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Buy Residences in Turkey – Unique Offers

Turkey belongs to TOP-10 countries leading in foreign real estate investments. Foreigners buy residential properties the most in Turkey. 

And here’s why:

  • Turkey boasts high living standards
  • Under the state migration program, foreign real estate investors may apply for a residence permit in Turkey
  • The country offers a wide selection of real estate projects
  • In the light of high conversion rates, Turkish real estate may bring you considerable profit.
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Below, we’ll describe several real estate projects in Istanbul, Turkey. You are welcome to consider our best offers:

  1. Agora Residences
  2. Astra Tower
  3. Euphoria Park.

Please bear with us to learn more about these highly appealing residential projects.

Agora Residences – apartments in newly-built housing projects

The Agora Residences apartment complex is a miniature city within Istanbul, sitting on a land lot of 67,000 square meters. The project is 100% complete and awaits its first residents. Prices for apartments therein range from USD 50,336 to USD 257,417.

Agora Residences


The Agora Residences real estate complex enjoys a prominent position right on the Doğan Araslı boulevard, an important throughway in the Esenyurt district of Istanbul, Turkey.

Here’s how long it will take you to get to the city’s main landmarks from the Agora Residences apartment complex:

  • airport – 30 mins
  • TUYAP Fair congress center – 12 mins
  • CNR EXPO – 28 mins
  • Akbati mall – 5 mins
  • İstinye Liv hospital – 3 mins
  • Esenyurt university – 6 mins
  • Esenyurt state hospital – 8 mins
  • Medicana hospital – 14 mins;
  • Marmara Park shopping center – 11 mins.

The Agora Residences apartment complex consists of apartment blocks 2 to 7 floors high. 

The above investment offers will be popular with the public for a number of reasons:

  • Apartment block F houses elite residences
  • Residential blocks A and D consist of budget apartments for young buyers
  • Apartment blocks B and C are designed for married couples.

The Agora Residences real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, boasts 1700 apartments and 125 commercial properties, with 35,000 square meters allocated for landscape and social zones. With innovative technology and the brightest concepts developed by talented architects, designers, and technical managers, the Agora Residences apartment complex stands out above all.

The Agora Residences housing estate will soon turn into a new center of community life in Istanbul, Turkey.


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Agora Residences in detail

Potential real estate investors in Istanbul properties are offered to choose from residences of 41 to 228 square meters.

Apartments in the Agora Residences project come with the following layouts:

BedroomLiving room

District amenities

Future Agora Residences dwellers will enjoy a gym with the latest equipment, a coffee house, several restaurants, and modern safe playgrounds. They will be able to visit the local art gallery and take their kids to any of the child development centers in the neighborhood. The benefits for potential investors in the Agora Residences are numerous.


Below, you will find a detailed price list for the Agora Residences properties. This way, you can select an apartment to your liking that will fit your budget to a tee:

BedroomLiving roomBathroomMinimum price, $Maximum price, $

Astra Tower – purchase your dream apartment

The Astra Tower real estate project is being built in Istanbul, Turkey. It is nearing completion now. You may purchase residences in this apartment complex at USD 100,000 – USD 755,000.

Astra Tower

Astra Tower in detail

The Astra Tower real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, is an innovative apartment complex, offering its future dwellers everything their heart desires. You are welcome to invest in the Astra Tower residences, boasting a unique design, cutting edge architectural solutions, and innovative technical approach.

The Astra Tower apartments enjoy a favorable location in Istanbul, Turkey. The flawless high-riser towers over the Downtown Istanbul, offering you a breathtaking view of the Princes’ Islands.

Here’s how long it will take you to get to the main Istanbul landmarks from the Astra Tower apartment complex:

  • 1-min walk to the Kartal and Marmara seaside
  • 3 mins to the closest subway station and the local shopping center
  • 15 mins to the famous Bağdat Avenue and the E-5 highway
  • 30 mins to the Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

The Astra Tower residences come highly recommended. Your life here will sparkle with glamour and luxury.

The Astra Tower project encompasses 227 apartments, with a variety of popular amenities nearby. Here are some of them:

  • car park
  • playground
  • reliable security system.

You will find an ideal new home in the Astra Tower apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey. Think about the possibilities life in a superb modern apartment complex offers you and consider investing in an apartment here. With the Astra Tower real estate, you’ll live a life free of troubles and worries. You are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts if you’ve already made up your mind and have eyes for a certain Astra Tower apartment. 

