Crude facts about the Antiguan citizenship-by-investment program

Are you thinking of acquiring foreign citizenship? Then Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean should certainly be the first option to consider. You will grow assured of the high value of the Antiguan citizenship-by-investment program when you learn about the main advantages that it offers. Please read on to find several weighty reasons why you should apply for Antiguan citizenship right now. If any questions about the opportunity remain after you finish reading the article, please contact us and request a free consultation on the matter!

The Antiguan Government followed the example of the neighboring countries in the Caribbean basin and launched a national citizenship-by-investment program in 2013. Certain amendments to the immigration-related legislation had to be made.

Antigua Citizenship

For almost seven years now, the country has been attracting foreign investors from all around the world by offering a wonderful opportunity to acquire a second passport in a legal, efficient, and rapid manner.

Are you planning to join these lucky people? Please find out twelve important facts that you have to take into consideration when deliberating purchase of Antiguan passport. 

Fact 1: Acquiring citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda is a perfect ‘plan B’

If you invest into the Antiguan passport, your ‘plan B’ will have the following characteristics:

You will have one more country where you can legally reside for as long as you wish.

You will have an opportunity to protect your assets and leave them to your children.

You will have access to an efficient healthcare system in Antigua and Barbuda.

You will have access to various capital management instruments.

You will be able to travel to multiple countries without visas with the Antiguan passport.

You will have a place to escape to in case a disaster happens in your home country.

These days, having a second passport is a mandatory element of any ‘plan B’ on the condition that you can afford making the investment in the required amount.

Acquiring Antiguan citizenship in exchange for investment, you are building a reliable safety net for yourself and your family. The recent events in the world clearly show that we never know what the future may have in store for us. A catastrophe can come out of the blue and if you have a second passport in your desk drawer, you feel much more secure.

Antigua is particularly attractive to international entrepreneurs as it offers multiple opportunities to manage your wealth in an efficient way. Global incomes that Antiguans make are not taxed in the country. Besides, no inheritance tax is levied in Antigua either. These factors will contribute to sustaining and increasing your wealth as a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.


on economic citizenship programs,
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on economic citizenship programs, how to choose a jurisdiction and get a foreign passport.

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We also must draw your attention to the fact that the Antiguan economy is growing at a faster rate than the economies of many neighboring countries. It will be safe to claim that Antigua has already turned in a financial center in the Caribbean. The legislative system that is based on the British Common Law gives numerous chances to make secure investments in all sectors of economy and in all parts of the world.

Fact 2: One-year university tuition fee is included in the price of the Antiguan passport

There are four paths in total that lead to Antiguan citizenship by investment. One of the most recent offers is the opportunity to make a donation to the UWI (University of West Indies) fund. This is an instrument that the Antiguan authorities use to finance the construction of a new UWI campus. If a family of six people makes a donation of US$ 150,000 to the UWI fund, the tuition fee for one year will be waived for one family member wishing to study in this university. Please mind that an additional investment of US$ 15,000 per each extra family member is required if a larger family is applying for Antiguan citizenship. 

Fact 3: The main applicant for Antiguan citizenship by investment shall be above 18 years of age

The person who acts as the main applicant for Antiguan citizenship must be older than 18 and be in good health. However, the spouse, children up to 28 years of age and parents above 58 can be included in the application as dependent family members. Thus, you can acquire the Antiguan passport not only for yourself but also for all members of your family.

Fact 4: A donation of US$ 100,000 to the National Development Fund will make you qualified for Antiguan citizenship

The National Development Fund (NDF) has been created for the purpose of financing various socially significant programs. The activities of the Fund are periodically audited by an internationally recognized auditing company. The audit reports are made publicly accessible every year.

If you choose the path to acquiring Antiguan citizenship, you will have to donate US$ 100,000 to the NDF. This is the smallest required donation amount in the world: no other country charges less for its citizenship. What is more, the sum covers a family of four members. Please bear in mind, however, that there is an application processing fee of US$ 30,000 that needs to be paid in addition to the donation. If a family of more than four members is applying for Antiguan citizenship in exchange for a donation to the NDF, the required donation amount increases to US$ 125,000 and an additional US$ 15,000 per each extra family member has to paid as the application processing fee.

