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St Barts: French Lifestyle next door for St Kitts and Nevis Citizens

Like any other offshore jurisdiction, St Barts will give you intense emotions, wealth of unforgettable relaxation opportunities, lasting impressions, and tons of fun and good vibes. As appealing as it may be, a vacation lifestyle in either St Barts or St Kitts and Nevis may soon bore you, and offshore jurisdictions do their best to offer something else to their citizens that would by far surpass the above advantages.

Be it an opportunity to reduce taxes, obtain a second passport without much hassle, a friendly international business environment, or special services for HNWIs who do not watch their money – the options are numerous in offshore jurisdictions like St Kitts and Nevis or St Barts. Some offshore jurisdictions go above and beyond to offer even more competitive advantages to potential investors apart from the usual essentials kit. An opportunity to obtain citizenship in a classic midshore or even onshore jurisdiction is among them.

St Barts

The St Barts island that the article dwells on belongs to the latter category. Oftentimes compared to Monaco due to its high income requirements, St Barts remains outside the interest focus of most investors, business people and those after second citizenship, permanent residency or a residence permit abroad.

Yet, don’t be in a hurry to file the offshore jurisdiction away in storage. True, the Caribbean boasts multiple territories that offer the same comfort and vacation opportunities at much lower prices. Compared to St Barts, the alternatives like say St Kitts and Nevis are oftentimes better and more advantageous. Be advised that for those seeking an opportunity to obtain EU citizenship within approximately 5 years on a fast track basis, St Barts has no rivals.

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FYI: if interested in obtaining alternative citizenship abroad while keeping your current one, you are welcome to book a free consultation with International Wealth.  Thereat, the International Wealth weathered consultants will tell you all you need or want to know about CIPs overseas, top jurisdictions for CBI applicants, and the requirements to meet in order to qualify for a so-called golden passport in your chosen country or territory. With our top specialists, your immigration worries will soon become a thing of the past.


on economic citizenship programs,
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on economic citizenship programs, how to choose a jurisdiction and get a foreign passport.

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EU citizenship in 5 years

St Barts is located in the vicinity of St Kitts and Nevis, which is another jurisdiction’s draw. With as little as 60 km separating them, the islands are close neighbors. This way, with EU citizenship in mind that you can obtain after getting a French passport in St Barts, your horizons are wide and bright. This provides for a cheap, legal, and relatively easy to implement CBI idea. The latter targets those wishing to obtain EU citizenship without a long wait and high expenses.

Nevis and France passports

Here’s what the plan is all about:

  • As a first stage, you acquire Citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis for Investment in real estate. Your expenses to obtain St Kitts and Nevis CBI will be upwards of USD 200,000 + USD 20,000 to pay for the International Wealth expert services, as it is extremely challenging to handle these things and acquire St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment on your own.
  • Obtaining a French visa that specifically mentions St Barts comes as a second step. Although tricky to put into practice now, you’ll succeed if assisted by the International Wealth immigration pros. Known to reject most citizenship applications, France still issues visas to applicants.
  • With a French visa in your bag, you are free to move to St Barts. Having lived there for at least 5 years, you’ll be eligible for St Barts tax residency.
  • With everything completed, you may apply for French citizenship. It is unlikely for your citizenship application to be rejected in this case as St Barts is an overseas collectivity (i.e., territory) of France.

Although the above scheme functions fine, it is not for everyone, considering the high expenses involved. It is not the one to take to task at the same time, as no alternative options are available and the ones that do exist will cost you much more. The only strong disadvantage is the high income requirements for potential St Barts permanent residents. The issue is feasible still, if you manage to lower high living costs St Barts is famous for being a millionaire island. Yet, where there is a will, there is a way, and the way does exist.

Remember, we mentioned St Kitts and Nevis being a close jurisdiction’s neighbor? This is the key. Living in St Kitts and Nevis on a permanent basis, you’ll manage to considerably save your budget and keep the right to apply for tax residency in St Barts, when the time comes. The conditions and qualifications as to the time one is required to live on the island need to be kept in mind but this is totally possible.

