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Appealing and Reasonably Priced Apartments in Antalya

Has Turkey already caught your fancy? With its advanced economy, rich history, mild climate, and high living standards, Turkey is indeed one of a kind. Antalya is a unique district of Turkey, popular with tourists. Due to its breathtaking mountain and sea views, Antalya is a big draw for vacationers. It is currently actively developed, and new properties pop up like mushrooms after a summer rain. Here are several appealing  projects for you to invest in Antalya. You are welcome to take a look at properties in the Beryl Park and the Beryl Residence apartment complexes.

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Reasons to invest in Turkish real estate in Antalya

Let’s see why Turkey in general and Antalya in particular stand out among many fascinating regions of the world attracting real estate investors. 

The first thing that comes to your mind – real estate investment in Turkey is both safe and profitable, and here’s why:

  1. Turkey creates a welcoming atmosphere for real estate investors wishing to get high income and do a lot of good for the country at the same time. The government of Turkey supports them all the way by adopting laws that protect investors and their properties, and creating multiple investment opportunities.
  2. The country’s stable and secure economy is the main draw of the local real estate market, and it serves as a magnet for real estate investors on a global scale.
  3. Turkey boasts favorable location. It is ideally positioned between the East and the West and benefits from it.
  4. With its mild climate and top leisure facilities, Turkey is a vacation fairy land, favored by millions of tourists around the world. No more words necessary, the numbers speak for themselves.
  5. The choice of real estate projects to invest in is enormous in Turkey. With thousands of developers and millions of customers, the local real estate market is thriving, Real estate investors in Turkey enjoy the opportunity to choose appropriate and affordable properties exactly matching their needs and preferences, with Beryl Park and Beryl Residence in Antalya among them. Let’s take a closer look at these two, we are sure they may catch your fancy.

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Beryl Park and Beryl Residence − top projects for real estate investors in Antalya

Close your eyes, count to three… now, open. Antalya apartments in two modern real estate projects are here for you. Any real estate investor will surrender to the beauty and sheer perfection of these superb modern properties, the captivating luxury, and top living standards to enjoy in apartments by the sea. The choice is enormous, and this may be bewildering, but we will make it easy for you by preselecting the offers that would fit both your preferences and your budget like a glove. At International Wealth, our experts will support you at every stage of your sale and purchase deals in Turkey.

Beryl Park

The elegant Beryl Park apartment complex sits right in the Avsallar district on the Mediterranean coast, 22 kilometers shy of Antalya.

  • Apartment prices in the Beryl Park apartment complex in Antalya, Turkey, range from USD 54,048 to USD 170,741.
  • Residence areas make up 50 to 133 square meters
  • Completion status: completed 100 %.

The Avsallar district is a bit less popular than Antalya, but this has certain advantages. The district is favored by people looking for a quiet and peaceful place to live in and relax by the sea. Local dwellers take advantage of multiple shops, coffee houses, restaurants, and visit the local market on a regular basis. With their snow-white sands and clear blue water, the Incekum and the Fugla beaches nearby are admired by both locals and tourists. A minute’s walk is all it takes to reach all these wonders from the Beryl Park apartment complex in Antalya, Turkey.

Local residents may enjoy everything necessary for a comfortable life:

  • Antalya bus terminal – 25 mins by car
  • Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport – 45 mins by car
  • Cide Airport – 35 mins by car
  • ALKU Alanya Research and Training Hospital – 25 mins by car.

Project details

The Beryl Park apartment complex in Antalya, Turkey, comprises 238 lux residences. Potential real estate investors may cherry-pick among several options:

  • studio apartments
  • 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom residences
  • penthouses with 2 to 4 bedrooms.

The residences in the project boast the living space of 50 to 168 square meters.

Multiple amenities are offered to the apartment dwellers, with a swimming pool, a heated indoor swimming pool, waterslides, a fitness center, a sauna, an activity room, a restaurant, a hamam, a mini-market and a hair studio among them.

