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Avcilar Garden Real Estate – Premier Property Choice in Istanbul

Turkey, Portugal, Spain, and France are the most popular investment destinations for international buyers willing to find their ideal holiday properties abroad. Out of the above countries, Turkey offers the most affordable real estate prices in combination with an opportunity to get citizenship by investment in the country. Taken together, these factors make real estate in Istanbul and other cities and districts of Turkey your ideal investment opportunity. Wise property investors would seldom look elsewhere. This is why we are about to discuss Istanbul real estate in this article. Meet the Avcilar Garden apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey.

The citizenship by investment program in Turkey is the easiest and the fastest way to get your second passport. Applicants shall invest at least USD 400,000 in Turkish real estate and hold their assets for 3 years to qualify.

Avcilar Garden

The only thing left is selecting your ideal properties in Istanbul or any other region of Turkey. The options are enormous. You may spend hours browsing real estate websites and still be on a fence about your ultimate choice. The International Wealth team is eager to make it easier for you by pre-selecting the best and the most noteworthy development projects in Turkey, with most of them situated in Istanbul. The Avcilar Garden apartment complex in Istanbul is among your priority options. Below you will find useful detailed information and characteristics thereof. 

Avcilar Garden apartment complex in Istanbul in detail

The Avcilar Garden real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, houses 4 high-rise apartment buildings, with a total of 182 residences. It sits on a land lot of 10,000 square meters. Potential real estate investors may choose from 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 apartments boasting panoramic sea views.

Apartments for sale in the Istanbul real estate project range from 105 to 156 square meters. The construction was completed in January 2019. The Avcilar Garden apartment complex was designed as a deluxe residential real estate, providing for several recreation areas and multiple amenities on top of this.

Living in a huge metropolis like Istanbul comes with its own pleasures and challenges. Potential investors in the Avcilar Garden properties in Istanbul, Turkey, will enjoy both comfort and relaxation amidst the frenzy of big city life. The International Wealth team recommends these properties as a priority choice in Istanbul.

The Avcilar Garden real estate comes with multiple benefits, with sound transportation infrastructure and routes among them. If you purchase properties in the Avcilar Garden apartment complex, you will have every opportunity to reach your destination in Istanbul, Turkey, in next to no time, without being stuck in traffic jams. Due to the project’s convenient location, its future residents will enjoy quick access to the nearest Avcilar subway station. The latter is within a 5-minute walk from the Avcilar Garden apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey.

Proximity to the district’s landmarks gives extra appeal to the Avcilar Garden properties in Istanbul:

  • Atatürk International Airport – 10 mins
  • TUYAP Exhibition and Congress Center – 7 mins
  • Avcilar Campus of Istanbul University – 10 mins
  • Murat Koluk Hospital – 10 mins
  • Torium Shopping Center – 15 mins.

 Here are the other things to enjoy in the Avcilar Garden apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey:

  • 24/7 security
  • coffee house
  • health and fitness center;
  • backup power supply from generators
  • landscaped areas
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • paddling pool
  • outdoor and indoor parking lots
  • sauna
  • CCTV cameras
  • security gates
  • hammam
  • workout facility
  • children’s park
  • green area
  • walkways.
Apartment type (bedrooms + living room)Area (options available at the moment)Apartment prices
2+1121 square meters – 132 square meters₺ 1,120,000 – ₺ 1,550,000
3+1137 square meters –159 square meters₺ 1,320,000 – ₺ 1,680,000

Individual payment options are available. You may make a 50% down payment and pay the rest in installments within 12 months.

Development company

The company in charge of the Avcilar Garden apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey and the construction thereof is Bayburtlu Insaat. The developer primarily offers Istanbul properties for sale. It focuses on 3 main goals: safety, aesthetics, and availability.

The company develops rapidly. It seeks to use cutting-edge technologies in construction. Bayburtlu Insaat secures the highest quality and customer satisfaction at minimum cost and with a reasonable profit.

The developer respects the law and contract terms. It pays special attention to continuous development and improvement. The company’s management takes into account employee ideas, allowing for constant quality enhancement.

Bayburtlu Insaat strives to develop the risk management culture by systematically assessing risks associated with potential dangerous situations in construction and development.

The developer plans to have their waste recycled. It decreases the use of finite natural resources, prevents environmental pollution, and takes measures necessary to avoid any adverse effects on people’s lives.


