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Second Citizenship in Dominica for Secret Bay Hotel Co-Owner

With its pristine nature and spacious beaches washed by crystal clear Caribbean blue waters, Dominica is a true natural miracle. The island is in high demand with free spirits who seek eco-adventures and stylish pampering. Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is over, demand for the luxury tourist destination is on the rise again. The International Wealth readers and subscribers enjoy a great opportunity to profit from the trend by investing in the local eco-chic Secret Bay luxury resort. A great chance to become a happy-go-lucky owner of a second passport and CBI in Dominica makes the real estate investment in question even more appealing and adds a spark thereto.

Hotel Secret Bay

Dominica is a tiny state in the Caribbean that has won great popularity as a luxury tourist destination. The island of 750 square kilometers encompasses a world full of natural wonders and miracles. Tourists are drawn to Dominica in huge numbers, wishing to marvel at its world-famous active volcanos, hot springs, lush tropical rainforests, ordinary and volcanic black sand beaches, as well as multiple coral reefs adored by diving enthusiasts.

Year after year, more and more travelers come to Dominica to savor luxury vacations at newly-built resorts, with the existing spa and hotel complexes expanding by the hour. Foreign capital supplied by the local Dominica citizenship by investment program is often used to finance the above and the like real estate projects.

The Secret Bay resort and spa is a bright star in this constellation. The luxury resort lives up to its name. With its numerous eco-villas sitting at the cape surrounded by two small beaches, Secret Bay is an exclusive and romantic luxury real estate in Dominica for you to spend an unforgettable one-of-a-kind vacation you will never forget.

Stylish and elegant, the Secret Bay carefully designed spacious villas are complemented by a cozy restaurant, a full-service spa, a yoga studio, and a number of other facilities offering first-class services to their guests.

Location of Secret Bay hotel

Located at the northwest tip of the island, the luxury resort is 10 mins by car from the Portsmouth city. It will take you approximately 1 hour to drive to the Charles Douglas International Airport and the capital city of Roseau.

secret bay dominica map

The resort land plot of 1.6 hectares (4 acres) comes with a tree-shaded cape abundant with bright tropical flora. Secret Bay guests will enjoy luxury individual villas, all sitting at varying heights.

A path leads to the small Tibay beach covered with gray volcanic sand. It houses the Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion and a water sports center, that resembles a beach hut. The Secret Bay beach with lighter sand is on the other side of the cape. It can only be reached by kayak or simply by swimming.

Secret Bay – style and character

The Secret Bay resort administration is justly proud of an impeccable reputation the luxury eco-resort boasts. The spa facilities were rebuilt and upgraded following the devastation Hurricane Maria brought to the infrastructure in the early fall of 2017. All structures here are made of eco-friendly and non-polluting materials, with hardwoods prevailing.

The luxury villas are named after local trees. They house small libraries, with books describing the unique Dominican nature. Soaps, jams, souses, and many other products offered to hotel guests are made right there in Dominica. Due to this, their carbon footprint is reduced to a minimum, as no long distance goods transportation is involved. 

Even seasoned travelers will feel at one with nature and enjoy their vacation time, savoring the romantic atmosphere and healthy lifestyle on the island, while they stay in any of the Secret Bay luxury villas.

Available services

Real estate guests are provided with smartphones to promptly contact the local service personnel where necessary. You are welcome to call the housekeeping staff and ask for a food delivery, event management, or any other assistance you may need, including, inter alia, showing you how to operate household appliances you may find in the high-tech kitchen.

Hotel guests enjoy the right to use water sport equipment for free. This applies to kayaks, surfboards, as well as snorkeling and scuba-diving equipment. You are welcome to visit a yoga retreat and enjoy wellness procedures in the Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion and the Gommier spa, designed as a small treehouse.

If wished, the guests may go to the viewing platform on the cliff to admire sunsets, support their health in a modern fitness center, visit the local art gallery and microbrewery, get acquainted with the unique marine cave right inside the hotel area, and walk along numerous nature trails.

A children’s club, a parking lot, a laundry room, an infinity pool with seawater, an open-air restaurant, a beach bar, and cabanas will make your vacation a pleasant experience, and high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access will keep you connected to the outside world.

The Secret Bay hotel guests may request various special services:

  • personal concierge
  • private security
  • appointed villa manager (important for resort real estate owners)
  • on-call chefs
  • tour guides who organize tours outside the resort
  • villa management and maintenance services (important for real estate owners)
  • daily cleaning
  • laundry service.

Guest rooms in Secret Bay

All luxury resort villas are truly stunning. Being so close to the ocean, the seaside Zabuco Honeymoon Villa enjoys the highest demand. Two other Zabuco Honeymoon Villas are equally posh, but they sit a bit further from the ocean and a bit more to the south.

