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Our regular readers know already that Malta offers the most attractive investor passport in Europe. Last year the 2014-2020 Malta citizenship program was revised, and now qualified applicants have a unique opportunity to obtain citizenship by investment within a short period of time and enjoy all the benefits of European passport! But you should hurry up to hop on the program as this is a limited express! 

Malta Citizenship

Malta (officially the Republic of Malta) is an ancient Mediterranean island state famous as an ideal hub for wealthy foreign investors and successful international businessmen, high-net-worth individuals, and families from all over the world. They are drawn by a mix of Malta’s virtues – the sun-soaked Medieval towns, azure Mediterranean horizons, sailboats and masts of white yachts in the marinas, handsome historic buildings, great restaurants, chic hotels, the lively resort atmosphere, modern infrastructure, reasonable prices for real estate. Lucky are the expats who come to live a long happy life in the heavenly Mediterranean setting of Malta! The shortlist of privileges that come with the Maltese passports is easy to compile:

  • Malta citizens can live, work, study, travel anywhere in the EU.
  • Malta passports guarantee visa-free travel to over 180 countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, etc.
  • Life in Malta is more comfortable than in most Western countries, considering the status of public safety, healthy environment, ease of business development, freedoms and rights, advanced infrastructure, English as an official language, attractive education opportunities.  
  • Tax residence is not automatically assigned with citizenship but can be an attractive prospect. Taxation is based on domicile, and not on residency or citizenship status. For this and other details of the Malta citizenship benefits, please read below and refer to our experts (by writing to our e-mail address given at the top of this page).

It is quite likely you will also find it an excellent idea to obtain your home away from home in Malta, right in the heart of this picturesque European region. According to the recent legislation updates, Malta citizenship can be awarded after a one- or three-year residence period (depending on the value of the qualifying investment in Malta)! 

This fastest in Europe, safe and convenient route to the EU passport was paved in 2020 by the ‘Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services’ and ‘Malta citizenship By Naturalization For Exceptional Services by Direct Investment (MCNESDI)’ regulations. It is more than just a rebranded edition of Malta’s previous economic citizenship program and is well ahead of seemingly analogous provisions offered by some other EU jurisdictions. 

Let’s see what makes it so special, and how the InternationalWealth team can help you succeed in the pursuit of Malta citizenship.

How did the concept of Malta citizenship by investment develop?

The dual and multiple citizenship programs are offered across the world by a dozen countries striving to attract direct foreign investments into their economies. The rationale behind such policies is based on a win-win principle: solid investors can apply for a second passport on the most favorable terms giving them the right to relocate to the investor-friendly environment and upgrade their quality of life, while the host jurisdiction obtains ample resources for the national economic and social development projects. 

The Maltese authorities have quickly recognized the rewarding multiplier effect of the economic citizenship program. Its first edition (aimed at investors contributing at least 1 million euros each) attracted from 2014 through 2020 nearly 2,000 principal applicants who are now Malta citizens and enjoy the stunning beauty and exciting business opportunities of this island state.


on economic citizenship programs,
how to choose a jurisdiction
and get a foreign passport.

on economic citizenship programs, how to choose a jurisdiction and get a foreign passport.

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Furthermore, the Government recognized it a vital objective to constantly optimize the immigration processes in order to secure Malta’s growing prosperity and to prompt the investors’ interest in citizenship in this country.

The new amendments to the legislation came into force in November 2020. They have opened a more promising, more secure, and easier access to the status of a citizen of this member state of the European Union.

The ‘Malta citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment’ (MCNESDI) program is a superb opportunity for foreign individuals and their families to become Maltese citizens through a more simple procedure of obtaining a residence permit and a passport in Malta. How exactly does this mechanism work?

What are the requirements set for Malta citizenship (MCNESDI) applicants?

The main requirement set for Malta citizenship (MCNESDI) applicants is very simple: to make a qualifying donation or investment in the amount of at least EUR 600,000 (36 months residency option) or at least EUR 750,000 (12 months residency option). Besides, the applicant needs to pay the legal dues, application fees, and a philanthropic donation. 

