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Register a Business Company in Nevis and Open an Account in the Capital Security Bank, Cook Islands

Looking for a really good place to open an International Business Company (BC)? Opt for Nevis. This Caribbean country offers profitable taxation, reliable protection of assets and personal data, as well as flexible customization of the business structure for your needs.

At present, classical offshore companies are going through hard times and it is not that easy to open a bank account for them. However, we know where and how this can be done. That is why we propose you to open a corporate account with Capital Security Bank in the Cook Islands to accompany your BC incorporation. The procedure can be performed remotely. All activities will take about 1 month (30 days).

If you need a reliable way to protect your assets from lawsuits, be sure to pay attention to Nevis.

Register a company in Nevis

Why Nevis Is the Best Place for BC Establishment

Nevis is part of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis and is well known for its legislation providing the highest level of protection to both owners’ personal data and their assets. The island is a jurisdiction from which you can conduct business worldwide.

At the background of the situation in the international arena that pushes many countries to actively pursue a policy of deoffshorization, Nevis takes a special place by offering exceptional privileges for BC owners and maintaining its impeccable reputation as a classic offshore company. So far, no company in Nevis has been involved in any scandal or tax evasion proceedings, which undoubtedly puts this jurisdiction in a better position than its competitors.

Equally important (and perhaps decisive) is the island’s well-developed legislation based on Common English law (case law). This allows the country’s authorities to adjust the regulatory system and enables them to quickly improve the legal framework in constantly changing conditions. A striking example of this is the fact that amendments have entered into force in Nevis since January 2019 to prevent the country from being included from the so-called black list of the European Union.


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Here are just a few reasons why a BC in Nevis is the right choice:

  • The company may be owned by one person, and he may also be the company’s sole director
  • You can fully own the company even if you are not a resident of the country and live anywhere in the world
  • Liability is limited to the shares invested by the participants
  • A high degree of confidentiality and protection of personal data of the company’s owners and officials
  • Definitely reliable protection of BC assets
  • A fast and easy procedure of opening of the company

If you are the sole company owner and you decide to expand the circle of shareholders, the number of directors will also have to be increased to at least 3. The director’s position can be occupied by both natural persons and legal entities.

You can use nominee directors, shareholders and managers. Directors and shareholders may be residents of any country.

There are no requirements for the authorized capital. We recommend establishing a company with a share capital of $10,000 (mind that you don’t have to pay up the capital!).

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Please contact our specialists at for more information on the requirements and nuances of opening a BC in Nevis.

The List of Documents you will Need to Register a BC in Nevis

You will be required to scan copies of the following documents from each founder to register a BC in Nevis:

  • A copy of the foreign passport or any other ID certified by a notary
  • Proof of residential address (bank statement or utility bill not older than 3 months, etc.)
  • filled and signed due diligence and order forms

Please send the original documents to our back office.

We will send the original corporate documents back to you after the company registration procedure is complete (you can also order a set of apostilled copies).

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The experts of our portal can also help you set up an LLC in Nevis.

