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Buy Exclusive Villas in Döşemealtı, Antalya to Obtain Citizenship

We offer stunning villas under construction in the area of Döşemealtı, Antalya. This is an optimal solution as purchasing this real estate will give you the right to get Turkish citizenship. This is also a profitable investment opportunity as the facility can be rented out or resold in three years at a higher price.

Exclusive villas in Deşemealtı

Villas in Döşemealtı

Döşemealtı is a prestigious Antalya district where a whole complex of cutting-edge villas is being built. Natural wonders, caves and canyons, historical buildings, mysterious ancient cities, and world-famous carpets – you will find all of that here.

Döşemealtı, one of the central districts in Antalya, is located on Antalya-Burdur highway, 20 km from the city center. It was named in honor of the cobblestone road in Derbent Strait that was built back in the Osman period and has been used by Yuruks (nomadic Turks) until recently as a migration route. In 2008, Döşemealtı obtained the status of the central district of Antalya.

The temperature in the part of the town located higher than the center of Antalya is on average 4-5 degrees lower, and the air is fresh and less damp, with a well-recognized Mediterranean flavor. The district is surrounded by pine forests on four sides, and it is home to national parks with rich flora and fauna.


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The Döşemealtı budget is mainly replenished thanks to its agricultural sector. The agricultural enterprises of the district grow citrus fruits, olives, cotton, wheat, barley, maize, sesame, and oats. The area is also known as Antalya’s pomegranate paradise. Livestock breeding and weaving are also among the most important sources of income in the district. It is home to the ancient caves of Karain and Öküzini, waterfalls and canyons with picturesque views.

Döşemealtı stands out among other regions of the capital thanks to its cultural and historical places, as well as natural beauty.

This district has everything you need for a comfortable life:

  • Shopping malls
  • Stores
  • Cafes
  • Sports facilities

Buying a splendid villa in Döşemealtı is an opportunity to live in an ecologically clean place with a mild climate and picturesque nature. While other districts of Antalya suffer from hot weather in August when the season is at its peak, the air temperature in Döşemealtı is always a few degrees lower.

The Döşemealtı project under construction comprises 34 villas located on a site with the total area of 8,539 m². It will have a general pool, a covered car park with 68 parking spaces, a gym, a cinema, and a playground.

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Description of Splendid Villas in Döşemealtı

There are two types of villas for sale that have a different area. The first 4+1 option has an area of 269 – 434 m² and costs from $752,000 to $825,000. The second 4+1 option has an area of 346 – 432 m² and costs from $956,000 to $1,065,000. Villas are constructed in accordance with state-of-the-industry seismic resistance regulations, so you will be safe even in case of an earthquake.

General Characteristics of the Project:

Total area of the project site8,539 m²
Area occupied by green plants3,500 m²
Soil typeZB
Number of villas under construction34
Area of the first villa type188.50–251 m² (+ a garden and a terrace)
Area of the second villa type296–434 m² (+a garden and a terrace)
Garden area67.62–191.68 m²
Payment by installmentsThe first payment is 50%, while the rest is payable over 15 months
Facility completion dateJune 2024


  • gym
  • sauna
  • a covered car park with 68 parking spaces
  • natural gas
  • video surveillance cameras

There is a generator that will provide electricity in case of any accident. The water extinguishing system and the lightning protection system also ensure safe living in villas.

Peculiarities of Döşemealtı villas:

  • A heated floor
  • A modern conditioning system
  • A water purification and softening system
  • REHAU doors and windows
  • Built-in household appliances
  • A high ceiling (3.20 m)
  • High-speed Internet

It should be separately noted that all the villas are equipped with a smart home system: an automated system for all home appliances control that functions as one ecosystem. You can control your smart home remotely using a remote control, a gadget, or by voice. You can set a certain algorithm in accordance with which the system will switch on or off different devices, household appliances, and lighting, regulate access to the house, and perform other important functions.

Why You Should Buy a Villa in Döşemealtı

Döşemealtı is one of the most prestigious and modern districts in Antalya. Buying a villa here will bring you a number of benefits, including:

  • Favorable location and picturesque nature. Here you can enjoy wonderful landscapes and beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. The villas in this district are located in the lap of nature and have large gardens and pools. This is an ideal place for rest and relaxation.
  • Investment opportunities. Döşemealtı is a popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of tourists from different countries on an annual basis. You can rent out a villa in this district quite profitably in the tourist season. Favorable prospects of tourist infrastructure development may also increase the cost of real estate in the future.
  • Unique environment for life and rest. The district is well-known for its quiet and comfortable lifestyle. The villas are created for those who are looking for privacy and luxury. The district also has access to the rest and entertainment infrastructure: you will find restaurants, stores, spa salons, golf courses here, and so on.
  • Mild climate. You can take advantage of a mild Mediterranean climate with a lot of sunny days throughout the year. It makes the district an optimal place to live all year round.
  • Citizenship by investment. The Turkish government offers a citizenship by investment program which gives investors an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship if they comply with certain conditions, including buying real estate that costs a certain amount. Buying a villa in Döşemealtı gives a possibility to receive a Turkish passport.

If you buy an exclusive villa in Döşemealtı, you can apply for Turkish citizenship not only for the owner but also for family members. A Turkish citizen has the right to visit about 118 countries of the world without a visa or get a business visa to the USA.

Interested in buying a villa in Döşemealtı, a picturesque district in Antalya? Please contact our Turkish real estate experts at or using other communication channels available on the website. Experienced professionals will help you not only with the purchase of real estate but also give you advice on the matters of receiving Turkish citizenship. You will receive overall support at all stages of the process!

Buying a villa under construction in a Turkish paradise is a really profitable opportunity not to miss. Make your first step today!

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