The Most Affordable Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for a Large Family via the UWIF

From now on, the University of West Indies Fund allows a large family to obtain citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda on the most advantageous terms. The cost is USD 150,000 for a family of six, USD 15,000 for an additional relative. But you can also get other unique benefits by applying for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda via a donation to this fund. Read on to find out more!

Citizenship for money is in fact the process of obtaining a second passport and citizenship by investing a large amount in the foreign economy. This procedure must be described by the laws of the host country and fully standardized.

This process has many benefits compared to other forms of citizenship including naturalization.

Many countries offer citizenship for money because their authorities are aware of the this instrument’s economic benefits, “opening their doors” to investors and other wealthy people from all over the world.

It is important to remember that the cost of such a service varies from country to country. It also depends on the financial option chosen, i.e. a donation to the National Fund, real estate or business investment, and so on. The first option (i.e. donation) is usually the cheapest. But at the same time, the amount to pay increases as does the number of persons listed in the application for citizenship for money.


on economic citizenship programs,
how to choose a jurisdiction
and get a foreign passport.

on economic citizenship programs, how to choose a jurisdiction and get a foreign passport.

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The Most Affordable Citizenship for a Family in Antigua and Barbuda

The Caribbean country of Antigua and Barbuda, which many wealthy people chose as a refuge during the pandemic, is currently offering the most affordable citizenship for the family.

Now the offer of this country has become even more interesting for those who have large families. In addition to the previously available option of obtaining a passport by a donation to the National Development Fund (NDF), the Antiguan authorities began issuing passports for grants to the University of the West Indies Fund (UWIF).

The citizenship by a UWIF donation of Antigua and Barbuda is only available to families of 6 or more. The applicant is required to contribute USD 150,000 to the relevant fund and USD 15,000 for every extra dependent if the application covers more than 6 family members. This option saves USD 10,000 compared to the NDF donations if your task is obtaining citizenship for a family of 6 or more.

A family of 6Each additional member of the family
NDF donationUSD 160,000USD 15,000
UWIF donationUSD 150,000USD 15,000

Additional fees (same for both options):

Security check feeUSD 7,500 for the principal investor, USD 7,500 for the spouse, USD 2,000 for children aged 12 to 17, USD 4,000 for children aged 18 to 28 and parents over 58, USD 0 for children under 11.
Passport feeUSD 300 per person

Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by Investment in Quality Education for Your Children

Interestingly, by applying for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by a donation to the UWIF, a foreigner is entitled to one year of free tuition at the relevant university for one member of their family who is included in the citizenship application. It makes this immigration route an excellent option for families whose children are educated in English (the official language of the country in question).

Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by Investment in Quality Education for Your Children. Money for the New Campus

It is noted that the UWIF money will be used to finance the new campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI or University of the West Indies) which will be located in the island of Antigua. It is important to note that the UWI Antiguan Campus has already opened, but its expansion and development are still ongoing. The site is located in the Five Islands area.

According to the forecasts of the local authorities, this university will be on payback and will start bringing significant economic benefits in five to ten years of operation. Previously, the local authorities considered the possibility of introducing a new tax to finance the UWI campus construction, but decided to abandon this idea.

Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by Investment in Quality Education for Your Children. More Information on the University of the West Indies

The University of the West Indies (originally the University College of the West Indies) was founded in 1948 to assist the inhabitants of the following 17 English-speaking countries and territories in the Caribbean in getting higher education: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos. Each of these jurisdictions is either a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations or a British Overseas Territory.

The aim of the university is to help “unlock the potential for economic and cultural growth” in the West Indies which will improve the regional autonomy. The university was originally established as an independent external college of the University of London.

To date, the university has trained many students who have excelled in a number of disciplines, including the following: art and science, business, politics and sports. The UWI campus in Monet, Jamaica, is the UWI headquarters. In addition, the university’s campuses operate in Antigua and Barbados, as well as in Trinidad and Tobago.

Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by Investment in Quality Education for Your Children. How Does the Antiguan Education Work?

The local educational system is based on the British one. Education in Antigua and Barbuda is compulsory and free for children between the ages of 5 and 16. The school year begins in September and ends in June next year.

In order to ensure that all school-related expenses are covered by the Government, an educational fee is levied on employees’ wages in Antigua and Barbuda. These funds are spent on transport and school infrastructure. Not least because of this, the adult literacy rate in this Caribbean jurisdiction is about 89 percent.

In 1972, local technical and pedagogical colleges merged to form the Antigua State College. Additional training options are offered by the Antigua and Barbuda Institute of Information Technology (ABIIT) and the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute (ABHTI). In 2019, the University of the West Indies opened its new campus in the country with the support of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

The island of Antigua also has three commercial medical educational institutions that mainly serve international students but also contribute to the local economy and health care:

  • the American University of Antigua (AUA) founded in 2004;
  • the University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA) founded in 1982;
  • the Metropolitan University College of Medicine.

What Else Does the Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda Bring?

· Unlimited travel One of the main advantages of the Antigua investment citizenship is the freedom of travel it gives. Most passports are generally of little use for travelers, requiring their holders to obtain a visa before traveling abroad even when it comes to a short trip. You will increase your global mobility by obtaining a second passport and citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda. This country’s passport allows visa-free entry to about 150 countries including the Schengen Area, Russia and the UK. Having Antiguan citizenship can change your travel experience dramatically, be that either business trips when you need to meet a business partner in the shortest possible time or a vacation.

· Financial and business opportunities With your second passport of Antigua and Barbuda, you will discover new business opportunities as you will be able to do business in the host country and in the neighboring states. That is, you will have a regional foothold for business. Many companies have been trying for years to find a way to access foreign markets to no avail. This goal can be easily achieved with dual citizenship. In addition, holding your new passport you can return and multiply the invested by having applied for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda not by donation, but by investment in business or real estate.

· Lifestyle There is a number of lifestyle benefits that go together with your new investment citizenship. Antiguan citizenship will provide the applicant and their family with a range of opportunities in such areas as education, health care, security and transport. Thanks to that, the second citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda can improve your lifestyle.

· Tax benefits Having obtained a second citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, you will be able to enjoy tax benefits and an improved tax regime. The size of fiscal incentives depends on many different factors. For example, the country has no income tax. But this advantage is for tax residents of Antigua and Barbuda only. At the same time, tax residency does not need to be received in order not to pay capital gains tax, as well as wealth, inheritance or gift taxes.

· Speed The process of obtaining citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for money is much faster than any conventional immigration process. Thus, this is the best option for those who are looking for a way to obtain a second citizenship without changing their lives and not moving abroad for a long period of time for naturalization.For more information please contact one of our consultants and we will do everything we can to help you. Feel free to contact our specialists should you have any questions regarding the passport of Antigua and Barbuda for yourself and your family members. Requests can be sent to

Who can obtain the passport and citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda?

To qualify for the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, applicants must live in the country for 7 years (naturalization citizenship) or make a significant financial contribution to the country’s economy (citizenship for money), as well as meet the following criteria: to have a clean criminal record and to have excellent health.

Is dual citizenship allowed in Antigua and Barbuda?

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda allows the citizens to have dual citizenship, and the authorities of that Caribbean country do not inform their counterparts from the states of origin of the new Antiguans.

Is it safe to travel to this country and live in Antigua and Barbuda?

Antigua is considered a safe place to visit. But you should follow the basic rules of conduct to ensure personal safety, just like in your home country or anywhere else. Although this is quite rare, robberies and road accidents sometimes occur in Antigua and Barbuda. 

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