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Residence Permit in Turkey

Residence Permit in Turkey (İkamet) – New Rules in 2023

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Residence Permit in Turkey

We have important news for potential immigrants: new amendments to Immigration Law No. 6458, Article No.: 31-1 (e), entered into force in Turkey. New restrictions were set on areas where you can get a residence permit, and the amount of investment in property has been reconsidered. These changes mean that:

  • You cannot renew a tourist residence permit on the same grounds (rest), which does not apply to the countries of the European Union, Russia, China, and Slovenia.
  • The minimum amount of investments in residential and commercial real estate under the Turkish Golden Visa program is USD 400,000.
  • You can get a residence permit if you buy real estate that costs USD 50,000 or more (in sparsely populated areas) or USD 75,000 or more (in large cities).
  • Starting on July 1, 2023, you cannot get a residence permit in 1169 Turkish areas as they receive the status of closed territories densely populated with foreigners that account for 20% and more of the total number of residents.

The new rules apply to short-term, long-term, and any other kinds of residence permit, which should be taken into account if you choose Turkey as a destination for temporary or permanent residence.

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What residence permit can you obtain in Turkey in 2023? What documents are required to get one? The legal advisers of the portal will be happy to help you file an application for Ikamet or extend a residence permit in Turkey.

Turkey, Residence Permit in 2023 – Types and Methods of Obtaining

İkamet, Turkey

Many tourists who visited Turkey at least once dream of staying in this hospitable country for several months or years to take advantage of the sun, sea and atmosphere. In 2023, the legislation of the jurisdiction gives foreigners the right to stay in Turkey for 30 to 90 days, depending on the country of residence. Typical duration of legal stay granted to residents of most countries is 90 days within each 180-day period.

There are many citizens who fall in love with the country or want to make the most of its bustling business environment, and these individuals find it inconvenient to count the days of stay. They seek to obtain a residence permit in Turkey which can be subsequently extended, including for an indefinite period. 

What Kind of İkamet a Foreign National Can Get in 2023

The Turkish law entitles foreign guests to legally stay in the country on the basis of one of the following permits:

  • Short-term residence permit
  • Long-term residence permit – valid for an indefinite term provided the holder meets a number of requirements
  • Residence permit for victims of human trafficking

The government of the jurisdiction will give you an opportunity to choose any type of İkamet if you provide a strong argument why you need it: for a business visit, medical care, scientific research, or to meet judicial requirements.

Short-Term Residence Permit in Turkey in 2023

What requirements do you need to meet to receive a residence permit in Turkey valid for up to 2 years? There are several options here, and each of them has to be discussed separately.

Requirements for the applicant who wants to obtain a short-term residence permit in Turkey in 2023:

  • Age – 18 years and more
  • A valid medical insurance (persons over 65 years of age and citizens under 18 years of age do not need any health coverage)
  • Documents required to get a residence permit:
    • a lease agreement in Turkey or Tapu (title of real estate) signed and stamped by a notary public
    • a document confirming the financial stability of the applicant and his family members (bank statement to confirm availability of at least $500 on the account per 1 month of stay)
    • original and notarized copy of the passport
    • 4 photographs for each applicant (on a white background, in the format set for biometric data)
  • Also, a foreign citizen fills out a resident’s form, and in the case of an application submitted for a spouse and children – provides a sworn translation of the birth certificate (for a minor child) and a marriage certificate. In some cases, an apostille or Consulate seal is required.

If you arrive in Turkey for a business visit, you may need documents on company registration, bank accounts, investment fees, etc. The list of mandatory requirements may differ depending on the type of permit.

