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A Crypto License in Comoros: A Universal and Reliable Solution

Each business engaged in crypto-related activity must have a relevant license. This is a guarantee of the fact that the crypto company itself protects its customers’ crypto assets and complies with applicable laws. Obtaining a crypto license in Comoros is a simple and reliable way of carrying out legal activities connected with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptolicense in Comoros

Obtaining a Crypto License in Comoros

The Union of the Comoros consists of four islands: Grande Comore, Mohéli, Mayotte, and Anjouan. This island nation has maritime borders with Madagascar in the southeast, Mozambique in the west, Tanzania in the northwest, and the Seychelles in the northeast. Today, the Comoros are in demand among entrepreneurs who want to obtain a crypto license. This permit is officially called an international brokerage license and is suitable not only for crypto exchanges but also for the following kinds of activity:

  • Stockbroker
  • Brokerage company that deals with securities
  • Financial consultancy
  • Asset management
  • Stock management
  • Custodial services
  • Clearing transactions
  • Currency trade (Forex)
  • Issuance of securities
  • Underwriting of securities

You can obtain this universal document quite quickly, and its cost is quite affordable. A Comoros crypto license makes it possible for holders to comply with legal norms and carry out their activities on legal grounds. Today’s cryptocurrency exchanges are the objects of a strictly regulated industry. If the business starts working in the sphere of digital currencies without a due permit, it is heading for trouble and penalties.

Why you should obtain a crypto license here:

  • International expansion. An international brokerage license makes it possible to engage in business activities practically all over the world. For example, a crypto exchange can offer its services on the global market and thus considerably expand the range of its customers.
  • Banking partnership. If the company has a permit, it will be easier for it to form mutually beneficial relations with banks. Cryptocurrency is a high-risk sector that financial institutions are not very willing to deal with. However, possession of a crypto exchange license adds credibility to the enterprise that works with digital assets.
  • Crypto exchange reliability. The regulator that issues permits will make a preliminary thorough check of the applicant. Thus, the availability of a crypto license increases business legitimacy as it means that a stringent check has been successfully passed.

The document makes it possible for the business to expand the range of its services and advertise conversion services, trade in futures, and do many other things in addition to cryptocurrency exchange.


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How to Obtain a Comoros Crypto License

Both local and foreign companies can obtain a crypto license. A foreign company can open an affiliated company in the Comoros in case of need. The process of new company registration does not take more than 24 hours here.

The applicant will need to provide the following documents to the regulator to obtain a crypto license in Comoros:

  • A properly filled-out application form
  • A detailed business plan
  • Documents related to all company directors and owners
  • A manual on AML policy
  • A full range of services that the company will provide
  • Copies of the company’s registration documents that confirm the business’s legitimacy

If the company engaged in these activities before, it will need to provide corporate account statements. The company will also need to grant financial guarantees to the company. The minimum amount is 250,000 euros, but it can be higher in some cases.

What security can be provided on bank guarantees? According to the regulator, this requirement can be met by paying the whole amount to it in cash. You can also seek the assistance of local insurers that offer this service at a certain fee. The company can also obtain international financial guarantees. In this case, the guarantee can be provided by a foreign bank – that is, the required insurance amount will be on its account.

How to Obtain a Crypto License

If you decide to engage in crypto business, obtaining a crypto license is a mandatory step. If you opt for Comoros as a place where you will obtain this permit, you will get a reliable crypto license for your business. Please get in touch with the experts of our portal by e-mail, WhatsApp, or use other communication channels to discuss all the details.

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