What real estate fund should you choose when applying for a Portuguese golden visa?

If you are planning to apply for a Portuguese residence permit by investing in a real estate fund, you may have trouble choosing which one to put money in. This would not be surprising at all, as the choice is extremely wide. Below we list all available options. Please read on and then apply for a personal consultation with an InternationalWealth expert who will be happy to help you select the most reliable real estate fund in Portugal thus acquiring the so-called ‘golden visa’ to Portugal that is essentially a legal residence permit.

Estate investments

How can you acquire a golden visa by investing into a real estate fund in Portugal?

In 2018, the Portuguese Parliament passed a piece of legislation that allows foreign nationals to invest into a venture fund (or FCR — Fundo de Capital de Risco) thus qualifying for a golden visa to the country. The Fund has to have its headquarters in Portugal and invest at least 60% of its capital in Portuguese-based companies. The foreign investor has to put at least 350,000 euros into the fund and he or she can receive the payback at least five years after the investment is made.

The expression ‘venture fund’ may sound somewhat frightening but this is only a term for an investment fund managed by experienced professionals. They choose the most promising Portuguese startups and invest money in them to help them grow fast.

Every fund has its own investment areas and scope of authority. Different funds make investments into the energy sector, heavy industry, modern technologies, or real estate. All funds are regulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários; CMVM).

Who is eligible to apply for a Portuguese golden visa by investing into a venture fund?

The scheme called Autorização de Residência para Actividade de Investimento in Portuguese defines the criteria that the candidate for the Portuguese golden visa has to meet in order to qualify. The candidate shall have to following characteristics:

  • Be a non-EU/ EEA and non-Swiss citizen;
  • Be a law-abiding person (have a clean criminal record).

The Funds may have their own requirements for the candidates as well. These requirements usually include the following ones:

  • The candidate must have some experience in investments and some knowledge of financial instruments such as company shares, state bonds, funds, and so on.
  • The candidate must confirm having sufficient funds.
  • The candidate must be able to prove the legality of the sources of income.

We realize that acquiring a legal residence permit in Portugal by putting money in a fund may look riskier and more complicated than simply buying a villa or an apartment in the country. However, you can save up to 150,000 euros if you choose this route as the required investment amount is 500,000 euros if you decide to put money directly into real property in Portugal.

Besides, choosing the piece of property to buy is not an easy task too as the choice is large indeed. So if you are familiar with investment mechanisms and various financial instruments, and if you realize that the funds are managed by professionals, this option should be interesting for you.

Of course, any investment will entail certain risks and an investment into a Portuguese real estate fund is not an exception. InternationalWealth experts will gladly assist you in assessing the risks involved in investing in any particular fund in Portugal.


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on how to choose the jurisdiction and the economic residence or citizenship programs.

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The amount of required investment in a Portuguese real estate fund is expected to grow

Only a short time ago various rumors about the possible changes to the Portuguese golden visa legislation were in circulation. Everything became clear and certain in February 2021 when the parliamentarians passed all the amendments that they had been discussing. In Particular, acquiring legal residence in Portugal by purchasing real estate in large cities/ popular regions (Lisbon, Porto, Algarve) has become impossible.

The amount of the required investment in Portuguese real estate funds has also been raised from 350,000 to 500,000 euros. The good news is that the amendment comes into force on January 1, 2022 so you still have time to acquire a Portuguese golden visa at a reduced price.  

Please remember that the money will have to be ‘frozen’ for five years. This is the period required for naturalizing in Portugal and exchanging your golden visa into a Portuguese passport. Of course, you can exit the position before the five-year period expires but you will lose the golden visa in this case. Investors in Portuguese real estate funds can count on 3-5% annual profit if things go well.

Please also bear in mind the fact that the minimum share price can vary from one fund to another (it can be between 50,000 and 500,000 euros). Besides, every find will have its own requirements as to the share ownership period and this does not always coincide with the five-year naturalization period 9it can be anywhere between 3 and 10 years).

