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Cost: from 25000 USD


Acquire a Non-Citizen Passport of Panama for Traveling

This opportunity should be of interest to you if you:

  • travel a lot and you are tired of waiting for visas and fearing visa application rejection;
  • would like to have a second passport but the procedures of foreign passport acquisition are too complicated, too long, or too costly for you;
  • come from a country that prohibits dual citizenship but you would like to have a second passport anyway.
  • are seeking a secure, conservative, and confidential investment in a bank and would enjoy the fringe benefit of having an extra passport in your passport portfolio.
Passport of Panama

We invite you to consider the opportunity to acquire a five-year non-citizen passport of Panama that you can use for traveling around the world. The fee for this service is 40,000 USD, which is obviously a fraction of the investment required in traditional Citizenship by Investment programs. The Panama Instant Passport Program allows foreign nationals to instantly obtain non-citizen passports of the country. The requirement is very simple:

  • put enough money in a Panamanian bank to earn an US$850 interest per month on your deposit. Your passport will remain valid as long as you keep the money in your account. That is to say, you can extend the passport after five years if you extend the fixed-term deposit agreement with the bank.

The main advantage of this Program is that you do not have to make any investments in the Panamanian economy. Your money will be safely sitting in the bank and earning you an interest. If you want to take it back, you are free to do so. Understandably, you will lose your Panamanian passport in this case.

Would you like to obtain a non-citizen passport of Panama? You can have it in three months only!

What you have to do to get your Panamanian passport:


Contact us by writing to [email protected].


Prepare TWO application document packages: one the opening a bank account in Panama and the other one for acquiring the passport. Of course, we will help you with this as part of our fee.


Open an account in the National Bank of Panama (with our support).


We will apply for the passport of Panama to the Immigration Department on your behalf and you will get your Panamanian passport that is valid for five years. You will need to travel to Panama for this.


Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

Contact a consultant

Let’s talk via messenger

Characteristics of the Panamanian non-citizen passport

  • Today, the passport is an electronic one. This means that it can be scanned by the customs control officer without any trouble.
  • You can enter most Schengen zone countries with this passport without applying for a visa nor carrying a letter of invitation.
  • The non-citizen passport of Panama can be used for travelling but it does not bring citizenship of the country.

The passport will let you enter more than forty countries or territories without visas as Panama has the corresponding bilateral agreements with these countries.

You can access most Latin American and European states with the Panamanian passport. We recommend, however, that you should inquire about the possibility to enter a European country with the Panamanian passport before making the trip. Not all countries in Europe will recognize it as a valid identification document. Hopefully, Panamanian non-citizen passport holders will soon have even more travel opportunities.  

Please note that your deposit in the National Bank of Panama is guaranteed by the Panamanian state.

The process of passport application will last for about three months from the date when you make the bank deposit, supply all the required application documents, and cover the cost of our services.

The total cost of acquiring a non-civil passport of Panama consists of the following components:

Applicant for Panamanian passportService cost
Main applicantUS$ 40,000
Dependent family memberUS$ 10,000 (each)
Expected additional costsUS$ 5,000 (each)

The immigration-related legislation in Panama includes the following family members in the meaning of the phrase ‘dependent family member’:

  • Main applicant’s spouse;
  • Main applicant’s children below the age of 18;
  • Main applicant’s parents can be deemed dependent family members for other purposes but not for the purpose of acquiring a non-citizen passport of Panama. In other words, a main applicant’s parents do not qualify for Panamanian passports. 

Application documents required for obtaining a non-citizen passport of Panama 

  1. Certification by Banco Nacional de Panama to confirm that you have made a five-year fixed-term deposit in the bank and that the deposit is large enough to generate US$ 850 per month in interest.
  2. Good health certificates for all applicants. The certificates shall contain HIV test results.  
  3. You have to visit Panama to obtain health certificates, as they have to be issued by a Panamanian clinic.
  4. Two copies of the main applicant’s passport or his/ her other travel document.

Certificate of good conduct or Police clearance – only for adult applicants.

You should obtain the police clearances from your home country’s police authorities and have them legalized at a Panamanian embassy or consulate. We can assist with this process on your behalf (for an additional fee).

  1. Sworn declaration — only for adult applicants.

This document serves as a pledge of the truthfulness of the personal information that you supply.

  1. An application for a non-citizen passport of Panama.
  2. Six passport-size photographs.
  3. Certificates of birth if you are applying with minor children.
  4. Responsibility letter – if you are applying with dependent family members.
  5. Marriage certificate – if you are applying with your spouse.

The documents shall be legalized by a Panamanian consulate. We can arrange this for you.

Documents that you have to obtain via our law firm:

A Special Power of Attorney authorizing us to act on your behalf when applying for a non-citizen passport of Panama.

Please note that we will gladly tell you where the nearest Panamanian Consulate is located so that you can have the application documents legalized there.

Information about the bank deposit required for obtaining a Panamanian passport

  1. You should deposit the necessary amount in the National Bank of Panama (Banco Nacional de Panamá).
  2. The deposit should bring you an interest of at least US$ 850 per month. This income is not taxed in Panama.
  3. The deposit has to be made in the name of the main applicant for a Panamanian passport.
  4. It has to be a five-year fixed-term deposit. The non-citizen passport of Panama is also valid for five years.

If you wish to extend your passport, you will have to extend the deposit agreement with the bank as well. The Panamanian non-citizen passport is renewable.

Documents required for opening an account in the National Bank of Panama

  1. Three (3) commercial references, two of which have to be issued by banks.

The recommendation letters from banks play an important role. They should be printed on the bank letterhead and contain the information about the applicant’s account with the bank: the date of opening and account balance. If you have any questions about how to obtain these reference letters, of course, we will be pleased to guide you.

  1. Three (3) personal recommendations.
  2. Two (2) copies of the applicant’s existing passport.
  3. A completed application form for account opening.

This form from the National Bank of Panama will be supplied by us.

  1. Permission for Verification at the Panamanian Credit Reference Bureau, regardless of the applicant’s nationality and place of residence. 
  2. Applicant’s résumé/CV.
  3. A notification letter informing the bank administration about the prospective date of account opening. We will prepare this for you.
  4. A letter of confirmation that all recommendations are issued in favour of Banco Nacional de Panamа. We will prepare this for you.

Important notes:

  1. The money should come from one of the banks that has issued a letter of recommendation. The transfer will not be accepted otherwise.
  2. The deposit should be enough to bring you US$850 per month in interest. However, you have to ascertain with the bank administration that it will do so. The exact amount varies depending on the current interest rate at the day the deposit is completed.

Legal residence in Panama and full citizenship of the country

Acquiring a legal residence permit in Panama is also possible but certain conditions will have to be met. Moreover, you can become a citizen of Panama if you legally reside in the country for five years and pass a test in the Spanish language. A non-citizen passport of Panama does not serve as a residence permit in the country.

Please consider the opportunity to acquire a non-citizen passport of Panama that will make travelling around the world much easier!

We will be happy to assist you in acquiring a Panamanian travel passport as fast as possible. Please write to us and request the service. You are also welcome to ask any questions related to the opportunity to obtain a non-citizen passport of Panama. We always reply promptly!

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