Dominica CBI Updates to Offer Fewer Benefits for Dependants

Towards the fall 2022, the Dominica authorities introduced a number of amendments in the national regulations governing economic citizenship and ways to acquire it in the Caribbean jurisdiction. To be on the safe side, do everything by the book, and obtain your second passport in Dominica with no issues, you are welcome to study the amendments introduced and consult the International Wealth industry pros about the Dominica CBI updates, where necessary.

Dominica Citizenship News

Dominica CBI updates in brief

The Commonwealth of Dominica government came up with new regulations as to citizenship by investment in Dominica to come into force on September 15, 2022. Released in the Dominica Official Gazette as of August 18, 2022, the Dominica CBI updates introduced changes to Statutory Rules and Orders, S.R.O. 23 Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship Act, Section 20, Chapter 1:10.

The above legislative amendments change the definition of the main applicant’s dependants as well as the structure of official fees to be paid by Dominica CBI applicants investing in the country’s real estate or making donations to the local EDF fund to get their second passport in Dominica.

After the above legislative amendments have come into force, main applicants for Dominica CBI will no longer be allowed to include their or their spouse’s dependent siblings into the application. Besides, age limits are set for the main applicant’s dependent parents or grandparents who may qualify as dependants, while dependent children need to be enrolled in a recognized institution of higher learning to qualify for a second passport in Dominica, with full-aged dependent unwed females aged 18-25 being the only exception.

Below, we will detail the above amendments.


on economic citizenship programs,
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on economic citizenship programs, how to choose a jurisdiction and get a foreign passport.

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Material amendments in defining the main applicant’s dependant(s)

  • From now on, to be qualified for a second passport in Dominica, the main applicant’s (or their spouse’s) adult children aged 18-30 shall not only receive material financial support from the main applicant but also be enrolled in a recognized institution of higher learning and be able to document it in order to be recognized as dependants for the purposes of the Dominica CBI program allowing to obtain a second passport in Dominica by way of investment or donation.
  • The only exception from the above regulation are the main applicant’s (or their spouse’s) unwed daughters. The latter shall now be qualified as dependants even if they are not enrolled in an institution of higher  learning, provided the said females have not yet turned 25 and live at the main applicant’s (or their spouse’s) abode address.
  • The main applicant’s (or their spouse’s) parents or grandparents shall now be recognized as dependants provided they are above 65 y.o. as of the application date. The earlier requirement stays – they shall also obtain material financial support from the main applicant or their spouse. Previously, no minimum age requirement was placed on the main applicant’s (or their spouse’s) dependant parents or grandparents co-applying for Dominica economic citizenship.
  • Under the new rules, the regulation allowing the main applicant’s (or their spouse’s) siblings to qualify as dependants for the Dominica CBI program is removed. Caribbean officials have completely eliminated the possibility for siblings to be included as co-applicants in any Dominica CBI application. The opportunity was first introduced in June 2020. From now on, the main applicant’s siblings will have to independently apply for economic citizenship in Dominica to obtain their Caribbean passports.

Significant changes in official fees for Dominica CBI real estate investment applications

  • With siblings no longer allowed as co-applicants, no matter the circumstances, the fees to be paid by dependent siblings are discontinued in their entirety.
  • No more combined administrative fee for families of 7 (seven). From this moment on, only families with up to 6 (six) members shall pay the above combined administrative fee. As provided for under the amended rules, the flat fee of USD 25,000 shall now be paid for any additional qualified dependant.

Minor changes in official fees for EDF donation-based citizenship applications

  • As is the case with Dominica CBI in real estate, with dependent siblings no longer allowed as co-applicants in Dominica donation-based economic citizenship applications, any administrative fees for dependent siblings are totally excluded.
  • For large families with more than 4 members, fees for dependants now vary depending on the dependant’s age:
    • dependants under 18 – USD 25,000
    • dependants above 18 – USD 50,000.

Name change limitations for successful applicants for Dominica CBI

Further amendments will be introduced to limit possibilities for the Dominica CBI program beneficiaries to change their personal data after they have obtained Dominica CBI. Dominica economic citizenship holders will only be allowed to change their name and surname after they have documented having resided in Dominica within a set time period. State the case another way, the authorities are about to eliminate the possibility to change their names and surnames for Dominica citizens who actually do not reside in the country.

Expert assistance with obtaining economic citizenship in the Commonwealth of Dominica

On and off, investment immigration schemes amend their immigration principles. The Dominica CBI program is no exception. The above Dominica CBI changes came as a major surprise for many immigrant investors.

Boasting access to insider information, the International Wealth industry experts are the first to learn of any upcoming industry legislation changes as far as popular investment immigration routes are concerned. The International Wealth team is always here to inform our readers, subscribers, and potential customers of new immigration opportunities. We will let you know if any beneficial investment immigration routes are about to disappear in the near future.

You are welcome to use the International Wealth weathered pros’ services not to miss out on profitable investment immigration offers or to avoid any obscure pitfalls. Consulting the International Wealth team is a wise first step to a better future with your second passport, citizenship, or residence permit abroad.

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Who can benefit from obtaining Dominica economic citizenship?

With Dominica CBI price policy in mind, and in the light of their administrative fees and immigration agent commissions, this is the most affordable option for single immigrant investors.

What countries can Dominica CBI holders visit on a visa-free basis?

With a Dominica passport in your pocket, you are free to choose from multiple visa-free destinations. The latter include European Schengen states, China, and Great Britain. Either no visa, or a visa on arrival (an e-visa as a possible alternative) is required for Dominica CBI holders to enter any of the 150 visa-free destinations open to them.

Is it OK to include my sister in my Dominica CBI application?

Unfortunately, it is not. The new regulations in force since September 15, 2022, prohibit Dominica CBI applicants to include their (or their spouse’s) siblings in Dominica economic citizenship applications, no matter the circumstances.

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