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17 Countries Where You Can Acquire Citizenship by Marriage in a Fast Manner

International travel has picked up after the pandemic. People travel to foreign countries for business and pleasure. When you travel a lot, your chances of falling in love with a foreigner increase. Relocating to your partner’s country is not going to be a problem as all national states allow couples to live together. Moreover, the naturalization procedure is accelerated if you marry a foreign person. That is, you can become a citizen of a foreign country by marriage in a fast way.

Citizenship by marriage

In some regions of the world, international marriages take place especially frequently. In the USA, 188.2 foreign spouses of American citizens were naturalized in 2023. In Switzerland, 12,000 international marriages were contracted in 2020. This is 34.2% of all marriages in Switzerland that year. In Great Britain, 25,854 foreigners obtained citizenship by marriage in 2020.

The number of international marriages is also growing in Central, East and Southeast Asia. In Singapore in particular, one third of all marriages were international marriages in 2022. The figure was almost the same (29%) a year before.

Let us assume that you want to become a citizen of the country of your partner’s origin. How fast can you acquire the status of a citizen in a foreign country? Rules differ from one country to another and below we give examples of 17 countries that make it easy for foreign spouses of their citizens to naturalize and obtain their passports.

We have also chosen the countries that look attractive for relocation. It is comfortable to live in any of the countries listed below even though the costs of living can be different. We rank the countries by the time required to obtain citizenship by marriage there – the fastest country gets the highest ranking. We use data from Numbeo when we indicate the living costs.

17. Uruguay – 3 years

Marriage to a citizen of Uruguay is a fast and inexpensive way of becoming a Uruguayan. You can apply for citizenship of the country after living in marriage for three years. When you marry a Uruguayan person, you will be instantly issued a residence permit called Cédula in Spanish. What is particular about Uruguay is that a family of foreigners can naturalize faster in the country than a single foreigner can.

Uruguay is sometimes referred to as ‘South American Switzerland’, as living there is highly comfortable. Why? Because the economy is on the rise, the fiscal burden is low, and the country is secure.

16. Dominica – 3 years

Dominica is a country that our readers are very well familiar with because it offers one of the most affordable citizenship-by-investment programs. However, you can also acquire citizenship of Dominica by marriage.

You have to live in marriage with a Dominican for three years to qualify for citizenship. Life is rather simple in the country but it is extremely beautiful. Besides, a passport of Dominica gives access to a large number of visa-free destinations. In addition, foreigners can qualify for serious tax cuts if they launch business ventures in Dominica.

15. Sweden – 3 years

A foreigner living in marriage with a Swedish citizen can qualify for citizenship of Sweden after three years. It can be a civil marriage but it cannot be a guest marriage (rather popular in Sweden, by the way). Relocating to Sweden can bring numerous advantages including high living standards, advanced healthcare, and great educational opportunities.

14. Germany – 3 years

Germany is a European country with a well-developed economy and it is possible to become a German citizen by marriage. Same-sex marriages are legal in the country and a foreign spouse of a German national can naturalize in the country after living there for three years on legal grounds. Marriage has to last for at least two years before you can apply for German citizenship. Relocating to Germany is an attractive opportunity even though the country is not cheap (a couple needs more than 2,000 euros per month for basic things). Jobs are plentiful in the country, however, and living in Germany is advantageous for many reasons.

13. USA – 3 years

The United States of America is among the countries that grant citizenship to foreign spouses of American citizens. Citizenship is not granted instantly if you marry an American: you have to live in marriage for three years before you can apply. You will also have to prove that your marriage is not fictitious.

The USA is one of the most attractive countries for relocation because it offers high living standards and wonderful opportunities for business. The cultural diversity found in the country makes it easy for a foreigner to quickly adapt there and start living a full life.

12. Ireland – 3 years

Foreign spouses of Irish citizens can qualify for citizenship of the country after three years of living there on legal grounds. Civil marriages are allowed. Foreigners appreciate Ireland for its affordable healthcare services, affordable housing, and breathtaking views. The Irish are highly amicable.

11. Great Britain – 3 years

Great Britain is one more country that grants citizenship to foreigners who marry British citizens. After you have been married for three years (and you have been living with your spouse in the UK), you can apply for citizenship.

Great Britain attracts immigrants from different parts of the world and today the country offers a multicultural environment. High living standards, wide employment opportunities, a wonderful healthcare system, and one of the best educational systems in the world make Great Britain an outstanding country indeed.

10. Netherlands – 3 years

Marriage to a Dutch citizen can make you qualified for citizenship of the Netherlands after three years. Please note that your marriage has to be registered in this or that way.

Pastoral scenery and a high quality of life certainly make relocating to the Netherlands a worthwhile endeavor. Other advantages of the country include a liberal national mindset, a great social security system, personal safety, a good balance between work and leisure, and an advanced healthcare system.

