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Blue Rhapsody – Huge Bargain for Real Estate Investors

Turkey remains a top destination for foreign investors.  It is always a worthy deal to purchase real estate abroad:

Blue rhapsody

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No matter the goals, Blue Rhapsody real estate investment will be the best choice for every buyer.

Cozy Apartments by the Sea in Blue Rhapsody Apartment Complex

The project sits in the Büyükçekmece district of Istanbul, Turkey, just 1.3 kilometers from the coast. Luxury modern apartments in high-rise apartment complexes offer a breathtaking view of the sea. You will enjoy gentle breeze and picturesque landscapes. The Blue rhapsody apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, is a place for you to find comfort, peace of mind, warmth, and happiness. You will enjoy your life to the max and radiate happiness all around.

Project details

Blue rhapsody apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, rises on the area of 4000 square meters. Modern properties take around 20% of its territory. These are designed to house 120 apartments in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Blue rhapsody apartment complex offers a wide selection of properties. You may be tempted by a 2-room or a 3-room apartment, or even larger real estate. Potential dwellers of this apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, will be delighted to spend their free time on a large terrace and enjoy a magnificent panoramic view from their windows.

Each apartment is flawless in technical terms. Here’s what will make your everyday life easier and more enjoyable inside any Blue Rhapsody property:

  • CATV
  • water pressure booster
  • water tanks and water storage systems
  • hot water supply
  • gas supply
  • heat exchanger.

All apartment blocks dispose of elevators and parking areas. With all this, the Blue Rhapsody apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, is the place that has everything in it to make your life happy and comfortable.

Security is of utmost importance in Blue Rhapsody. Each apartment can boast a steel entrance door and CCTV monitoring. A pre-installed alarm system is designed to make your life in Blue Rhapsody apartment complex in Istanbul the safest experience ever. The real estate territory is guarded 24/7 by the city’s best security service company.

Blue Rhapsody amenities

Although apartments themselves are an important component of the Blue Rhapsody apartment complex in Istanbul, they account for just a part of its exceptional comport. Any property in the Blue Rhapsody apartment complex goes hand in hand with a full range of other benefits. Various amenities and green areas take 80% of the whole project area.

Blue rhapsody

Here’s what Blue Rhapsody apartment complex in Istanbul has to offer to its residents:

  • lobby
  • recreation areas by the water and beautiful alleys
  • parking lot
  • indoor swimming pool
  • workout room
  • sauna,  steam bath, and hammam
  • playgrounds for kids in the garden.

What’s nearby?

The Blue rhapsody apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, boasts convenient location. It is 10 mins from the local metrobus station, 10 mins from IDO Büyükçekmece, and 15 mins from the West Istanbul marina. The nearest airport is 25 mins away, and you’ll need to walk for just 1 minute to find yourself relaxing at the beach.

Blue rhapsody

Food stores, coffee shops, restaurants and big malls are all within a walking distance from here, They keep their doors open for guests at any time of the day.

To top it all, the district’s amenities will please even the most exacting taste. District dwellers and their kids enjoy the opportunity to visit local schools, hospitals, and many more essential social value facilities.

 Prices for Blue Rhapsody real estate

The prices for apartments of 100 to 234 square meters range from USD 85,000 to USD 265,000.

We will detail the Blue Rhapsody apartment prices for 2022 below:

Apartment type (room +living room)BathroomArea, square metersPrice, USD

Potential of real estate market in Turkey

Turkey keeps attracting real estate investors to the region. Lots of modern apartment complexes are being developed, and many more have been approved for construction. The real estate development market is really ballooning in Turkey these days.

The real estate market in general did great by the end of 2021. Real estate in Turkey is getting even more popular with foreign investors. As the most recent statistics indicate, demand for real estate properties in Turkey doubled as a result of the latest developments in the global politics. This means, the growth in demand is directly proportional to the growth in supply and rise in prices.

The trends on the Turkish real estate market are extremely favorable for both investors and investing at the moment. Real estate prices are expected to grow steadily in the near future, This means rapid return on investment and a quick generation of high profit.

