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Cost: from 9750 EUR


Buy a Ready-to-Use Company in Serbia with an Open Bank Account

We offer you to purchase a ready-to-use company in Serbia, which already has a bank account opened in a local bank. This gives you the opportunity to save time, get a valid account and start managing a new business a couple of days after making the payment. It is possible to change the ownership fully remotely, if you wish. 

Ready-to-Use Company in Serbia

Reasons to Buy a Ready-to-use Company in Serbia 

Why is it a good idea to buy a ready-to-use company in Serbia? The answer will depend on your specific goals and objectives, but it’s generally true that Serbia offers several significant advantages for international entrepreneurs. Including those, who acquire a ready-to-use company. 

  • When buying a ready-to-use company, you will be able to manage it within a few hours or a couple of days after the purchase; 
  • You will save a lot of time in comparison with opening a new company in Serbia; 
  • The company already has an active bank account; 
  • Investors are entitled to receive a resident card; 
  • Expenses for maintaining the company (utilities, rent, etc.) start from 250 euros per month; 
  • Companies in Serbia get customs-free access to 1.1 billion potential customers around the globe; 
  • Deposits in banks up to 50,000 euros are insured and will be returned even in the event of a bank failure; 
  • The country has a well-developed banking sector with a network of correspondent accounts and vast experience in working with various banking products. 

This list can go on, but we chose the benefits that may be interesting to you in the first place.

We also recommend that you consider obtaining the status of a Serbian resident by investment. Thanks to this solution, you will get more favorable conditions for working with local banks (residents are always trusted more than non-residents); and create the prospect of obtaining a second passport. This status can be combined with others, for example, with being a resident of Panama. 

In summer 2019 Serbia joined CRS Standard, but to this day has not started exchanging banking information.


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Ready-to-use Company in Serbia and a Bank Account 

The minimum amount of the authorized capital of this type of company starts from 1 Euro. 

Both an individual and a legal entity, both resident and foreign, can own a company in Serbia. 

The company is allowed to have 1 owner, and 1 director is required, who can also be a non-resident foreign individual. 

The corporate tax is 15%. 

This type of company must have a registered legal address, and it must keep accounting records. The expenses on renting an office and keeping an accountant start from 250 euros per month. 

The ready-to-use companies we offer you already have a bank account. The choice of the bank depends on the company. 

In order to acquire a company, you will need to make a personal visit to Serbia to re-register the business in your name definitively; otherwise, you can make a limited power of attorney and perform the re-registration online. 

Notice blue

All the personal and corporate documents will have to be translated into Serbian.

After your payment for the company is received, you will immediately be able to manage the business. You will be required to change the owner (UBO) in the register of Serbia within 1 month – this is how long the fiduciary service for company management operates. If you do not have enough time, you can extend the use of the fiduciary services at the rate of 1% of the incoming turnover, or from 3,000 euros per year. 

Buying a ready-to-use company in Serbia with an open bank account: What documents are required?

In order to sign a contract for the purchase of a ready-to-use company in Serbia, you will need to provide your name and address. 

At the time when it will be necessary to re-register the company in your name, the following documents will be required: 

  • For individuals:
    • passport copy;
    • copy of a document that can confirm your residence address;
    • a signed power of attorney if the process is done remotely.
  • For legal entities:
    • The original of an extract from the business register, translated into Serbian with an apostille, plus some other documents. The exact list depends on the jurisdiction, in which the company is registered.

It will take less than a month to change ownership. You will need to send us all the documents, after which we will translate them into Serbian. Then we will submit them to the register, showing that the company is changing ownership. That may take 7-14 days. 

After that, you will have to submit documents to the bank to undergo the compliance procedure. 

After the company is registered, you will need a few more documents:

  • You must sign an e-services authorization form for the accountant so that the accountant would be able to prepare and send reports to the tax office; 
  • You have to provide an agreement for the use of a legal address (with us or a third-party partner); 
  • A contract for bookkeeping with an accountant (with our specialists or a third party) will have to be signed; 
  • You will activate the digital signature for the accountant. 

The accountant is required to submit annual reports, as well as reports on mandatory contributions: health insurance, social and pension funds. 

After the procedure of the company re-registration is completed, all additional costs are paid at an hourly rate, unless you choose to use the Family Office service. Please, read more about this service in the section “Costs of Purchasing a Ready-to-Use Company”. 