The Ti-Fey villa is among the least spacious Secret Bay real estate properties. It is a luxury 2-story mansion designed as a treehouse facing the Tibay beach. Two Ylang Ylang villas are the most affordable among the Secret Bay resort luxury mansions, and they sit right in the middle of the local gardens.

All Secret Bay luxury villas boast raised wooden terraces, small private pools, outdoor showers, lounges, and top-of-the-line fully equipped kitchens. The Secret Bay guests will enjoy numerous amenities and modern conveniences, including, inter alia, Netflix-supporting big-screen TVs, air conditioning units, ceiling fans, safes, and Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Food and beverages for Secret Bay guests

Upon arrival and check-in, all Secret Bay guests receive a basket full of foodstuffs for your organic breakfast, including, inter alia, organic products from local farms. These may be eggs, fruit, home-baked bread, local lemon grass teas, and cocoa. Where necessary, housekeepers at your luxury villa will make breakfast for you. The Secret Bay resort guests receive order forms for their food, beverages, and wines well in advance.

Villa inhabitants will enjoy an extensive menu with lunch and dinner dishes. On certain days, luxury hotel guests are welcome to make a reservation in the Zing Zing restaurant. Sitting on an open terrace by the Tibay beach, the restaurant offers a rich and exotic menu to the visitors, with all meals prepared by the South African culinary genius, chef Grant Lynott.  No matter what you’d like to order, a firefish ceviche, local seaweeds, mussels from Guadeloupe – you will always find something of your choice on the menu, depending on the season and richness of the catch.

Family vacation at Secret Bay luxury resort

Regrettably, family vacation options are a bit limited at the Secret Bay luxury resort. The official site announces: “Under exceptional circumstances, minor children below 18 may stay in 1-bedroom villas, provided the parent or the guardian accompanying them signs a liability waiver. When staying in the Secret Bay villas, children shall be supervised at all times”.

Target audience of luxury Secret Bay resort and Dominica tourist industry as a whole

  • Outdoor activities and ecotourism. The island’s main sights are all nature’s wonders, including walking trails above 480 km long in total, 9 active volcanos, sperm whales to be seen playing non-stop in the Dominica waters, multiple diving locations, and breathtaking waterfalls. With its second to none natural beauty, the Caribbean island is the best luxury tourist destination one can find to fully enjoy outdoor activities and areas of natural Mediterranean glory and charm.
  • Culture. Apart from multiple outdoor activities for active leisure enthusiasts, Dominica comes with a variety of possibilities to study a foreign culture.  Indigenous population density on the island is among the highest in the Caribbean. To entertain tourists, the Dominican authorities organize a variety of cultural events. The Dominica World Creole Music Festival is held on the island every October
  • Health tourism. The Dominica government focuses on promoting medical and health tourism. It does its best to popularize the island as a perfect tourist destination for people looking for alternative holistic treatments. The Dominica authorities work closely with hotels, nonprofits, and medical community members to develop a long-term strategic plan for the sector development. They pay close attention to the healing properties the country’s natural resources offer (sulfur and hot springs, waterfalls and tropical forests), as well as its medicinal plants and herbs.

Scheduled expansion of Secret Bay

The Secret Bay management is about to increase the spa potential by 2025. In particular, they are adamant about building new villas for the luxury resort guests. The number thereof will more than quadruple, growing from 10 available currently to 42 in the future. It is quite an expansion, to say the least.

The work to expand the Secret Bay luxury resort is already in progress. To avoid wasting any time during the COVID-19 pandemic, the management company of the Secret Bay spa renovated common facilities therein, including, inter alia, a hotel lobby with a reception desk and a restaurant. New luxury villas are currently being built.

Tourism industry in Dominica

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can currently book any of approximately 1,000 rooms in varying categories, forms, and sizes in Dominica, ranging from budget and economy-class hotel rooms to luxury suites, cottages, villas, and guest houses.

Many resort holiday properties were and are currently being built under the local economic citizenship program. You may obtain Dominica citizenship by investment via investing in the country’s economy. Please, stay tuned for more details below.

Commenting on the tourist industry post-pandemic restoration in Dominica, local authorities stress on the dramatic progress achieved. In 2019, 90,000 guests visited the island. Tourist numbers dropped drastically in 2020, amounting to 23,000, and in 2021, just 15,000 tourists arrived.

Official stats claim, the tourist numbers since January till July 2022 have already overshadowed the 2020 results. According to the government’s expectations, the number of guests expected to come to the island will reach 50,000 by the year-end. It is by far not comparable with the pre-COVID-19 numbers yet, but a positive trend is obvious. The government of Dominica pins its hopes on achieving the pre-pandemic tourist numbers recorded in 2019 by the end of 2023 tourist season, with further growth expected in subsequent years.

New hotel construction, together with the expansion of the existing luxury properties, including the Secret Bay boutique hotel, will contribute to growing tourist traffic. This, in its turn, will result in room supply increase in Dominica.


on economic citizenship programs,
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and get a foreign passport.

on economic citizenship programs, how to choose a jurisdiction and get a foreign passport.

