5 Ways to Save Money by Acquiring Foreign Citizenship by Investment

Obtaining foreign citizenship by investment is impossible unless you can provide a clean criminal record!

The opportunity to acquire a second passport in exchange for an investment is exciting indeed but you have to pay a considerable amount of money if you want to become a citizen of a foreign country. How can your investment pay back? InternationalWealth team would like to capitalize on five ways to save money by acquiring foreign citizenship by investment.

Foreign passport

First of all, some countries administering citizenship-by-investment programs exempt foreigners/ fiscal residents from a number of taxes. Second, most of them have powerful passports giving visa-free access to multiple destinations so you can economize on visas. Third, holding the passport of a European country, you can gain access to free or inexpensive educational products of high quality. Fourth, you can easily enter new markets with your foreign passport if you are a businessperson. Needless to say, new markets bring new financial opportunities. Finally, living on a paradise island in the Caribbean is much less expensive than living in Western Europe or the USA.

1 — Foreign citizenship by investment allows saving on taxes

Taxes are one of the two things you cannot avoid, as you know. We are taxed for everything! We make an income, and we pay the income tax. We become wealthy, and we pay the wealth tax. Our ancestors die, and we pay the inheritance tax… Some countries tax their citizens’ incomes even when the citizens live in other national states! The U.S. citizen, for instance, has to pay something to Uncle Sam regardless of where in the world he/ she makes money. And in the so-called ‘first-world’ countries, taxes are heavy indeed.

Acquiring citizenship of a Caribbean state by investment will let you avoid heavy taxes. 

If you are a multimillionaire, acquiring citizenship by investment in the Caribbean can make good economic sense. You probably can return your investment by simply paying less in taxes. It is not as easy as squeezing a lemon, of course but InternationalWealth experts will be happy to suggest the most attractive foreign citizenship programs in terms of national taxation regimes.

For example, if you acquire citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis by investment and relocate to the tropical paradise thus becoming a fiscal resident of the country, you will be exempted from the personal income tax, the inheritance tax, the wealth tax, and the capital gains tax.

The Caribbean states are not tax havens any longer. But those of them that run citizenship-by-investment programs offer some interesting opportunities anyway as far as taxes are concerned. Please contact our experts and apply for a consultation on the matter.


on economic citizenship programs,
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on economic citizenship programs, how to choose a jurisdiction and get a foreign passport.

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2 — Foreign citizenship by investment allows saving on visas

When you have to apply for a visa to a foreign country, not only do you have to pay a fee (which is almost negligible in most cases) but also you have to wait for quite a while before the visa is issued to you. If you are a businessperson, you may well lose money by failing to arrive in a foreign country on time for signing an agreement. How much could you lose? It depends, of course.

At the same time, some countries granting citizenship to foreign investors have very powerful passports. Among those, the Maltese passport is the strongest one: it makes the holder an EU citizen and gives him or her visa-free access to 183 destinations including the Schengen zone countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

The Caribbean passports are not so strong but they let you travel to more than ten dozen countries without visas anyway. If you are a citizen of the USA wishing to visit Russia, for example, you have to apply for a visa, pay 15 thousand rubles and wait for a couple of months. Now, becoming a citizen of Grenada will let you enter Russia without a visa!

Especially if you travel on business and you travel a lot, you should seriously consider applying for foreign citizenship thus improving your freedom of movement. A European passport, such as that of Malta or Montenegro, should be the first thing to think about if you are interested in visa-free travel opportunities.  

3 – Foreign citizenship by investment allows saving on educational costs

Every parent wants their children to be successful in life and good education will certainly contribute to attaining the goal greatly. Education is not only about obtaining knowledge. It is also about making useful contacts, improving communication skills, and developing an understanding of how the world works.

However, high-quality educational institutions are not to be found in every country. Thus, many parents are thinking of sending their children to study abroad. Unfortunately, studying in Europe, for example, can cost quite a lot. In addition to that, foreign students may experience problems with getting their visas and extending their legal stay in the European country after they graduate.

