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Grenada Citizenship by Investment: Questions and Answers

Do you need answers to frequently asked questions about Grenadian economic citizenship and the benefits of a Grenada investor passport? You’ve come to the right place! All the information you may need is collected in this article. But if you still have questions that we did not answer here, please schedule a meeting with our experts – it’s free of charge!

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Requirements for the Applicants

Who is eligible to apply for a Grenada investor passport?

A prospective applicant for Grenada citizenship by investment is required to prove that he or she:

  • is at least 18 years of age
  • has no criminal record
  • is in good health (has no contagious diseases)
  • has adequate income from legal sources in order to apply

The main applicant has the right to include dependent relatives in the application.

What dependent relatives can be included in the application?

The main applicant can add the following dependents to the application:

  • Spouse
  • Parents/adoptive children of the main applicant/spouse under the age of 30
  • Parents/adoptive children of the main applicant/spouse of any age if they have serious health problems (physical/mental)
  • Parents/grandparents of the main applicant/spouse
  • Siblings of the main applicant/spouse aged 18+, unmarried, and without children.

Can a child who turns 30 during the collective application processing apply for a Grenada passport if he or she is included in the application by the parent as a dependent?

If the child is 29 years of age at the time when the application is submitted, the authorities will accept the application and issue a passport to such a child if the security check is successfully completed.

Can the applicant’s married child (who meets the age requirements) be considered a dependent under the terms of the economic citizenship program?

A married child may not be included in the parent’s application for economic citizenship.

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Can the applicant’s children who have children of their own be considered dependents under the economic citizenship program?

Children specified in the parents’ application for citizenship must be single (unmarried) and have no children.

Do the applicant’s children need to be studying in order to be considered dependents under the program?

The relevant requirement existed a little while ago and applied to adult children. Today, such dependents no longer need to confirm enrolment in school/university to be added to the parent’s application for citizenship.

Can a working child be considered a dependent under the economic citizenship program?

Children who have a paid job cannot be included in the parent’s application for economic citizenship as dependents. However, an exception is made for children whose income is insufficient to gain complete financial independence from their parents.

Can the main applicant include children from multiple marriages in the application?

Yes. The children of the main applicant/spouse from the previous relationship/marriage are allowed to be included in the family applications. However, if the child from the previous marriage is under 18 years of age, written consent of the former spouse/partner + a notarized copy of the identity card with a photo is required.

Can the main applicant who has several wives include all of them in the application?

Grenadian law does not recognize polygamous marriages. Consequently, applicants with multiple wives will have to choose one wife to be included in the application as a lawful spouse.

Is permission from the ex-spouse(s) required to include the child in the application for citizenship if the investor is the child’s full and sole guardian?

A parent who exercises full and sole custody/guardianship of a child is not required to obtain written permission from the former spouse. Otherwise, the application should be accompanied by the other parent’s written consent + a notarized copy of the identity card with a photo.

Can a child obtain a Grenada passport if the parent previously obtained economic citizenship?

Newborn infants of the main applicant born within 12 months of the citizenship acquisition by the latter may be added “retroactively” to the previously submitted family application subject to surcharge payment (see below).

What if the applicant is included in the no-fly list in his/her home country?

While individuals may be listed by the authorities of their home countries/states of residence for seemingly minor offenses, this fact reduces the likelihood of an application for a Grenada passport being approved. The Caribbean authorities assess many factors in the consideration of applications, including reputational risks.

What if the applicant was previously refused a visa to a certain country?

If an applicant is refused a visa by the United Kingdom, a Schengen country, or another country with which the Grenadian authorities have entered into a visa exemption agreement, the applicant will not be able to obtain Grenada citizenship by investment until the relevant visa has been successfully applied for and received.

What if the applicant was previously denied participation in an economic citizenship program of another jurisdiction?

The Grenadian authorities will automatically reject an application if the investor concerned was previously rejected by another country with an economic citizenship program that shares relevant data with the Grenadians (the list of such countries now includes Dominica, Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia, and Antigua).


on economic citizenship programs,
how to choose a jurisdiction
and get a foreign passport.

on economic citizenship programs, how to choose a jurisdiction and get a foreign passport.

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Advantages of Investing in a Grenada Passport

Does the Grenadian law allow dual citizenship?

Caribbean jurisdiction recognizes multiple nationalities, but please take into account the possible restrictions on dual citizenship that are in force in your homeland when you apply for a Grenada passport.

Is it true that you can become a Grenada citizen remotely?

The process of applying for Grenada citizenship can be arranged from the country of current residence. After successful application approval, the candidate will receive the Caribbean passport by courier. A newly-minted Grenadian is entitled to visit the new homeland at any time and stay in Grenadian territory for as long as necessary.

Do you need to speak English to obtain Grenada citizenship by investment?

The applicant does not need to speak English (which is the official language of the jurisdiction) to become a citizen of Grenada if he or she applies for economic citizenship.

How many visa-free destinations are available to a Grenadian?

