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Апартаменты в Пхукете

Cost: from 42 608 USD


Apartments in Phuket to Confirm Long-Term Stay in Thailand: 5 New Condominiums

Many foreigners dream of staying in sunny Thailand for a long time, not only for the period of their short-term tourist visa. If you are one of them, you can obtain a long-term multiple-entry visa with the right of subsequent extensions. However, one of the conditions to be fulfilled for Thai tourist visa acquisition is to confirm your place of residence. You will need to do one of the following:

  • Buy real estate
  • Sign a long-term rent (leasehold) agreement
  • Rent a hotel room
  • Live in the accommodation owned or rented by your friends or relatives (an application is required).
Apartments in Phuket

How can you quickly confirm your residence in the country? You can buy an apartment at an affordable price and then rent it out and obtain passive income from your investment.

FYI: if you buy accommodation on the island of Phuket (in Thailand) or sign a long-term rental agreement, you can only choose newly-built houses (rather than old houses and villas) to buy an apartment if you want to qualify for the visa program.

We would like to show 5 new projects to you located on the resort island of Phuket.

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A New Condominium on the Kamala Beach/KM-444P — from $ 70,951

Kamala Beach is a sandy Beach on Phuket located between the two other large beaches of the island, Patong and Surin. This is a favorite place for tourists who prefer quiet bays and fine sand on the shore, as well as diving and snorkeling. During the monsoon period, windsurfing and kiting lovers flock here to take advantage of the rough sea.

The Khao Phonthurat hill gives an especially beautiful view of the picturesque Kamala coast, and the local nature and well-developed infrastructure are good enough for convenient long-term living on the island. You can rent a hotel room for that purpose or buy an apartment in a new condominium located at a 1.5 km distance from the seaside.

Features of the Facility

A small residential complex near Kamala Beach includes two 8-floor buildings with 164 one- or two-bedroom apartments. While construction is in progress, you can buy an apartment in Thailand on installments and later receive income by renting it out. The demand for real estate in this part of the island remains stable all year round.

Brief information on the project:

  • Commissioning term: December 2024
  • Distance to the seaside: 1.5 km
  • Area of apartments: 27–53 m2
  • Number of bedrooms: 1 or 2

The developer has also provided for internal infrastructure which makes it possible to enjoy the nature of the island and its eternal summer without going out:

  • 2 swimming pools
  • A gym with exercise machines
  • A shop
  • A car park with 84 places

The new condominium is under 24/7 protection by the security service and has a video surveillance system.

Price of Phuket Apartments by the Seaside and Residential Complex Location

The advantage of the new complex built on the island is its location and the proximity to social, administrative, and entertainment facilities:

  • You can get to the airport within 25 minutes.
  • Patong is located within a 10-minute drive.
  • You will need 10 minutes to get to the resort’s shopping mall.
  • You will find a supermarket, as well as restaurants and cafes within a 5-minute ride by transport or a little more if you choose to take a walk.
  • You can reach the Phuket hospital and golf club in 15 minutes by car.
  • The yacht club is located within a 25-minute drive.

Apartment price taking into account sanitary ware, built-in furniture, and finishing:

  • 1-bedroom apartments with an area from 27 to 34 m2 will cost you at least $ 70,951.
  • 2-bedroom apartments with an area from 47 to 53 m2 cost $ 124,662 and more.

FYI: if you intend to buy real estate in Thailand or live in the country for a long time, we recommend opening a bank account or getting a card (including an anonymous card) in advance.

NY-1304P, an Apartment Complex on Phuket Near the Airport — from $ 42,608

A new residential complex in Thailand on the Nai Yang Beach is suitable for two categories of potential buyers:

  • Investors who intend to receive income from buying apartments by the seaside. The developer company proposes to conclude a contract with a guaranteed profitability of at least 7% annual interest for 2 or 5 years. The company will manage your real estate, and the profit will be distributed at an 80/20 ratio with the owner receiving the larger part.
  • Foreigners who wish to live in Thailand on a permanent basis and have a rest at any time of the year using a long-term visa. The new condominium will make it possible for you to confirm your place of stay in the country and thus obtain a multiple-entry tourist visa. 

The residential complex is located by the seaside, near the national park and the island’s airport, where you can take advantage of entertainment, comfort, well-developed infrastructure, and eternal summer.

Facility Description

The new residential complex that includes 2 buildings with studio apartments is ready for occupancy (it was commissioned in April 2022). You can buy apartments with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a total area from 20.5 to 35 m2.