9. Slovenia – 3 years

There are several methods of acquiring Slovenian citizenship but marriage is probably the fastest one. Becoming a citizen by naturalization takes 10 years while citizenship by marriage is granted after 3 years. Please note that you have to live in Slovenia with your spouse to qualify for fast citizenship.

The country offers many bonuses of various kinds. First, Slovenia is beautiful. Second, the cost of living in the country is comparatively low (1,750 euros should be enough to see a married couple through the month). Third, it offers great educational opportunities.

8. Chili – 2 years

The authorities of Chili prioritize family values and they believe that married people should always live together. Thus, they grant citizenship to foreign spouses of Chileans after two years. The family has to live in Chili over the period. Advantages of living in the country include high living standards, advanced healthcare, a sustainable economy, wide employment opportunities, and affordable prices for goods and services.

7. Grenada – 2 years

Grenada is another Caribbean country that has a citizenship-by-investment program. However, you can become a Grenadian by marriage too. Since February 6, 1974, foreign spouses of Grenadian citizens can apply for citizenship of Grenada after two years. The married couple has to live in Grenada over the period.

It’s one of those paradise islands in the Caribbean and living in Grenada is fantastic. In addition to natural beauty, the country offers good quality medical services, high personal security standards, wide investment opportunities and comparatively low (by Caribbean standards) living costs. Around 2,000 dollars per month (without rent) should be enough for a married couple to survive in Grenada.

A Grenadian passport gives its holder visa-free access to the UK, Schengen zone countries, and China. Besides, Grenadians are eligible to apply for E2 business visas to the USA.

6. Bolivia – 2 years

Bolivia does not offer any citizenship-by-investment opportunities even though foreign investors can establish legal residence in the country. In addition, you can become a Bolivian by marriage. While acquiring citizenship by naturalization takes three years in Bolivia, acquiring citizenship by marriage takes only two years.

The Bolivian economy is not very large but it is stable. Besides, there you can find good medical services and educational institutions. In addition, a Bolivian passport allows its holder to visit multiple destinations without visas. The cost of living in Bolivia is rather low: less than 1,000 dollars per month (without rent) will see a married couple through.

5. Peru – 2 years

The authorities of Peru make it easy for foreigners to become citizens of the country if they marry local residents. Marry a Peruvian, live in the country for two years, and you will qualify for citizenship. You won’t have to renounce your home country’s citizenship when acquiring a passport of Peru.

Peru is a happy country in South America. Seldom can you find a national state where life is highly comfortable and inexpensive at the same time. Around 1,000 dollars per month is enough for a married couple to live well there (rent is not included).

4. Argentina – 2 years

Argentina is the second largest country in South America and it offers wide business and employment opportunities, wonderful medicine, a rich culture, amicable local people, a nice climate, and a high level of personal security. At the same time, life is very inexpensive in Argentina: a married couple needs less than 1,000 dollars per month (without rent) to get by.

In addition to these advantages, Argentina grants citizenship by marriage fast. You will be instantly issued a residence permit if you marry an Argentinian and a passport of the country will be issued to you after only two years.

3. Spain – 1 year

The cultural heritage in Spain is simply amazing. Wonderful views, friendly people, fantastic food, warm weather, and high living standards attract many foreigners to Spain. What is more, living in the country is rather inexpensive by European standards: a married couple needs around 1,400 per month to survive. Few Western European countries boast such a moderate cost of living.

You can fall in love with Spain but you can also fall in love with a Spaniard. If so, we have good news for you: acquiring citizenship of Spain by marriage is fast and simple. While citizenship of Spain by naturalization takes 10 years to acquire, citizenship by marriage is granted after only one year.  

2. Belize – 1 year

Belize is considered one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. The living standards are comparatively high in Belize and the cost of living is comparatively low (1,400 dollars per month for a married couple). The country offers a comfortable climate, Belizeans are friendly and most of them speak English fluently. These factors make Belize very attractive.

There are several methods of acquiring citizenship of Belize and marrying a Belizean is one of them. If you marry a native Belizean or a naturalized Belizean, you can apply for a passport of the country after living in marriage for 1 year only.

1. Luxembourg – 0 to 3 years

Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in the world with some awesome medieval architecture samples. To become a citizen of Luxembourg by marriage, you have to attend a course ‘Living in Luxembourg together’ and pass a test in Luxembourgish in addition to signing the marriage contract. Normally, the waiting period is three years.

There is an exception, however, that allows becoming a citizen of Luxembourg by marriage instantly. If you marry a Luxembourger who works in another country for the Government of Luxembourg or for an international organization from the country, you don’t have to live in Luxembourg to obtain a passport of the country. Living in Luxembourg is a dream for many people, however.  

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