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Cost: from 4699 EUR


A BC in Nevis with a Corporate Account in the UK Payment System

Do you want to register an offshore company in Nevis with a corporate account in a modern financial institution that offers all state-of-the-industry technical features? Opt for a Business Company in Nevis with an account in the UK payment system. Registering a BC in a jurisdiction that is a leader in asset protection will allow you to maintain a high degree of confidentiality, relieve you of your tax obligations and provide reliable protection for your company’s assets, while an account opened with a payment system rather than a conservative bank will spare the bureaucratic effort.

The service is provided remotely and does not require your personal presence, which saves time and money. Registration of a Business Company in Nevis is an easy and quick procedure that will take about two weeks to complete, and a corporate account will take even less.

BC in Nevis

A BC in Nevis – a Double Advantage of a Business Corporation and a Classic Offshore

Nevis is an independent island within the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean. Its location next to such an economically developed country as the United States has also contributed to the development of Nevis. The island’s economy is heavily dependent on foreign capital, so it is no surprise that Nevis’ authorities are doing their best to attract investors from the outside.

American entrepreneurs were the first to consider the potential of Nevis, and their share is impressive. All the others caught up a little later, which defined the leading positions of Nevis as a classic offshore.

Any success should be consolidated, so the Nevis law (which was based on English law) was constantly adapted to external changes. This helps the companies registered in the jurisdiction to avoid problems in international activities. Since January 2019, amendments have entered into force in the territory of Nevis to avoid the country’s inclusion on the EU “black list”.

This is only one example of how the legislation of the island of Nevis protects the interests of its investors while also ensuring that all rules are respected, which enhances the overall status and credibility of Nevis at the international level.

Nevis law also promotes the preservation of the company’s assets (and the personal assets of customers), and the jurisdiction is simply second to none in this matter.

On top of that, your BC in Nevis will not be required to submit financial statements, so paperwork will be reduced to a minimum.


Discuss the details with an expert

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A Business Company in Nevis will be able to provide you with an adequate level of confidentiality. For example, there is no public register of companies on the island that reveals the data on Business Company owners. Nevis does not disclose the data on the beneficial owners and members of a BC as part of the automatic exchange of tax information as this applies only to those who (or whose companies) have bank accounts in Nevis.

In addition, Nevis currently offers zero taxation on capital gains, as well as the income received outside the jurisdiction. And that’s another advantage for your Business Company in Nevis.

The jurisdiction of Nevis also allows smart customization and configuration possibilities for your company to ensure the maximum benefit for you. So, for example, you will be able to own 100% of the company and be its sole shareholder (or take advantage of nominee directors, shareholders and officers of your corporation).

It is worth remembering, however, that a Business Company can distribute responsibilities among its members depending on their share in the overall enterprise.

Nevis is also actively promoting economic citizenship by investments, which can provide additional benefits to you and your business.

If you have any questions about the advantages that Nevis provides for Business Companies or you just want more information about this jurisdiction, please contact us at [email protected].

Our experts will be happy to provide you with a more detailed answer on any aspects of business registration in Nevis and bank account opening.