Given the information above it is of great importance to seek advice from InternationalWealth experts who have detailed information about the Portuguese real estate finds in order to choose the optimal investment option!

The following costs are involved in acquiring a golden visa to Portugal by investing in a real estate fund:

  • Administrative fee: 1% -5% of the investment amount;
  • Annual fund management commission: 0.75% — 2.75% of the investment amount;
  • Additional legal costs;
  • Efficiency commission: Payable if the fund is liquidated;
  • Administrative fees for acquiring a legal residence permit in Portugal by investing into a real estate fund: Payable to the Portuguese Foreigner and Frontier Service (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras; SEF) in the following amounts:
    • Initial application processing fee: 532.70 euros for the main applicant and 83.10 euros for every dependent family member;
    • Initial application approval fee: 5,274.40 per each applicant for legal residence;
    • Application for investment period prolongation: 532.70 euros for the main applicant and 83.10 euros for every dependent family member;
    • Approval of application for investment period prolongation: 2,637.20 euros for one applicant.

Investment into a Portuguese real estate fund: a popular and secure route to legal residence in the country

According to the official statistics, 4% of all residence permits issued to foreigners in Portugal in 2020 were issued to the investors in real estate funds. The number of residence permits granted to this category of investors grew by almost six times in comparison to the previous year.

In 2017, the Portuguese authorities lowered the required amount of investment in a real estate fund from 500,000 euros to 350,000 euros. This measure served as a considerable incentive for foreign investors whose number grew year after year since that time.

Is it safe to invest in a Portuguese real estate fund? In accordance with the local legislation, any such fund must be in conformity with the requirements out forward by the Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários. External audit companies regularly audit these financial institutions.

In any case, it is important to assess the investment strategy that the chosen fund follows and find out about the track records of the fund managers. Remember that there is no 100% guarantee that your money invested in a Portuguese real estate fund will be perfectly safe.

You can assess the risk by yourself but assistance from qualified professionals in the matter would be invaluable. InternationalWealth team of experts will be happy to provide such assistance to you.

Choose the real estate fund to invest in thus obtaining legal residence in Portugal

The most important thing to do is ensure that the real estate fund that you are considering really exists!

Below we list all the financial institutions that you can invest in thus qualifying for legal residence in Portugal. All the funds are certified and controlled by the CMVM. The list does not include the funds that are currently undergoing liquidation procedures.

Please mind that not all structures may be suitable for investments at this moment in time (see the selection criteria below) but the satiation may change in the mid-term. Please request the most up-to-date information from InternationalWealth experts!