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CBI in Dominica for Secret Bay villa buyers

The CBI program in Dominica has long been a worthy and successful rival for multiple similar investment schemes both in the neighboring Caribbean states (Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Grenada, and Saint Kitts and Nevis), and in countries further away (Cambodia, Egypt, Jordan, Malta, Montenegro, Turkey, and Vanuatu).

With priceless opportunities Dominica offers to immigrant investors, the latter are able to improve both their freedom of travel and living standards in exchange for minimum investment possible. To obtain your Dominica citizenship by investment, you don’t need to visit the receiving state or live therein. The term set to get your Caribbean passport will come as a pleasant surprise to you, as the procedures only last for about 3 months.

An opportunity to add multiple dependent relatives to your Dominica citizenship by investment application is a key advantage of the product, setting it off against the competitors. Take a look at how many family members may move to Dominica together with you:

  • main applicant’s spouse
  • minor children (below 18) of the main applicant or their spouse
  • children aged 18 to 30 of the main applicant or their spouse financially dependent on any of the latter
  • main applicant’s (or their spouse’s) children above 18 with either physical or mental disabilities financially dependent on the applicant and/or their spouse
  • parents and/or grandparents of the main applicant (or their spouse) above 65 financially dependent on any of the latter
  • applicant’s (or their spouse’s) siblings, with the following relatives among them:
    • above 18: biological or legally adopted siblings of the main applicant or their spouse aged 18 to 25, who are single, childless, and financially dependent on the main applicant or their spouse
    • under 18: biological or legally adopted siblings of the main applicant or their spouse under 18, who are single, childless, and financially dependent on the applicant or their spouse. Additionally, all persons with parental responsibility for the siblings in question shall agree to the latter being added to the Dominica citizenship by investment application as co-applicants.

To get their Dominica citizenship by real estate investment, a potential investor shall purchase properties of at least USD 200,000 in a development project pre-approved by local authorities. The Secret Bay hotel in Dominica belongs to such projects.

The holding period makes 5 years, where the next buyer is also about to obtain Dominica citizenship. In any other case, the real estate investor may exit without losing their Caribbean passport after a 3-year holding period is over.

Apart from the invested funds, a person applying for Dominica citizenship shall pay the corresponding administrative fees for document processing and background checks, together with the licensed immigration agent’s fee. NB: a foreigner may not apply for Dominica citizenship by investment independently, they are only allowed to do it via the said agent. Adding extra family members to your Dominica citizenship by investment application as co-applicants results in higher total investment and administrative fee amounts.

Expert assistance for Secret Bay villa buyers striving for Dominica citizenship by investment

The Dominica citizenship by investment scheme is among the most affordable and popular CBI programs in the world. It offers potential investors not only the right to reside peacefully on the paradise tropical island of Dominica, but also move freely across the globe. Here comes the catch, though – no investor is allowed to apply for Dominica citizenship by investment independently. Local authorities oblige the applicants to only do it via licensed immigration agents. The International Wealth consultants will gladly introduce you to the top-choice immigration agents available on the island. With their assistance, immigration procedures are simple, transparent, and efficient, and you will avoid any overpayments.

Notice blue

You are welcome to contact the International Wealth experienced industry experts to book your all-inclusive consultation on this and any other matters. Do use the online chat on your right or any of the above contact phones, and the International Wealth consultants will be there for you in no time

How much will I pay to obtain Dominica citizenship by real estate investment?

The minimum investment amount in this case makes USD 200,000. An immigrant investor will have to pay administrative charges for background checks and document processing, as well as the immigration agent’s fees. The said agent will assist you with applying for Dominica citizenship by investment, as you are not allowed to do it on your own in the jurisdiction. Where any extra relatives are added to the Dominica citizenship by investment application, the total investment amount and charges to be paid are increased.

What are the benefits of Dominica citizenship by investment?

With Dominica citizenship by investment, you will be more mobile globally. Dominica passport holders are allowed to visit over 140 countries, states, and territories on a visa-free basis, from Singapore and Hong Kong to the European Union and the United Kingdom. Successful applicants will enjoy tax benefits in the country and the right to use the Dominica passport as their ID document when dealing with banks around the globe. You are welcome to book a consultation with the International Wealth industry pros or study any other articles on the subject on our website to get information about the extra bonuses you will receive.

Who can I turn to for assistance with getting my passport and CBI in Dominica?

The International Wealth readers and subscribers interested in getting their Caribbean passport by investment, should consult our weathered industry experts. The latter are aware of any potential obstacles and pitfalls you may come across. Expert assistance will come handy for speeding up and simplifying most of the related procedures, starting from bank account opening in the receiving state to successfully transfer the necessary funds to tax planning. Please don’t hesitate to contact the International Wealth team to learn more.

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