Caribbean Mortgages: How to Finance Citizenship by Investment

Is it possible to use a loan to obtain economic citizenship (citizenship by investment)? Yes, it is, and it will be even more profitable in most cases. And while major banks may be reluctant to sponsor this undertaking, there are private banks that can help to make a minimal investment of personal funds into the property you buy to qualify for CBI.

Second citizenship on credit

One hundred years ago, wealthy families considered it a matter of honor to pay the mortgage off before they leave the property to heirs. However, times have changed.

With the inheritance tax rate reaching an impressive figure, well-to-do families took to seeking ways to reduce the tax burden. Moreover, the funds otherwise invested in the property can be used for investment in some promising projects.

And this is the reason why the present-day real estate that belongs to wealthy people is usually mortgaged, and mortgage brokers get high fees for arranging mortgage loans for them with private banks at a low-interest rate. In fact, the loans are rarely repaid unless the property is sold!

We offer you to join this trend, and our consultants can provide all the help you need.

What Do You Mean by ‘Citizenship by Investment’?

Economic citizenship (or citizenship by investment) is a program that allows you to obtain the passport of a certain country in exchange for investment. Investment can be made in different ways, but the most typical ones include:

  • purchase of interest-free bonds
  • acquisition of shares
  • deposit in the bank
  • real estate acquisition
  • a combination of the above

Investments are either irrevocable or made for a certain period (for example, a typical term during which you are obliged to remain the owner of the purchased real estate is 5 years), after which the asset can be sold or returned. 

Popular destinations for obtaining citizenship by investment include:

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis (the oldest program on the market)
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Vanuatu
  • Cyprus
  • Malta

Check out all the available second citizenship programs in our article.

How Much Does a Second Passport Cost?

The cost of economic citizenship depends on the country and method of investment. For example, a non-refundable grant to the Antigua and Barbuda State Fund per one person will amount to $100,000. If you want passports for the whole family, just make a donation of $150,000 (which is a very profitable option as you get six passports in one go). 

However, if you invest in real estate, the amount will start from $200,000. A house, villa, or other property will have to be kept in your investment portfolio for 3-7 years (5 on average), after which you will be allowed to sell the asset. The best programs will give you an opportunity to sell your property to the CBI program participants who apply after you and wish to buy real estate, which will additionally save the cost and money invested.

The CBI programs in European countries tend to be the most expensive ones: in Malta, you need to invest 715,000 euros and more, and Cyprus will require 650,000 euros of non-refundable investment or 2 million refundable investment made for 5 years.

Obtaining a Second Citizenship on Credit

If you choose to make a donation to a state fund to get your CBI (this is most often a non-refundable investment that requires smaller amounts), this transaction is unlikely to make the bank interested in giving you a loan. The bankers are unlikely to see any profitability in the deal and there is hardly any collateral to offer. This is a risky operation, no matter how liberal your banker may be.

However, the situation changes when it comes to real estate investments. Good property located somewhere in the resort area (and most countries with CBI programs are luxury resorts) is a tidbit as investors from all over the world will be willing to invest in it. In theory, any banker would consider it a nice deal and agree to give a loan.

There is one issue, though: your home bank is unlikely to give a loan to buy a foreign property. And this is a matter of compliance with the official regulator’s rules and requirements: the bank will accept the application if it is compliant and turn it down if it is not. There is no negotiating in this case, even if large sums are involved.

And this is where private banks come to the rescue. They are much more flexible when it comes to working with wealthy clients (and someone who thinks about risk diversification and is planning to acquire a second passport is regarded as wealthy) and are ready to provide loans on much more favorable terms.

Get a Loan from Private Banks for CBI Financing

International private banks evaluate the client according to numerous criteria and look at the situation from a comprehensive and strategical point of view.

They are also more interested in attracting clients, so they can offer lower interest rates on loans and accept a wider range of collateral than ordinary banks. Actually, the collateral may include not only the purchased property but also a part of your shares, other real estate, paintings, and other valuable assets. 

If you successfully get your Caribbean mortgage loan from a private bank, you will need minimum personal funds for citizenship property investment. You will become the owner of real estate and a second passport holder at almost no cost, and you will only need to pay for due diligence and some government and intermediary services to set all the legal matters straight. The remaining personal funds may be invested in other projects that will hopefully bring enough profit to gradually cover the mortgage loan.

Here are some benefits of using a private bank to get a loan:

  • Private bankers adopt a wider understanding of various sources of wealth: from a package of shares in a promising startup and cryptocurrency deposits to inherited assets and profitable real estate across the globe, and all of these may be accepted as collateral for your mortgage loan
  • You can take advantage of lower interest rates on the loan as compared to conventional banks
  • You will have a chance to finance non-standard transactions, like the purchase of real estate to obtain citizenship by investment
  • Finally, you will get excellent service and access to various financial possibilities

How to Get Your Caribbean Mortgage Loan Approved

  • To begin with, you will need to find a suitable private bank that is ready to cooperate with you and grant a loan to buy international real estate. Our experts can help you make this responsible choice that sometimes takes quite a bit of work to do. We will offer different solutions depending on your goals and available resources.

Contact us at to get advice from our experts.

  • Once the first step is complete, you will need to choose a suitable destination to obtain economic citizenship. 

We offer the Caribbean just because all countries that offer CBI programs in the region provide the opportunity you need: investment in real estate to qualify for citizenship and the right to sell it afterward. Even if you decide never to sell the property and keep it for your vacation or other purposes, it is always safer to have this possibility.

There are also many other bonuses that a second passport may give you, and they vary from country to country. Our experts can give you a full list of them – all you need is to let them know your priorities.

  • Now that you know the country, you can proceed to choose a property that suits your taste. We keep our finger on the pulse to advise on available options or any special offers (which can sometimes be very attractive). Also, not all real estate is suitable for the collective application, and we will give you updated information on that as well.

And now you are ready to cooperate with our experts and agree on the terms of real estate purchase, obtain a mortgage loan from a private bank, and complete all formalities to get a passport for you (or the whole family).

The procedure usually takes 3 to 12 months. You will need to cooperate with an agent authorized to officially represent you in the respective country as the local authorities will not deal with you directly. We cooperate with a network of reliable agents in the countries that grant CBI and can recommend one to you. This is the shortest possible way to obtain citizenship.

As soon as the process is complete, you will get the documents and own real property on beneficial mortgage loan conditions to be used for personal needs or for business (to rent out). If you decide to sell the asset upon expiration of the mandatory ownership period, you are absolutely free to do so.

Contact our experts to get any additional information about citizenship by investment programs and cooperation with private banks. If you want to have a Plan B but are reluctant to invest your personal funds in it, CBI financing by a private bank may be the opportunity you are looking for.

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