Costs of BC registration in Nevis and its maintenance

BC Registration in NevisUSDTerms of service provision
The basic package of corporate documents for a Nevis Business Company includes:
· Certificate of Incorporation
· Endorsement Certificate
· Articles of Incorporation
· Certificate of Notary Public
· Designation and Acceptance of Registered Agent
· Transfer of Subscription Rights
  Appointment of Director (minutes)
· By-Laws
· Written Resolution of Director
· Register of Directors
· Register of Officers
· Register of Shareholders
· Share Certificate/s
USD 1,8992-3 business days
Apostille Package:
· Certificate of Incorporation
· Endorsement Certificate
· Articles of Incorporation
· Certificate of Notary Public
· Designation and Acceptance of Registered Agent
· Transfer of Subscription Rights
  Appointment of Director (minutes)
· By-Laws
· Written Resolution of Director
· Register of Directors
· Register of Officers
· Register of Shareholders
· Share Certificate/s
· One set of apostilled copies of corporate documents
USD 2,4995-6 business days
Apostille Package + Full Nominee Service in Nevis:
· company registration in Nevis
· payment of a state fee for registration in Nevis
· services of the Registered Agent in Nevis
· registered office (legal address) in Nevis
· one set of original corporate documents
· one set of apostilled copies of corporate documents
· Nominee Director/Manager**
· original apostilled power of attorney
· Nominee Shareholder/Member**
· Trust Declaration – original
· one set of copies of the nominee’s apostilled corporate documents
· one set of copies of corporate documents
· Certificate of Good Standing
· Certificate of Incumbency
· Power of Attorney – a copy
· Declaration of Trust – a copy
· Copy of your passport
· Copy of a utility bill
· A reference letter from the bank or account statement
· Delivery by courier worldwide
USD 7,9496-8 business days
Nevis Company Annual Renewal Fee:
· payment of a state fee for Nevis company renewal
· services of the Registered Agent in Nevis
· registered office (legal address) in Nevis
· scanned copy of a Renewal Certificate
USD 1,6993 business days
Annual fee for Nevis company nominees:
Nominee Director/Manager (Nevis corporation)USD 1,3991 business day
Nominee Shareholder/Member (Nevis corporation)USD 1,3991 business day
Nominee officers (Nevis corporation)USD 1,3991 business day
Additional documents after Nevis Business Company incorporation:
Notarized set of copies of corporate documentsUSD 6001-2 business days
Notarized and apostilled set of copies of corporate documentsUSD 7992-3 business days
Copy of the Certificate of IncorporationUSD 4001-3 business days
Preparation of registers: Managers/Members/Shareholders/Directors/OfficersUSD 2002 business days
Preparation of minutes of the first meeting of the Board of DirectorsUSD 450from 2 business days
Certificate of SharesUSD 2002 business days
Company searchUSD 5002-3 business days
Simple Power of AttorneyUSD 3991 business day
Notarized Power of AttorneyUSD 5991-2 business days
Apostilled Power of AttorneyUSD 7992-3 business days
Simple Trust DeclarationUSD 4001 business day
Notarized Trust DeclarationUSD 6001-2 business days
Apostilled Trust DeclarationUSD 8002-3 business days
Additional certificates after Nevis Business Company registration:
Certificate of Good Standing (Simple)USD 6802-3 business days
Apostilled Certificate of Good StandingUSD 8802-3 business days
Certificate of Incumbency (Simple)USD 4901 business day
Certificate of Incumbency (Notarized)USD 6901-2 business days
Certificate of Incumbency (Notarized and Apostilled)USD 8902-3 business days
Letter of Tax ExemptionUSD 5002-3 business days
Apostilled Letter of Tax ExemptionUSD 7002-3 business days
Certificate of Company DissolutionUSD 1700up to 7 business days
Certification of documents for Nevis BC:
Certification signed by the registration agent (per document)USD 1502 business days
Notarization (per document)USD 2002 business days
Certification with apostille (per document)USD 2502-3 business days
Letter of Certification from the RegisterUSD 5005 business days
Change of company/capital/structure name:
Change of company name (without a seal)USD 800up to 7 business days
Change of company name (with a seal)USD 1,220up to 7 business days
Change of authorized capitalUSD 1,625up to 7 business days
Change of Officers/Directors/Managers (including drafts, registers)USD 800up to 5 business days
Change of Shareholders/Members (including drafts, registers, and up to 2 Certificates of Shares)USD 800up to 5 business days
Transfer of shares/ownership includes the Minutes and up to two new CertificatesUSD 1,2005 business days
Amendment of the Articles of Association (addition of a paragraph, change of capital, any change in the company Articles of Association stamped by the Register)USD 1,200up to 7 business days
Re-issue of constituent documentsUSD 1,625up to 7 business days
Making changes to the Nevis company after registration:
Continuation (Change of the country of incorporation)USD 2,520individually
A certificate confirming the change of jurisdictionUSD 1,200up to 7 business days
Company transfer to NevisUSD 1,500individually
Fast-track company transfer to NevisUSD 3,000up to 7 business days
Restoration of the company deleted from the RegisterUSD 1,7002-3 business days
Company dissolutionUSD 1,700up to 7 business days
Transfer Out (Change of registration agent)USD 1,9992-3 business days
Transfer In (Change of registration agent)USD 500individually
Other services:
Signing a document by a nominee from Nevis: · one signature on a corporate document (per 1 document)· one signature on the bank form (per 1 document)USD 160 USD 3201-2 business days
Scanned copy of the document (per 1 page)USD 1001 business day
International courier deliveryUSD 2002-4 business days
Rush fee (quick document preparation) – cost per one operationUSD 1502 business days
Contractual services:
Services of a professional directorUSD 3,400individually
General consultationcontractualindividually
Legal advicecontractualindividually
Substance for a Nevis company:
a financial report (up to 20 transactions)USD 1,900individually
a financial report (from 20 transactions)from USD 1,900individually
website development fee for State Registration & Registered Agentcost depending on complexityindividually
Virtual Office (Panama) 