Below, we mention a number of benefits investors will receive from putting up their capital in the real estate of Turkey:

  • With its mild climate and favorable location, Turkey is a popular resort that so many people favor.
  • The country boasts an advanced and well-established economy. Real estate investors may not only enjoy their decent living standards but also actively grow and develop their businesses and companies
  • The city in particular and the country in general boast of superior infrastructure.
  • The country’s citizens are in the position to receive education and get a prestigious, well-paid  job.
  •  Real estate investors receive their residence permits and citizenship on an expedited basis.

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Best guarantees for high investments

Transaction prices are typically high in case of luxury real estate. They go hand in hand with significant risks in this segment. All this calls for major guarantees for the buyer who makes such a deal.

When you buy an apartment in the Blue Rhapsody apartment complex, you may be perfectly sure that all the documents used as a legal basis for the deal are faultless and credible. The real estate profile is guaranteed to be clean as a whistle in this case. Apartments in newly built real estate projects are free of any dark past and have no bad reputation. Apartment prices therein are totally fair.

A deal to purchase a Blue rhapsody apartment in Istanbul consists of several stages:

  1. Select the property you like and send a written purchase offer to the seller.
  2. Get yourself a viewing tour and personally look at apartments for sale.
  3. Negotiate with the seller and draft a corresponding sale and purchase agreement.
  4. Have the necessary due diligence of the documents in question and the property to be sold done for you.
  5. Have the sale and purchase agreement signed by the parties. The buyer pays the apartment price.
  6. Register title to the property in question and get your change of ownership certificate.

Our experts are ready to provide you with any services that may be necessary, both before and after the sale of your Blue Rhapsody apartment or any other properties in Istanbul and Turkey in general.  A successful deal  is 100% guaranteed – just use the assistance of International Wealth experts. We make the lives of our customers a lot easier and take charge of all legal formalities and complex procedures.

Apartments for sale in Turkey

International Wealth website offers you a wide selection of apartments in various real estate projects located in diverse Istanbul neighborhoods.  We have a database with the best offers from the most reliable developers, and we dispose of a user-friendly navigation system. With all this, you will have no trouble finding your ideal apartment and closing the deal. It does not matter who the sellers are. They may be developers themselves, real estate agents or individual sellers. We guarantee success in every case. You can find your crown jewel amongst a wide array of studios, spacious apartments, and luxury penthouses in a variety of modern development projects.

Several other offers deserve your attention as well:

When you make up your mind to buy an apartment in the Blue rhapsody apartment complex in Istanbul or any other real estate project, be it in Istanbul or any other city in Turkey, we highly recommend you turn to the International Wealth experts. Truly competent specialists in their area, they will help you with any existing or potential issues. We always guarantee your deal will be closed successfully. Please, apply for a consultation here:

I’d like to buy a Blue rhapsody apartment for a family of five (2 grown-ups and 3 kids). What option would you recommend?

Blue Rhapsody apartment complex in Istanbul is originally designed for families. Apartments and infrastructure therein are best adapted to everyday needs of people with kids. They are guaranteed to get maximum comfort from living in an Istanbul apartment of the kind. If your family is really large, we would recommend a 3-, 4-, or even 5-bedroom apartment with 1 living room. Apartment prices in this case range from USD 149,000-USD 190,000 to USD 229,000 – USD 265,000.

What Blue Rhapsody apartment should I buy to ultimately get my residence permit?

Investors in the Blue Rhapsody real estate project may be included into the Citizenship by Investment program, if they purchase a 5+1 apartment with 3 bathrooms at USD 265, 000. You can alternatively buy several cheaper apartments totaling USD 250,000 and above.

Does it take much time and effort for a Russian citizen to buy an apartment in Turkey?

The situation in the Russian Federation is rather challenging in terms of both economy and geopolitics, no doubt about that. The Turkish law, however, imposes no restrictions on real estate sale and purchase deals in Istanbul. The International Wealth experts will gladly assist you with selecting lots of other appealing options. The choices offered will be good for every budget, and all your wishes will be satisfied.

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