With the superb relaxation and vacation opportunities St Barts offers to its guests and permanent residents, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Feel free to savor the French chic and the service fit for a king while spending weekends or vacations in St Barts. A boat like this one can’t be missed. 

St Bart offshore jurisdiction: basic info

St Barts belongs to the Caribbean archipelago and is a close neighbor of St Kitts and Nevis. This in itself is a great advantage, both in general and in certain aspects. Although not ideal, St Barts comes with no competition if you ignore the high financial standards for residency applicants. Forgetting about the island’s millionaire residence status, it is no doubt a good option.

St Barts

Below, you will find basic facts about St Barts:

  • Language. The jurisdiction’s official language is French, although Creole and English are used on a daily basis as well. If you don’t speak any, hiring a translator is not an issue.
  • Weather. St Barts is a typical tropical island with low humidity and strong winds. Although hurricanes do happen, the climate is generally mild and enjoyable.
  • Personal safety. WIth its next-to-zero crime rate, the gravest crime in St Barts is pickpocketing, with no violence involved.
  • Living standards. In St Barts, living standards are through the roof. It is small wonder that boasting a prosperous environment, the island with no significant everyday local issues is favored by the rich and affluent. 
  • Vacation and relaxation opportunities. There are no limits to how you can spend your free time in St Barts. It has every beautiful, entertaining, or thrilling thing life has to offer. Those into meditating on the seashore and watching the ocean and the ones who can’t imagine their existence without nightclubs and nightlife pleasures can find things and events to their liking in St Barts, let alone the ones who stick to the middle ground.
  • Pets. They are welcome everywhere. You can hardly come across a nation as pet-friendly as St Barts.
  • Living expenses. With higher living standards compared to Europe, Asia, and America, it will cost you much more to reside in St Barts. Yet, if you remember about an opportunity to permanently settle in St Kitts and Nevis, the issue is not as huge as it seems.
  • Educational institutions. Here’s where St Barts leaves much to be desired. The island does come with primary schools and public preschools but can’t boast any higher educational establishments let alone universities.
  • Medical services. Feel free to visit the local hospital, the diagnostic lab, and any pharmacies. You won’t find lots of medical professionals in St Barts, the only ones you can see are a cardiologist, a primary care doctor, a dentist, an ENT specialist, an OBGYN, a children’s doctor, and a rheumatologist. If in need of specialized treatment, you’ll have to travel to the mainland. With Florida close by, it is nothing major.
  • Transportation. A typical offshore jurisdiction, St Barts has its own small airport not capable of hosting or receiving large aircraft. A ferry service connects St Bart and St Maarten. Taxis serve as the only available public transport in St Barts and having your own car is not a luxury but a necessity. Go for a SUV, if you decide to rent or purchase one, they are better adapted to the island terrain.

St Bart beaches and bathing locations:

  • Grand Cul-de-Sac. A tropical beach at its best, Grand Cul-de-Sac comes with all the prescribed attributes including the most picturesque coral reef you can come across and sea turtles.
  • Petit Cul-de-Sac. The beach is hard to get to but if you do, perfect solitude will be your prize. It is the best option for those in love with sunset meditations.
  • Salinas Beach. Favored by divers, joggers, and swimmers, Salinas Beach is quiet and secluded in the morning time. Later in the day, vacationers start arriving and solitude melts into thin air.
  • Shell Beach. The beach is popular with fancy restaurant goers and avid shoppers. Covered with shells and not sand, it is not so appealing for those into bathing and sunbathing.
  • Saint Jean Beach. The all-in-one beach location, Saint Jean Beach boasts some quiet, a beach village, and highly developed tourist infrastructure, including inter alia hotels, restaurants, villas, and water rides. It is a top choice for those open to all things new, with no particular preferences.
  • Colombier Beach. No doubt, loners and thrill-seekers will like it here. Colombier Beach is challenging to get to and you will hardly find a place to spend your money in the location. Although perfect for nature lovers, Colombier Beach could seem boring to all others.
  • Lorient Beach. The place is an exact opposite of Colombier Beach. Throughout the year, it attracts all kinds of visitors. Surfers, kayakers, bathers and sunbathers, families with little children – you name it. Lorient Beach boasts picnic locations, good restaurants, and a food market.
  • Flanders Beach. Unless you are stinking rich, your garage is stuffed with proper supercars, and every year you purchase a new luxury yacht, Flanders Beach is not a prime choice for you. Jokes aside, the place is oftentimes referred to as Billionaire’s Beach, and it is for a reason.