Such a person is entitled to travel without a visa or benefit from a visa-upon-arrival/e-visa entry to more than 150 countries, including EU states, Schengen Agreement signatory jurisdictions, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The Grenadian passport can also be used to obtain a popular American E-2 business visa.

How long does it take to process a Grenada passport?

The application processing takes from three to six months. However, the process can take longer if the host authorities have additional questions for the applicant.

What do Grenadians get from providing citizenship by investment?

The Investment Immigration Program was introduced by the Caribbean country to promote economic growth, attract developers, increase foreign direct investment, support infrastructure development, and ensure a sustainable future.

What kind of taxes do Grenadians pay?

Grenadian law offers individuals a favorable tax regime: in particular, there are no capital gains and wealth taxes in the jurisdiction. Resident and non-resident individuals are subject to personal income tax only on income from local sources.

You can become a resident and eliminate personal income tax from sources outside the Grenadian territory if you are physically present in the Caribbean country for at least 183 days in the context of the fiscal year. The tax-free annual minimum for the purpose of personal income tax calculation is EC $60,000. If the tax-free minimum is exceeded, income tax is levied at a rate of 30%.

What are the business and other benefits of Grenadian citizenship, given the country’s geographical location and diplomatic ties?

The beautiful Caribbean country offers excellent tourist infrastructure and is popular with wealthy holidaymakers. Advantages include a growing economy and a stable government. The state is a member of a number of international economic and intergovernmental organizations, including the Commonwealth of Nations and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).  These circumstances give Grenadian businessmen free access to the markets of several neighboring countries.

What is the Commonwealth of Nations?

The Commonwealth of Nations, formerly known as the British Commonwealth (or simply the Commonwealth), is an intergovernmental organization comprising former British colonies and dependent territories. It is composed of 52 independent member states.

What are the benefits of a Commonwealth passport?

Grenada’s citizenship status allows visa-free travel across most of the Commonwealth. An additional bonus: you can count on the protection of the embassies in all Commonwealth member states anywhere in the world when traveling abroad. For example, Grenadians have the right to seek help from the offices of the embassies/consulates in Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. Since Grenada is a small country with a limited diplomatic presence of its own, this is a very useful circumstance.

What educational benefits are available to Grenadians?

Tuition in Grenadian public schools is free for children under 16 years of age that have citizenship. The jurisdiction additionally offers high-quality higher education: the local St. George’s University has international accreditation and is considered a first-class higher education establishment that trains specialists in the field of medicine and veterinary science for the United States and other developed western countries. At present, more than 6 thousand students from dozens of countries study at the university.

What are the prospects for the Grenadian economy?

The Grenadian economy is actively developing, and it relies on key sectors: tourism, agriculture, construction, and food production. It has a stable currency pegged to the US dollar. Experts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other reputable organizations highly appreciate the prospects of the Grenadian economy.

Prices & Payment

How much does it cost to get a Grenada passport?

Candidates need to invest either $150,000 as a non-refundable contribution or $350,000 as a five-year refundable investment in a government-approved development project. In addition, administrative fees (for security checks, and application processing) and agent fees are payable. The amount is increased if you add relatives to the application. Contact our experts and schedule a personalized consultation to find out the total amount of payments in your case.

How do I get a discount when I apply for Grenadian citizenship?

A discount may be obtained as follows: two applicants can jointly invest in an approved development project by purchasing real estate at a price of $220,000 each (in other words, a total of at least $440,000 must be deposited).

What real estate is best to invest in for a prospective citizen of Grenada?

Investments can only be made in a government-approved development project. The list of relevant projects is published by the official authorities. You can consult our experts to find the best option or ask any questions. The partners of the portal regularly visit the island and personally check the quality of the offered real estate in order to provide customers with useful and relevant advice and make profitable deals on their behalf.

Can a parent/grandparent sponsor an application submitted by a child/grandchild?

A parent/grandparent, as well as an employer, can sponsor an application for a Grenada passport submitted by a child/employee, respectively. However, in this case, the sponsor will have to provide a number of forms, certified color copies of valid and expired passports and national identity cards, as well as documents on the sources of funding in addition to the money. There is also an extra fee of $8,000 per application covering the sponsor’s reliability assessment.

What if a parent wants to be a child’s dependent in the application sponsored by that parent?

The parent is not allowed to sponsor in this case.

What are the financial and other conditions for adding a newborn to the application after the parent has acquired citizenship?

If you need to add a child born within one year from the date of citizenship acquisition by the main applicant, the latter will have to file the following documents no later than six months after the birth of the child:

  • Form number one
  • Form number three
  • Certified copy of the birth certificate
  • Certified color copies of the child’s passport (if applicable)
  • Passport application form
  • Eight passport-size photographs (including two notarized ones)
  • Proof of administrative fee payment ($100) and the application fee of $5,000

If the child becomes the fifth+ person listed in the application, an additional fee of $25,000 will be charged.

What if the bank account from which payments are made when applying for a Grenada passport is relatively new (no older than 12 months)?

If the account is relatively new, the applicant will have to provide certified statements for the entire validity period of the account and bank statements for the 12 months from any other account opened in the applicant’s name.

What if the funds used to invest in a Grenada passport are derived from an asset sale?