· address
· mail/delivery by courier
· telephone with a recording function
USD 3,000up to 7 business days

A Set of Documents Required for Business Company Registration in Nevis

You will need scanned copies of the following documents from each founder to establish a BC in Nevis:

  • a copy of the foreign passport or other ID certified by a notary
  • a document confirming the address of residence (bank account statement, utility bill not older than 3 months, etc.)
  • filled and signed due diligence and order forms

You will be able to receive the original company documents after registration in Nevis, and you can also order a set of apostilled copies if you need them.

Notice blue

If you need to register an offshore LLC remotely, Nevis is one of the best jurisdictions to choose. Engage our experts to get things done within 6 to 9 business days.

Corporate Account for your Nevis BC in the UK Payment System

The full functioning of your Nevis company will not be possible without a corporate account. Unfortunately, it is becoming harder and harder for companies to open a bank account in the current conditions in the light of a deoffshorization trend and a generally negative attitude towards offshore companies. Not all banks cooperate, and many of those who do provide business account services may not be the most reliable partners when difficulties arise. However, every cloud has a silver lining.

Payment systems are successfully filling the vacated niche of business accounts opened without much paperwork or excessive requirements.

They are increasingly proving their solvency and competitiveness in comparison with the banking sector as a whole, and innovation and technological advantages are on their side, so more and more companies choose to open accounts with them. Payment systems are more accessible, simple, and fantastically loyal to their customers, which makes account opening a much more pleasant procedure. In addition, they do not have as many obligations to supervisory authorities as banks.

We offer to open a corporate account for your Nevis Business Company in the UK payment system. This PS has a British jurisdiction and has been operating since 2018 in London.

The UK payment system will be able to provide you with a full range of financial services for your Nevis company, not just a corporate account. In addition, you have an opportunity to use full-fledged online banking, which will allow you to manage your account and get up-to-date information about expenses anywhere in the world, at any time. It’s very quick and convenient.

You can also convert and use the currencies of 26 countries.

The UK payment system is planning to issue 4 types of plastic cards for its clients who have corporate accounts, all of which belong to MasterCard with PayPass and reliable 3D secure data protection.

An important fact (and an additional advantage) of this payment system for you is that the data on account balances and transactions within the PS is also protected from tax authorities.

Rates of the UK payment system (corporate account)

Service for your BC accountCost
Consideration of the account application£ 250
Fee for reviewing documents and opening an accountfrom £1,000
Monthly account maintenance fee£ 30
Monthly account maintenance fee for inactive (5 months or more) accounts£ 500
SEPA transaction value (EUR)£ 20
Non-SEPA transaction value0.20%

Documents Required to Open a Corporate Account in the UK Payment System

To open a corporate account for your Nevis Business Company, you will need:

  1. For all company beneficiaries and managers:
  • A copy of the foreign passport certified by a notary
  • Proof of residence (utility bills)
  • A brief bio
  1. Corporate documents package for the company (issued by the registered agent)
  2. Completed and signed documents for opening an account, as well as scanned copies. It is important that the scans are of high quality and readable, otherwise, they will be turned down.

The Procedure of BC Registration in Nevis and Opening a Corporate Account in the UK Payment System

To start the procedure, you need to:


Contact us at [email protected] for professional advice on the Business Company incorporation in Nevis and the opening of a corporate account.


Pay for the company registration and corporate account opening. The price starts from 4699 EUR. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, WebMoney, Western Union, or cryptocurrency.


Then send the original documents that will be required to register a Business Company in Nevis and open a corporate account to our back office.


We will proceed with the procedure after we receive a full package of documents and payment from you. Company incorporation and account opening will take no more than 2 weeks to complete.


Your BC in Nevis has been registered, and your corporate account has been opened! Now we can send the original documents by courier to the address you specified.

Contact us now using the above address to request the service. Engage our experts for company establishment in Nevis and account opening with a UK payment system to enjoy a seamless procedure!

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