Real estate investment in St Barts

As mentioned above, St Barts is a millionaire’s paradise. It is only logical that real estate sells like hot cakes in winter here. Yet, St Barts area is limited and there is no place for new construction. This is why St Barts real estate comes in 2 varieties.  Yep, it can be either expensive, or alternatively super expensive. Be forewarned.

Bearing in mind additional expenses is a sound idea. The latter make 5% of the real estate transaction amount, including the title transfer tax and notary fees. The latter vary depending on the transaction object and are typically not expressed as percentage.  Overheads do matter if you make up your mind to acquire real estate in St Barts. Be it paying for two-way airline tickets, accommodation, translation and interpreting, meals, and transportation, overheads are inevitable for every international real estate deal, and St Barts is no exception to the rule.

Here are the most popular locations and districts to purchase real estate in St Barts, with the main advantages thereof:

  • Colombier, Flamands. The area boasts a quiet beach nearby and romantic window views are an extra bonus.
  • Gustavia. Known as St Barts tourist center, Gustavia comes with excellent infrastructure and everything necessary to lead a comfy and carefree life.
  • St-Jean. With its prestigious hotels and popular beaches within easy reach, the district is favored by well-off visitors and customers.
  • Eastern coast (Toiny, Grand Cul-de-Sac, Petit Cul-de-Sac, and Vitet). Fascinated by the district’s superb views off the tourist track, HNWIs traditionally flock there not wanting to live next to average Joes.

Activities and entertainment

St Barts is not your traditional offshore paradise in the tropics offering standard activities to visitors. Customized to meet wishes and desires of the rich, St Barts does not offer any standard tourist entertainment. You will only find the ones designed for those in the upper income brackets in St Barts.

St Barts

Take a look at the celebrities choosing St Barts as their preferred vacation spot:

  • Nicole Richie prefers to spend her free time in St Barts accompanied by friends.
  • Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale prefer to hang out in St Barts on New Year’s Eve.
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z come to St Barts for New Year’s Eve and multiple festivals.
  • Usher is a frequenter of St Barts music festivals and star performances.
  • Rachel Zoe visits St Barts frequently accompanied by family and friends on no particular occasion.
  • Dua Lipa shows up in St Barts during her career breaks.
  • Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr show in St Barts frequently to hold photo shoots or Victoria’s Secret ad campaigns.
  • Jeff Bezos occasionally brings his partner to St Barts to spend time there together.
  • The Kardashians traditionally visit  St Barts in summer to enjoy HNWI entertainment and activities.

Popular activities in St Barts:

  • Outdoor pursuits including hiking. Be sure to pick your difficulty level.
  • Surfing. It is as if St Barts were originally designed for surfing. Both professional and novice surfers favor Grand Cul-de-Sac and Lorient Beaches and hang out there a lot. If you are making baby steps in surfing, consider hiring an instructor.
  • Diving. With the natural marine reserve for protection, St Barts waters are warm and calm providing for excellent scuba diving opportunities. You should definitely visit the Kayali Wreck. Although nothing like the Titanic, it is well worth your time and effort.
  • Parties and festivals. Famous for its festival and party scene, St Barts is a sure go-to location for active party goers and clubbists. With such a medley of various styles and genres, you are sure to find events to your liking.
  • Yachting. St Barts yachting is for those whose income much surpasses the EU and US averages. FYI: come to St Barts in spring if you wish to attend any of the 2 internationally acclaimed regattas, i.e., St. Barts Bucket and Les Voiles de St. Barts.
  • Fishing. Not ready to purchase your own yacht yet? Set on a fishing tour. In St Barts, you can anytime rent a boat and sail across an open ocean in the evening. Local sunsets are the most mind blowing thing you can see in your whole life.
  • Nightlife. St Barts night venues host all kinds of celebs and performances, so be up for an adventure. You will hardly get into trouble in St Barts clubs or bars as the crime rate on the island is miniscule.
  • Meditation and yoga. An opportunity to fine-tune your mind and body letting some spiritual superpowers make you into a better human while enjoying ocean views is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even pragmatics won’t be disappointed.
  • Art and fashion. Although St Barts does not host any Haute Couture shows, some boutiques on the island are known to cooperate with internationally acclaimed fashion houses. Expect no issues with keeping your wardrobe up-to-date.

