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Advice on Opening an Offshore Company

If you are ready to open your business offshore, get professional assistance from experienced experts at the International Wealth portal. It will help you make the most accurate decision on the choice of country for business incorporation, tax optimization, and opening a corporate bank account. 

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What Does the Consultation Include?

Our experts will provide the answers to your most important questions:

  1. What country is the best for opening an offshore company?
  2. How long does it take to register a business in a foreign country?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Is it legal to open a business in classic offshore zones?
  5. Is it possible to open an account for an offshore company and in which bank is it better to do so?
  6. What are the requirements for the registered capital?
  7. What documents should be provided?
  8. Is it possible to conceal the name of the real beneficial owner of an offshore company?
  9. What taxes will the offshore company have to pay in the jurisdiction of incorporation and at the source of profit?

Please note: Our experts’ advice will save you time and provide you with only reliable information. You are welcome to order the service of an offshore company registration, which is available online.

What Country is the Best for Opening an Offshore Company?

The choice of a country to register a foreign company depends on several factors:

  • Line of business;
  • Type of corporation;
  • Tax residency status of the company founder;
  • Geography of the partner network and client base;
  • The purpose of incorporation, i.e. tax planning, asset protection, business expansion, etc.

Regardless of the jurisdiction where the business start-up is planned, we advise you to study the domestic legislation of each country in advance, as well as carry out a comparative analysis and link it to the regulatory framework of the place where the founder/shareholders have permanent residence. This will allow you to avoid conflicts with inspection authorities, exclude additional tax burden under the CFC rules or due to the absence of Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) between the countries. 

Also, one of the main issues that is better to resolve before incorporating an offshore company is the banking services (corporate account). We would like you to keep it in mind that today it is possible to open a bank account offshore completely legally and without any claims from the client verification service if you comply with the established regulations, including (in certain financial institutions) confirmation of the real business substance.

Offshore Company Registration in the Asia-Pacific Region

The countries in the Asia-Pacific Region are characterized by high economic performance, favorable tax rates, and a reliable banking system. 

Offshore Company Registration in Europe

Company registration in Europe is available in various organizational and legal forms:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • Public company and limited liability company by shares;
  • Partnerships, trusts, holdings and foundations;
  • As well as branches of foreign companies and representative offices.

Why does it make sense to open an offshore company in Europe? There are several reasons why foreign founders choose the region with rather high taxes:

  • Business expansion and entry to foreign markets;
  • Optimization of taxes through the application of DTA norms and IBC incentives;
  • Improvement of business reputation;
  • Protection of interests in international courts;
  • Asset diversification;
  • Access to licensed niches closed for registration in the country of tax residence of the foreign founder.

Offshore Zones of the Caribbean and the US

Every potential business founder needs consultation on opening an offshore company in the Caribbean and the US due to continuously updated corporate regulations in all jurisdictions, including low-tax zones and classic offshore. In order to register/purchase a company and achieve your goal, we recommend you consult our experienced international experts.

We will help you:

  • Open an account offshore and for an offshore company;
  • Choose a country whose laws are in conformity with the place of tax residence of the founder;
  • Optimize your tax payments;
  • Effect redomiciliation of your corporation to another jurisdiction.

Offshore company registration in Africa, in the Middle and Far East, including Mauritius and the Seychelles is always an option.

How Do I Open an Offshore Company with International Wealth?

  1. Please fill out the form below or contact us using the contacts listed in the website.
  2. Discuss all your questions with the experts, decide on the place of incorporation and additional services:
  • Bank account;
  • Accounting services;
  • Translator services;
  • Apostille and legalization of documents;
  • Professional director services and other.
  1. Provide the required information, including the personal data of the founder, shareholders, and beneficial owner.
  2. Pay the agreed amount using any convenient way (any convertible currency, including Bitcoin).
  3. Get your corporate documents and start your business offshore!

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