The unmatched advantage of the Beryl Park properties is their affordable prices. You may take a closer look at them in the table below

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms
1 + 154,0485082,300571
2 + 1140,03374170,741133.51

Beryl Residence

It is a nice idea to consider purchasing an apartment in the Beryl Residence real estate project. This is another top-quality project in Antalya.

  • Apartment prices in the Beryl Residence apartment complex in Antalya range from USD 65,103 to USD 202,679.
  • Residence areas make up 37 to 168 square meters.
  • Completion status: completed 100 %.

To see the Beryl Residence apartment complex with your own eyes, you need to go to the seashore and find the prestigious Avsallar district of Antalya, with the most beautiful beach in Turkey nearby. Avsallar is an elite holiday resort 22 km from Antalya. It boasts various hotels, beach clubs, residences, as well as shopping and recreation centers. You will enjoy long walks in the Avsallar pine forests and breathe the oxygen-rich air of the district. Local residents may savor these treasures literally around the corner of their new Beryl Residence apartment block.

The district’s convenient location and the nearby transport junction are two more reasons that make the dwellers happy:

  • the Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport is 50 mins by car from the apartment complex
  • the Avsallar Kadir Hadji Kadiroglu elementary school is within a 5 mins walk
  • Kervansaray is within 8 mins
  • the Alanya Anadolu Private Hospital is within 25 mins by car and the Alanya Yasam Hospital is within 30 mins from the Beryl Residence apartments.

Beryl Residence real estate

The Beryl Residence apartment complex in Antalya, Turkey, sits on the land lot of 12,000 square meters and houses 184 apartments. Out of this number, 43 apartments have 1 bedroom, and 101 apartments – 2 bedrooms. Each apartment boasts a bathroom and under-floor heating.  The project encompasses 19 apartment-studios and 21 penthouses.

The Beryl Residence dwellers may use a multitude of superb amenities:

  • health and fitness center
  • daily spa
  • recreation center
  • restaurant
  • activity room
  • cinema
  • tennis court
  • playgrounds and sports grounds
  • children’s clubs;
  • shops
  • beauty parlors.

Each and every service will be offered to you here. The Beryl Residence real estate project has it all for your comfortable life.

Apartment prices in the Beryl Residence apartment complex are provided below

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $ Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms
1 + 065,1033765,103371
2 + 1101,95483.5170,741132.51

Real estate consultations

International Wealth offers you to invest in top-quality properties in Antalya with a high income potential. Whether you feel like spending all your life in Turkey or investing in the country’s real estate to secure a good source of stable income for yourself and your family, both the Beryl Park and the Beryl Residence apartment complexes come highly recommended.

The International Wealth experts will pick an ideal apartment or residence in any of the above projects in Turkey to perfectly match your preferences and budget. You will feel like in the garden of Eden. Where you decide to sell this piece of paradise on Earth and profit from it or lease it out, the experienced International Wealth team will eagerly assist you with it and help manage your real estate properties. The list of our services goes far beyond this, and we will be happy to share more with you. 

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Investing in the Beryl Park and Beryl Residence real estate projects in Turkey may become the best and the wisest decision of your life. It is the right thing to do, both reliable and effective. To get the apartment of your dreams in the promised land of Turkey, you are welcome to contact us at

What is the Beryl Park real estate all about?

The Beryl Park apartment complex is an exclusive and prestigious apartment complex in the Avsallar district of Antalya. It is a unique combination of city atmosphere and lush greenery, unforgettable landscapes and water districts. The Beryl Park apartment complex offers a variety of amenities to its residents, including shops, fitness centers and many more.

What are the peculiar features of the Beryl Residence apartment complex?

Both Beryl Residence and Beryl Park are upmarket modern apartment complexes in Antalya, Turkey. They differ in terns of architectural solutions, apartment layouts, and exteriors. Certain amenities differ as well. Potential real estate investors may select the option that will work best for them using the detailed real estate characteristics from the International Wealth pros.

How do apartment prices in Beryl Residence and Beryl Park compare?

Apartment prices vary depending on their floor space. You may purchase residences In the Beryl Residence apartment complex at USD 65,103 to USD 202,679. Real estate prices for the Beryl Park properties make up USD 54,048 to USD 170,741.

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