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Cost: from 4500 USD


Business Registration in Antalya (Turkey)

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Mind that we provide free consultation as part of the selected package of services only. 

Company Registration in Antalya

A non-resident of Turkey who wishes to register a company in Antalya can do so in a fairly short time! And we at Offshore Pro Group will help you with this if you want to invest in a promising Turkish market, get access to international logistics routes or wish to combine company registration with moving to the Turkish Republic in exchange for investments.

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In addition to the company registration in Antalya, we provide a range of services for starting a business in other cities of Turkey and also help to open a bank account, buy real estate, set up tax payments and accounting. Click on this link to see all of our offers on Turkey.

Turkey as a Promising Market for Business Registration

Turkey is one of the world’s largest markets which attracts business from all over the world. One of its main values is the stability of businesses in the country, which is confirmed by the neutral position it has taken with regard to EU pressure to impose sanctions against Russia: Turkey is not prepared to do something that goes against its economic interests. A jurisdiction that will fight hard for market stability is a good choice to make!

Today, Turkey can offer foreign investors a huge potential for registration, business re-domiciliation, and the opening of branches and companies in the FEZs with profitable taxation rates. And here is a list of some other things you need to know about Antalya and its prospects for investors:

  • Antalya is the second city in Turkey by the number of real estate purchases in 2022
  • Tourism is actively developed here, and burgeoning entrepreneurs can safely open their businesses in this niche
  • The construction of yachts has been developed in Antalya
  • The region ranks first in Turkey for the manufacturing of agricultural products
  • It will be interesting for exporters to know that you can register a production company in Antalya and organize the sale of products to Europe at a good profit. Greenhouse farms producing high-quality vegetables and fruits are widely developed in this province, and products are exported to Europe and other countries
  • Antalya has a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for investors that provides tax and customs benefits

Given that Antalya is the tourism hub of Turkey, the real estate sector is really attractive to foreign investors. Residential houses, apartments, and villas are in great demand among foreigners, and commercial real estate (hotels, shops, restaurants, and cafes) is just as popular.


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Order a business plan for your company in Turkey to have a clear overview of your company’s development.

Business to Register in Antalya for Foreigners

We have mentioned the agricultural business and, of course, the tourism sector (and everything related to it) in Antalya as two really great spheres to invest in. However, there are some other services you can provide:

  • Retail sale of alcoholic beverages, food, building materials, industrial products, and light industry goods
  • Wholesale trading
  • Organization of production
  • Travel agency
  • Real estate agency
  • Consulting firm
  • Opening of a restaurant or cafe
  • Hotel accommodation
  • A recruitment company for the tourism industry
  • A company providing entertainment for tourists (rental service, diving, sea rides, tourist excursions, etc.)

Foreign entrepreneurs can register a local Turkish company, an international business structure (offshore), a foreign representative office of their foreign business, or a subsidiary company. Turkish laws impose the same requirements both for Turkish citizens and foreigners when it comes to company formation in the country.

The most popular corporate structures are Joint Stock Company (AS) and Limited Liability Company (LS). If you are not sure which type of company is best for your business purposes, please contact our experts for advice.

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If you wish to register a company in Antalya, Turkey, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss the details. The company registration procedure is a straightforward process, but each case has its unique features that we will take care of.

Our Partners in Turkey

We closely cooperate with one of the best Turkish consulting companies whose specialists provide quality services:

  • Registration of corporate structures in Turkey
  • Registration of a residence permit in Turkey for company registration, including in Antalya
  • Registration of ownership
  • Corporate security
  • Consulting and other services

Our Turkish partners have the highest legal, accounting and professional reputation, so decency and reliability are guaranteed. Turkish personnel respond promptly to our requests, issue documents as soon as possible and are always aware of new changes in Turkish legislation.

Requirements for a Joint-Stock Company (Anonim Sirket) Registration in Antalya

A Joint-Stock Company is the structure best suited for entrepreneurs who are planning to engage (or are engaged) in a large business, for example, the organization of production or investment in the tourism business where considerable amounts are required. 

The law of Turkey allows one foreign founder, who is a shareholder, to register a JSC in Antalya, employ a nominee director, and have a share capital of at least 50,000 TRY (for OJSC) and from 100,000 TRY (for CJSC).

