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Cost: from 147 000 EUR


Apartments in Altıntaş, Antalya in installments at a competitive price

The new neighborhood of Antalya has become a favorite place for developers and investors. The Altıntaş district (Antalya) is the sea, developed infrastructure, cultural, and business center of the region, in which it is particularly profitable to buy real estate under construction and subsequently receive benefits of up to 200%.

According to statistics, prices for apartments in the Altıntaş area have increased by almost 250% over the past year. As experts predict, this is not the limit, which has attracted many foreign investors who want to make a good profit soon.


Our partners in Turkey offer a profitable real estate option in Altıntaş – apartments in a new residential complex under construction. The planned commissioning date of the facility is June 2024. However, foreigners can buy apartments today, taking advantage of preferential installments: 50% payment + balance within one year.

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Important! A foreign investor can obtain a Turkish residence permit for purchasing housing in Antalya, including the apartments in Altıntaş. If the total cost of the real estate is 450,000 USD or more, you can apply for a Turkish passport. You can find out about the detailed conditions of citizenship for investment programs from our experts.


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Features of the Altıntaş District

The Altıntaş District is part of the Aksu district in Antalya. It is one of the newest areas in the region.  and is one of the youngest in the region. However, in just a few years, this part of Antalya has become the most popular among investors and developers due to the availability of free land with a building permit and the proximity of the sea coast.

Today Altıntaş is actively developing, but is rightfully included in the list of the best areas of Antalya, where you can buy an apartment at a good price and get a Turkish residence permit and/or citizenship for it. At the same time, the distance of the house from the sea is minimal, which allows you to walk to the beaches of Lara and Kundu, spending 20–30 minutes on it.

The main advantages of the Altıntaş District:

  • Climatic conditions. Summer here lasts more than six months, and the lowest temperature does not fall below +8°C;
  • The sea coast lies only 2.5 km away from the lower and 7.5 km from the upper edge of the area, and the nearest beaches are Lara and Kundu;
  • The distance to the airport is 1.5 km, but aircraft noise does not bother the residents of Altıntaş due to the parallel orientation of the runway towards the district;
  • Well-developed infrastructure and transport network: the area boasts a lot of shops and shopping centers, schools, medical institutions, sports complexes, and historical attractions;
  • Beautiful scenery with mountain views.

Due to the high demand for real estate in Antalya, active construction is underway in the Altıntaş District. You can buy an apartment in installments and receive the right to an accelerated application process for a residence permit in Turkey.

New residential complex in Antalya on the Mediterranean coast 

The property presented for sale includes several apartment layouts available in one residential building, which will be ready for occupancy in June 2024. Thanks to the opportunity to buy real estate at the construction stage, investors can see the prices in the minimum range. This is a unique chance to buy housing in Antalya in installments and subsequently receive significant financial benefits.

Prices for apartments in Altıntaş, Antalya

Layouts and prices for new apartments in the beautiful green district of Antalya:

  • Layout 1+1, with an area starting from 60 m², at a starting price of 147,000 Euros.
  • Layout 2+1, with an area of 100 m², priced from 215,000 Euros.

With a payment of 50%, the buyer can use installments for up to 12 months.

Technical and visual characteristics of the property

In addition to its favorable geographical location, the new residential complex in Antalya (Altıntaş district) offers several advantages connected both with the well-developed infrastructure and with the technical equipment of the property:

  • Modern architecture in a minimalist style: businesslike exterior of the building, clear lines, laconic design, and luxurious stained-glass windows;
  • Near the residential complex, there are commercial facilities that create the internal infrastructure and provide additional amenities to the owners:
    • gym;
    • shops;
    • cafe;
    • play areas;
    • swimming pool, etc.
  • Stained glass windows and glazed balconies give the building a soaring look. Residents get the opportunity to bring more daylight into their apartments and create a cozy mini-garden on the balcony;
  • The walking paths lie amidst a magnificent lawn and beautiful gardens. You can relax on the grass with your family or enjoy the summer sun on deck chairs;
  • There is an outdoor play area for children and adults;
  • Parking is available for residents of the complex and guests;
  • There is 24-hour security and many more conveniences.

The apartments’ bathrooms and kitchen areas are thoroughly finished and fitted with technical equipment and sanitary ware from world-famous brands. Our Turkish partners can apply the desired style to the interiors of the apartment at the client’s request.

How to buy apartments in Turkey in installments

To become the owner of new apartments in a residential complex in Antalya, contact our experts and receive a range of services:

  • providing assistance in selecting real estate in Turkey (or another country) for an investment program or other purposes;
  • choosing and opening a bank account for the convenience of settlements with the seller;
  • demonstration of the apartment and the building during a real-time online viewing + ongoing consultations on construction works;
  • meeting the client in Turkey a personal consultation and solving administrative issues (which can also be resolved online, without the owner’s personal presence);
  • assistance in obtaining a residence permit and a Turkish passport as part of citizenship for investment program, etc.
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