NameISIN CodeCodeManaging companyStart of operations
Addrezza Arrendamento (F)PTSQUCIM00001191Square Asset Management — SGOIC, SA23.10.2009
Af Portfólio Imobiliário (A)PTYAIRHM0000363Interfundos — SGOIC, SA03.11.1991
Ag (F)PTAICMIM00001465Atlantic — SGOIC, SA16.09.2016
Amoreiras (F)PTYEFFIP0009942GEF — SGOIC, SA28.12.2006
Arquimedes (F)PTAICNIM00091486Carregosa — SGOIC, S.A.28.07.2017
Arrábida (F)PTYEIPIM0007903GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA18.12.2006
Atlantis (F)PTVIPBIM00031503Silvip — SGOIC, SA05.12.2017
Beirafundo (F)PTYFUSIE0007969Norfin — SGOIC, SA19.06.2007
Bf Invest (F)PTYIOHIE0005855LYNX Asset Managers — SGOIC, SA26.04.2006
Ca Imobiliário (A)PTSQUAHM0003788Square Asset Management — SGOIC, SA01.09.2005
Ca Património Crescente (A)PTSQUBHM0002789Square Asset Management — SGOIC, SA15.07.2005
Capital Real I (F)850LYNX Asset Managers — SGOIC, SA16.06.2006
Carteira Imobiliária (A)PTSQUEHM00091420Square Asset Management — SGOIC, SA30.12.2013
Cimóvel (F)PTNOFMIN0003882Interfundos — SGOIC, SA29.11.2006
Colinvest (F)PTITFMIE00061228LYNX Asset Managers — SGOIC, SA04.03.2010
Conforto (F)PTAICKIM00101567Carregosa — SGOIC, S.A.08.03.2019
Crescendis (F)PTYFUGIE0001743Caixa Gestão de Ativos, SGOIC, S.A.22.11.2004
Domus Capital (F)PTITFJIE00011076LYNX Asset Managers — SGOIC, SA29.08.2008
Em Reabilitação Urbana Coimbra Viva I (F)PTFBOPIM00051267First Fund Box — SGOIC, SA03.05.2011
Eminvest (F)PTYIOEIE0008776LYNX Asset Managers — SGOIC, SA07.06.2005
Eurofundo (F)PTYFUAIE0007581ECS — SGOIC, SA10.08.2000
Europa (F)PTSFIBIM0000786Norfin — SGOIC, SA16.06.2005
Fimes Ii (F)699Gesfimo — Espírito Santo Irmãos, SGOIC, SA19.12.2003
Fimes Oriente (F)662GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA27.04.2004
Fimes Um (F)635Gesfimo — Espírito Santo Irmãos, SGOIC, SA21.11.2002
Fimmo (F)PTAFIPIE0004946Interfundos — SGOIC, SA28.12.2006
Fimobes (F)PTYIOLIE0009870Interfundos — SGOIC, SA19.06.2006
Five Stars (F)PTYEIOIM0008907GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA12.12.2006
Foz Do Tejo (F)956Insula Capital — SGOIC, SA20.06.2007
Fsg Saúde (F)PTFDDBIM00021648Fidelidade — SGOIC, SA06.11.2020
Fundes (F)PTFMSAIM00051143GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA22.12.2008
Fundial (F)PTYIOYIE0004950Interfundos — SGOIC, SA28.12.2006
Fundicentro (F)PTYFUBIM0006618Libertas — SGOIC, SA04.12.2001
Fundiestamo I (F)PTGFIBIM00041052Fundiestamo — SGOIC, SA20.12.2007
Fundigroup (F)PTYFUKIE0005821Silvip — SGOIC, SA28.12.2005
FundimoPTYCXTHM0007374Caixa Gestão de Ativos, SGOIC, S.A.25.05.1987
Fundinvest (F)724Montepio Valor — SGOIC, SA21.05.2004
Fundipar (F)PTAFILIE0008807Interfundos — SGOIC, SA17.10.2005
Funditur (F)PTNOFKIP0003909Libertas — SGOIC, SA21.12.2006
Fundo Vip — Valores E Investimentos Prediais, (A)PTVIPAHM0005375Silvip — SGOIC, SA26.11.1987
Fundolis (F)PTYFUMIE0003834Caixa Gestão de Ativos, SGOIC, S.A.13.03.2006
