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Cost: $236,000 - $622,875


Buy an Apartment in the European District of Istanbul and Qualify for Turkish Citizenship

We offer a unique opportunity to get a residence permit or a Turkish passport under the citizenship by investment program in one of the best-developed districts in Istanbul, Bahçelievler (translated from Turkish as houses with gardens). This is an offer not to miss for investors who make decisions quickly: the apartments are sold by the developer at a minimum rate as the construction is still in progress (at the stage of the pit/foundation).

Natural Bella

You can buy accommodation with different layouts depending on the funds available and goals – just contact our experts to book a session and support the transaction on a turnkey basis. We offer a full range of services to investors and are ready to represent the interests of our customers in all Turkish institutions.

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Any transaction that involves real estate in Istanbul (Turkey) starts with opening a bank account. Fill out a questionnaire and get a response from our specialists to use this service.

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Bahçelievler District, Istanbul: Infrastructure, History, and Peculiarities

Istanbul is the legendary Constantinople of the past located on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait and washed by two seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

Bahçelievler is a district that stands out among others. This is a European part of Turkey with a population of about 600,000 people and a deep history. The first stone to build the old legendary city of Constantinople was taken in the province of Bahçelievler which was called Hepdemon in the times of the Byzantine Empire and was primarily used for agricultural purposes.

Bahçelievler District

Today this is one of Istanbul’s prestigious districts located along the Marmara Sea coast that occupies 5% of the city’s territory. 

Things to know about Bahçelievler:

  • The province is mainly populated by middle-class Europeans, which has a positive impact on the local infrastructure and culture.
  • There are schools, kindergartens, and higher education establishments in the district, including the Marmara University, Anadolu University, Aydin University, and Istanbul Culture and Art University.
  • Shopping places, product stores, and entertainment complexes ensure residents a comfortable life: you can have a rest at any time of day or night. The shopping malls worth noting include Kadyr center, Star City shopping mall, Metroport shopping mall, Plaza Affairs, Target, and Merter.
  • Bahçelievler is home to all municipal and administrative institutions, and also numerous parks and streets with a lot of vegetation. 
  • The transport interchange makes it possible to easily get to any part of the city and go on a trip to neighboring provinces by personal or public transport.

Construction is being actively developed in Bahçelievler as the demand for housing is very high. As a result, prices grow on an annual basis, and the return on such investments reaches 10% and more.

Apartments in Bahçelievler, Istanbul: Natural Bella Residential Complex

Natural Bella, a new residential complex, includes six nine-storey buildings located in one of the elite districts of the Turkish Republic’s second capital. This residential complex is a mini district within the province with its own playground, social objects, shops, and green areas for those that love a quiet rest.

Natural Bella Residential Complex
Natural Bella Residential Complex
Natural Bella Residential Complex
Natural Bella Residential Complex

The developer offers future owners several real estate layout options in the western district of Istanbul at an attractive price. You can choose accommodation on the sea coast by studying the information we provide or using the services of our seasoned experts.

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If you are interested in separate accommodation in Turkey on the sea coast, please take a look at villas and cottages sold at a price that is sure to attract far-sighted investors.


Brief Technical Information on the Facility

  • Apartments with an area from 125 to 248 m2.
  • The project is under construction (3%).
  • It is scheduled to be completed in 2025.
  • The complex is 23 minutes’ walk from the beach.
  • It will take 40 minutes to get to the center of Istanbul.
  • You will get to the Atatürk Airport in 40 minutes.

Cost of Apartments in Istanbul and their Layout

The apartments for sale in Bahçelievler, Istanbul, have the following layout and cost:

  • 3+1 – an apartment with an area from 125 to 171 sq. m. with two bathrooms. The cost of the facility depends on the area and equipment and ranges from $236,000 to $441,068.
  • 4+1 – an apartment in Istanbul with an area from 165 to 174 with 3 bathrooms. The start cost ranges from $324,000 to $431,511.
  • 5+1 – luxurious apartments in the residential complex on the Marmara Sea coast in Istanbul with a total area from 245 to 248 sq. m. with 4 bathrooms. The developer’s price ranges from $485,000 to $622,875.

For reference: the cost of apartments in the new residential complex of Istanbul depends on the facility location, its layout, area, wall finishing material, technical equipment, and furnishing of rooms.

Characteristics of Apartments in Natural Bella Residential Complex, Istanbul

According to the project, the buildings of the residential complex will be made of modern materials with improved sound and thermal insulation, and they will also have the following internal infrastructure:

  • A car park for apartment owners in the complex garage
  • An elevator
  • A playground for children and a green area for those who wish to have a quiet rest
  • A fitness gym
  • A sauna
  • A café and a restaurant on the first storey of the building
  • Shops
  • Social objects

Equipment and technical characteristics are just as impressive:

  • Cable and satellite TV
  • Water supply booster and a reservoir to use in case of water supply interruption
  • Natural gas
  • Generator to use in case of emergency power outage
  • A steel door to ensure that residents are safe
  • A video intercom and a closed circuit video surveillance system
  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Smoke and fire detectors

The apartments for sale are a very attractive opportunity for investors as their price is quite affordable now. In 2 years, it will increase several times as the complex will be put into operation.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them. Get in touch with our experts using the contact information provided on the website!

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