If the funds are derived from the sale of a particular asset (e.g. a plot of land), it will not be enough to simply provide a contract of purchase and sale as evidence of the legitimacy of the source of funds. In addition, proof of the actual asset transfer to the new owner should be provided.


What documents do I need to submit to apply for Grenada citizenship by investment?

The list of necessary accompanying documentation includes copies of the pages of the current passport, a copy of the identity card, birth and marriage certificates, passport-sized photographs, a certificate of no criminal record from the police, proof of residence at the specified address (for example, a utility bill), a medical report, bank statements and documents to prove the legality of the source of financial resources. The full list of documents depends on the number of persons listed in the application and several other factors. If you want to know more, please contact our experts to get the updated information. 

Do I need to submit a separate application for each family member to get Grenada citizenship by investment?

No, there is no need for that. A spouse, dependent children, parents, grandmothers, grandparents, brothers, and sisters may be included in one application.

Do all family members need to submit police reports?

Yes, that’s true. The only exception is made for children under 16. A certificate is required from any country where the applicant/dependent resided for more than one year in the previous decade. You can file police reports that are not older than 6 months at the time of application for a Grenada passport. The document must confirm the absence of criminal records. The police report should be notarized if it is generated electronically and does not have the physical signature of a competent police officer.

Do I need to provide medical certificates, including an HIV test?

An HIV test is a mandatory document, and only children under 12 need not be tested. Medical examination certificates must be no older than 3 months at the time of application for a Grenada passport. One medical certificate for each applicant (including children) is required. The practitioner should confirm that he/she identified the subject that undergoes examination (on the basis of past personal/professional relations or by checking his/her identity documents).

What if the applicant’s last name/first name was changed before the application?

If the client’s name was changed on any grounds other than marriage, proof of the change of name (e.g., an adoption statement from the Civil Registry) should be submitted along with the application for a Grenada passport.

What if the applicant’s current ID documents contain different spellings of the name?

If the applicant’s name is spelled differently in different documents, including passport, birth certificate, and national identity card, a written explanation of the situation and confirmation of the statement that all versions of the name refer to the same person will be required.

What if the applicant is unable to obtain a birth certificate?

If the applicant comes from a country where the birth certificate cannot be issued or has difficulties in obtaining a birth certificate from the relevant authority (for example, due to a military conflict in the home country), he/she can provide a certificate of civil status/relevant document along with the affidavit explaining the situation.

What if the applicant’s home country has not signed the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961?

In such cases, the applicant can provide notarized documents together with an affidavit explaining the situation.

What if the applicant does not have a national ID/Social Security card?

If the applicant does not have a national identity card/social security card, any official identity card with a photo from the country of residence/citizenship (if different) will be suitable. For example, a driver’s license with a photo will work.

What if the police department in the country of residence does not issue a criminal record certificate to civilians?

In a number of regions, including, for example, Hong Kong, the authorities do not issue police certificates to civilians, but only to government agencies upon specific request. In such situations, the applicant’s immigration agent is allowed to request the Grenadian authorities to submit a request to the competent authority in the applicant’s country of citizenship/residence. The letter is usually issued by an agent and delivered by courier to the desired country for a separate fee.


Can I get Grenada citizenship by investment by myself?

No. You need to engage an agent in 100% of cases.

What is the difference between an authorized marketing agent and an authorized local agent?

  • The Authorized Marketing Agent (AMA) advises the applicant on the preparation of documents, as well as their legalization/notarization, and transmits the client’s forms and supporting documentation to the Authorized Local Agent.
  • The Authorized Local Agent (ALA) transmits the application and accompanying documentation to the Grenadian authorities and becomes responsible for liaising with the competent authorities regarding all correspondence, inquiries, or questions that may arise about the applicant.

How do the applicants undergo the due diligence procedure?

No in-person interview is required. However, applicants are carefully screened by international independent due diligence service providers that carry out a detailed check of the candidate’s biographical and other data before approving the application.

Are dependent children subject to security screening?

Due diligence is carried out for any dependent child aged 17 and over, and an additional fee is payable for the procedure.

How often does an investor need to change a Grenada citizen’s passport?

A Grenada passport is issued for a period of five years. Upon expiration, the document may be renewed/re-issued at any nearby consulate.

Are there any cases when it is impossible to extend the passport of a Grenada citizen?

The Act guarantees a passport to all Grenadians, but this right may be lost if you are deprived of citizenship. This happens if it is discovered that the information provided is obviously incorrect/misleading at the stage of obtaining economic citizenship, or if a serious crime has been committed that tarnishes the reputation of the Caribbean country.

If the candidate does not include the spouse in the application, will the spouse have to provide any documents/pass a security check?

The spouse will have to undergo a security check and provide Form 1 and Form 2, a power of attorney, police certificates of no criminal record from any country of residence where he/she spent more than a year in the previous decade, certified color copies of valid and expired passports, certified copies of an identity card with a photo, and certified copies of a birth certificate. The applicant will have to pay an additional $8,000, which includes fees for the application, processing, and due diligence of the spouse.

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