Experts recommend that you should file the application as quickly as possible not to miss this unique chance! Due to the advantages of the Maltese passport, the program is likely to appeal to many investors. However, not everyone will be able to qualify.

The new regulation establishes the maximum number of applications a year to be accepted for consideration. After the stringent due diligence procedure, the Government can issue no more than 400 certificates of Malta citizenship per year. The program is planned to be discontinued after reaching the goal of 1,800 successful applications. Do you agree now that there is no time to waste? Take this incredible chance, start acting now!

All applications are processed by the Community Malta Agency  (Agenzija Komunita Malta), a division of the local government responsible for examining the eligibility of applying investors. The Agency sets the following selection criteria:

  • The principal applicants for Malta citizenship (MCNESDI) program in 2021 must be 18 years of age or older. The principal applicant has the right to add on the application the family members who are financially dependent on the applicant, and pay for such persons an additional amount established by law (EUR 50,000 per dependent).
  • The applicant is required to make the main investment after submitting the documented proof that he/she has been an official resident of the Republic of Malta for a certain period of time.
  • Are you ready to wait for a 36-month period to obtain Malta citizenship and an EU passport? In such a case, the required minimum investment amount is EUR 600,000.
  • Would you like to apply for Malta citizenship after 12 months in the status of a resident? In such a case, the required minimum investment amount is EUR 750,000.
  • Applicants are required to purchase/rent a property in Malta. The minimum value of such a property depends on the location. The ownership of the real estate being registered as private property must be held by the investor for five years. Such an asset may not be rented out. If you choose to rent the property instead of buying it, please note that the leased asset is prohibited from subleasing to third parties.
  • When buying a property, please note that the value of the acquired asset needs to be at least EUR 700,000.
  • If the applicant rents a property, the annual rent needs to be at least EUR 16,000.
  • Applicants need to make a philanthropic donation of EUR 10,000 to a local organization previously approved by the Community Malta Agency. Candidates have the right to choose an organization independently. Such an organization needs to be officially registered in the country and maintain a sports, scientific, charitable, charitable/cultural focus. Donations to non-governmental organizations and civil society associations are allowed.
  • When applying for Malta citizenship, you need to confirm the existence of a valid residence permit of the Republic of Malta and present an identity document (e-ID card).
  • Health certificates confirming that the applicant is in good health and has taken a comprehensive medical check are required. This requirement also applies to the financial dependents of the principal investor (family members) included in the collective application for Maltese citizenship.

Applicants are subject to mandatory verification for reliability, including, inter alia, confirmation of the legality of the source of income of the main applicant/absence of criminal records of persons involved.

The Due Diligence procedure is quite strict. The authorities have established a multi-level compliance control process, involving third-party contractors. Such work is part of a worldwide crusade against illegal capital flows.

Under the old program for obtaining Malta citizenship by investment, about a quarter of applicants were rejected due to the detection of illegal sources of capital and other offenses. Such a policy has made it possible to enhance the reliability of Malta’s economic citizenship program and not to tarnish the reputation of the jurisdiction.

The new ‘Malta citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment’ (MCNESDI) program stands out among all the rival offers by its top-class benefits, unsurpassed convenience, and security.

In general, Malta offers some of the most attractive conditions for obtaining a passport in Europe. Any doubts? Let us consider the benefits that arise after the application for Malta citizenship is granted.

How can Malta citizenship improve your life?

