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Cost: from 331 529 USD


Buy a Villa in Thailand on the Island of Phuket by the Seaside: 4 Projects for Life, Rest, and Investment

You can relocate to Thailand if you have a long-term residence visa, you have set certain goals, and you have the desire to do so. However, it is much better to move to a house, apartment, or luxurious villa by the seaside that belongs to you than rent a place to live. If that sounds appealing, the experts of our international portal will help you choose and buy one.


Take a look at four new residential complexes on the island of Phuket where you can buy accommodation right now and use it in the future as a place for permanent residence, rest, or as an investment object with guaranteed rental profits. In the latter case (investments to get income), the investor has the right to conclude a transaction with a management company that will independently take care of the villa, rent it out, and transfer the profits to the owner on beneficial terms.

The complexes we present in this article are located in Phuket’s well-known resorts, Bang Tao and Karon beaches. If you are interested in buying a place to live in the tropics, fully-furnished houses, or affordable apartments in Thailand, please book a personal session with our experts.

Luxury Villas on Bang Tao Beach in Phuket’s Sports Center / BT-403P from $ 737,778

The new project on the island of Phuket is under construction, and it includes 35 villas located within 5 km from the seaside. The residential complex has its own infrastructure and is protected by the security service on a 24/7 basis. 

The villas have panoramic windows, a high ceiling (up to 3.5 meters), and glass doors. Daylight fills the premises and gives special charm and elegance to the interior. The rooms come with fine finishing, which means that you will not need to bear the costs of repair and improvement of walls, floors, and utility systems.

The dining and residential zones are unified into a single space and look similar to a studio layout, while bedrooms are isolated and have separate bathrooms. On the whole, you have everything a splendid boutique hotel offers, but the owner of all this luxury is you.

The villa’s outdoor space has a lawn, tropical plants, and an individual landscape. There is a 2-car parking lot and a pool with sea water. There is also a special place for barbecue and rest, and the owner has the right to modify or improve the interior or exterior as he or she pleases.

General Features

  • Commissioning date: Q4 2024.
  • Number of bedrooms: 4–5.
  • Villa’s residential area: from 412 to 708 m2.
  • Plot area: from 462 to 908 m2.
  • Pool: 25–62 m2
  • Bathrooms with fine finishing and sanitary ware: 4 or 5, depending on the villa’s area and layout.
  • You can arrange for an installment plan during the period of construction.

Phuket villas have an advantageous location, which guarantees a rental income within 5–7% on an annual basis. You can delegate property management to a company or control the whole cycle by yourself.

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If you are planning to buy real estate abroad, we recommend opening a bank account in advance. It will also come in useful if you need to transfer rental profits and pay utility bills.

Seaside Villa Price on the Island of Phuket

Layout Plot area (sq.m)Residential area (sq.m)Cost
3 bedrooms406 sq.m337 sq.mfrom $ 737,778
4 bedrooms462–629 sq.m444 sq.mfrom $ 840,825
5 bedrooms749–908 sq.m574–789 sq.mfrom $ 1,263,072

The villa price includes sanitary ware, fine finishing of walls and floors, electrical wiring, utility systems, and air conditioners.

The owner independently buys the furniture and décor or can delegate the procedure to our partners.

Infrastructure and Location

In addition to residential real estate, the project includes a three-floor sports complex with a fitness gym, a tennis pitch, and premises for yoga and taekwondo practices. You will also find a sauna, a spa salon, a café, restaurants, and a research rehabilitation center here.

The facility is located within just 5 kilometers from the wonderful Bang Tao Beach with its amenities and a resort atmosphere. You can get to other island facilities by car or use any other means of transport:

  • Phuket Island airport — 18 km.
  • Patong — 18 km.
  • A shopping mall and a supermarket — 3 km.
  • Restaurants and cafes — 300 meters.
  • Hospital — 17 km.
  • Golf club — 6 km.
  • Yacht club — 15 km

Thailand real estate owners can use all complex amenities free of charge, and they also get a 50% discount on spa, restaurants, and tennis.

Phuket Seaside Villas with Rental Income / BT-404P from $ 331,529

The residential complex surrounded by stunning nature, tropical landscape, and well-developed infrastructure is ready for occupancy. The residential complex on Bang Tao Beach, the island of Phuket, was commissioned in 2021. However, there are still free villas left that you can buy at a minimum rate as a profitable investment in your future.

Complex Description

Phuket island villas are unified into one complex on the first coastline (1 km to the seaside) and have the following characteristics:

  • 2- and 3-bedroom villas. Each bedroom has a separate bathroom with an adjacent entrance.
  • The residential area of houses ranges between 125 and 158 m2, and it is spacious enough to accommodate a family with children, a young couple, or a company of 5 to 6 people who will have a rest by the seaside. 
  • The facility is provided with fine internal finishing of walls and engineering systems. 
  • The complex offers a hotel-type infrastructure. It means that you can take advantage of a fitness gym, an individual pool in each facility, places for a rest, and round-the-clock security service.
  • The area of the villa’s outdoor space varies between 179 and 214 m2, and it contains a car park, a pool, places for a rest, and tropical vegetation.

The residential project on Phuket is run by a hotel (management) company that also proposes to rent your accommodation out with a guaranteed income ranging between 4 and 6% on an annual basis. The profits from villa rental are distributed between the owner and the management company on a 70%:30% basis.