Residence Permits in Turkey: New Conditions to be Met by Foreigners in 2023

The following items in the Turkish immigration program have been amended, and they refer not only to residence permits but also to citizenship:

  • The minimum amount of investment in real estate in Turkey which gives the right to citizenship is 400,000 US dollars.
  • The minimum amount of investment in Turkish real estate to acquire a residence permit varies as follows in 2023:
    • from USD 75,000 in any of the 30 major cities (including the most popular ones, such as Izmir, Istanbul, or Ankara)
    • from USD 50,000 in sparsely populated cities (51 in total) or municipalities in Turkey
  • The Turkish Ministry of the Interior published a list of closed areas where the number of foreigners exceeds 20%. Since July 1, 2023, the list of such provinces and municipalities includes 1,169 areas where foreigners CANNOT get a residence permit for buying real estate at any rate. These include:
    • 53 districts in Istanbul
    • 75 districts in Adana
    • 23 districts of Ankara
    • 62 in Mersin

The new rules do not apply to foreigners who managed to get a primary residence permit in these areas before the restrictions were imposed and/or extend it on the same grounds without changing their place of residence. 

If the primary residence permit was obtained on the condition of buying real estate in another area and the application for extension was received after moving to a closed area, the foreigner will be turned down, and other grounds for residence permit renewal will have to be provided.

How to Obtain and Renew a Touristic Residence Permit in 2023?

A touristic residence permit does not give the right to work in Turkey, but allows you to stay in the jurisdiction for up to 2 years. You can apply for a touristic residence permit in Turkey in person or through a proxy by submitting the relevant document to the Consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tourist residence permit in Turkey

The touristic residence permit in Turkey can be renewed remotely by filling out the application form on the official website at It is important to observe the established validity period of the current İkamet and apply for its extension within 60 days before its expiration.

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Note: in 2023, you can get a touristic residence permit on the same terms by buying a facility at a price of $75,000 (or $50,000 in small cities). However, the period of stay on the basis of a touristic residence permit in Turkey is not included in the naturalization period (which gives the right to citizenship). According to a general rule, the naturalization period lasts for 5 years, following which the foreigner can apply for a Turkish passport.

Residence Permit for Investments and Real Estate in Turkey

One of the most common residence permits in Turkey is granted for the purchase of real estate for commercial or residential purposes. Making such investments gives a foreign citizen an opportunity not only to obtain a residence permit but also to become a Turkish resident. In this case, the terms and conditions depend entirely on the cost of the apartment.

For example, if you invest in a villa in Antalya, you can count on obtainingTurkish citizenship with a minimum package of documents. However, if you purchase nothing less than a boutique hotel, you can move to Turkey with the whole family (with family members becoming subjects of the jurisdiction) and start a hotel business. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Here are the requirements you will have to meet to qualify for a residence permit by investment in Turkey:

  • Invest in trusts, government bonds, and the country’s economy at least $500,000 for a minimum period of 3 years
  • Purchase residential/non-residential real estate or land at an estimated value of $400,000 or more, which is evidenced by an extract from the register. You will have to observe the 3-year time limit on the sale and disposal of this property
  • Set up a company in any city in Turkey and create at least 50 jobs for local professionals with full social security for 3 years (minimum)

If a foreign citizen has fulfilled at least one condition, he/she can safely apply to the Consulate for a residence permit or citizenship. The only mandatory condition is the documentary evidence of investments:

  • Tapu (right of ownership)
  • a document from the Ministry of Finance to certify investments from 500,000 dollars
  • a document from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to certify that you have created the required number of jobs

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If you seek to obtain Turkish citizenship, the most promising option is to invest your assets in construction, land, or real estate. In this case, your benefit will be doubled: you will have your own housing, a place to organize a home office, a Turkish passport, and additional income after you sell the property.


on economic citizenship programs,
how to choose a jurisdiction
and get a foreign passport.

on economic citizenship programs, how to choose a jurisdiction and get a foreign passport.

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Residence Permit for a Family in Turkey 

The right to reside in Turkey is granted to the Turkish citizen’s spouse, children, and dependents. These norms are governed by the provisions of Art. 34 and Art. 37 of the Law On Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458, as well as Art. 30 and Art. 34 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law On Foreigners and International Protection.

Residence permit in Turkey for a family

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A child who comes from a family where one of the spouses is a foreign resident and receives a residence permit is entitled to free education up to the age of 18.

Student Residence Permit

What are the rules for obtaining a residence permit in 2023 for individuals that study in Turkey?

