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Cost: from 115 000 EUR


Inexpensive apartments in Portugal: the best offer in 2023

Budget-friendly apartments in Portugal in Albufeira and Alvor do not fit the usually rigid picture of inexpensive European housing. The feature of this real estate that sets it apart from similar offers is the attractive price-quality ratio and excellent consumer characteristics. An open-plan apartment in Albufeira costs from 115,000 thousand EUR, and apartments in Alvor – from 130,000 EUR. For the EU market, this is a pleasant exception to the rule. Typically, properties worthy of buyers’ attention are significantly more expensive or leave much to be desired from the point of view of quality.

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Advantages of investing in real estate in Portugal

Choosing a specific country for purchasing a home abroad is usually based on one of three priorities: a low price, the best quality, or the balance of features. A property that meets one of these requirements most often does not offer the other two. Therefore, buyers eventually have to accept a compromise. But in rare cases, this is not necessary. Budget-friendly real estate in Portugal is the best proof. Some offers on the market are really quite attractive, especially the housing that combines excellent consumer qualities and an affordable price.

Why investing in real estate in Portugal is profitable and promising:

  • Low cost of living. When buying real estate in Portugal for yourself (the investment component does not play a special role here, but it is present), you can be sure that an average level of income will be sufficient to ensure your usual lifestyle in the country. This means that Portugal is truly one of the best EU countries if comfort and minimum income requirements are a priority.
  • Stable real estate market. Housing prices are steadily rising, so you can always sell your apartment or house at a profit. Strict government regulation makes investments safe and simple.
  • Favorable tax system. Portugal is often called the best European offshore for foreigners. There are personal taxes here, but their level is relatively low. Another positive point is the special NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) tax regime, which provides special benefits for a period of 10 years.
  • Stability in the economy, financial sector, and international relations. The country’s democratic choice made in 1974 significantly reduced the risk of any social upheaval. Even external threats (for example, the COVID-19 pandemic) could not affect stability.
  • Mild climate. The combination of comfortable winters and warm but not humid summers makes Portugal especially attractive for those who are not used to sudden weather changes. The climate in the country is extremely comfortable and pleasant.
  • Unique local cuisine. Portugal can hardly be called the culinary center of Europe. But the food here is very tasty. The lack of frills is fully compensated by fresh products, a large selection of fish and meat dishes, excellent wine, and low prices.

Open-plan apartment in in Albufeira from 115,000 EUR

The property is located in the center of one of the most famous and beloved cities in Portugal. A studio apartment will be an excellent purchase for young people due to its low price and many bars and discos within walking distance. Albufeira is the center of nightlife in Portugal. People often fall asleep here only at dawn; you can choose any club that suits your interests. Loud sounds do not bother anyone, and the attitude towards foreigners is as friendly and open as possible.

Real estate in Portugal: Obtain a residence permit by buying a co-ownership of a hotel in Vila Viçosa, Portugal.

General description of the studio apartment in Albufeira:

  • T0 format;
  • third floor;
  • modern elevator;
  • well-equipped mini-kitchen;
  • total area – 36.4 m2, living space – 31.4 m2;
  • one bathroom;
  • one room (kitchen combined with living room);
  • energy efficiency rating – B;
  • approximate utility payments – 42 EUR;
  • annual municipal property tax – 91 EUR;
  • year of construction completion– 2003.

Location of the studio apartment in Albufeira:

  • center of Albufeira;
  • closed condominium;
  • the beach is ten minutes away.

Technical specifications of the studio apartment in Albufeira:

  • modern air conditioning system;
  • oven;
  • ceramic stove;
  • fridge;
  • microwave;
  • cable TV;
  • free Wi-Fi.

Safety and security:

  • flood detector;
  • fire and smoke detectors;
  • gas leak detector;
  • active smoke removal system.

Additional benefits:

  • door with double glazing;
  • fully furnished;
  • central broadcasting of background music (ambient).

Condominium’s infrastructure and facilities:

  • tennis court;
  • open-air guarded parking;
  • landscaped and well-kept garden;
  • gym with a basic set of exercise equipment;
  • two swimming pools;
  • assembly hall for special events;
  • equipped game room;
  • nightclub, designed as a house;
  • several stylish restaurants and cafes;
  • jacuzzi;
  • golf course;
  • health center;
  • beauty salon;
  • Prestige leisure club;
  • Tesla-branded charging station.

Infrastructure within walking distance:

  • gymnasium (school);
  • regular school;
  • police station;
  • public parking;
  • children’s playground;
  • several swimming pools;
  • transport interchange;
  • there are shops and supermarkets;
  • near the bus station;
  • many green walking areas.

A studio apartment in Albufeira is an excellent choice for energetic and modern youth. Buyers receive the full range of amenities provided by the condominium, which eliminates many everyday problems. The studio is located in the very center of the city, which gives you the opportunity to get to know one of the best tourist areas in Portugal from the inside.

But the main advantage of the apartment is its price. A square meter in the studio costs only 3,600 EUR, which is generally unusual for the advanced countries of the European Union. It is also worth noting that the apartment block was built in 2003, so buyers will not encounter the typical problems of old housing.

Real estate in Portugal: Buy a Holiday Villa as part of the residence-by-investment program.

Apartment in Alvor from 130,000 EUR

Cozy and inexpensive apartments in Portugal near the beach. The apartments are perfect for couples without children, expats, and digital nomads looking for affordable housing in a resort area. All the necessary infrastructure facilities are within walking distance, so you can relax and enjoy a comfortable life. If you are looking for perfect balance between the volume of investment and the level of the facilities and equipment of your new home, these properties are among the best real estate offers in Portugal.

General description of the apartment in Alvor:

  • T0 format;
  • twelfth floor;
  • total area – 34.35 m2;
  • one bathroom;
  • one room;
  • energy efficiency rating – D;
  • open-plan bedroom and kitchen;
  • fully furnished;
  • double glazing.

Location of the apartment in Alvor:

  • no transportation problems (a highway and public transport stops nearby);
  • a short drive to the beach.

Most popular infrastructure and facilities within walking distance:

  • supermarket;
  • school;
  • police station;
  • pharmacy.

Real estate in Portugal: a comprehensive guide to Portuguese residence by investment program.

Services and amenities in the apartment in Alvor:

  • hot water with an independent power supply (solar battery);
  • equipped bathroom with hydromassage and Turkish bath function;
  • centralized heating (the technical condition of communications is excellent);
  • modern climate system;
  • blinds with remote control (quiet but powerful electric motors are installed);
  • the exhaust system allows you to effectively combat unpleasant odors;
  • gas oven;
  • modern large refrigerator;
  • dishwasher;
  • microwave;
  • induction hob;
  • cable TV.

Infrastructure and facilities in the condominium:

  • tennis court;
  • open-air guarded parking;
  • well-equipped gym;
  • well-kept garden for walking;
  • playground;
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pools;
  • game room.

Any of the presented apartments will be an excellent choice for buyers looking for inexpensive housing in Portugal with a good ratio of price and consumer properties. Properties in Albufeira and Alvor are no less interesting to investors. The only drawback of both apartments is the high risk that they will not stay in real estate catalogs for long. Such profitable properties quickly find their buyers. Therefore, if you are interested in the proposal, you should not delay with the final decision.

What we can do for you:

  • a wide selection of Portuguese real estate options for various requirements;
  • visa support;
  • opening a bank account to pay for the transaction;
  • our expert’s support at all stages of the transaction;
  • control of the concordance of documents;
  • consultation on taxation;
  • for business owners – a full range of business services in Portugal.

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