Fungepi — Novo Banco IiPTFMSFHM00011276GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA18.01.2011
Fungepi Novo BancoPTFMSCHM00041188GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA12.12.1997
Fungere — Fundo De Gestão De Património ImobiliárioPTFMSDHM00031189GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA27.10.1997
Funsita — (F)PTAFIKIE0009802Interfundos — SGOIC, SA26.09.2005
Gaia Douro (F)PTYFUXIE00001055Caixa Gestão de Ativos, SGOIC, S.A.19.12.2008
Gef Ii (F)PTYEFAIP0004377GEF — SGOIC, SA23.03.1995
Gestimo — (F)PTTTFFIE0002309Interfundos — SGOIC, SA21.11.1995
Gestindustria — (F)PTYE1BIM00061094GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA26.05.2008
Gfm Património — (F)PTAICBIM0003877GFM Gestão de Ativos — SGOIC, S.A.01.09.2006
Global Fundo (F)PTYEFIIE0009935GEF — SGOIC, SA26.12.2006
Gryphon Capital (F)PTFBOHIM0005918First Fund Box — SGOIC, SA14.05.2007
Guebar — (F)PTYEINIM0009887GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA02.11.2006
Herdade Da Comporta — (F)898Gesfimo — Espírito Santo Irmãos, SGOIC, SA23.11.2006
I Marope — (F)PTYIOKIE0000858Interfundos — SGOIC, SA11.05.2006
Ibéria — (F)PTNOFJIM0009895Norfin — SGOIC, SA08.11.2006
Iberian Forest Fund — Fundo Especial De Investimento Imobiliário Florestal FechadoPTITFHIE00031106Floresta Atlântica — SGOIC, SA21.07.2008
Imoal — (F)PTYIOUIE0008927Interfundos — SGOIC, SA07.12.2006
Imoarruda (F)PTYEIIIM0006886GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA25.09.2006
Imocais — (F)PTAFIUIE0007985GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA01.03.2007
Imocar (F)PTNOFEIE0004721Norfin — SGOIC, SA25.06.2004
Imocomercial (F)PTSELBIM0006880GEF — SGOIC, SA17.11.2006
Imoconvento (F)PTSELHIE00001211GEF — SGOIC, SA11.12.2009
Imocott — (F)PTAFINIE0006813Interfundos — SGOIC, SA23.12.2005
Imodesenvolvimento (F)PTYIIAIN0009322Imopólis — SGOIC, SA17.10.1994
Imofarma — (F)PTYIOIIM0012848Interfundos — SGOIC, SA16.05.2006
Imofid (A)PTFDDAHM0004311Fidelidade — SGOIC, SA22.12.1993
Imofomento — (A)PTYSOAHM0001306BPI Gestão de Ativos — SGOIC, SA02.05.1994
Imogestão (F)PTSELFIM0002902GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA27.11.2006
Imoimperial (F)PTYEIUIM0000939GEF — SGOIC, SA22.12.2006
Imoinvestimento — (F)PTSELIIM00091386GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA18.12.2012
Imolux (F)PTYIODIE0009775Imorendimento — SGOIC, SA29.06.2005
Imomarinas (F)PTYBQBIM0006636Imofundos — SGOIC, SA13.02.2003
Imomarvãs (F)924Montepio Valor — SGOIC, SA12.12.2006
Imonegócios (A)PTYBPDHM0006548Imofundos — SGOIC, SA22.03.2000
Imonor — (F)PTYIORIE0003925Atlantic — SGOIC, SA29.11.2006
Imoplanus (F)PTYFURIE0008968Caixa Gestão de Ativos, SGOIC, S.A.29.12.2006
Imoportugal (F)PTYPRBIM0009812GEF — SGOIC, SA13.03.2006
Imopoupança (A)PTGFICHM00041221Fundiestamo — SGOIC, SA16.07.2010
Imopredial (F)PTBNIAHM0001606Profile — Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Colectivo, SA16.08.2001