The complex is located near the Nai Yang Beach near the national park and the airport (4 km). Here is the distance to other entertainment and administrative centers:

  • Patong — 28 km
  • Shopping center — 28 km
  • Supermarket, restaurants — 300 meters
  • Hospital — 25 km
  • Golf club — 11 km
  • Yacht club — 20 km

The territory of the complex with its comfortable tropical atmosphere contains a garden with tropical plants, an office of the management company, a lobby, a fitness gym, a car park, and round-the-clock security service.

The Cost of a Studio Apartment in Phuket, Thailand

The cost of your studio apartment in Phuket depends on its area. This complex has apartments with only one (studio) layout with built-in appliances, fine finishing, sanitary ware, and conditioning system. The price starts from USD 42,608.

The total cost does not include furniture or interior decor (in the photo), but you can order all this from our partners for a separate fee.

Condominium on the Nai Yang Beach / NY-1306P — from $ 100,550

One more residential complex in Nai Yang, a quiet and environmentally clean district of Phuket, is waiting for the new owners. This part of the island (Nai Yang Bay) makes up a part of the Sirinat National Park, and it is a quiet place in Phuket surrounded by exotic trees along the Andaman Sea coast.

Take a look at the developer’s new offer, a condominium on the Nai Yang Beach, where the first phase of selling affordable apartments is underway. 

Features of the Residential Complex

The new project comprises six 7-floor buildings with a total of 329 apartments. You can buy a comfortable apartment with complete finishing and a view of the sea or tropics. 

Main features:

  • Distance to the sea — 200 m
  • Scheduled commissioning — December 2024
  • Interest-free installment plan is available for the period of construction
  • Layout of apartments — with one or two bedrooms, with an area from 36 to 81 m2.

The complex has rich, comfortable, and high-quality infrastructure:

  • 3 swimming pools
  • A fitness center
  • A sauna
  • A green area
  • Cafes and recreation areas
  • Round-the-clock security service and video surveillance systems

All apartments in the new residential complex in Phuket have air conditioners, sanitary ware, and built-in furniture included in the total cost.

Cost of Apartments in Thailand with a Sea View

The price includes sanitary ware and fine finishing:

  • 1-room apartments with an area from 36 to 46 m2 — from $ 100,550.
  • 2-room apartments with an area from 59 to 81 m2 — from $ 164,790.

Furniture and décor are not included in the cost.


The new residential complex is suitable for an active and quiet rest, permanent residence in Thailand, or renting out (for investments). It will also be a pleasant and comfortable place for creative people, retirees, and families with children seeking unity with nature, safety, and tranquility.

The residential complex has an advantageous location:

  • 200 meters to the beach.
  • 3 km to the airport.
  • There are shops, supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants within a walking distance (1 km).
  • The yacht club and the golf club are located within 20 km, while the hospital is within 30 km.
  • Patong is located a bit aside from the place (35 km).
  • You can reach a large shopping mall by car in 15 minutes (18 km).

If you are interested in buying a villa in Phuket or a hotel room, please study other available offers in Thailand.

Apartments in the Center of the Island of Phuket for Permanent Residence, Rest, and Work / PHT-1212P — from $ 48,364

Proximity to the seaside is not always the main priority when you choose an apartment in hot countries. For example, this may be an accommodation for a freelancer, a retiree, a family with children, or just a person who prefers a pool and a comfortable setting, an ideal interior, cleanliness, and minimalism instead of an open body of water and wild nature.

This is the kind of accommodation in the island of Phuket that we offer: you can buy an apartment in a new condominium in the center of the island where you will find everything for a rest, entertainment, and a quiet life. This is a new residential complex with modern infrastructure in Thailand where you can buy an apartment with furniture on interest-free installments.

Facility Description

The residential complex in the center of Phuket comprises three 8-floor buildings with a total of 706 apartments that have an area ranging between 20 and 52.5 m2. General characteristics of the project:

  • Scheduled for commissioning in the 3rd quarter of 2024.
  • There are 1- and 2–bedroom apartments.
  • Profit from renting out and subsequent sale — from 7% annual interest up to 50% from the transaction.
  • You can buy an apartment on installments while the construction is in progress.

The new apartments can be used to confirm your place of residence in Thailand if you submit an application for a multiple-entry tourist visa, become a place for permanent residence, or a profitable investment with passive income from rent equaling at least 7% a year. 

Complex Infrastructure and Location

Despite being located far from the Andaman Sea (7 km), the new residential complex attracts many foreigners by its affordable price and internal infrastructure:

  • A club house with an office of the managing company where prospective apartment owners can enter into an agreement and later receive income from renting the apartment out without personal participation in the process.
  • A lobby.
  • A gym with modern sports equipment and gear.
  • A space for work and rest. 
  • A pool with three zones: for swimming, for children, and for recreation. 
  • A park with pavilions for a quiet rest and even work.
  • Round-the-clock security service and a video surveillance system.
  • Recharging stations for electric cars.
  • A car park.

