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Business in Turkey: New Antalya Business Center

Due to the country’s robust economy and sound investment climate, the idea to run business in Turkey and invest in the country’s economy is appealing to many overseas investors and businesspeople. The country’s advantageous location adds to its investment attractiveness. With 70% of the global energy resources nearby, Turkey is a European energy terminal and corridor joining the West and the East.

Let’s see what benefits Turkey offers to modern real estate investors. Say, you would like to purchase a state-of-the-art business center in the Downtown Antalya upwards of EUR 15,000,000. You may use the Antalya commercial real estate as an instrument to save and multiply your savings and shield your assets.

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Investing in Turkey – key reasons to steer funds in the Turkish economy

High global ratings of Turkey prove its economy is strong and robust. According to the World Bank, Turkey is the 33rd easiest country to run business in. Since 2017, it has moved 36 positions up (among 130 countries globally). The jurisdiction boasts strong GDP growth. As planned by the government, the state is to enter the top OECD economies list by 2024.

The laws in Turkey protect investors and investments. The jurisdiction offers extra benefits for businesses both on local and international scale. Here’s what you may enjoy as a business person in Turkey:

  • competitive and skilled workforce (800,000 students graduate from 183 Turkish universities every year)
  • free trade agreements with 22 countries
  • Customs Union with the EU
  • high-profile transportation infrastructure, well-developed maritime transport, telecommunications, and energy system
  • Turkey is the 2nd biggest investment and business climate reformer among the OECD states, and the business environment enhancement results are stunning
  • high level of service and production culture in Turkey
  • jurisdiction enjoys access to a huge market, with 1,700,000,000 consumers in the EU, the North Africa, Eurasia, and the Middle East
  • preferential taxation and gradual corporate tax reduction (from 33% to 20% in 2020).

Businessmen about to incorporate companies in Turkey will enjoy special benefits for companies set up in organized industrial zones and high-tech clusters. The government provides extra support for strategic investors in large projects with a special significance for the state.


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Business in Turkey: new business center for sale in Antalya

Turkey enjoys huge foreign guest numbers annually. They visit the country for both personal and business reasons. In this regard, purchasing a new business center in the Downtown Antalya is your chance to invest in appealing and profitable commercial real estate to lease out properties therein later on. You don’t need to stay in Turkey permanently to run a business like this. Your management company will take care of all rental issues.

Lately, real estate investment has grown significantly in Turkey. In a global recession, foreign investors are trying to purchase something valuable and lasting with their money before it depreciates completely. This is why investors from the USA, the UAE, and Europe are catching on to buying properties in Turkey.

With the new business center in Antalya upwards of EUR 15,000,000, you will earn high profits with minimal risks. This is a way to earn money if you decide to resell your commercial real estate several years later.

Here’s what a property investor purchasing the high-yielding business center in Antalya will enjoy:

  • real estate market – primary
  • commissioning deadline – 2019
  • total land plot area – 7,000 square meters
  • number of floors – 16
  • elevator – available
  • balconies and terraces – available.

The Antalya business center upwards of EUR 15,000,000 features modern decor. With a glass facade, the building’s exterior catches the eye of passers-by. Investors will be able to furnish offices and rooms therein to their liking. They will choose interior styles, design, and decor for the above commercial real estate themselves.

Why is real estate lease profitable in Turkey?

Foreign investors and business people wishing to profit from commercial real estate investments should study and analyze the Turkish property prospects in detail. The above Downtown Antalya business center will house multiple offices, back rooms, and service spaces under one roof. It is important for both local and international companies in need of a legal address in Turkey that would also like to arrange for and equip the director’s and the secretary’s workplaces.

The reasons to start your own commercial lease business in Turkey are obvious:

  • minimum time necessary to arrange everything – if you are not willing to visit Turkey frequently after the sale and purchase deal has been closed, you may hire a local management company to take care of everything
  • quick returns
  • permanent and stable rental income.

The above Antalya business center sits in the very center of the popular Turkish spa city, 15 km from the sea. It means you will find tenants for your commercial real estate in a breeze. Oftentimes, movie companies rent the like properties for filming, and showbiz starts fancy shooting their clips therein. The unique non-mainstream project boosts the property’s appeal. The building in Antalya is hard to miss due to its stunning exterior. The commercial offer is priced upwards of EUR 15,000,000.

