Rating of the Most Beautiful Passports in the World

We have prepared for you the TOP 10 most beautiful passports in the world, from flipbooks to colorful passport designs that appear only in the dark. Each of them has a zest with unique pages.

Passports worldwide have a similar look, which is no coincidence. In 1920, the League of Nations adopted an agreement to standardize all passports. This agreement establishes a specific size of the passport and the same number of pages.

The most beautiful passports

But the need to follow the standards did not prevent countries from introducing their identity. Passports of many countries have exclusive design features, based on which we have compiled our passport rating.

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TOP 10 most beautiful passports

The beauty of a passport is a rather subjective concept, so you can meet different opinions in different passport ratings. Our experts conducted research and selected passports that are most often included in various tops. The first of them leads in most rankings of the most beautiful passports in the world.

1. Norway


If you look at the pages of a Norwegian passport under ultraviolet light, you will see an image of the Northern Lights twinkling over the mountains. The passport cover was designed by the Neue studio with the concept of the Norwegian landscape. It consists of three colors: white, red and blue. Each cover color has a meaning: white for immigrants, red for locals, and blue for diplomatic relations.

The design concept of the passport pages is based on nature and its intrinsic meaning to Norwegian culture, permeating all ages, genders, and regions of the country. Therefore, an illustrated landscape is depicted on every page.

Dramatic landscapes of fjords, mountains, forests, rivers, magnificent sunsets, and Northern Lights are presented in various illustrations, unique on every Visa page. It’s all drawn by the Neue team in the same style. These detailed images form the background for pages containing vital information that should be perfectly readable. Therefore, they are made entirely in pale shades of blue, with finely added lines and cross-hatching that creates a variation in texture to define objects such as mountains and skies.

Under ultraviolet light, the details of these images come to life in vibrant tones, jumping off the page, for example, the undulating light of the Northern Lights or the light on particular layers of the coastline.


2. Australia

At first glance, an Australian passport may look like any other passport without outstanding features. But when placed under ultraviolet light, its pages show kangaroos that appear to float and sink when the passport is tilted at a certain angle. This allows the Australian passport to take its well-deserved place in our passport rating.

3. Finland

Passport of Finland

Pages of a Finnish passport depict northern landscapes and the outline of Mount Saana. Northern Lights and snowflakes on the spread can be seen under UV light. Flip through the pages of a Finnish passport, and you will see a moving animation of a moose in the bottom right corner.

Fantastic nature, hills, Northern Lights, and snowflakes take center stage in the passport’s design. The new main theme was chosen based on a public poll conducted in January 2016, and at that time, no one thought that the Finnish passport would fall into the ranking of the most beautiful passports in the world.

The national elements of Finland in the passport are the country’s coat of arms, the poem by Eino Leino, and the lake landscape depicted on the cover inside.

4. Canada


Secret UV images are skillfully combined with images visible under standard lighting. So, they complement each other when viewed under UV light. These images and the biometric chip on the passport’s back are security measures. They were designed to make duplicating or forging a passport as difficult as possible.

Many of Canada’s national treasures can be seen in the passport under UV light. Illustrations include maple leaves, historical buildings, figures, and Niagara Falls.

The passport has an unusually soft cover in navy blue with the Royal Arms of Canada.

5. Indonesia


Most countries’ passports have images of skylines or landmarks, but Indonesia has gone for something less typical. Open this passport, and you’ll be greeted with vivid pictures of the country’s rich cultural heritage, natural wonders, and wildlife.

Under the blue and gold cover, the Indonesian passport has different illustrations on each page. Among them, we can see a Komodo dragon, a large rafflesia flower, a shadow puppet, ondel-ondel (giant Betawi figurines), and angklung (bamboo musical instrument).

6. Ireland


The new Irish passport design features illustrations representing the country, such as Irish music, dancing, and some of its attractions, including Croagh Patrick and Croke Park, as well as pictures of people playing Gaelic games.

Also, the passport pages contain poems by W. B. Yeats, Nuala Ni Domhnaill, and James Orr. Other landmarks featured on the passport pages include Kylemore Abbey, Aviva Stadium, the Samuel Beckett Bridge over the River Liffey, Dublin Customs, and the Convention Center.

Half-forms of 14 different river gods’ images, such as those on the Custom House and Liffey bridges in the Dublin city center, are found on the edge of each passport page. The images are fully formed only when two different pages are stacked on top of each other. This is an additional security feature of an Irish citizen’s passport.

The passport was designed and produced in Ireland by a consortium led by the DLRS security printer company. However, the Absolute Graphics team in Bray became the lead designer for the passport images.

7. Switzerland


The Swiss passport boasts a modern, bold design that uses the country’s national flag. Switzerland is also credited as the first country to design its passport professionally. If you have ever seen a Swiss passport, then you know why it is often called one of the coolest passports and why it is included in the ratings of the most beautiful passports in the world.

Compared to other passport covers, the off-center placement of the Swiss cross and text gives it a modern minimalist look. Additionally, the passport cover is filled with embossed miniature Swiss crosses, giving it a pleasant tactile sensation.

Switzerland’s multilingual inclusiveness is demonstrated on the cover of its passport with the words Swiss Passport written in all the languages of the country (German, French, Italian, Romansh, and additionally English). Visa pages are printed in bright, saturated colors. Each passport page features famous landmarks from all Swiss cantons in the corners.

8. China


The Chinese passport looks like a small travel guide and is the pride of the country’s tourism ministry. Each visa page has one unique attraction from all 34 provinces and cities.

Flipping through the passport pages under ultraviolet light, you will find yourself in the Forbidden City of Beijing, the Shaanxi Terracotta Army, and the Coconut Grove of Hainan Island. You will also see Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong and Sai Wan Bridge in Macau. Chinese passport got to our list of TOP 10 most beautiful passports because it looks really incredible.

9. New Zealand

New Zealand

Unlike most countries that chose either red or blue for their passport covers, New Zealand opted for black with silver embellishments. It is the reason why we included it in our passport rating. The cover of a New Zealand citizen’s passport is engraved with the coat of arms and fern leaves. Such an unusual combination of colors and patterns makes it one of the most beautiful passports in the world.

10. UK

Great Britain

The passport’s front cover is dark blue, symbolizing Britain’s long history as an island nation. The document also includes the iconic red hemisphere, representing British authenticity and culture.

The back cover of the passport is very unusual. It is decorated with floral emblems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, made in the technique of embossing. This stylishly complements the passport of a British citizen. The floral emblems on the passport cover represent the national flowers, and the Tudor rose is the national flower of England. Therefore, this passport is deservedly included in the ranking of the most beautiful passports in the world.

Each passport is beautiful in its own way, and it’s good when you have not one but several. If you are interested in obtaining a second citizenship or a passport from a particular country, please, write us at info@offshore-pro.info, and we will advise you on these issues. It is not so important what place the document takes on the top of beautiful passports, but what advantages it gives.

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