St Barts restaurants and coffee shops

No one calls St Barts a haute cuisine center but foodies spending their time in St Barts won’t be disappointed. With cozy coffee shops and low-key restaurants available in sufficiency in St Barts, it is plain impossible. The island comes with both dining facilities boasting prices affordable even for St Barts and restaurants with ultra-high bills likely to burn a huge hole in a common man’s pocket.

Find excellent places to eat at in St Barts below:

  • L’isola. An authentic Italian restaurant, L’isola comes with the cuisine, the atmosphere, and the wine menu straight up to snuff.
  • Bonito. With its unusual mix of South American culinary traditions and French cuisine, Bonito is renowned for a superb cocktail menu, an energetic DJ, and Laurent, its award-winning chef.
  • Orega. The only place in St Barts that can be called a haute cuisine restaurant, Orega is definitely worth paying a visit. On the face of it, a non-typical European (i.e., French) and Asian (i.e., Japanese) cuisine fusion may seem strange but the mix has its charm. All foodstuffs come from Europe, the US, and Japan, so it is not surprising the prices may hurt even St Barts residents.
  • Tamarin. The facility’s architects designed it so that instead of a traditional sea view visitors have their eyes glued to an old tamarin tree aged above 200. Local food is both delicious and intriguing and the place itself is good to spend an evening at, which may become a tradition.
  • Shellona. According to St Barts residents, Shellona is where people go to enjoy the sunset and beach atmosphere, with live music as a nice bonus, while eating comes secondary. Speaking of which, local food is delicious.
  • Nikki Beach. Not specializing in any cuisine in particular, the restaurant fuses chicken and shellfish as well as costly champagne and beach cocktails. If eclectic style is your thing, go for it.
  • Pearl Beach. The beach houses a restaurant combined with a beach bar. Although unremarkable during the day, in the evening and at night, the facility transforms to look and feel totally different. It oftentimes hosts wine- and seafood-tasting events.
  • Black Ginger. A Thai restaurant with an authentic chef, Black Ginger is not typical for the Caribbean. It boasts vegetarian cuisine although only selected few are eager to try it with all the appetizing aromas coming from the kitchen.

International Wealth recommendations and conclusions

In the above article, we tried to give you an idea of St Barts. The second thing to discuss was why obtaining EU citizenship via St Barts while actually residing in St Kitts and Nevis is nothing to be afraid of. If you opt to go for it choosing St Kitts and Nevis as a jurisdiction to reside in you won’t lose the comfort level you are used to. If living in St Kitts and Nevis appears to be a cup of tea too tasteless for your liking, switching to St Barts with its millionaire lifestyle that sits 60 km away is a plausible option.

With the Caribbean lux lifestyle in St Barts no wonder residing there is a choice for the affluent and the super-rich. A Monaco equal in terms of financial standards, St Barts happens to outperform it on many levels. With very few alternatives in the Old World, you can find one for St Barts, and St Kitts and Nevis is its name.

Provided your income is good for it, with a visa-free St Barts access you can travel to Europe anytime you feel like it. If you are not into luxury and prefer to invest money in expanding your business or where your profits are insufficient therefor, staying in St Kitts and Nevis remains an option.

Below, you will find the International Wealth services you can enjoy in relation to St Kitts and Nevis:

At International Wealth, we are prepared to answer any questions about St Barts or St Kitts and Nevis residency or citizenship you may have. Be sure, everything remains confidential. To book an initial individual consultation and discuss any matters bothering you be it in relation to St Barts or St Kitts and Nevis with the International Wealth industry pros, you are welcome to contact the agency at [email protected]. If this is not an option feel free to use any communication channel suiting your needs the best. Click the link below to see all available contact options.

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