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Advice on Starting a Company in Singapore

If you are planning to enter the Southeast Asian and Chinese market, you might consider incorporating a company in one of the promising jurisdictions, Singapore. Before you start establishing a company, we recommend seeking advice and guidance from experienced experts, as well as getting a company opened remotely on a turnkey basis.

A free Business in Singapore consultation provided by the experts at International Wealth will be required for those who

  • plan to launch a company in Singapore independently from another country.
  • are looking for a country with a stable economy to enter the international market.
  • wishes to expand their business horizons in Asia and the Chinese market.
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Our expert consultancy services include the examination of your business project and information from the client on the basis of a completed questionnaire (to be sent in reply to your enquiry), as well as answers to the most important questions:

  • What is the best form of company to open in Singapore for a foreigner?
  • How much does it cost to register a business?
  • Is there any requirement for minimum size of share capital?
  • Can a non-resident open a bank account in Singapore?
  • What are the current tax rates?
  • What documents will be required to open a company in Singapore?

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Should you wish to ask other questions to our experts, please feel free to send us an email requesting a free consultation at

What Are the Benefits of Opening a Business in Singapore?

What are the benefits of registering a company in Singapore?

  • Tax planning on favorable terms:
    • for the first 3 years, the company is taxed on profits up to SGD 100,000 at a 75% discount (find out when this rule applies from our expert advice);
    • income tax on up to SGD 200,000 is 8.5% and 17% if the threshold is exceeded;
    • double taxation agreements (DTA) apply;
    • no capital gains tax;
    • income derived from foreign sources is not taxable.
  • Singapore’s favorable geographical position and access to the Southeast Asian market.
  • Stable economy of the country, including an attractive investment policy and no restrictions on foreign ownership.
  • Good reputation of the country in the international arena.

The disadvantages of registering a company in Singapore include corporate requirements, among which the following are mandatory: a local secretary, a resident director and annual financial reporting.


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Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

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How Do I Start a Singapore Company Remotely?

The first step to registering a business in Singapore remotely is to consult the International Wealth experts who will advise you on the next steps or provide comprehensive support even without the founder’s involvement.

1) Preparation of documents:

  • Choose a name;
  • Set up the structure;
  • Draw the articles of association for your company in Singapore;
  • Appoint a director (also included in the list of services provided by our experts);
  • Get the documents filed to the registration authorities;
  • Get a registered office.

2) Registration of a Singapore company and opening of an account with a bank of any country.

3) Start of business and company maintenance thereafter:

  • accountant and tax specialist services;
  • annual accounts;
  • advice on import and export operations and other issues.

Open a company in Singapore or buy a ready-made business, the choice is up to the investor. In order to understand which option is right for you, we kindly ask you to answer some questions and get in-depth advice from our experienced experts.

Free Online Consultation on Starting a Company in Singapore

 You will benefit twice over from turning to us for the following reasons:


You will save time and money on traveling to Singapore and consulting every individual expert in different areas such as banking, accounting, Singapore Commercial Code, foreign trade, etc.


We provide a complete package of services for setting up a turnkey company in Singapore and provide our advice on further development of your business in the desired direction, or on choosing a more promising option.


You can always ask clarifying questions and get professional answers, as well as choose ready-made companies in Singapore, or start the process of company redomiciliation from another jurisdiction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and get professional support from experienced experts in corporate, tax, banking and offshore law. Please feel free to send your request by email to receive the questionnaire. Based on the information provided, our experts will give you a detailed answer.

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