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The United Arab Emirates: A Modern Well-Developed Country that Welcomes Immigrants

Are you looking for a country to relocate to? You’ve certainly heard this phrase more than once: ‘Look no further!’ The United Arab Emirates makes it easy for foreigners to legalize their stay in the country and offers one of the most beneficial tax systems of those available in well-developed states. The text below will give you the basic idea of how to relocate to the UAE and you are welcome to apply for a detailed consultation on the matter with our immigration experts.


UAE is one of the most advanced countries in the world, according to research

In 2023, the United Arab Emirates ranks 1st in the region and 11th in the world among the most advanced countries, according to the CEO World, a reputable journal. In total, fifty countries have been assigned ratings to  and more than 126 thousand respondents in different parts of the world have taken part in the research.

The researchers assessed the reputation of the countries in the mass media and social networks including Twitter and Instagram. Their attention was focused on the following three criteria:

  • Fashion;
  • Arts, design, and culture;
  • Market competitiveness.

For the first criterion, the United Arab Emirates scored 86 points (out of 100); second – 84 points; third – 78 points. The scores allowed the Emirates to outperform such popular relocation destinations as

  • Singapore;
  • Sweden;
  • Netherlands;
  • Malaysia;
  • Portugal;
  • Austria.

The first place “in the overall standings” went to France. Italy and Canada came second and third. Spain and Great Britain came fourth and fifth.

The Emirates are among top 10 country brands

In 2023, the UAE got to the top 10 of the Global Soft Power Index for the first time in history. According to the experts of Brand Finance (an analytical firm), the index reflects the perception of different countries by the world population.  

To compile the Global Soft Power Index 2023, the researchers analyzed 121 national brands, asking questions of more than 100 thousand respondents. They used around forty indicators dividing them into primary and auxiliary ones.

Brand Finance experts note that the UAE has made great progress along the lines of both primary and auxiliary indices. The improvement of the UAE position in the Global Soft Power Index 2023 reflects the strengthening of the country in the international arena. The UAE is currently regarded as a highly attractive and reputable state.

“Tax paradise” for expats

So the UAE has a wonderful international reputation, which already makes it attractive for immigrants. In addition to that, they find immense tax benefits in the country. Below we list the key tax benefits that private individuals and corporate entities enjoy in the UAE:

  • Private individuals: Residents of the UAE for tax purposes (citizens and non-citizens) pay no income tax. Besides, they do not have to pay the taxes on the following items:
    • Interests;
    • Dividends;
    • Royalties;
    • Wealth;
    • Luxuries;
    • Inheritance;
    • Gifts;
    • Capital gains.
  • Corporate entities: The corporate tax rate is 0% in the UAE. This is applicable to small, medium-size, and large business companies. From June 1, 2023, a corporate tax of 9% is going to be payable. Fortunately, this tax will be levied only on business operations within the country. That is to say, only the corporate income made locally is going to be taxed while the 0% tax rates will still apply to the internationally earned income.

5 types of visa that make legalizing your stay in the UAE simple

The reputable low-tax jurisdiction of the UAE also has highly favorable immigration laws. You can apply for a visa of one of the following types to enter the country and stay there for a long time if not forever:

  • Work visa (a sponsor company is required to get one): Do you have a job proposal from an employer in the UAE? Sign a job contract with the sponsor company and become eligible for a work visa. The first visa is usually valid for two or three years. It can be extended afterwards if your job contract is extended. It’s very easy to obtain a work visa to the UAE. When you sign the job agreement, the sponsor company will acquire an entry permit for you. When you come to the UAE, the sponsor company will apply for a visa on your behalf. You will have to pass a medical examination and submit your biometric data (fingerprints) for the Emirates ID. The work visa will serve as a temporary residence permit in the country. The sponsor company covers all the expenses involved in acquiring a work visa for you.
  • “Green visa”: This is a five-year residence permit in the UAE and obtaining one does not require having a sponsor company. A green visa holder can sponsor the members of their core family and acquire visas for them too. After the visa expires, the holder is allowed to remain in the Emirates for six more months, which is enough to acquire a different type of visa. Qualified specialists/ freelancers/ self-employed individuals can apply for a ‘green visa’ if they meet certain requirements:
    • Requirements for qualified specialists: In accordance with the UAE legislation, applicants for ‘green visas’ have to submit the following four documents:
  • A valid job agreement;
  • A document confirming professional qualifications of the first, second, or third level as classified by the local Ministry Of Human Resources & Emiratisation; (MoHRE);
  • A university diploma (bachelor degree or higher);
  • A certificate of income confirming an income of at least 15,000 dirhams per month;
  • Requirements for freelancers: Self-employed individuals or freelancers can apply for a ‘green visa’ if they can supply the following three documents:
    • Permission from the MoHRE to conduct economic activities as a freelancer;  
    • A university diploma (bachelor degree or higher) or a similar education certificate;  
    • A certificate of income confirming an income of at least 360,000 dirhams over the last two years.
  • “Golden visa”: A perfect option if you would like to stay in the Emirates for a long time. A golden visa allows a foreign national to live, work and/ or study in the UAE for ten years. No sponsor is required. Outstanding professionals (especially medical doctors and nurses), talented high school students, college graduates, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists can qualify for a ‘golden visa’. Golden visa holders can sponsor the members of their families including their spouses and children. They can also obtain visas for their home-helpers without any restrictions. There are also no restrictions on the time that the golden visa holder can spend outside the UAE. Please apply for a professional consultation with Offshore Pro Group experts to learn more about the golden visa to the UAE.  
  • Freelance Visa: If you are unable to meet the requirements for a green visa, you can apply for a freelance visa that is valid for two years. You need a job permit to work in the UAE as a freelancer.
  • Visas for support personnel: The UAE authorities also issue visas to support workers (housekeepers, concierges, etc.). Their employer has to act as their sponsor when applying for visas. The support worker will have to obtain a special license in accordance with a legislative act from 2022.

Different agencies in the UAE are responsible for processing applications for visas depending on the region of the country. These include the following agencies:

  • The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) provides services to future residents of Dubai.
  • The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) provides services to future residents of the following Emirates
    • Abu Dhabi;
    • Sharjah;
    • Ajman;
    • Ras al-Khaimah;
    • Fujairah;
    • Umm Al Quwain.

We will gladly assist you in acquiring a visa to the UAE

The UAE offers multiple routes to acquiring legal residence in the country. If you have a lot of money, valuable skills, a job contract with a local company, or an intention to start a business in the UAE, you are welcome to apply for a long-term visa. In addition to low taxes, the Emirates offer many other wonderful opportunities. Our immigration experts will be happy to help you choose the optimal visa type and to overcome the bureaucratic barriers and the language barrier as well. Please apply for our assistance and relocate to one of the most attractive countries in the world!

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