The distance from the residential complex to the main objects on the island:

  • Airport — 39 km.
  • Patong — just 7 km that will take you 10 minutes by car.
  • Shopping mall — 5 km.
  • Supermarket and hospital — 3 km (a 30-minute walk or a 2–minute drive).
  • Cafes and restaurants are within view (1 km).
  • The golf club is located within just two kilometers from the complex.
  • The distance to the yacht club is 13.5 km 15 minutes by transport.

FYI: there are 14 international schools on the island of Phuket.

Price of Fully-Furnished Real Estate

LayoutTotal area / m2Price / USD
Studio24–24.75from 48,364
1-bedroom apartment28.25–34.75from 60,061
2-bedroom apartment49.75–52.5from 114,023

The total price includes furniture, air conditioners, built-in wardrobes, finishing, sanitary ware, and a kitchen.

A Modern Condominium on the Rawai Beach for Life and Rental / RW-942P — from $ 125,642

The Rawai Beach is about 2 km long, with a sandy shore and rocky bottom. Though it is popular with tourists, it is not suitable for diving, swimming, or having a rest with children because of the mooring berth where boats and motor boats are parked along the shoreline.

However, you will also find certain advantages here: Rawai can become a place for sea walks by yacht or motor boat or a place for permanent residence or a quiet rest. At the same time, it offers the same conveniences as other Phuket resorts at a more affordable price.

Take a look at the new modern condominium suitable for families with children, work, rest, and renting out.

Project Description

The residential complex on the Rawai Beach is still under construction, but you can become an owner of one of its apartments right now. This is an advantage of the project as the objects are sold at a minimum price as the construction is in progress and they may later cost much more and bring considerable profits from rental.

Facility Details

The new residential complex is an 8-floor building with 46 apartments that have different layouts.

  • It is scheduled for commissioning in the 3rd quarter of 2025.
  • You can take advantage of an interest-free installment plan until the construction is over.
  • Distance to the sea: 1.5 km.
  • Layout: apartments with one, two, or three bedrooms.
  • Number of bathrooms: 1, 2, 3.
  • Area of apartments: from 36.1 to 156 m2.

The ceiling is 2.7 to 3.05 m high, which adds a special color to the interior, lets more light into the rooms, and highlights really luxurious apartment furnishings.

Complex Infrastructure and Location

The residential complex in the Rawai Beach is within a walking distance from the sea (1.5 km), supermarkets (2 km), a restaurant (4 km), and a yacht club (3.5 km). You can get to other objects using any kind of transport:

  • Airport — 50 km.
  • Patong — 16 km.
  • Shopping mall — 12 km.
  • Hospital — 10 km.
  • Golf club — 12 km.

The technical equipment of the complex makes it possible to live and have a rest here without changing the location, and you will appreciate affordable prices in this former fishermen’s village which is now a popular resort on the island of Phuket. You will find the following features in the complex:

  • Reception desk.
  • A panoramic pool on the roof with a view of the sea and nature.
  • A fitness gym with equipment.
  • An indoor car park.
  • A co-working area.
  • A bar.
  • A yoga/Pilates area.

There is a round-the-clock security service in the complex, and it has a video surveillance zone around the perimeter.

Prices and Interior

The apartments in the residential complex have a smart home system, making it possible to control all equipment and appliances remotely. The panoramic windows of apartments give a wonderful view of the sea and the mountains.

Sunlight and high temperature can be easily managed using the blinds and air conditioners. The glass units are also protected against UV rays, which is especially important for people who are not used to eternal summer and hot sun.

You can choose an apartment to suit your budget and space requirements:

  • A studio apartment with an area of 36.1 sq.m. — from $ 125,642.
  • A 1-bedroom apartment with an area from 41.6 to 62.1 sq.m. — from $ 144,784.
  • A 2-bedroom apartment with an area from 62.9 to 96.9 sq.m. — from $ 218,917.
  • A three-bedroom apartment for a large family with an area of 156 sq.m. — from $ 651,530.

The cost includes finishing, sanitary ware, air conditioning system, a built-in kitchen and wardrobes, and furniture.


If you want to become an owner of a Thai apartment on the island of Phuket, please get in touch with our experts. We will help you choose an apartment, a villa, or a luxury accommodation by the seaside, fully furnished or not, to suit your pocket. We will also help you obtain a visa, open a bank account, register a company, relocate abroad, and settle down in a new place.

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