Fact 5: Purchasing real estate in the country will also make you qualified for Antiguan citizenship

Instead of a non-returnable donation, you can make a returnable investment into real property in Antigua and Barbuda thus qualifying for citizenship of the country. You are free to let your property on a lease thus obtaining a stable source of passive income in the Caribbean. You can invest only in a Government-approved development project and the investment amount shall be at least US$ 200,000. You have to keep the property in your possession for five years to retain Antiguan citizenship. After this period elapses, you are free to sell your property to anybody including new candidates for Antiguan citizenship. Additional fees involved in you choose this path are as follows:

Antiguan citizenship
  • Application processing fee for a single applicant/ a family of four is US$ 30,000.
  • Application processing fee for a family of five members is US$ 45,000 plus US$ 15,000 per each extra family member.

Fact 6: The Antiguan passport is valid for five years and it can be extended afterwards

When applying for Antiguan citizenship by investment, first you are issued a passport with a five-year validity term. You can later acquire a passport with a ten-year validity term but you will have to meet certain conditions. One of such conditions is the need to spend at least five days in the country during the five-year period. We believe that this requirement is a pleasant one to meet: Antigua and Barbuda is a fascinating country and you are going to love spending your vacations there if not moving there for good.

Fact 7: Antigua provides for wonderful banking opportunities

When you become an Antiguan citizen, you can set up an account with an Antiguan bank without any trouble. (This said, however, you do not have to be a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda to be able to do that.) At the same time, you can open a foreign bank account in many other jurisdictions and we will be pleased to assist you with that. Please contact us and apply for a free consultation on opening a bank account in Antigua or elsewhere.

Fact 8: The Antiguan passport gives visa-free access to a great number of national states

When you acquire Antiguan citizenship in exchange for a donation or an investment, you become welcome to 165 countries of the world. In some cases, no visa is required while in other cases, an electronic visa or a visa-on-arrival can be obtained. Carrying the Antiguan passport, you can freely visit the EU states, the Schengen zone states, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries.

Fact 9: You can acquire Antiguan citizenship remotely

You do not have to leave your country of residence in order to apply for Antiguan citizenship. You can file the application for citizenship from home and make a bank transfer after the application is approved. When all the documents are ready, your licensed immigration agent (who you will have to hire as it is required by law) will send you the Antiguan passport(s) with a courier.

Successful candidates for Antiguan citizenship are not required to come to the country to make an oath of allegiance. Instead, they obtain the right of abode in Antigua and Barbuda as well as the right to stay as long as they wish in any of the CARICOM countries.

Fact 10: Foreigners unable to supply clean criminal records cannot apply for Antiguan citizenship

Even though no personal interview is required, all candidates for Antiguan citizenship have to undergo serious due diligence procedures. The application documents are carefully examined by an independent security agency that uses various international databases to ascertain that the applicant has supplied truthful information when completing the forms. Persons with a criminal past will not be granted Antiguan citizenship under any circumstances.

Fact 11: You do not have to speak English to acquire Antiguan citizenship

English is the official language in the Caribbean state but foreign applicants for Antiguan citizenship are not required to take any English tests (nor history, nor any other tests at all).

Fact 12: Four alternative financial paths can lead to Antiguan citizenship

There are four kinds of investment that you can make in order to obtain Antiguan citizenship. You have to choose from the following routes:


Make a donation to the NDF;


Make a donation to the UWI fund;


Make an investment into Government-approved real property in Antigua and Barbuda;


Make an investment into a Government-approved business venture in the country.

Expert support in acquiring Antiguan citizenship by investment

Last year clearly showed to everyone how fragile the modern world can be. It has made wealthy people in all parts of the world look for some opportunities that can make their lives more secure. You must have a ‘plan B’ that you can fall back on in case of emergency and a second passport is a mandatory component of such a plan.

New challenges mean new opportunities. InternationalWealth team will gladly help you choose the best second passport option among those available today. Antiguan citizenship is one of the most attractive opportunities without doubt. We seek to establish long-lasting working relationships with our clients.

Please contact us and apply for a personal consultation on acquiring Antiguan citizenship. The consultation is free of charge.

Our experts will help you find the optimal path to Antiguan citizenship and support you at every stage of the application process. You are welcome to contact us by email, live chat or one of the messengers (please click the ‘Contact us’ icon above). Becoming a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda will open many new doors to you!

Does Antigua and Barbuda allow dual citizenship?

Yes, dual citizenship is allowed in Antigua and Barbuda.

Can I pay for Antiguan citizenship in a cryptocurrency?

Currently, the opportunity to acquire Antiguan citizenship for Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies is not available. The authorities of the country are considering granting this opportunity to foreign investors though.

Is there a scheme that allows acquiring tax residency of Antigua and Barbuda?

There is a citizenship-by-investment program in Antigua and Barbuda and there is an opportunity to obtain a long-term visa to the country. There is no tax residency program in the Caribbean state at the moment that would be separate from the citizenship-by-investment program.

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