If you apply for a Caribbean passport, you will be able to send your children to Cambridge or Oxford, as they will have the right to enter Great Britain and stay there without visas. The Brexit initiative is not going to affect this situation in any way because the Caribbean states are members of the Commonwealth of Nations. (By the way, one third of the students in the aforementioned universities are foreigners.)

If you obtain the passport of Malta, you and your children will become citizens of the EU. This means that they will have access to the educational opportunities available to all other Europeans. Now, EU citizens have access to free/ inexpensive secondary and higher education of superb quality. This is truly a nice way to have a return on your investment in a foreign passport!

4 — Foreign citizenship by investment allows boosting your international trade operations

The European Union is the largest economy in the world generating over a quarter of the world GDP. Companies registered in the EU are entitled to use various preferential tariffs and multiple other bonuses. They have to deal with a small amount of bureaucracy too.

The size of the EU and the level of prosperity found there open vast opportunities for finding top-class trade partners in the member states. If you transfer your business to Europe, you will also enjoy benefits when trading with partners from other parts of the world. Besides, your property rights will be well protected in Europe and the investment opportunities found on the continent are truly immense. (This concerns both making the investments and raising funds.) Another important factor is the fact that business in Europe always plays by the rules and you can be 100% sure that your trade partners are never going to break any regulations.

Enhance your business opportunities by obtaining EU citizenship by investment

When you acquire citizenship by investment in Europe, you will have an opportunity to register an SE(Societas Europaea) there. This type of company is entitled to work on the territory of the EU and its activities are regulated by the Union legislation. In this way, you can cut costs, increase the speed of your business operations, and gain access to a huge new market. In the long run, you will be earning more at lesser costs.  

Without any doubt, the fastest way to the European Union is via Malta. Acquiring citizenship by investment in this country takes about one year. You should also take into consideration applying for citizenship of Montenegro, as the country is a prospective member of the EU.

5 — Foreign citizenship by investment allows reducing daily expenses  

If you are a well-to-do person, the daily expenses are probably a drop in the bucket for you in comparison to the amounts you have to pay in taxes, your children’s tuition, your travel expenses, and so on. But we have to mention the opportunity to decrease your living costs by obtaining foreign citizenship by investment.

You can acquire citizenship of a foreign country where the costs of living are comparatively low

This consideration may be of interest to those retirees who would like to spend their golden years on a warm sunny island somewhere in the Caribbean while not spending too much money on their daily needs. The products and services found in the Caribbean countries are of superb quality but their prices are quite affordable for a European or American pensioner.

Who can help you acquire foreign citizenship and save money at the same time?

Foreign citizenship by investment is a valuable asset in itself as it brings you more freedom and peace of mind. In addition to that, you can return your investments in several different ways described above! Many countries administering citizenship by investment programs allow making returnable investments into real property or business ventures. If you invest wisely, you can have a good return on your investment and a second passport at the same time!  

Please apply for a free personal consultation on acquiring foreign citizenship by investment

InternationalWealth team provides immigration services and we specialize in assisting investors from all over the world to obtain foreign citizenship/ legal residence in a foreign country for money. We will be happy to discuss the most attractive opportunities with you and suggest optimal solutions based on your preferences and needs. Please contact us by email, our live chat, or a messenger and make an appointment for a free consultation on the matter.

How much does it cost to acquire foreign citizenship by investment?

The cheapest way to acquire citizenship of a foreign country is to make a non-returnable donation to the state fund. Dominica and St Lucia in the Caribbean charge less than any other country: either of them requires a donation of US$ 100,000. Administrative costs need to be added to this amount, however.

How can I save money by acquiring foreign citizenship by investment?

You can pay less in taxes, you can save on visas, you can save on the tuition for your children, you can save on the operational costs if you are engaged in commerce, and you can save on daily expenditures in some foreign countries.

Who can help me acquire foreign citizenship and save money at the same time?

Please consult InternationalWealth experts to choose the optimal path to foreign citizenship and to improve your chances to return your investment in the foreign passport. We treat every client individually and base on his or her personal preferences.

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