Imopromoção (F)PTYIOTIE0001913Interfundos — SGOIC, SA26.01.2007
Imoreal (F)PTYBQAIM0007625Imofundos — SGOIC, SA21.06.2002
Imorecuperação — Fundo De Investimento ImobiliárioPTYSBIIE0007744Santander Asset Management — SGOIC, SA15.07.2005
Imorenda (F)PTIMRAIM0003390Interfundos — SGOIC, SA24.12.1996
Imorent (F)PTTTFAIM0007362Santander Asset Management — SGOIC, SA19.09.1991
Imosede (F)852SFS — Gestão de Fundos — SGOIC, SA31.07.2006
Imosonae Dois (F)PTSNEAIE0005370SFS — Gestão de Fundos — SGOIC, SA13.07.1995
Imosotto Acumulação (F)PTYIOAHM0003380Interfundos — SGOIC, SA30.05.1990
Imotur — (F)PTYIOPIE0005914Interfundos — SGOIC, SA27.11.2006
Imourbe (F)PTSELCIM0005928Montepio Valor — SGOIC, SA21.12.2006
Imovalorca — (F)PTSELJIM00081408Crédito Agrícola Gest — SGOIC, S.A.31.07.2013
Imovalue — (F)PTITFEIE00061067LYNX Asset Managers — SGOIC, SA03.06.2008
Imovedras (F)PTYEITIM0003937Silvip — SGOIC, SA20.12.2006
Inogi Capital — (F)PTYIOZIE0003949ECS — SGOIC, SA28.12.2006
Inspirar — (F)PTARMFIM00061088Invest Gestão de Activos — Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Colectivo, S.A.26.09.2008
Invesfundo (F)825Gesfimo — Espírito Santo Irmãos, SGOIC, SA23.03.2006
Invesfundo Ii (F)826Gesfimo — Espírito Santo Irmãos, SGOIC, SA14.12.2005
Invesfundo Vii (F)1090GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA14.05.2008
Invesurb — (F)Código ISIN:1264First Fund Box — SGOIC, SA15.11.2010
Josiba Florestal — (F)974BPI Gestão de Ativos — SGOIC, SA28.12.2006
Lcn — Portuguese Fund 2PTFBOTIM00011542First Fund Box — SGOIC, SA23.11.2018
Lcn Portuguese Fund 1PTFBOSIM00021528First Fund Box — SGOIC, SA20.06.2018
Lisfundo (F)PTYFUNIE0002835GEF — SGOIC, SA13.03.2006
Lucasfin — (F)PTSFIEIM0007894GEF — SGOIC, SA26.09.2006
Lusimovest — Fundo De Investimento ImobiliárioPTYSIAIE0008615Santander Asset Management — SGOIC, SA19.07.2001
Lusofundo (F)PTNOFHIM0001796ECS — SGOIC, SA22.07.2005
Maia Imo (F)PTYFU2IE00021147Caixa Gestão de Ativos, SGOIC, S.A.31.12.2008
Marathon (F)PTVIPCIM00021535Silvip — SGOIC, SA16.10.2018
Maxirent (F)PTMXR0IM0008371Refundos — SGOIC, S.A.01.03.1993
Montepio Arrendamento IiiPTYDAQIM00051415Montepio Valor — SGOIC, SA26.09.2013
Multinvest (F)PTYFUQIE0009966Caixa Gestão de Ativos, SGOIC, S.A.29.12.2006
Multiusos Oriente — (F)PTFIFBIE0005933Norfin — SGOIC, SA27.12.2006
Natura (F)PTTTFEIM0003973Imorendimento — SGOIC, SA27.12.2006
Nb Alta Vista (F)PTYEIRIM0005912GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA05.12.2006
Nb Alta Vista (F)PTYEIRIM0005912GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA05.12.2006
Nb Arrendamento (F)PTYE1FIM00021161GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA15.04.2009
Nb Logística (A)PTYEIXHM00081024GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA03.12.2007
Nb PatrimónioPTYEIAHM0005365GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA01.06.1992
Neudelinveste — (F)PTITFLIE00071144Interfundos — SGOIC, SA28.05.2009
