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Beachfront Land Plot in Antalya – Invest in Turkish Real Estate at Profit

With its multiple risks and uncertainties, the modern world is hardly the safest place ever. A desire to build a safety net and protect your assets is perfectly natural for any person. Should you purchase a land parcel in Antalya for the said purpose? The article below will resolve the dilemma.

Beachfront Land Plot in Antalya

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Real estate investment in Turkey: why purchasing a land plot in Antalya comes with multiple benefits for the investor

It is a wise decision on your part to purchase land property in Turkey. The population is growing by the day and available unoccupied lands are getting increasingly scarce. It is especially true for beachfront lands that are growing in demand every year, with prices therefor keeping pace. Local authorities welcome foreign investors, hence it is relatively easy to purchase properties in Turkey.

Antalya is the best choice for investors intending to build tourist facilities in Turkey. Every year, millions of tourists come to Turkey in flocks. They are eager to not just relax in this Mediterranean paradise, but also spend a lot of money and enjoy multiple top-quality services in the country.

The reasons behind the district’s popularity are obvious. With its mild Mediterranean climate and numerous sightseeing attractions, Turkey is a gem in the traveler’s universe, and Antalya is a true country’s treasure. Even winters are softer in Antalya compared to most other cities of Turkey, as the rainfall is not as abundant and winds are calmer. The city is famous for its unique landscapes, natural attractions and historical sites. Both nature lovers fancying mountains, the sea, beaches, waterfalls, and canyons, and history connoisseurs in love with ancient cities, amphitheater ruins, castles, and museums boasting unique artifacts are drawn to the region like bees to a honey pot.

Superb flight and transport connections are another advantage. With its comfortable, modern airport, Antalya is capable of accepting and servicing air travelers in huge numbers. In June 2019, it was record-breaking, and the Antalya airport accommodated 20 flights per hour on average.

A 2,000 km long highway crosses the district, providing for a simple and easy access to any other destinations of the Turkish Riviera. Everyone may rent a yacht and go traveling. The most picturesque  bays of the coast are awaiting you. The authorities keep pouring funds in the district’s infrastructure to improve it so that tourists could enjoy their comfortable and insightful stay in Turkey to the max.

An appealing real estate market in Turkey is another reason. In Turkey, you may purchase high-end properties at a reasonable price. The government amended the country’s citizenship by investment program by lowering the citizenship by investment threshold from USD 1,000,000 to USD 250,000 back in 2018, and the real estate demand grew accordingly. In June 2022, however, the said threshold was increased to USD 400,000.

This does not prevent foreign investors from purchasing properties in Turkey. Statistical data indicate that the number of real estate deals on the Turkish real estate market is growing by the year, and overseas buyers cut a significant share thereof.


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Real estate investment in Turkey: purchasing a beachfront land plot in Antalya

The land parcel for sale of 25,545 square meters is on the Mediterranean Sea beachfront, within 18 km of the airport.  It is surrounded by 5-star hotels and elite properties.

The land property may be used to build a hotel or any other tourist real estate. The area reserved for construction is 20,436 square meters. With its location in a prestigious environment friendly coastal district, the land plot in Antalya will enjoy great demand and prospects. Any beachfront land always does. 

The main road runs by the land property along the sea front. The Konyaalti beach is across the road and the Antalya port is close by. The yacht marina is 5 km away.

Here are some other advantages you will enjoy as the Antalya land parcel owner:

  1. With active construction in Antalya at present, the number of vacant lands is rapidly diminishing. As a result, competition and prices for land grow steadily. This is especially true in case of the Antalya sea coast. We should note that real estate prices constantly increase in Turkey at large.
  2. Construction lands are in high demand in Turkey. Land plot owners may always sell their estate at a profit without any delay.
  3. Even if real estate prices in Turkey go down, this will never happen to the land value. You will always be able to sell your land property at the purchase price. Your risks in this situation are zero.
  4. Expenses for land parcel maintenance are not as high as for any other property types.
  5. You may have residential real estate, hotels, entertainment centers, or any other commercial properties built at your land property and sell or lease it out later on.

The land plot above is ideal to build a luxury hotel or any other tourist properties, a large sports and recreation center boasting its own infrastructure, as well as any other service sector property. Antalya attracts millions of tourists every year, and the need for new hotels and high-quality infrastructure is dire. With all this, investment like the one described above, will earn you high income.

The beachfront land plot of 25,545 square meters in Antalya is approximately EUR 100,000,000.

The land property owner and their family may get citizenship by investment in Turkey within 3 to 6 months. Turkey may become your safe haven in case anything unforeseen happens in your country of residence.

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If you feel like the property above is the thing you need, and you would like to purchase it and get citizenship by investment in Turkey, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth team at for a detailed consultation. Where you feel like visiting Antalya in person to have a look at the property, International Wealth will pick you up at the airport, book a hotel room for you, and arrange for a personal property tour. In case you don’t have such an opportunity, a virtual property tour for you to take a close look at your potential buy is always an option.

Our Antalya representatives will accompany you throughout the  real estate sale and purchase process. Besides, we assist our customers with all future citizenship by investment procedures and any other issues they may experience.

Do any limitations exist for foreigners wishing to buy lands in Turkey?

Foreign citizens may purchase lands in Turkey without any particular restrictions. The only one is that the land plot purchased by a foreigner may not exceed 30 hectares.

May I purchase a land plot in Antalya remotely?

It is possible. You may issue a PoA to the International Wealth representative in Turkey, and they will handle any related issues, including the land plot purchase, getting TIN in Turkey, and opening an account with a local bank.

What documents will I need to initiate the Antalya land lot purchase procedure?

Here is the paperwork you shall have at hand:
Application declaring your wish to purchase the property.
Bank letter of recommendation confirming your company is solvent.
Power of attorney issued to the International Wealth representative in Turkey.
The company’s certificate of incorporation.
Company owner information.

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