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Anonymous China UnionPay Multi-Currency Card (USD/EUR)

We would like to offer you today a powerful financial tool: one of the last remaining truly anonymous prepaid credit cards out there. It can be issued worldwide almost without restrictions. If you need higher limits you can simply order multiple cards. It is multi-currency, allowing you to store separate US dollar and Euro balances on the card.

You can use your anonymous prepaid credit card to make POS payments and ATM cash withdrawals in over 180 countries worldwide, functioning on the China UnionPay system which is today larger than both Visa and Mastercard in terms of total payments value.

get an anonymous Union Pay debit card

A prepaid credit card works in almost the same way as a debit card. You can load a balance by SWIFT transfer and then use the card to spend it. The main difference between a prepaid credit card and a debit card, is simply that a prepaid credit card is not linked to a bank account – whilst a debit card is. Prepaid credit cards therefore offer greater privacy and greater security, because if the prepaid credit card is stolen or compromised it is not linked to your bank account.

These cards can be reloaded by wire transfer with high limits. 

Why Do I Need an Anonymous Card?

Big Brother is watching you! But by using a prepaid anonymous card, not linked to your day-to-day bank accounts, you make it harder for anyone to track you. Plastic cards are convenient and secure, a better alternative to carrying cash. Your data will only be known to the card issuer. This is required for compliance purposes, but the information won’t be revealed when you use the prepaid anonymous card. The card transaction processes only with the card number and PIN.


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How Does the Anonymous Card (No-Name Card) Work?

Let’s define the main features that make the card anonymous:

  • The card does not have your name printed on it
  • The card is tied to your profile with the payment system in an Asian country and only the system has access to your data
  • The payment system does not automatically share any data with the outside world. 
  • When you use the card in stores, online, in ATMs, your name is not shown in the transaction. 

Today, an anonymous prepaid credit card (or a no-name card as it is sometimes called) is the most affordable way to keep a high level of personal data security. 

How Do I Use the Anonymous UnionPay Card?

You can use the anonymous prepaid credit card just as you would any other debit or credit card. You can top it up, use it for payments at stores and online, and withdraw cash from ATMs.

This prepaid anonymous card is multi-currency. You can load it with dollars or euros. However, if you need to spend or withdraw in another currency that’s no problem. The conversion fee is only 1% per transaction – much lower than most credit cards issued by banks.

Important notes:

  • The card works only at the outlets that accept China UnionPay cards. China UnionPay cards are commonly accepted in more than 180 countries and the list keeps growing. You can check further details here.
  • It is the responsibility of everyone to comply with any local requirements to declare their income, pay the appropriate taxes, and not violate anti-money laundering laws.

China UnionPay Anonymous Prepaid Cards: fees and limits

Card TypeUnionPay
Payment currenciesMulti-currency
Top-up currencyUSD / EUR / RMB / PHP
Top-up methodBank transfer

To top up the card, you can transfer funds to Asia by bank transfer and then redirect it to the card. After that, you can safely and anonymously use it as you see fit.

Type of limitAmount
Max ticket size$ 2,000
Max monthly volume$ 20,000
Max hour count5 times per hour
Max day count20 times per day
Max card load per day$9,000
Max card load per month$50,000
Max card-to-card amount $2,000 per transfer
Max POS transaction$2,000 per day
Type of OperationFee
ATM cash withdrawal$4.15
ATM balance enquiry$2.75
POS terminal fee$1.25
Card reload$4.00 or 2.5% (whichever is higher)
Card-to-card transfer$7.00
Monthly fee$3.00

How Do I Get and Activate My Anonymous UnionPay Prepaid Credit Card?

The card becomes active upon first loading.

Here is the detailed description of the procedure for obtaining your anonymous UnionPay card:

  1. Please email us at and let us know how many cards you would like to order, and the exact shipping address. Ask about discounts for purchasing more than 2 cards. Include a phone number for the courier company.  Normally we ship by express courier, but registered mail is also available: it’s a cheaper and a lower profile option.
  2. We will send you an invoice
  3. When you’ve paid your invoice, we will ship out your cards and send you the tracking number. 
  4. At the same time we ship the cards out, we will send you activation and loading instructions by email. You will need to be prepared to email a copy of your passport and a recent utility bill, along with a simple signed application form.

We would like to clarify that your personal data is required for the payment system to comply with the law. This data will not be sent to any banks, ATMs, outlets. No one but you will know where and how you spend your money.

  1. Activation is completed in 1-2 working days. As soon as you top up your card via SWIFT, it will become active and you will be able to use it.

If you have any questions, or are ready to order your Anonymous Prepaid Credit Card on the China UnionPay system, please feel free to contact us at  You can also WhatsApp us or look for us on live chat.

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