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Cost: from 2999 EUR


Bank Account for Cryptocurrency Trading with an International Bank in Dominica

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We offer you to open a bank account with an international bank in Dominica that does not only welcome classical currencies, but works with cryptocurrencies as well. You will be able to purchase and keep your bitcoins right at the bank.

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International Bank for Modern People

Opening a foreign bank account can be difficult these days. Especially if you are not a EU or Canadian national. Things become even worse if you successfully work with cryptocurrencies and would like to fix your profits without unnecessary issues.

Despite continuing general wariness towards cryptocurrencies, new solutions emerge, and certain banks are now ready to work pro-actively in this field. In particular, we are talking about an international bank in Dominica. 

This bank is a modern bank of the “digital age”. They allow you to open private and corporate accounts remotely, provide fast bank transactions via SEPA and SWIFT, offer a full list of banking services and investment opportunities.

And, of course, they cannot leave the cryptocurrencies out.

The bank is owned by an international group of companies with a parent company located in the United States and traded on the stock exchange. 

The bank has acquired a wide network of correspondent accounts with the largest banks in the U.S. and across the world, and is continuously expanding their capabilities, for example, by obtaining licenses to issuing e-currencies in different countries.

Now every client can get their own IBAN account number. 

Client verification is carried out remotely with the help of the bank’s own compliance department located in Europe. 

The bank offers debit cards, account control via Internet banking and a mobile application, as well as cryptocurrencies trading on favorable terms.


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Cryptocurrencies at the bank in Dominica

The bank offers their account holders the opportunity to exchange fiat funds for cryptocurrency and vice versa. The volume of trading is not limited, you can buy 1 Satoshi or dozens of bitcoins. 

You will enjoy the opportunities of the cryptocurrency market with the best spot prices and immediate access to cryptocurrencies or money. 

Transfers can be made using Internet banking and a mobile app.

The bank allows carrying out of all of the transactions within the bank, and do not withdraw funds to the exchanges. So, there is a kind of your own bitcoin wallet within the bank. Owning bitcoins becomes even more beneficial. You save significantly on the various numerous fees charged by the exchanges.

The bank in Dominica also offers you issuing of a special debit card that will allow you to make payments in cryptocurrencies from your accounts. The conversion takes place via a special exchange aggregator that allows you to get the best rates.

Both owners of private and corporate accounts can use cryptocurrency.

Documents Required for Opening a Bank Account in Dominica

In order to open a bank account and use it for cryptocurrency trading, you will have to provide the following documents:

  • For individuals:
    • Notarized scan-copy of the account holder’s passport;
    • Notarized proof of residence (usually it is utility bills no older than 3 months);
    • Proof of your finds being of non-criminal origin (at the request of the bank);
    • Reference letter to the bank (original).
    • СV
  • For legal entities:
    • Notarized copies of passports for all owners, directors or managers;
    • Proof of the address of residence no older than 3 months;
    • Copy of Articles of Association;
    • Copy of Company Register;
    • Copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation;
    • Copy of the Share Register;
    • List of directors;
    • Copy of the Company’s Certificate of Incumbency or Certificate of Good Standing;
    • VAT Registration Certificate (if any);
    • Reference letter to the bank;
    • Reference letter from a lawyer or an auditor (with signature and stamp);
    • CV of the company’s owner (beneficiary);
    • Detailed description of the company’s activities: what it does, approximate revenues for the last year and other information.

The bank accepts the documents in English or Spanish. 

The bank also has the right to request additional documents.

Costs for Opening a Bank Account in Dominica

The cost of service of opening an account depends on the type of account:

  • Private account will be from 2999 EUR; 
  • Corporate account will be from 3999 EUR.
  • Commissions of the bank:
 For European Companies (EU)For non-European Companies (non-EU)
For reviewing the documents and opening an account2500 EUR;
Account crediting, EU company1% (min 3 EUR)1.5% (min 3 EUR)
SEPA interbank transfers0.75% (min 6 EUR)1.25% (min 10 EUR)
SWIFT interbank transfers2% (min 40 EUR)
Intrabank transfer0.5% (min 1 EUR)
OTC deals3% of the transaction amount

We will provide you with a complete price list upon request. 

Individual rates may be offered depending on the volume of operations and their frequency.

Procedure: How Do I Open a Bank Account for Cryptocurrencies with an International Bank in Dominica?

  1. Please feel free to email as to [email protected] and inform us on your intention to open an account and use it for cryptocurrencies.
  2. We will kindly ask you to answer your consultant’s questions so that we could assess the feasibility of the service delivery.
  3. After that you will be asked to pay for the service, depending on the type of account. Private account will cost from 2999 EUR, corporate account is from 3999 EUR.
  4. Having paid the above mentioned amount, you will be asked to provide all the necessary documents.
  5. We will open an account for you. The whole procedure is carried out remotely. 
  6. Once the bank confirms that everything is in order, you will get access to your account and will be able to use it for fiat and cryptocurrency assets.

Do not hesitate to ask your questions and order the service right away: [email protected].

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