Business in Turkey – taking ownership of new Antalya business center

Turkish legislation allows foreign natural and legal persons to purchase commercial and residential real estate, as well as land plots in the country. Here’s what you’ll have to do to purchase the said 16-story business center in the Downtown Antalya:

  • contact International Wealth via email or our online chat with your request
  • meet our Turkish representatives to take a look at and make yourself familiar with the above commercial estate in Antalya, Turkey (virtual property tours are an option)
  • get a TIN in Turkey and open an account with a Turkish bank to make settlements with the seller
  • draw up a sale and purchase agreement and close the deal (you will get TAPU in about 2 or 3 days)
  • receive a title certificate (TAPU) and get full ownership of the Antalya property.

To start their business in Turkey the soonest, foreign investors are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts for professional assistance and consultations. Not only will we help you purchase the new Antalya business center upwards of EUR 15,000,000 in no time but also handle other procedures for you (like getting a work permit, submitting documents to the local migration service necessary to get a Turkish passport, etc.). An investment like the one above automatically makes you eligible for citizenship by investment in Turkey, and all investor’s dependents have the right for a Turkish passport.

Real estate investment in Turkey – should you act without delay or keep waiting?

Real estate investors have a feeling for asset prospects and potential. This is why the UAE and the USA citizens are snapping up Turkish real estate, and construction land plots enjoy high demand.

The choice between shelving the asset purchase and waiting for better times is not easy. Industry experts think it better to diversify savings that may lose solvency otherwise. Purchasing a business center in the Downtown Antalya, Turkey, comes with an opportunity to resell it when the prospects brighten and the commercial real estate goes up in price.  

The odds are, foreign investors with citizenship by investment in Turkey will be able to freely cross the country’s border as its residents. With real estate prices on the rise and interest in Turkish properties going up, the above purchase is a wise and potentially profitable investment amid the economic slowdown.

Business in Turkey: why is the jurisdiction the best OECD option to set up a company?

Foreign businessmen about to invest in the Turkish economy may claim government support. The country does not require any gratuitous investments. Turkey boasts a huge home market with growing telecommunication and banking service consumer numbers, increasing demand for textile products, as well as aviation and healthcare services.

Turkey is known for its clean streets with no mounting debris and waste, as everything is recycled. Investors appreciating high social standards are likely to choose the country for permanent residence. Turkey cherishes and protects family ties and offers superb holiday facilities for families with children.

You are welcome to contact International Wealth at if you are eager to not just make the sale and purchase deal for the new Antalya business center upwards of EUR 15,000,000 EUR, but also need a full cultural accommodation and adaptation in Turkey.  

Investors, about to set up a local or an international business in Turkey, will enjoy multiple other benefits:

  • entry into numerous markets with GDP of USD 27,000,000,000,000
  • direct access to major global markets
  • Turkey is a European energy transit terminal
  • favorable company incorporation environment – average document processing time makes 5 to 6 working days
  • over 65,000,000 companies with international capital operating in Turkey
  • industrial, technological, and free economic zones offering preferential tax treatment to their members
  • legislative support of R&D and innovation
  • institutionalized economy (with direct investments amounting to USD 209,000,000,000 in the past 16 years)
  • growing exports.

Leasing out your properties in Turkey is a profitable business due to high demand for office premises as well as floor space allocated for non-commercial and insurance organizations. Companies about to open representative offices in Turkey oftentimes prefer to rent an office instead of buying premises. Except for the new office in a modern Antalya business center, future tenants will get access to all the building’s utility systems.

The Antalya business center upwards of EUR 15,000,000 is up for sale, and all the documents necessary to make a sale and purchase deal therewith are available.

The International Wealth lawyers will assist you with getting full title to the prime location commercial property in Antalya, Turkey. Where necessary, experienced industry experts from International Wealth will cherry-pick another real estate that the foreign investor will be completely satisfied with. We will handle all your document issues, including, inter alia, getting a bank reference letter to confirm the buyer’s solvency. International Wealth will provide you with detailed information about the Downtown Antalya commercial real estate on demand and assist you with opening an account with a Turkish bank or incorporating a company in Turkey. You are welcome to entrust us with your migration paperwork. 

What does the business center for sale in Antalya look like?

The commercial property for sale in Antalya is a 16-floor new construction commissioned in 2019. The business center has all the necessary utility systems. Premises therein require final finishing.

What documents are necessary to purchase the above commercial real estate in Turkey?

  1. Written application for property purchase
  2. Bank reference letter
  3. PoA issued to the buyer’s agent in Turkey
  4. Buyer’s incorporation certificate.
  5. Information on buyer’s owners.

What does a real estate sale and purchase procedure look like in Turkey?

To register the property under the buyer’s ownership, the latter shall submit the corresponding documents to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre in Turkey. After the property title has been registered, the buyer will get their title certificate (TAPU), mentioning the property address, price therefor, and information on the new owner.

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