Grenada and its citizenship-by-investment program

The financial sector in Grenada has suffered greatly in the global crisis. However, there are still possibilities to open an offshore bank account in the country, register a foreign company, establish an insurance company, and even mutual investment funds. When the level of these services improves, we will offer them to our clients.
In the meantime, the most exciting offer that Grenada has to make is the opportunity to acquire citizenship of the country and a second passport via the citizenship-by-investment Government program.

I. Offshore products and services in Grenada

This section informs the readers about all services available in Grenada that may be of interest to those foreign investors who seek their business or family asset protection.

Articles about offshore products and services available in Grenada

II. Luxury resort property in Grenada for investment and second citizenship acquisition

Here we describe the hotels on the islands of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique where we recommend that you should or should not invest in the frameworks of the economic citizenship program available in Grenada.

Articles about real property where you can invest via citizenship-by-investment program

III. Grenada news

In this section, we publish news from Grenada that may have a bearing on the investment climate in the country and those related to the national citizenship-by-investment program.

News articles about Grenada and its citizenship-by-investment program

IV. The Citizenship-by-Investment Government Agency in Grenada

In this section, we describe the institution that controls the process of Grenada citizenship acquisition by foreign nationals. We talk about its operations and mention all the recent novelties introduced in the work process.

V. Grenada as an offshore jurisdiction and international banking center

This section is dedicated to Grenada as an international business center that offers a second passport.

Articles about Grenada as an international business center

VI. Investment attractiveness of Grenada for HNWI

In this section, we talk about investment attractiveness of the tourist business in Grenada. The articles here will be especially interesting to those investors who consider putting money into luxury resort property in the country thus acquiring its citizenship. We show why the hotel that you are investing in when applying for citizenship of Grenada is going to be filled for the best part of the year.

Articles about tourist attractions and tourist possibilities in Grenada

VII. Considerable investments into the economy and business in Grenada

Articles about the opportunities to invest into business projects in Grenada thus acquiring citizenship of the country

VIII. Second passport of Grenada: the benefits that come with citizenship of the country

IX. Offshore industry-related conferences in Grenada

Here you can find information about meetings and conferences on economic citizenship and asset protection that are held in Grenada.

Articles about conferences in Grenada or related to Grenada

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