Costs of BC registration in Nevis and its maintenance

BC RegistrationUSDTerms of service provision
The basic package of corporate documents includes:
· Certificate of Incorporation
· Endorsement Certificate
· Articles of Incorporation
· Certificate of Notary Public
· Designation and Acceptance of Registered Agent
· Transfer of Subscription Rights
  Appointment of Director (minutes)
· By-Laws
· Written Resolution of Director
· Register of Directors
· Register of Officers
· Register of Shareholders
· Share Certificate/s
USD 1,8992-3 business days
Apostille Package:
· Certificate of Incorporation
· Endorsement Certificate
· Articles of Incorporation
· Certificate of Notary Public
· Designation and Acceptance of Registered Agent
· Transfer of Subscription Rights
  Appointment of Director (minutes)
· By-Laws
· Written Resolution of Director
· Register of Directors
· Register of Officers
· Register of Shareholders
· Share Certificate/s
· One set of apostilled copies of corporate documents
USD 2,4995-6 business days
Apostille Package + Full Nominal Service:
· company registration
· payment of a state fee for registration
· services of the Registered Agent in Nevis
· registered office (legal address) in Nevis
· one set of original corporate documents
· one set of apostilled copies of corporate documents
· Nominee Director/Manager**
· original apostilled power of attorney
· Nominee Shareholder/Member**
· Trust Declaration – original
· one set of copies of the nominee’s apostilled corporate documents
· one set of copies of corporate documents
· Certificate of Good Standing
· Certificate of Incumbency
· Power of Attorney – a copy
· Declaration of Trust – a copy
· Copy of your passport
· Copy of a utility bill
· A reference letter from the bank or account statement
· Delivery by courier worldwide
USD 7,9496-8 business days
Company Annual Renewal Fee:
· payment of a state fee for renewal
· services of the Registered Agent in Nevis
· registered office (legal address) in Nevis
· scanned copy of a Renewal Certificate
USD 1,6993 business days
Annual fee for Nevis company nominees:
Nominee Director/Manager (Nevis corporation)USD 1,3991 business day
Nominee Shareholder/Member (Nevis corporation)USD 1,3991 business day
Nominee officers (Nevis corporation)USD 1,3991 business day
Additional documents after incorporation:
Notarized set of copies of corporate documentsUSD 6001-2 business days
Notarized and apostilled set of copies of corporate documentsUSD 7992-3 business days
Copy of the Certificate of IncorporationUSD 4001-3 business days
Preparation of registers: Managers/Members/Shareholders/Directors/OfficersUSD 2002 business days
Preparation of minutes of the first meeting of the Board of DirectorsUSD 450from 2 business days
Certificate of SharesUSD 2002 business days
Company searchUSD 5002-3 business days
Simple Power of AttorneyUSD 3991 business day
Notarized Power of AttorneyUSD 5991-2 business days
Apostilled Power of AttorneyUSD 7992-3 business days
Simple Trust DeclarationUSD 4001 business day
Notarized Trust DeclarationUSD 6001-2 business days
Apostilled Trust DeclarationUSD 8002-3 business days
Additional certificates after company registration:
Certificate of Good Standing — SimpleUSD 6802-3 business days
Apostilled Certificate of Good StandingUSD 8802-3 business days
Certificate of Incumbency (Simple)USD 4901 business day
Certificate of Incumbency (Notarized)USD 6901-2 business days
Certificate of Incumbency (Notarized and Apostilled)USD 8902-3 business days
Letter of Tax ExemptionUSD 5002-3 business days
Apostilled Letter of Tax ExemptionUSD 7002-3 business days
Certificate of Company DissolutionUSD 1700up to 7 business days
Certification of documents:
Certification signed by the registration agent (per document)USD 1502 business days
Notarization (per document)USD 2002 business days
Certification with apostille (per document)USD 2502-3 business days
Letter of Certification from the RegisterUSD 5005 business days
Change of company/capital/structure name:
Change of company name (without a seal)USD 800up to 7 business days
Change of company name (with a seal)USD 1,220up to 7 business days
Change of authorized capitalUSD 1,625up to 7 business days
Change of Officers/Directors/Managers (including drafts, registers)USD 800up to 5 business days
Change of Shareholders/Members (including drafts, registers, and up to 2 Certificates of Shares)USD 800up to 5 business days
Transfer of shares/ownership includes the Minutes and up to two new CertificatesUSD 1,2005 business days
Amendment of the Articles of Association (addition of a paragraph, change of capital, any change in the company Articles of Association stamped by the Register)USD 1,200up to 7 business days
Re-issue of constituent documentsUSD 1,625up to 7 business days
Making changes to the company after registration:
Continuation (Change of the country of incorporation)USD 2,520individually
Certificate confirming the change of jurisdictionUSD 1,200up to 7 business days
Company transfer to NevisUSD 1,500individually
Fast-track company transfer to NevisUSD 3,000up to 7 business days
Restoration of the company deleted from the RegisterUSD 1,7002-3 business days
Company dissolutionUSD 1,700up to 7 business days
Transfer Out (Change of registration agent)USD 1,9992-3 business days
Transfer In (Change of registration agent)USD 500individually
Other services:
Signing a document by a nominee from Nevis:
· one signature on a corporate document (per 1 document)
· one signature on the bank form (per 1 document)
USD 160 USD 3201-2 business days
Scanned copy of the document (per 1 page)USD 1001 business day
International courier deliveryUSD 2002-4 business days
Rushfee (quick document preparation) – cost per one operationUSD 1502 business days
Contractual services:
Services of a professional directorUSD 3,400individually
General consultationcontractualindividually
Legal advicecontractualindividually
Substance for a Nevis company:
A financial report (up to 20 transactions)USD 1,900individually
A financial report (from 20 transactions)from USD 1,900individually
Website development fee for State Registration & Registered Agentcost depending on the complexityindividually
Virtual Office (Panama)
· Address
· Mail/Delivery to courier
· Telephone with a recording function
USD 3,000up to 7 business days

