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Cost: 1500 EUR


Acquire a Business Identification Number in Kazakhstan

We invite you to consider the opportunity to acquire a Business Identification Number (BIN) in Kazakhstan. The procedure requires between ten and fifteen days for completion.

BIN Kazakhstan

Why would you need a BIN in Kazakhstan?

You need a BIN in Kazakhstan if you want to do business in the county. All legal entities including foreign company subsidiaries and sole proprietors shall have BINs in Kazakhstan.

No business activities are allowed if you do not have BIN. You will have to supply the Number every time you contact stat authorities on business matters.

The BINs are kept with the national Company Register in Kazakhstan. The list of the registered numbers is available at the Ministry of Justice and the Statistics Committee websites.

The BIN contains 12 figures that are divided into five blocks. It carries the information about the company ownership type, registration date, serial number, and other information.


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How can you acquire a BIN in Kazakhstan?

You can acquire a BIN in Kazakhstan on a personal visit to the Ministry of Justice office or remotely – with our assistance. If you choose the latter option, the following documents will be required:

  • Application form for BIN acquisition;
  • Company registration certificate;
  • Copy of the statistical card;
  • Subsidiary registration certificate (if applicable);
  • Corporate documents originals;
  • Scan copy of Power of Attorney.

The corporate documents need to be apostilled.

The documents will be translated into Russian and translations notarized. We will take care of the translation services.

The cost of acquiring a BIN in Kazakhstan

The cost of this service is 1500 EUR. Everything can be done remotely and your personal visit to Kazakhstan is not required. When we obtain the documents from you, we will file the application for a BIN to the Kazakh authorities.

Additional costs involved:

  • The costs of the translation services;
  • The costs of document legalization.

The BIN acquisition timeframe is 10-15 days.

The procedure of acquiring a BIN in Kazakhstan

  1. Apply for a consultation to experts.
  2. Answer the consultant’s questions that will allow determining if providing the service is possible in your personal case.
  3. Cover the cost of the service – 1500 EUR.
  4. Supply the required documents.
  5. Within 10 to 15 days, you will have a Business Identification Number in Kazakhstan.

Please request the service by writing to [email protected].

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