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Второй паспорт небольшого государства

Acquire citizenship of a microstate by investment

What is a microstate? How can you acquire foreign citizenship in a microstate within a few months? How much does a second passport cost? What are the options to choose from? We answer these and other related questions in the text below. If you are interested in what we are talking about here, you are welcome to apply for a free consultation on acquiring foreign citizenship.

A country whose territory is below one thousand square kilometers and/ or whose population is smaller than five hundred thousand people is often referred to as a microstate.

Second passport of a small state

You have to distinguish between microstates and small overseas territories that some large countries have. Hong Kong, for example, is a highly independent jurisdiction but it is part of China anyway. The same is true for Gibraltar that is an overseas territory on the British Crown.

You should also avoid confusing microstates with the territories whose independence is self-proclaimed and is not recognized by the international community. If such territories issue any ID’s, these can be thought of as dummy passports that bring no legal rights to their holders.

Microstates often have to rely on their larger neighbors as they lack natural and other resources necessary for survival. However, some of them have managed to become quite prosperous by employing some economic instruments that the big and powerful cannot be bothered with. Andorra, Lichtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, and the City State of Vatican are examples of microstates located in Europe.

These European countries, however, do not practice selling their citizenship to foreigners as some other small island states do. Investment immigration is a booming market and those microstates that sell their passports attract serious foreign direct investments. The passport is quite a peculiar product to sell but people on this planet have always been economically inventive.

You can literally purchase citizenship of a microstate

Seven microstates run citizenship-by-investment programs, which means you can acquire their passports if you pay for them. Experts believe that the opportunity to acquire economic citizenship is not going to disappear in the near future. Moreover, some think that the number of jurisdictions offering such an opportunity is going to grow.

Each microstate has relevant legislation regulating the issuance of passports to foreign investors. Because these countries are fully recognized national states that are UN members, their passports are accepted by the customs officers all over the world and they provide visa-free access to a great number of foreign countries.

Saint Kitts was the first microstate that started ‘selling’ its passports to foreigners back in 1984. The program proved successful and soon several St Kitts neighbors in the Caribbean followed the example.


on economic citizenship programs,
how to choose a jurisdiction
and get a foreign passport.

on economic citizenship programs, how to choose a jurisdiction and get a foreign passport.

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Citizenship of a microstate as a sellable item

Currently, ‘passport sale’ is a very important source of national income for many microstates. This business brings millions of dollars to the countries’ budgets annually thus helping their economies develop and grow.

The money generated by the sale of citizenship also allows reducing the microstate debts, finance many socially important projects, and establish funds whose purpose is to help restore the infrastructure after a hurricane hits the islands, for instance. (Sadly, some Caribbean countries are affected by natural disasters on a regular basis.)

The Covid-19 pandemic has also caused considerable economic damage that microstates experience with especial acuteness. Thus, they are trying to promote the sales of their passports by offering serious discounts and simplifying the procedure of applying for their citizenship.

Choose the best option when applying for citizenship of a microstate

The table below lists the microstates that exist on the planet. There you can find the information about the areas and the populations of these microstates as well as learn if they provide for an opportunity to acquire their citizenship for money. 

JurisdictionPopulation, pplArea
1Andorra85,458468 km 2 (181 square miles)
2Antigua *91,295443 km 2 (171 square miles)
3Bahamas321,83413,880 km 2 (5,359 square miles)
4Barbados289,680430 km 2 (166 square miles)
5Bahrain1,140,942765 km 2 (295 square miles)
6Belize340,84422,966 km 2 (8,867 square miles)
7Brunei422,6755,765 km 2 (2,226 square miles)
8Vanuatu *266,93712,189 km 2 (4,706 square miles)
9Vatican1,0000.44 km 2 (0.17 square miles)
10Grenada*110,152344 km 2 (133 square miles)
11Dominica*73,449751 km 2 (290 square miles)
12Iceland317,351103,000 km 2 (39,769 square miles)
13Kiribati104,488811 km 2 (313 square miles)
14Liechtenstein37,313160 km 2 (62 square miles)
15Maldives393,595298 km 2 (115 square miles)
16Malta*412,655316 km 2 (122 square miles)
17Marshall Islands70,983181 km 2 (70 square miles)
18Monaco37,3082.02 km 2 (0.78 square miles)
19Nauru9,48821 km 2 (8 square miles)
20Palau21,186459 km 2 (177 square miles)
21Samoa196,6282,831 km 2 (1,093 square miles)
22San Marino32,74261 km 2 (24 square miles)
23Sao Tome and Principe190,428964 km 2 (372 square miles)
24Seychelles91,650455 km 2 (176 square miles)
25Saint Vincent and the Grenadines102,918389 km 2 (150 square miles)
26Saint Kitts *51,538261 km 2 (101 square miles)
27Saint Lucia *163,362616 km 2 (238 square miles)
28Singapore5,888,926714 km 2 (276 square miles)
29Tonga106,440747 km 2 (288 square miles)
30Tuvalu10,78226 km 2 (10 square miles)
31Micronesian Federated States105,681702 km 2 (271 square miles)

* Microstates granting citizenship by investment

How much does citizenship of a microstate cost?