Corporate Account with Capital Security Bank in the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a sovereign state of 15 islands in the Pacific Ocean, southwest of Tahiti.

Capital Security Bank (CSB) was founded in 1997 and is licensed to conduct business both locally and internationally. CSB provides its clients with high-quality private banking services, which will be especially interesting for well-to-do people in search of opportunities for reliable and effective savings. CSB deliberately emphasizes its focus on the careful handling of the client’s personal financial information.

CSB’s head office (which is, in fact, the only existing office) is governed by the laws of the Cook Islands jurisdiction, which distinguishes it and gives it advantages in contrast to multinational banks.

The minimum deposit for opening a current account, as well as the minimum possible balance, is USD 20,000.

An account can be opened in USD, GBP, EUR, or other currencies upon demand.

In view of the high risks, CSB does not open accounts for individuals from the countries and territories listed below, as well as beneficiaries from them:

Bosnia and HerzegovinaLiberia
Central African RepublicLibya
The Democratic Republic of CongoMyanmar (Burma)
Cote d’IvoirePakistan
EritreaSri Lanka
EthiopiaSouth Sudan
HaitiRepublic of Sudan
IraqTrinidad and Tobago
Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaTunisia
Lao People’s Democratic RepublicYemen

Strict compliance requirements and more thorough checking of due diligence forms apply to companies from the following list of countries and territories

BoliviaPapua New Guinea
BurundiRepublic of Congo
Gaza StripSão Tomé and Príncipe
GhanaSierra Leone
Guinea BissauUkraine
KosovoWest Bank

There are also restrictions on the scope of the company’s activities.

You will need the following documents to open a corporate account in CSB:

  • A copy of the Certificate of Formation
  • A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association/Bylaws/Operating Agreement
  • A copy of the Certificate of Good Standing (if the company is more than 1 year old)
  • A copy of the Director’s Resolution authorizing the opening of an account
  • You may additionally need a description of the scope of activities (partners, regions of activities, mutual settlements system, scheme of work, etc.) signed by the client

Each officer and beneficiary has to provide:

  • A copy of the foreign passport certified by a notary
  • Proof of residence address
  • A short bio

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Mind that all documents must be translated into English and notarized. The Bank may also request other documents.

The Procedure for BC Incorporation in Nevis and Opening a Corporate Account with Capital Security Bank

  1. Please contact us at for accurate and professional advice on the BC incorporation in Nevis with simultaneous opening of a bank account with CSB.
  2. Prepare scanned copies of the documents requested by our specialist.
  3. Pay for BC registration and bank account opening service (the cost starts from 5699 EUR). You can make payment by a regular transaction through a bank branch, by card, and through any payment services available to you: Money Gram, Western Union, or Web Money.
  4. After that, send the original documents required to open a BC and bank account to our back office.
  5. As soon as we receive the documents and the full payment, our specialists will begin the final stage of the procedure taking up to 2 weeks.
  6. Upon completion of all activities, we will send you the original corporate documents by courier.

Request the service at the address above right now!

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