When working with Serbian banks, no matter if we are talking about personal or corporate accounts, you should take one point into account: before you become a permanent and reliable partner of a bank, you must make several transactions. And those few transactions will always be the most sensitive ones. We can be sure that the bank may and most likely will have questions about any of them. 

To get answers to these questions, the representatives of the bank will try to contact you. We encourage you to be in touch with the bank during the first weeks and months and, most importantly, provide answers within 24 hours. Otherwise, the bank will freeze your transaction, and after a couple of such situations, it will simply close the account to be on the safe side. 

We will say it once again: it is of primary importance to stay in touch with the bank and quickly provide answers to the bank’s questions in order to keep the account going. 

At the same time, we understand that there may be objective circumstances, due to which you may not be able to react quickly enough: a vacation, an illness of the loved ones, a business emergency. For the bank, such reasons are not an excuse.

This is why we offer you the opportunity to appoint our Serbian office as your backup contact. If the bank has any questions, and it fails to get through to you, the bank will contact our consultants and ask them to clarify the details of your transaction. In this case, we will help resolve the dispute and maintain your speckless reputation with the bank. 

You can request this service at the very start or reject it. It is free for the first few transactions, which are the most critical ones. If you decide not to use the service, then we repeat again: make sure you maintain continuous contact with the bank, so that they don’t have any reason to close your account. 

Costs of buying a ready-made company in Serbia with an open bank account

In order to buy a ready-to-use company in Serbia, you need to pay the service cost, which amounts to 9750 EUR. 

This includes:

  • All the expenses connected with registering a company and opening a bank account;
  • A month of fiduciary services to manage the company while you re-register it in your name; 
  • Expert assistance with re-registration of the company 

Extra expenses you might want to keep in mind:

  • Translation of documents into Serbian – 20 euros per page; 
  • A personal visit to Serbia (if you are planning one); 
  • The services of a local director – 3000 euros per year + 1% of turnover; 
  • Courier services; 
  • Obtaining certificates; 
  • Receipt of VAT; 
  • Consultations of a Lawyer; 
  • Other services;

Maintaining the company costs from 250 euros per month, or about 3000 per year, including renting the office and basic accounting services.

If you do not have enough time or do not plan to change the data in the Serbian register within a month, you can continue using fiduciary services. It will cost just 1% of the turnover, or from 3,000 euros per year. You can already manage the company while using these services. 

It is important to stipulate at the stage of preparations, how you are planning to provide a legal address and the accounting services for the company. We offer you our assistance in these matters, but you are free to reject them and find an accountant and a suitable address on your own. 

In the latter case, we do not charge for these services and do not take any responsibility for your interactions with the corresponding authorities. If you contact our specialists regarding these issues, our services will be paid for at an hourly rate (100-500 euros, depending on the type of request). The same rate will be applied to the services you may want to request after the re-registration of the company. 

In order for you to significantly save your money, we recommend that you use the Concierge services, thanks to which you receive a package of expert assistance at a reduced rate. For example, the basic package offers you the opportunity to get in touch with an accountant on important issues up to 5 times a month (for example, concerning your interactions with the bank or taxation problems). You will be able to use the experience of our colleagues in Serbia up to 5 times when working with banks, tax and other government agencies. 

If you order these services from us, then you will receive all the necessary documents for starting your company right after transferring the full payment.

Step-by-step Procedure for Buying a Ready-to-Use Company in Serbia with an Open Bank Account 


Send us an e-mail to [email protected] with a request to buy a ready-to-use company in Serbia with an open bank account.


Submit your details needed for signing a contract.


To reserve a company in our name, you pay 1000 EUR: the remaining amount will need to be paid within 7 days. Otherwise, you can pay the entire amount at once – from 9750 EUR for a ready-to-use company with an open bank account. You can make the payment with a bank card, a bank transfer, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, WebMoney, or Western Union.


Once the funds are received on our bank account, you will be able to start managing your company.


Over the first month you will be required to choose one of the following actions:

  • Come to Serbia and change the owner of the company in the Serbian register (we will help with the documents and the procedure); 
  • Issue a power of attorney and change the owner remotely; 
  • Extend fiduciary services and issue changes in the Serbian register a little later. 

After the official transfer of ownership, you must submit documents to the bank for verification.

If you have any questions, or if you are ready to purchase a ready-to-use company in Serbia, please contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected].

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