Novimove (F)PTNOFFIE0003759Norfin — SGOIC, SA30.12.2004
Novimovest (F)PTYIMBHM0004598Santander Asset Management — SGOIC, SA05.02.2001
Oceânico Ii — (F)PTAFIVIE0006987Interfundos — SGOIC, SA16.03.2007
Oceânico Iii — (F)PTITFBIE00091042Interfundos — SGOIC, SA13.11.2007
Office Park Expo (F)PTNOFBIE0007634Libertas — SGOIC, SA15.10.2002
Olissipo — (F)PTSFIDIM0008856First Fund Box — SGOIC, SA27.04.2006
Polaris (F)PTYDAMIM00091212Montepio Valor — SGOIC, SA22.12.2009
Portugal Estates Fund (Pef) (F)1025Montepio Valor — SGOIC, SA03.10.2007
Portuguese Prime Property Box (F)PTFBOBIE0001806First Fund Box — SGOIC, SA15.12.2005
Predicapital — (F)PTITFTIE00091482Interfundos — SGOIC, SA30.03.2017
Prediloc Capital — (F)PTYIOMIE0008873GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA12.07.2006
Prime Value — (F)PTTTFDIM0004861Imorendimento — SGOIC, SA20.06.2006
Príncipe Real Fundo De Reabilitação Urbana — (F)PTMNSDIM00101174LYNX Asset Managers — SGOIC, SA04.06.2009
Promofundo — (F)PTYE1CIM00051099GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA12.11.2008
Property Core Real Estate Fund — (A)Código ISIN:1625Square Asset Management — SGOIC, SA28.08.2020
Quinta Da Ombria — (F)PTSFIGIM00051158First Fund Box — SGOIC, SA23.02.2009
Quinta Da Ribeira (F)PTYEFDIP0001883GEF — SGOIC, SA21.08.2006
Real Added Value Pn (F)PTNOFQIM00001463Institutional Investment — Partners GmbH09.09.2016
Renda Predial (F)PTREPAIM0004360Interfundos — Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Coletivo, SA26.12.1995
Rendifundo (F)PTYEIFIM0009842GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA27.03.2006
Retail Properties — (F)PTAICJIM00131376Carregosa — SGOIC, S.A.18.02.2013
Salinas (F)PTYFUZIE00081096Caixa Gestão de Ativos, SGOIC, S.A.28.07.2008
São José De Ribamar (F)PTYFU5IE00171219LYNX Asset Managers — SGOIC, SA08.01.2010
Saudeinveste (F)PTYFUCIE0005637Caixa Gestão de Ativos, SGOIC, S.A.10.12.2002
Sertorius (F)PTFBOGIM00061048First Fund Box — SGOIC, SA07.03.2008
Sete Colinas (F)PTYFUOIE0001892Institutional Investment — Partners GmbH10.10.2006
Stone Capital — (F)PTITFDIE00071072Interfundos — SGOIC, SA22.02.2008
Tdf (F)PTITFUIM0006366Interfundos — SGOIC, SA30.04.1993
Tejo (F)PTARMDIM00081017Invest Gestão de Activos — Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Colectivo, S.A.09.01.2008
Territórios De Baixa Densidade — (F) TurísticoPTFFTFIM00081559TF Turismo Fundos — SGOIC, S.A.01.04.2019
Trindade (F)PTNOFIIP0007820Norfin — SGOIC, SA24.01.2006
Turirent (F)965Square Asset Management — SGOIC, SA29.12.2006
Turístico (F)PTFFTAIE0003378TF Turismo Fundos — SGOIC, S.A.21.11.1995
Turístico Ii (F)PTFFTBIE0002549TF Turismo Fundos — SGOIC, S.A.24.04.2000
Unicampus — (F)PTYE1GIM00011181GNB Real Estate — SGOIC, SA06.07.2009
Valor Prime (A)PTYDAGHM0008404Montepio Valor — SGOIC, SA14.04.1997
Vila Galé (F)PTYVGAIN0004325Vila Galé Gest — SGOIC, SA11.01.1995
Wtc (F)Código ISIN:1353SFS — Gestão de Fundos — SGOIC, SA21.12.2011

