Cavalli Tower.
  • Cavalli Tower also has a laundry service, room service (you can order food to your apartment and have it cleaned), and nurse service. 
  • A butler will meet the visitors of the building at the lobby no matter what time they arrive: the butler is going to be there 24/7.
  • Apartment residents will find smart transformable panels, hydroponic walls, and exclusive home appliances in their apartments and penthouses.
  • If you would like to walk in a paradise garden, you can find one on the 24th floor.  

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At the moment, Cavalli Tower by DAMAC in Dubai Marina is under construction. The construction is expected to be completed in 2025. The prices are going to be much higher when the building is ready! Do not postpone buying elite property in the Emirates. You may regret it if you procrastinate!

Transport accessibility of the district

Cavalli Tower is located close to many places of interest, shopping centers, and other infrastructural objects. Below please find the distances to some such objects:

  • Al Maktum international airport – a 35-minute drive.
  • Parks and shopping centers in the vicinity: City Walk (5 minutes on foot), Box Park (5 minutes), Dubai Mall (10 minutes), Oasis Mall (10 minutes) и Mercato Mall (15 minutes).
  • A number of schools, kindergartens, and hospitals are also located nearby.

If you would like to learn more about the technical characteristics of Cavalli Tower, please request a personal consultation from our experts.  

Floorplans and prices for apartments and penthouses in Cavalli Tower

You can choose from the following types of apartments and penthouses available in Cavalli Tower by DAMAC in Dubai Marina:

  • Three-bedroom apartments, 366 sq. m. – US$ 4,415,000
  • Three-bedroom penthouses (2 stories), 1,158 sq. m. – US$ 16,679,000
  • Four-bedroom penthouses (2 stories), 1,412 sq. m. – US$ 18,123,000
  • Five-bedroom penthouses (2 stories), 1,353 sq. m. – US$ 17,760,500

Why investments in real property in Dubai can be lucrative

You should definitely consider investing in the UAE and in Dubai in particular because the economic situation in the country is stable and the banks are reliable. The level of personal security is also very high in Dubai. The world is going through a serious crisis but it doesn’t seem to affect the UAE in any way. The country remains neutral, stable, and secure.

The United Arab Emirates is a country that attracts a great number of foreigners from all parts of the world. Wealthy investors from abroad buy property in the country and open business companies there. The real estate market in Dubai is growing at an amazingly fast pace, and the number of immigrants already exceeds the number of locals.

In addition to that, the property ownership regulations have been changed in favor of foreign investors. While previously the foreign investor was allowed only to enter a long-term rent agreement for expensive pieces of property, now he or she can become the full owner of the villa or penthouse.

Besides, real property owners qualify for residence permits in the UAE. With the prices in Cavalli Tower by DAMAC in Dubai Marina, you will be eligible for a 10-year legal residence permit (this is the longest possible term of validity for a residence permit in the UAE). Moreover, all your family members will qualify for residence permits if you purchase an apartment or a penthouse in Cavalli Tower.  

Thus, you can protect your capital and acquire residence in a stable country by purchasing property there. There are two opportunities to make a profit by investing into an apartment or a penthouse in Cavalli Tower:

  • You can let the property on a lease and have a passive income of up to 8% per year;
  • If you buy an apartment or a penthouse in Cavalli Tower while the building is still under construction, you can resell it at a much higher price when the construction is completed.

If you have any questions or if you would like to buy an apartment or a penthouse in Cavalli Tower, please do not hesitate to contact us straight away. We will gladly provide a free consultation to you on the matter.

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