Points to consider for non-residents who register a JSC in Antalya in 2022:

  1. The minimum paid-up capital of a Turkish JSC is 1/4 of the total amount. The remaining 3/4 of the authorized capital must be paid within the next 2 (two) years.
  2. If the owner wants to personally manage the JSC in Antalya, the share capital must amount to at least 100,000 TRY payable immediately after the company registration is completed. At the same time, the founder himself should obtain a work permit in Turkey or, alternatively, hire an employee for the director’s position.
  3. The authorized corporate capital may be represented in the form of immovable property or other intangible assets. In this case, non-financial assets should be registered in the Commercial Register no later than 3 (three) months after the date of company registration.
  4. An Open Joint-Stock Company may issue all kinds of shares except for bearer shares, which are allowed only to Turkish CJSCs.
  5. The Turkish company must have a legal address – for example, a leased physical office in Turkey. The law also allows the company to use a virtual office for this purpose.

Note: We do not usually recommend registering a virtual company address as the cost of paying for a virtual office (address) is so high that it is almost equal to the cost of a physical office in one of the urban areas of Antalya.

Is the JSC Director in Antalya a Local or a Foreign Citizen?

The name of the person appointed to the position of a JSC director should be specified in the Articles of Association when the company is registered in the Commercial Register. If the company is established by a foreigner, there are two options for the director’s position:

  1. The director is a foreigner who has a work permit in Turkey
  2. The director is a Turkish citizen

If you apply to us for a company registration service in Antalya, we can obtain all the necessary licenses for your company with the Turkish authorities, provide nominee services and appoint professional managers to the position of company directors for a separate fee on the basis of a power of attorney that you will provide.

Documents for JSC Registration in Turkey (Antalya)

If you are a natural person, you will need the following documents on hand before coming to Turkey:

  1. A foreign passport
  2. Color photographs 3×4 (passport-sized), although there are no strict size requirements
  3. Apostilled proof of registration at the place of the foreigner’s residence

If there are several individual founders, each of them should provide the above documents. If the founders of a Turkish company have a residence permit in Turkey, they will not be required to submit a national residence permit.

All founders have to be personally present when the documents are signed in the Commercial Register of Turkey.

Documents for founders-legal entities:

  1. Resolution of the Board of Directors of a foreign company on the decision to register a Joint-Stock Company in Antalya, Turkey (to be apostilled)
  2. If a branch of a foreign company is opened in Antalya, Turkey, you need to submit an application and a resolution on behalf of the Board of Directors with the respective signatures of the directors

Note: if the representative of a foreign company is an authorized person, the original power of attorney with the signature of the authorized person must be submitted.

Cost of JSC Registration in Antalya (Turkey) in 2022

We provide a standard package of company registration services in Antalya which can be adjusted to meet the needs of different entrepreneurs who have their own views and plans for the business.

The following services are subject to an additional fee:

  • rental/buying an office in Turkey
  • receiving a residence permit and permanent residence in Turkey
  • company registration in the Free Economic Zone of Antalya
  • setting up tax payments
  • report on accounting
  • getting a work permit
  • buying real estate for life and business
  • translation and legalization of documents in accordance with the laws of Turkey
  • opening an account with a bank in the country and abroad
  • other services upon request

Turkish banks do not open accounts for non-residents without a residence permit in Turkey or a work permit in the country. In particular, the bank may turn down the customers that it will consider risky or doubtful after verification.

Nevertheless, we have long cooperated with some financial institutions that are loyal to our customers, which means that the account will be opened without problems in the majority of cases.

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The cost of a standard package of services for a Turkish Joint-Stock Company in Antalya starts from 4500 USD (plus VAT), and it takes from 10 days (without an account) to 30 days (with a bank account) for us to complete the process. The timing may vary, and it is better to check it up in advance with the experts of our portal.

Company Registration Procedure in Antalya

Here are the steps that need to be taken by foreign investors who want to start a business in Turkey:

  1. Contact us using the information listed on the website
  2. Discuss the conditions and the list of services for company registration in Antalya with the experts of our portal
  3. Draft the documents upon request
  4. Make an advance payment (50% of the set amount)
  5. Wait for the results and personally present yourself for the final signature
  6. Pay the remaining fee and start your business in Turkey

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Do you have any questions? Write to us and leave your contacts, and we will revert to you in the shortest possible time!

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