Notes: Letters (F) and (A) stand for closed and open fund (Fechado / Aberto). The abbreviation SGOIC (Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Coletivo) stands for a collective investment management company.

How to choose the optimal real estate fund for acquiring legal residence in Portugal 

An increasing number of our clients are interested in the golden visa opportunity described here. Not surprisingly, we hear the following question more and more often: What real estate fund should I choose to acquire legal residence in Portugal? Below please find the key criteria for choosing the optimal fund to invest in:

  • The fund managers must invest at least 60% of the assets into Portuguese-based companies/ objects.
  • The fund headquarters must be located in Portugal.
  • The payback period must exceed five years.
  • The fund must qualify as a Fundo de Capital de Risco. This means that you can invest only in a risk capital fund that possesses the following main characteristics:
    • The fund portfolio must be diversified: no single asset/ company shares can prevail.
    • The fund must not guarantee the return on investment (unlike is the case with the state bond dividends, for instance).

What should you pay heed to when considering what real estate fund to out your money in if you want to use this route to the Portuguese golden visa? InternationalWealth team takes a long list of factors into consideration when assessing the possible investment options. Below we briefly describe the most important ones.


The following key aspects need to be taken into consideration when working out an investment strategy:

  • Asset localization and type:
    • Are the investment objects located on the territory of large cities or in gentrification regions? Are they close to hospitals, universities, airports, and so on?
    • What types of assets are invested in (stores, warehouses, office buildings, residential accommodations, ect.)? How profitable can these investment objects be?
  • Expected income:
    • What is the expected level of income?
    • Are annual dividends going to be paid?
  • Target capital amount:
    • How much is the fund planning to accumulate? How realistic is the target capital amount?
  • Maintenance costs:
    • What is the annual management fee?
    • What happens if and when the fund is liquidated?
    • Are there any additional fees?
  • Portfolio diversification:
    • Does the fund have a diverse portfolio that can minimize the risks?
  • Exiting the position:
    • What happens if you would like to call off the investment?

You can compare several Portuguese real estate funds along these lines and develop an understanding of the situation in the market. You are also welcome to consult independent experts such as InternationalWealth professionals, for example and discuss the most efficient investment strategy with them.

Life cycle

Before making the investment, you should certainly find out for how long your money is going to be ‘frozen’. By all means, obtain information about the following key dates:

  • Fund registration with the CMVM;
  • End of subscription;
  • Fund liquidation/ settlement.

Please bear in mind that any fund will have a liquidation date. You have to find out if the fund manager is authorized to extend the life cycle of the fund and for how long. As a subscriber, you will not have the power to do so and thus you will have less flexibility when investing into a real estate fund than you would have purchasing property in your own name.

Fund manager

The fund manager will be in charge of your money until the settlement date. As you will have to rely on this person, it would be a good idea to learn about him or her as much as you can. You will have to assess the manager’s skills and abilities by finding out about their success story.

If possible, you had better meet the manager in person and ask the questions that you might have. Does he/ she look trustworthy? Does he/ she have sufficient experience in investing other people’s money? Do your personal interests coincide with his/ hers?

You should not be surprised if the fund manager is in for a large sum of money in case the fund is successful. The manager’s reimbursement is in direct relation to the fund’s profit, which stimulates him or her to work as diligently as they can.

Expert support in acquiring legal residence in Portugal by investing in a real estate fund

InternationalWealth is an Internet portal offering a wide range of services to those interested in investment immigration and other offshore instruments. You can make use of our packaged services that will be tailored to your needs. We will be happy to assist you in acquiring a legal residence permit or full citizenship in many different countries.  

The Portuguese golden visa is one of the most popular immigration products in the market. The possibility to invest in a real estate fund in the country is one of the most affordable ways to become a legal resident in Portugal and in the EU. But remember, that the required investment amount will grow from 350,000 euros to 500,000 by the end of the current year! There is no time to waste!

Please apply for a personal consultation with an InternationalWealth expert right now!

Do I have to buy real property in Portugal to qualify for a golden visa?

The opportunity to make an investment in a Portuguese real estate fund spares you the need to purchase property in the country by yourself. In addition to that, the required investment amount is smaller if you choose this route to legal residence in Portugal.

How do I make an investment in a Portuguese real estate fund?

Theoretically, you can contact the fund and make arrangements with the managers. We highly recommend, however, that you apply for our professional assistance in the matter, as the choice of funds is great and some burdensome bureaucratic procedures are involved.

How can I assess the risks and the level of profitability when investing in a Portuguese real estate fund?

Every real estate fund in Portugal will have different levels of portfolio diversification and risk-proneness. You will be well advised to use the expertise of InternationalWealth consultants, as we have already made assessments of all major Portuguese real estate funds.

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