  1. The student residence permit is granted to foreigners who intend to engage in postgraduate, bachelor, or associate degree studies (2 years).
  2. Foreigners that are receiving primary or secondary education can get a residence permit for up to 1 year.
  3. The student residence permit does not entitle the applicant’s parents and relatives to apply for a residence permit.
  4. The student residence permit expires upon completion of studies in one of the educational institutions of the jurisdiction.

The new regulations of the law On Foreigners and International Protection give students the right to start working in Turkey on a completely legal basis. The rules fully apply to students receiving primary and secondary education. In the case of undergraduate studies or two-year associate programs, foreign students are entitled to work in Turkey only after one year of study. If we are talking about foreign students studying in associate programs, working hours are limited to 24 hours a week.

Humanitarian Residence Permit

Another Turkish residence permit available to citizens of foreign countries is a humanitarian one. It applies exclusively to the persons falling into one of the following categories:

  • victims of civil war
  • persons whose human rights have been violated
  • refugees

This permit to stay and reside in the territory of Turkey is regulated by Art. 46 and Art. 47 of Law No. 6458 and cannot be used as an excuse for relocation to third countries through Turkey. All issues related to humanitarian residence permits in Turkey are considered by the UN High Commission for Refugees.

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In the situations described above, any foreign national is required to seek the assistance of the Migration Board. Regardless of whether you entered the country in a legal or illegal way, you should submit an application for a residence permit as soon as possible and provide the necessary documents upon request.

Residence Permit for Victims of Human Trafficking

This type of residence permit is issued for a period from 30 days to 6 months and may not exceed a 3-year period from the total period of stay in the country.

Long-Term Residence Permit in Turkey in 2023

A foreign citizen who wishes to live and work in the country for a long period of time or apply for citizenship should fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • term of residence in the Republic of Turkey – at least 8 years
  • no applications for governmental social aid have been filed by the respective foreign national over the last three years
  • proof of financial stability (bank statements or salary at the place of official employment)
  • private health insurance
  • no criminal record

Under the new İkamet regulations in Turkey in 2023, you can apply for a long-term residence permit even if you previously had a touristic one. However, the period of residence in the country based on a touristic residence permit will not be taken into account when the days of stay are calculated, which should be taken into account by foreigners in Turkey.

How to Apply for a Long-Term Residence Permit

A foreigner is required to visit the Directorate General of Migration Management in order to obtain a long-term residence permit in Turkey in 2023. Here are the current regulations:

  • A long-term residence permit is valid only if the foreign citizen has been living in Turkey for more than 1 year and left the country for important reasons only, including education, compulsory public service, or health condition.
  • A citizen that receives a long-term residence permit has equal rights with Turkish residents in all aspects except for the following:
    • military service
    • voting and participation in elections as a candidate
    • holding public office in Turkey
    • customs duty exemptions for the import of vehicles are not applicable
  • A certificate of no criminal record, a valid residence permit, and a Turkish ID are also on the list of mandatory documents for a residence permit (indicated above).

Cost of Obtaining Ikamet in Turkey

How much does it cost to get a residence permit (İkamet) in Turkey in 2023? The total cost of İkamet in Turkey includes several items:

  • Fixed price for the İkamet card (an administrative fee that equals about 160 TL in 2023)
  • The annual amount payable for Turkey’s residence permit currently ranges between 326 and 7,280 TL but may increase due to a large influx of immigrants. The cost of İkamet in Turkey also varies depending on the country where the citizen previously resided (see the table below).
Country of permanent residenceAmount per 1 year
USA, UK, EU member states and most other countries1,040 TL (USD 80)
Norway, Serbia, Fiji, Chile5,837.81 TL (USD 449.7)
Belgium, Belarus, Algeria, Spain, Kuwait, Jordan, Luxembourg, Malta, Singapore, Taiwan507.70 TL (USD 39)
Albania, Philippines, Israel, Japan, Cambodia, Mali, Oman, Tajikistan7,280.80 TL (USD 560)
Morocco, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Montenegro, Egypt, Tunisia143.30 TL (USD 11)
Ethiopia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Micronesia, Russia325.50 TL (USD 25)
  • Health insurance, which is compulsory for all adult foreigners under the age of 65. The cost of health coverage in Turkey does not have a standard limit and can range from 500 to 1,800 TL, with the cheapest insurance provided to children of school and preschool age (see the table below).
Age (years)Ikamet cost in Turkey (annual fee)Health insurance obligations in Turkey
0-51.3not required
65-705.5not required
  • Services of a notary and a translator, cost of apostilling required for the preparation and legalization of documents. If we take all these items into account, the total cost will amount to at least 450 TL (without apostilling). The apostille stamp will cost about 89-90 TL per page, so in this case you will have to pay 700 TL and more.