Everybody’s mobility has been severely limited due to the lockdown. But even though it is close to impossible to travel to the Caribbean, for example, at the moment, the opportunity to acquire the passport of a microstate still exists.

Because of the pandemic, the microstates have enhanced the possibilities to ally for their citizenship remotely, without visiting the country. They accept digital applications, digital documents copies, and electronic payments. Thus, you cannot only stay home while applying for foreign citizenship but you can also save a few thousand dollars that you would need for the trip if you had to go to your second home country. What is most important, however, you do not have to run the risk of catching the coronavirus!

At this moment, you can remotely apply for citizenship of six microstates in total. One more microstate requires a single short visit to obtain its citizenship. Please find detailed information below.

Total costApplication processing timeframe, daysPersonal visit
VanuatuUS$ 145,00045-60Not required
Saint KittsUS$ 150,00060-180Not required
Saint LuciaUS$ 100,00090-180Not required
DominicaUS$ 100,00090-180Not required
GrenadaUS$ 150,00090-180Not required
AntiguaUS$ 100,00090-180Not required
Malta715,000 EUR365+One visit required. One day in Malta is enough.

Please mind that you will have to wait in either case when applying for citizenship of a microstate. All countries conduct strict due diligence checks and these take time. Timeframes vary but you cannot acquire foreign citizenship ‘tomorrow’ in any case.

There is no need to take history nor language tests. No personal interviews are required either. The possibility to acquire citizenship of a microstate remotely makes this offer especially attractive in the times of the pandemic.

Please note that an application for citizenship submitted by a foreign national who has a criminal past will be automatically rejected.

Economic citizenship of a microstate: the prospects

Studies show that small island states, including those listed above, prosper as much as they are able to implement clever economic strategies and use some exotic business opportunities., Many wealthy people from various countries of the world find better conditions in small island states than they find on the mainland. For instance, many microstates offer a lighter tax burden to the expats as well as advanced infrastructures, clear water, and unpolluted air.

Microstates running citizenship-by-investment programs allocate the money generated by them to infrastructure development, healthcare improvement, education opportunities promotion, etc., which allows them to lower taxes and build local financial centers. It is quite obvious that local governments are not going to abolish their citizenship-by-investment programs on their own will.

Expert support in acquiring citizenship of a microstate by investment

Do you have an opportunity to invest US$ 100,000 or a bit more into a second passport? Then you must consider the opportunity to apply for citizenship of a microstate by investment! The whole process can be carried out remotely. Please mind, however, that you will have to apply for citizenship via a licensed immigration agent.

Please apply for a free professional consultation from InternationalWealth portal experts by writing us an email or contacting us via WhatsApp or our live chat. We guarantee a personalized approach to your requests, full support in the process of foreign citizenship acquisition, and the ultimate completion of the task.

Is it true that citizenship of a microstate can be acquired remotely?

Even though it may be surprising for some, it is true indeed. There are six countries in the world that provide for an opportunity to apply for their citizenship remotely. Moreover, you will receive the passport by mail when it is issued and you will never have to visit the country of your second citizenship in the future if you do not wish to do so! The list of these countries includes Vanuatu, Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, and Antigua.

Why do microstates offer their citizenship in exchange for an investment?

Small island states do not have many resources they can rely upon. They are promoting the tourist industry and economic citizenship programs that they run make considerable contributions to their national budgets. During the Covid-19 pandemic the number of tourists has decreased dramatically and so microstates have to push their alternative sources of income in a more active manner.

Are there any mainland countries that offer their citizenship to foreigners by investment?

Yes, there are. The following larger countries located on the continents run citizenship-by-investment programs: Turkey, Montenegro, and Jordan. It has to be noted, however, that these national states do not offer the possibility to obtain their passports remotely. Foreign investors are required to visit the country in order to file an application for citizenship, acquire a temporary residence permit while they are waiting, and then get the passport.

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