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Cost: $268.000 - $935.000


Apartments in Petra Premium Residential Complex on the Shore of the Turkish Straits: Purchase One to Qualify for Citizenship of Turkey

You have a chance to acquire legal residence and citizenship of Turkey by investment. However, you’d better follow the saying ‘don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today’ because the conditions of the Turkish immigration program are changing. The number of districts where foreigners can buy property to qualify for citizenship is growing smaller. 

Petra Premium

We invite you to consider a unique opportunity of purchasing an apartment in a luxurious residential complex in Istanbul called Petra Premium. The complex is still under construction, which makes the prices attractive. The apartments are of different sizes and they have different numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms.

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Please contact our experts if you are interested in acquiring second citizenship including the option of acquiring foreign citizenship by investment into property. We will gladly help you choose the citizenship-by-investment program that will meet your geographical and cultural requirements.


on how to choose the jurisdiction
and the economic residence
or citizenship programs.

on how to choose the jurisdiction and the economic residence or citizenship programs.

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Beşiktaş district, Istanbul: characteristics and advantages

The residential complex that we are bringing to your attention is located in the Dikilitaş area in the district of Beşiktaş, Istanbul. It is the European part of the city and it is highly popular with tourists, investors, and other foreigners looking for a nice place to stay in Istanbul. The area offers a number of different amenities and an advanced social infrastructure.   

Besides, purchasing an apartment in the residential complex in Beşiktaş is an attractive opportunity from the investment point of view. The number of immigrants to Turkey is growing and so are the real estate prices in the country. You can earn a pretty penny if you resell your property after some time or if you let it on a lease.

What Beşiktaş is and why you should consider purchasing residential accommodations there

  • Beşiktaş is the cultural and business center of Istanbul (and the home base of one of the most famous Turkish soccer teams of the same name). With the social infrastructure available in the area, everybody can find all the facilities required for work, study, or recreation.
  • The district is one of the tourist attractions in Istanbul and there you can find many interesting sights to see. These include the Sea Museum (Deniz Muzesi), Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa square and his mausoleum, Greek Orthodox Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, a museum of art and sculpture, Istanbul Sapphire skyscraper, and many other things.
  • You don’t have to be a HNWI to be able to afford an apartment in Beşiktaş. Smaller apartments there sell at prices affordable for middle-income earners. Naturally, the more money you are prepared to invest, the larger your choice of property is going to be. 
  • There are plenty of private and state schools, kindergartens, and colleges in Beşiktaş. These include educational institutions where the language of instruction is English. Foreign nationals are welcome to enroll in Turkish language courses.
  • Many people in the area speak English but you had better master the Turkish language if you are planning to move to the country and live and work there.
  • Young people love Beşiktaş because there they can find a great number of restaurants, cafes, and various entertainment facilities. Proximity to the seacoast is certainly a big plus too.
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Are you looking for a luxury villa on the Mediterranean coast? Please check out some of our offers below. We can help you finalize the purchase deal!


Petra Premium residential complex in Istanbul: main characteristics

Petra Premium is an exquisite residential complex consisting of four separate buildings. The apartments there have different floorplans. You can buy a smaller or a larger apartment depending on your preferences and financial opportunities. Some apartments have spacious balconies while others have tiny French-style balconettes

Petra Premium

Because the Turkish Straits are nearby, you can enjoy the fresh breeze and spend a wonderful time on the shore.

An important advantage that an apartment in Petra Premium can bring is the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship after buying it. 

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Are you thinking of relocating to Turkey? Then you have to open a bank account in the country, as you are going to need one for traveling, purchasing property, and engaging in business operations. We will gladly provide professional support in the matter to you.

Characteristics of the real estate

  • One- and two-level apartments are available.
  • The residential complex is located in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • The apartment areas are between 45 m² and 165 m².
  • The buildings are under construction (35% complete).
  • The construction is expected to be completed in 2024.
Petra Premium

Please note that when the buildings are ready, the prices of apartments are going to increase dramatically. Purchase a piece of property at an affordable price now, resell it after three years at a good profit and keep your Turkish passport/ residence card!


Dikilitaş area in Beşiktaş is one of the best locations in Istanbul as everything is within a walking distance there:

  • Ten minutes to the beach.
  • Ten minutes to the center of Istanbul.
  • 35 kilometers to the airport.
  • Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions are nearby.
  • A great choice of shopping centers including City Mall and Zorlu Mall as well as a number of restaurants and cafes.
  • Schools, colleges, kindergartens – you can find educational institutions of all kinds in the district.
  • Lovers of nightlife will have no trouble finding a nightclub or an entertainment center in the district.
  • A great transportation network allows traveling freely around Istanbul, its suburbs, and other Turkish locations.

Petra Premium is an ultramodern building complex. Fancy European-style decor is interwoven with eastern ornamentation.

Floorplans and apartment prices

Below we describe the choices that you will have if you decide to purchase an apartment in Petra Premium. Please note that the current prices are indicated. Some extra fees will be due but they are not included.

  • 1+1 – one-bedroom apartment; price from US$268,000 to US$445,000; area from 45 m² to 65 m²; one bathroom.  
  • 2+1 – two-bedroom apartment; price from US$356,000 to US$545 000; area from 65 m² to 75 m²; one bathroom.
  • 3+1 – three-bedroom two-level apartment; price from US$564,000 to US$935,000; area from 105 m² to 165 m²; two bathrooms.

The exterior and the interior design of the apartments in Istanbul offer a combination of luxury, elegance, and aristocratism. You are welcome to take a room tour around the apartments. We will gladly organize a trip to Turkey for you and provide translation services in the country.  

Technical characteristics

Apartments in Petra Premium residential complex in Beşiktaş, Istanbul boast not only the highest quality but they also provide a superb level of comfort and security to future inhabitants. 

Technical characteristics of the residential complex:

  • Garage and outdoor car park;
  • A garden and playing grounds;
  • Restaurants, cafes, shops, and objects of social infrastructure on the ground floor;
  • Cable and digital television;
  • Water reservoir and water pump;
  • Natural gas supply;
  • Hot water supply;
  • Entrance door made of steel;
  • Video surveillance cameras and an intercom;
  • Round-the-clock security;
  • 24-hour maintenance services.

A high investment value is an additional bonus.

Buy an apartment in Istanbul at a decent price and qualify for legal residence in Turkey

You can become a holder of an Ikamet (the Turkish residence card) if you purchase an apartment in Petra Premium. 

Our consultants as well as our Turkish partners will be happy to help you solve the following tasks:

  • Choose the property in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and other Turkish locations depending on your goals (immigration, rent, investment, or residence card acquisition) and your budget.
  • Open a bank account in Turkey or in another foreign country.
  • Support the purchase deal or make the deal on your behalf by proxy.
  • Settle down at a new place, furnish the apartment, let your Turkish property on a lease, pay the maintenance and service fees, and so on.
  • Open a company in Turkey and use additional administrative, fiscal, customs, and other services.
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Please apply for a personal consultation with an expert of ours if you would like to purchase a fantastic apartment in Istanbul at an attractive price! There is no time to lose as the prices are going to grow!

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