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Avcilar District advantages for real estate investors in Istanbul properties

Avcilar is a prestigious Istanbul district in the European part of the city, to the west of the Marmara Sea coast. Small villages occupied the modern Avcilar territory till the second half of the 20th century. The district started to boom and grow dramatically only in the 1980ies.

Industrial enterprise growth in Avcilar put an end to fisheries, wine growing, and agriculture. The latter gave way to industry, trade, and entertainment. At present, over 2,500 industrial enterprises operate in the district. They mostly produce metalware, textiles, and clothes. Workers account for over 40% of the Avcilar’s population, while 10% thereof is represented by local merchants and public employees.

The modern Avcilar district houses one of the Istanbul University campuses, as well as the Gelişim University campus, and the Zorlu Holding headquarters. The latter is a major financial and industrial group from Turkey, controlling around 50 national companies.

Potential real estate investors in Istanbul properties shouldn’t forget that a major Turkish seaport is located in the Avcilar district. We are talking about the Ambarli Limani seaport, accounting for and processing at least one third of the country’s import and export.

You will find several state hospitals and family healthcare centers in Avcilar. The district boasts multiple large private hospitals and medical centers. They meet the residents’ demands for high-quality healthcare services.

Due to the population growth in the district, numerous amenities were built. Social life became more vibrant in the area after an Istanbul University campus moved to Avcilar. Both tourists and locals enjoy multiple coffee houses, entertainment centers, and fish restaurants on the sea coast.

Istanbul real estate market and its potential

According to real estate experts, the real estate market in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular provides for further growth of property prices. The positive factor contributing to these developments is the economic growth in Turkey observed despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the TÜİK stats, the economy of Turkey grew by 7% YoY and by 1.7% QoQ in Q1 2021 (seasonally adjusted).

The actual growth YoY has greatly exceeded all available forecasts. The Reuters survey published earlier indicates that the economy of Turkey was to grow by 6.7% since January till March. According to the Bloomberg economic review, the average value based on the analysis of their 22 forecasts made up 6.3%.

In Q1, Turkey was the leader in GDP growth as compared to all other OECD and G-20 countries, except for China. At YE 2020, Turkey was among the few global economies demonstrating economic growth of 1.8%  instead of an economic downturn. 

A quick investment rebound has been observed. In Q1 2021, investment growth amounted to 11.4% YoY, as companies succeeded with using the government support provided against the pandemic background to improve their industrial efficiency.

Market analysts forecast that in Q2 the situation may appear even more favorable due to the vanishing effects of COVID-19 and the low GDP comparative base in 2020. According to industry experts, the GDP of Turkey will grow by approximately 6% in 2021.

Expert support with citizenship by investment in Turkey

More and more foreign nationals are willing to become citizens of Turkey nowadays. A Turkish passport brings a number of benefits with it, including high-quality medical services and visa-free travel to over 100 countries.

Are you one of those wishing to get a second passport and citizenship of Turkey by investment in Istanbul real estate? Would you like to receive a bunch of new opportunities and rights and have lots of doors opened for you on a global scale? Do contact the International Wealth team to study your options and learn more.

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You are welcome to book your customized consultation on the subject that interests you the most. The International Wealth experts will be glad to share their knowledge and make your way in a new country easier for you.

Highly qualified pros from International Wealth are ready to assist you with finding your dream apartment in Turkey, while getting citizenship by investment and a second passport in the country at the same time. Please don’t hesitate to contact the International Wealth team to get detailed answers to your questions and lots of other useful information.

May I live in Turkey on a permanent basis?

If you contemplate staying in Turkey for a long time, you need to apply for a residence permit in the country well in advance and provide grounds therefor. The latter may include employment in Turkey (you will need a valid work permit), marriage to a Turkish citizen, or studying there. Alternatively, you may apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey, if you put your money in real estate or any other assets in the country.

Is a Turkish passport strong?

Holders of Turkish passports may travel visa-free to around 100 countries. They may receive visas on arrival to 46 other states. As of now, a passport of Turkey does not authorize its holder to visit Schengen countries on a visa-free basis. However, the official Ankara and Brussels are currently negotiating visa liberalization. One more benefit to enjoy is an opportunity to get the E2 visa to the USA in your Turkish passport. Only citizens of the states having the corresponding trade and investment agreements with the US enjoy it.

Does Turkey allow dual citizenship?

Turkey does not prohibit dual citizenship. The laws of Turkey do not require dual citizens to choose one citizenship and denounce the other one when they come of age. A foreigner may be either naturalized and become a citizen of Turkey or apply for citizenship by investment in the country and keep their original citizenship.

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