  • Residence in Malta: After a successful application and investment according to the new MCNESID immigration route adopted by the Government, the applicant (and the family) is granted the right to reside all year round in Malta – the country known all over the world for very attractive living conditions. The successful candidate and his/her family will be able to enjoy life like never before. Relocation to this Mediterranean paradise guarantees an unsurpassed quality of life in an eco-friendly environment that only a few countries can offer today.
  • Residence, employment, and training in any of the EU countries: After approval, the investor and family members will have the right to live, work, and study in any country of the European Union. The principal candidate and family members will have the opportunity to choose any of the EU states for residence and other objectives according to their own wishes, needs, and hobbies.
  • Quality education in Malta: Besides, the investor’s children will have full access to the European education system. In particular, it will be possible to study in English-speaking schools and universities in Malta, which are mostly public and free of charge. High-quality educational services guarantee a decent level of academic and professional training.
  • Seamless cross-border travel with one of the most prestigious passports in the world: As European citizens, the investor and family members will have the right to travel to the 26 countries of the Schengen zone without any additional visa and border formalities. From Asia to South America, the status of a citizen of Malta will provide visa-free access to almost 180 countries.
  • No ban on multiple passports: Malta is a country allowing dual citizenship. This means that you can take advantage of being a holder of passports of two or more countries. Other countries that allow multiple passports are  France, Germany, the United States, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, etc. As China, India, Ukraine, and some other countries prohibit dual citizenship, you may need to discuss relevant details with our experts.
  • The value of Malta passports: the Maltese passport holders are entitled to the right to become owners of any property in Malta and the right to purchase housing in other EU countries. They are expected to enjoy in full the freedom of speech and other rights and freedoms guaranteed in this advanced jurisdiction. Moreover, successful applicants and their family members will get along with the Malta passports access to first-class infrastructure, banking, and financial services across the entire European region.
  • Advanced Medicine: The health of the investor’s family will be taken care of in Malta. The health system of the Republic of Malta is ranked among the five most advanced ones in the world (according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Most of the medical services are covered by affordable insurance provisions: from hospitalizations to prescriptions and special treatment.
  • Benefits of Malta’s legislation on taxation and business development: the new European passport guarantees ample opportunities to save assets and increase income. By obtaining Maltese tax residence, the investors draw benefits from some of the most benign tax laws in the world. Tax residents pay reasonable taxes on income generated inside of Malta, or capital gains arising inside of Malta, or income generated outside of Malta and remitted to Malta; no taxes on inheritance or death taxes; no estate duty; no net worth or wealth taxes; no municipal taxes. The country maintains one of the most attractive and extensive networks of double taxation agreements, which is extremely beneficial for foreign investors.

The new Malta citizenship updates in 2021 will certainly bring many benefits to applicants from different parts of the world. You should not worry about the details of the application process. Our team collaborates with top-notch Maltese experts specialized in immigration issues and is ready to promptly consult you on any relevant matters.

Just think of the advantages your family, your business and you can derive from Malta citizenship! Such an opportunity should not be missed. All you need to do is contact our experts as soon as possible. You can write to our e-mail address or messengers given at the top of this page – to request additional information and book a private one-on-one online consultation of the matters of your choice. We can also offer you our professional fee-based services of your company registration, bank/payment system accounts opening, asset protection, investment, relocation, etc.  

How can I become a citizen of Malta?

The main routes to Malta citizenship are as follows: naturalization by birth (for those who can show that they have kinship with a citizen of Malta), marriage (for those who have been married to a Maltese citizen for five years), residence (for those who have legally resided in Malta for five years), investments (for those who make large investments and wait for 1-3 years to obtain the Maltese passport).

Can I buy Malta citizenship?

You can NOT buy a Malta passport. This is a criminal offense. But it is possible to obtain Malta citizenship through the appropriate investment. In other words, you can invest in some real estate or make a charitable donation in some recommended project in Malta. Your direct investment of at least EUR 600,000 or EUR 750,000 will be sufficient if you are a principal applicant. The minimum value of your contribution depends on the preferred wait (residency) period before the passport is issued (36 or 12 months, respectively).

Is it easy to get Malta citizenship?

Yes, if you have Maltese relatives, or if you are willing to make an appropriate investment in the country — from EUR 600,000 + administrative costs. This means you can invest, purchase some real estate, or make donations to an approved organization or society, meet some other requirement, and thus get entitled to your Malta passport. If you are planning to apply for a second or multiple citizenships, you are welcome to take advantage of our immigration experts’ insights, book a free private consultation, and order fee-based professional services by contacting us at the e-mail address given at the top of this page.

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