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Getting UAE Residence Permit Will Now Become Easier

The Cabinet of Ministers of the United Arab Emirates approved the rules for the entry and residence of foreigners. The main goal is to give expats a more significant share in the country’s economy.

The new conditions for residence in the UAE aim on inviting and retaining talented and skilled workers from around the world. It also seeks to increase the competitiveness and flexibility of the labor market and strengthen the level of stability and confidence in the future of Emirates society.

UAE Residence Permit

Over 80% of the UAE’s population is presented by expats. They have been the backbone of the country’s economy for decades. Recall that the UAE consists of seven emirates, the most popular among them are Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Features of new UAE residence and entry permits:

  •  UAE residency by investment (also known as ‘Golden Residency’) program simplified the selection criteria and expanded the categories of applicants. The 10-year UAE residence permit is granted to investors, entrepreneurs, exceptional talents, scientists and professionals, outstanding students and graduates, the best in the humanities, and other outstanding personalities.
    • The new amendments allow the ‘Golden Residency’ owner to sponsor family members (i.e., issue UAE residence visa for them).
    • There are no restrictions on the maximum length of stay outside the country for maintaining the validity of the UAE residence permit.
    • Property investors can obtain ‘golden residency’ by acquiring real estate objects that cost more than AED 2 million (USD 544,500).
  • ‘Green Residency’ program: 5-year UAE residence visa for freelancers and self-employed individuals. This residency type doesn’t require the presence of a sponsor or employer in the country.
  • ‘Green Residency’ for investors or partners: 5-year residence visa for entrepreneurs who open companies or start participating in commercial activities. It comes instead of the outdated UAE residence visa type, valid for two years.
  • New residence types: 5-year UAE residence permit to attract talents, qualified professionals, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs.
  • New UAE entry visas: the government introduced new types of UAE visas with no host or sponsor requirement.
  • UAE entry visa for job search: this visa has no mandatory requirements for a local sponsor or host. It is suitable for individuals with first, second, or third qualification levels under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization criteria. The minimum educational level is a bachelor’s degree or its analogue.
  •  UAE business entry visa: allows entry to the country without having a sponsor or host. Its main task is to encourage foreign business persons to find out the details about profitable ways to invest money in the UAE.
  • UAE tourist visa: 5-year multiple-entry UAE tourist visa, which does not require a sponsor. Visa applicants must confirm that they have USD 4,000 in their bank account or the equivalent of this amount in any other currency.

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