Paying for Astra Tower residences

You may pay for an Astra Tower apartment in any way you see fit. The price list for the residences in question can be found below:

BedroomLiving roomBathroomMinimum price, $Maximum price, $

Euphoria Park – enjoy your life to the fullest

Are you a young and active person living a bright and dynamic life? You definitely need an apartment to match your lifestyle. The Euphoria Park residences in Istanbul, Turkey, are an incredibly cool project in Istanbul, Turkey, and it is 100% complete. The Euphoria Park stylish and comfortable apartments are awaiting their first residents. The benefits of living here are truly impressive.

Many Istanbul landmarks will be at a stone’s throw from your future apartment, and you’ll be able to get there with no issues:

  • Istanbul Airport – 30 mins
  • 15 July Martyrs Bridge – 25 mins
  • Eurasia Tunnel – 25 mins
  • Avcılar Campus of Istanbul University – 15 mins
  • Mall of Istanbul – 10 mins
  • Starcity Outlet – 6 mins
  • Bahçelievler state hospital – 10 mins
  • Halkalı Kent private hospital – 6 mins.

Invest in a Euphoria Park residence and all the project’s advantages will be yours to enjoy.

Euphoria Park in detail

Euphoria Park is a stylish Istanbul district, with apartments of high investment value.

The Euphoria Park real estate complex encompasses 1195 residences and 223 commercial premises. Below, you will find the apartment options for sale in Euphoria Park:

  • 1 bedroom + 1 living room
  • 2 bedrooms + 1 living room
  • 3 bedrooms + 1 living room.

The Euphoria Park apartments come with a living space of 53 to 203 square meters.

The Euphoria Park infrastructure is tempting for any real estate investors. The apartment complex offers various study rooms, conference halls, and a cinema to its residents. Sports fans will fall in love with the long local jogging track. The swimming pool, the sports center, the fitness center, and the sauna are all within easy reach. You may enjoy the Euphoria Park hamam. Both your and your children’s life will be brighter and fitter with multiple outdoor and indoor playgrounds, as well as sports modules.

Apartments for sale in Euphoria Park

A sale and purchase deal for a Euphoria Park apartment is your profitable investment for the future. Take a look at the current Euphoria Park apartment prices and discover your dream residence:

BedroomLiving roomBathroomMinimum price, $Maximum price, $

Ideal life in an ideal apartment

You are welcome to purchase apartments in the following real estate projects:

  • Euphoria Park
  • Astra Tower
  • Agora Residences.

They are brand-new apartment complexes with a huge development potential. Future residents thereof will enjoy a multitude of benefits and opportunities. Investing in the Euphoria Park, the Astra Tower, or the Agora Residences properties will prove your high status, and you will profit therefrom in the long run. Even if you visited Turkey before, you are most likely not familiar with local real estate specifics. The International Wealth experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject, assist you with property selection, and provide legal support for whatever issues you may come across. To book your free initial consultation with the International Wealth pros, contact us at Your success is guaranteed with our assistance. You may as well order any of the following services from us:

  • Assistance with property selection in the Euphoria Park, Astra Tower, or Agora Residences apartment complexes. Personal property tours, where necessary.
  • Legal support for your real estate sale and purchase deals. With International Wealth, you are doomed to succeed. We will handle document processing, verify the real estate ownership status, make a corresponding agreement, and register title to the property.
  • Residence by investment. In Turkey, foreign real estate investors enjoy this opportunity where properties they purchase are USD 250,000 and above. The International Wealth experts will help you get a sense of the formalities and receive your residence permit in Turkey. Your family members may use it as well.

You may decide in favor of a Euphoria Park apartment, a luxury Astra Tower residence, or an upmarket Agora Residences property. Regardless of your choice, you will never regret it

What real estate options should I consider when selecting an apartment in Istanbul, Turkey?

Modern apartment complexes in Istanbul are obviously your top choice. You are welcome to consider the Euphoria Park, the Astra Tower, or the Agora Residences real estate. Each project has its peculiar merits and advantages. You are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts for more information.

May my residence permit application be fast tracked if I purchase a Euphoria Park apartment in Istanbul, Turkey?

Certainly. The state migration program provides for an opportunity for real estate investors purchasing properties in Turkey of USD 250,000 and above, to receive their residence permits. The Euphoria Park, the Astra Tower, or the Agora Residences real estate projects are ideal therefore.

What limitations may foreign investors face when purchasing the Astra Tower properties in Istanbul, Turkey?

No limitations exist here. Any foreign investor wishing to purchase properties in the Astra Tower or the Euphoria Park apartment complexes may do it without any restrictions whatsoever. The sale and purchase deal is made under the standard procedure. Assistance of experienced real estate experts and lawyers supporting you with all your endeavors and undertakings will be invaluable in this case.

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