Cost of Houses by the Seaside in Thailand

Villa prices on the island of Phuket depend on the area and layout:

  • A 2-bedroom villa with a pool has an area of at least 125 m2 and costs no less than $ 470,827.
  • A 3-bedroom villa with a pool that has a residential area of 158 m2 can be purchased at a price ranging between $ 331,529 and $ 498,687.

The total cost includes fine finishing, the system of house utility networks, built-in kitchen furniture and wardrobes, sanitary ware, and premises air conditioning system. Furniture is purchased upon the owner’s individual order.

Features of the Facility

The villas on Bang Tao Beach are luxury apartments overlooking the sea in Thailand that will be interesting for investors and foreigners who want to buy accommodation by the seaside for permanent residence and rest. You can use the facility to spend your vacation there and receive guaranteed rental profits during the rest of the year without leaving your country.

The residential complex has a very advantageous location in terms of access to other administrative and entertainment venues of the island:

  • Patong and the local airport are located within a 20-minute drive
  • The shopping mall, shops, cafes, and restaurants are located within a walking distance (3–5 minutes)
  • You can reach the golf club in 10 minutes by transport
  • You can get to the hospital and the yacht club within 20–25 minutes

FYI: there is no winter in Phuket, and summer lasts all year round, which ensures a never-ceasing demand for villas by the seaside.

Art Nouveau Deluxe Villas by the Seaside / BT-406P from $ 909,932

In 2025, seven splendid Art Nouveau villas on the island of Phuket in Thailand can become your permanent home or a profitable investment object that will yield guaranteed profit. This masterpiece of architectural style will be interesting for aristocrats and those who value minimalism and luxury.

Modern seaside villas on Bang Tao Beach in Phuket combine all the best things you can dream of:

  • comfort
  • quality and style
  • minimalist elegance and Art Nouveau aesthetics
  • space and natural color
  • Tropical silence and proximity to the shoreline

FYI: the prices for Thailand’s seaside villas are lower than the cost of an apartment in Europe.

Details of the Facility

Here are the technical characteristics of the new residential complex that consists of 7 comfortable villas with an individual design and a pool:

  • Commissioning date: 2025.
  • Distance to the sea: 5 km.
  • Layout: 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.
  • Residential area — 488 m2, land plot area — at least 651 m2, pool area 55 — m2.

You can take advantage of an interest-free installment plan while the facility is under construction.


All villas in the complex have identical layouts with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a pool, and an outdoor space with a relaxation zone and a pool. 

The price of villas starts at $ 909,932 without furniture.

The complex is located not far from the shopping mall and supermarkets (3 km), and there are also restaurants and cafes near the villas. The distance to the hospital and the golf club is just 4.5 km. The airport is just within a 15-minute drive from the place (16 km), and Patong and the yacht club can be reached in 20 minutes by car (16–18 km).

Villas on Karon Beach Surrounded by Tropics / KR-614P from $ 1,055,183

Luxurious elite villas on Karon, the cleanest beach on the island of Phuket, are about to be commissioned. At present, you can buy a house in the new residential complex by the seaside directly from the developer. 

The new project promises to become one of the best ones on the island as it is surrounded by a tropical forest and it will work as a five-star hotel under the management of a large company. It gives owners the right to manage their property as an investment project by delegating its management to the hotelier and receiving profit. The contract may be concluded for 10 years. In the first 3 years, the owner receives a fixed profit of 7%, and then a different profit distribution scheme is established.

Location and Technical Characteristics

Here are the general characteristics of the facility:

  • Commissioning date: Q4 2024.
  • Layout: 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
  • Residential area: 300 m2.
  • Outdoor space (a land plot with a landscape): 239–262 m2.

The new complex is located just outside Karon Beach with its well-developed infrastructure, supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants. The distance to other facilities can be easily overcome using any means of transport or on foot:

  • Airport — 40 km.
  • Golf club — 15 km.
  • Yacht club — 25 km.
  • Shopping mall, hospital, and Patong — 7 km.
  • Indian Sea, Karon Beach — 1 km.
  • Restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, entertainment centers — 300 meters.

You can buy a new villa on the Indian Sea shore right now (and benefit from an installment plan if you find it convenient). Installments are interest-free while the facility is under construction.

Complex Description and Price

The residential complex on Karon Beach is a new hotel-like project which envisages:

  • 150 deluxe rooms for island visitors and holiday-makers.
  • Private residences with the right of ownership (villas overlooking the sea).
  • Well-developed infrastructure: a pool (a general pool in the complex and a private one in each villa), a restaurant, a spa complex, a reception desk, round-the-clock security service, a recreation area, a fitness gym, etc.

The two-floor villas are configured as follows:

  • Capital fine finishing, a full set of sanitary ware, engineering systems, electrical communications, and built-in furniture.
  • Sea and tropical views.
  • A large seating area connected to the kitchen.
  • A terrace for relaxation, meetings with friends, and sunbathing.
  • A pool with an area of 55 m2.

All villas have a laconic design. Only high-quality eco-friendly materials were used for the finishing.

The cost of a three-bedroom seaside villa in Phuket starts from $ 807,929.

The price includes a built-in kitchen, sanitary ware, landscape design, finishing, and air conditioners. You can order furniture on an individual basis in the desired style (for an additional fee).

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If you are interested in any of our partners’ offers, we are ready to provide a complex of services to obtain the right of ownership to a villa in Thailand and relocate to the country of eternal summer.

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