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Check the latest prices for the Turkish İkamet with the experts of our portal.

How to Extend İkamet in Turkey and How Much it Costs

You extend your İkamet in Turkey in the same way as you initially obtain it – both in terms of the process and the preparation of documents. Look above to see the list of documents that need to be prepared, translated into Turkish, and certified by a notary in order to apply for an İkamet card in Turkey or renew it.

The total cost of İkamet extension:

  • 4 photos taken by a local photographer – 12 TL
  • Bank statement – free of charge
  • Residence address obtained at the passport office (Nüfus müdürlüğü) and certified at the police station – free of charge
  • Notary’s surety form – about 35 TL
  • Copy of insurance document (health coverage) – you can request it online from your insurance company
  • A copy of Turkey’s residence permit will cost about 30 TL
  • İkamet fee receipt, signed and sealed – 50TL
  • Fee for a residence permit in Turkey payable at the tax service office

If we add it all up, we will see that İkamet extension in Turkey will cost you about 1,200 Turkish liras. The frequency of İkamet renewal depends on its type (short-term, long-term). You can apply for an extension 60 days before the current residence permit expires.

Kimlik and Ikamet in Turkey

Both terms refer to identity cards in the Republic of Turkey, but each of them has its peculiarities:

Kimlik is a Turkish citizen’s passport or an ID card issued to each Turk at birth. Foreigners can get it if they meet the conditions under one of the programs. The Kimlik has no photo in it until its holder reaches the age of 15, and it is updated every 10 years.

Ikamet is a Turkish identity card provided to foreigners who receive a residence permit. The Ikamet’s period of validity depends on the type of residence permit and may be the reason to apply for Kimlik (on the basis of Turkish citizenship by naturalization program) in the future.

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Note: The work permit is not an Ikamet. However, it entitles a foreigner to Kimlik provided that he or she has continuously resided in the country for 5 or more years.

How Foreigners in Turkey Can Get a Kimlik (ID card)

The most popular way to obtain a Turkish passport (Kimlik) is to buy real estate whose value (according to an independent expert) should not be less than 400,000 US dollars. 

Here is a list of documents to be prepared and submitted to the Turkish Immigration Service by an ID card applicant:

  • application in the approved form
  • copies of the passports of all applicants and family members (birth certificate for children)
  • certificate of family composition
  • marriage certificate (for married couples)
  • proof of no criminal record
  • Certificate of Income
  • Proof that the investment program requirements have been met (issued in the cadastral office of Turkey)
  • payment of the state duty
  • TAPU (ownership title) for the acquired real estate and the contract of purchase and sale for the facility
  • Ikamet that has not expired

All documents required to get a Kimlik are submitted in Turkish and apostilled.

Turkish Residence Permit (İkamet) – Conclusion

Turkey is enjoying a new wave of immigration, and you can join in. However, keep an eye on the legislation updates in Turkey to avoid being deported for violation of the Immigration Act requirements.

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You can easily get help from the specialists of the international portal and move to Turkey for permanent residence, register a business, or buy real estate to take advantage of the citizenship by investment program. Contact us at [email protected] to ask questions, get advice and discuss what services you may need. Hassle-free relocation to a thriving southern country has never been easier!

What documents do I need to apply for a residence permit in Turkey?

Individuals that want to receive a residence permit in Turkey in 2023 are required to submit the following documents to the Consulate at the place of permanent residence: medical insurance; documents confirming the foreigner’s right to a residence permit (Tapu, marriage certificate, investment documents, etc.); passport (original and copy), 4 biometric photos of the applicant; resident application form; documents for minor children (birth certificate); TIN. All documents should be submitted in Turkish and legalized (notary, apostille).

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