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Apartment in Opulent Heights, Antalya – Investment Benefit and Access to a Residence Permit in Turkey

Nowadays, Turkey remains attractive not only as a tourist destination but also as a place to relocate permanently due to its active investment program. Many foreign citizens are actively investing in residential and commercial properties in the country, choosing apartments at the construction stage for the most advantageous price.

The Altıntaş district is one of the few areas where land is still available for development. Its proximity to the sea and Antalya airport increases the liquidity of villas, apartments, and cottages offered by developers at an affordable price.

Apartment in Opulent Heights Residential Complex

We would like to draw your attention to a unique project in the Aksu/Altıntaş area of Antalya – the Opulent Heights residential complex, which is currently under construction. The project is 50% complete, which allows you to purchase apartment units at a low price from the developer and benefit financially from selling, renting, or using them for permanent residence.

Why buying property in Turkey is a top investment option? Find out from our article.

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To complete the purchase of a hotel-type apartment in Antalya, please contact our experts and receive detailed instructions. One of the services provided by our specialists is opening a bank account, which is necessary to buy real estate under the investment program in Turkey.


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The Altıntaş district in Antalya – personal and commercial benefits of buying property

Altıntaş is a district in Antalya, which is part of Aksu territory. The total area of the new Antalya tourist center is 9.3 square kilometers, and the population as of the beginning of 2022 was only 10,000 people. However, it is one of the few resort areas in the country where there is still free land to construct fully-equipped apartments, hotels, and villas. Due to the high demand for housing, property prices are growing monthly. At the same time, the number of new expats is rapidly increasing.


Geographical features of the Altıntaş district (translated Golden Stone):

  • Neighboring districts – Güzelyurt, Mandirlar, Ermenek, and Kundu.
  • Distance to Antalya airport – 1.5 km.
  • Distance to the sea and Lara beaches – 2.5 km (lower point of the Altıntaş district) and 7.5 km (upper point).
  • Large shopping centers are nearby.
  • The Land of Legends theme park with a water park is 20 km away.
  • Modern medical centers and clinics, including Medical Park and Lara Anatolia Private Hospital, are within easy reach.
  • There are general education schools, nurseries, and lyceums near the district. One of the schools (in Guzeloba) is an international private educational institution.
  • Good transportation links and actively developing infrastructure.

We offer to buy luxurious apartments in a new residential complex in the Altıntaş district in Antalya and obtain the right to a Turkish residence permit or citizenship, depending on the investment amount.

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It is worth noting that investors and their family members have access to Turkish citizenship if the cost of one or more purchased properties (in total) amounts to at least USD 400,000.

Opulent Heights in Antalya – apartments for sale

We are pleased to offer several ready-to-sell apartment options in the Antalya hotel, which allow foreign investors to obtain Turkish residency through an accelerated scenario or acquire a Turkish passport:

  1.  1+1 apartment – priced from USD 142,000 to USD 190,596, with an area of 61 square meters and one bathroom.
  2. 2+1 apartment – priced from USD 176,000 to USD 219,685, with a total area of 81 square meters and two bathrooms.
  3. 3+1 apartment – priced from USD 215,000 to USD 268,338, with an area of 110 square meters and two bathrooms.

Opulent Heights is a luxury apartment and hotel complex located in the Altıntaş district of Antalya, with a total area of 2,498 square meters. The project was designed by Turkey’s best architects and designers, and the interior of each individual room is filled with modern features.

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Please note that this is a new project, and apartments are being offered for sale abroad for the first time. To become one of the first owners of an apartment in this luxurious complex in Antalya, please contact our specialists and take advantage of your opportunity to quickly, safely, and affordably purchase property in Turkey without any hassle or stress.

Interior of apartments in Opulent Heights

The interior design of the apartments in Opulent Heights is genuinely awe-inspiring. Combining aristocratic, minimalist, and classic elements with perfect color shades and a peaceful atmosphere creates a remarkable living space. Depending on the layout of the chosen apartment, families with children or young couples just starting to build their harmonious and colorful lives in one of the best cities in the Mediterranean can reside here.

The apartments come equipped with storage systems, wardrobes, household appliances, and furniture in peaceful tones that harmoniously blend with decorative elements such as paintings, panels, light fixtures, and other details. The creators of these apartments have also taken care to ensure the comfort of their guests, which is evident in the design of the kitchen area, living room, and bathroom.

Check out the new rules and procedures for buying property in Turkey in 2023.

Conveniences and equipment

Opulent Heights hotel in Antalya is not just a place to stay. It is a complex of ready-made solutions in one place where you can relax and pursue your favorite activities without leaving the comfort of your own home. Thanks to enhanced sound insulation, there will be no discomfort from noisy neighbors, and seismic-resistant wall materials and a security system guarantee peace of mind for residents.

Apartment in Opulent Heights Residential Complex
Apartment in Opulent Heights Residential Complex

The architects of this new residential complex have taken into account all requirements and have used only modern innovations in equipping it. Common spaces for relaxation, rest, and health in Opulent Heights include:

  • fitness center
  • spa salon
  • outdoor pool with loungers
  • barbecue area
  • café.

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The Opulent Heights hotel and residential complex is waiting for its guests and permanent residents! Start with a free consultation with our experts and hurry to buy luxurious apartments on the Mediterranean coast at the best price!

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Specifications and safety

To get a more detailed description of all the advantages of our offering in Antalya, explore the brief technical specifications of the property:

  • garden
  • fitness center and gym
  • children’s playground
  • swimming pool
  • cable and satellite television
  • water booster and tank
  • natural gas
  • generator
  • central hot water supply
  • steel doors, as one of the security systems for protection against vandalism and unwanted guests
  • automatic fire extinguishing system
  • video surveillance cameras and 24/7 security
  • video intercom system.

And this is only a tiny part of what is available in the residential complex. To fully appreciate it, you need personally visit the property after it is completed, study the documentation, which is carefully checked for compliance with the deadlines and technical specifications, and consult with our experts on all matters.

How to buy your dream home on the Antalya seaside

The presented residential complex has a high level of technical and aesthetic equipment, which speaks to its excellence. However, in combination with its affordable cost, this offer may initially raise doubts about its relevance.

We assure you that the low property prices in Antalya are not a myth or a fabrication but a reality that is due to the absence of markups by intermediaries and the direct sale of apartments at the developer’s price at the stage of unfinished construction (50%).

After the property is delivered, the cost of apartments will increase by 20-30%, making it an unattainable dream for many. To not miss your chance, contact us today!

We offer:

  • online demonstration of the property in real-time
  • technical documents and construction plans
  • administrative solutions for migration from different countries, including visa issuance and obtaining a Turkey residence permit
  • opening bank accounts for personal and business purposes
  • company registration
  • settling in a new place during the deal and after relocation
  • remote registration of property ownership rights through a trusted representative
  • assistance with apartment furnishing (if the standard layout and decor do not suit you)
  • property management – rental, maintenance, client search, etc.
  • obtaining Turkish residency and citizenship by investment, and much more.

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You can discover a full range of our services in Turkey during a personal consultation or by exploring the relevant section, where you can also choose real estate properties for living or investment.

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