Permanent Residence in Turkey – Best Turkish Cities For Foreign Citizens to Relocate to in 2022

A country boasting mild climate, profitable investment schemes, and a loyal business environment is a perfect place for any foreigner to obtain citizenship and start a new life in. In 2022, permanent residence in Turkey is a good choice. If immigration to Turkey is your goal, the International Wealth consultants recommend you study the infrastructure, traditions, and potential of your chosen city before making the final grand decision to move and find your new residence in Turkey. 

Turkish cities for moving

It is for a reason that the Mediterranean country with its breathtaking seaside resorts and majestic historical sites is a magnet for tourists and international investors. This is also the reason why choosing the best place to live in Turkey is a mammoth task for those about to obtain Turkish residency and move thereto. In the article below, the International Wealth industry pros analyze in detail the pros and cons of top destinations for immigration to Turkey. 

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For those of you who have already found your Turkish gem and the best city to live in Turkey you’d like to move to, International Wealth is the place to come to for assistance with planning immigration to Turkey and obtaining your Turkish residency or passport. Much to your delight, our initial consultations are free for potential customers considering immigration to Turkey. The International Wealth offshore industry pros are here to assist you with immigration to Turkey, acquiring citizenship by investment in the country’s real estate, or getting your residence permit for Turkey. For your convenience, the above procedures may be carried out remotely. To order any of the above services or ask us a question about your potential Turkish residency or immigration to Turkey, please contact the International Wealth consultants at

Permanent residence in Turkey – things any foreigner should know when planning immigration to Turkey

A state in Southwestern Asia and Southern Europe, Turkey is bounded by 3 seas, namely, the Black, the Mediterranean, and the Aegean ones. It is considered to have the strongest economy among all Eastern jurisdictions. This is  mostly explained by huge tourist numbers and well-established international relations. With its unforgettable charm, the country’s beauty makes most visitors consider immigration to Turkey to stay here forever.

Why is the country a good destination to move to and obtain either a residence permit for Turkey or a Turkish residency to settle down there? The jurisdiction comes with several obvious benefits for those considering immigration to Turkey:

  1. Being a friendly neutral nation, Turkey offers multiple business immigration opportunities.  
  2. Boasting access to international business channels, Turkey is an excellent jurisdiction to expand your business. It may be a good starting point for moving elsewhere in the world after immigration to Turkey.
  3. Turkey comes with a strong and stable banking industry. 
  4. Citizenship by investment opportunities are open to foreign investors ready to purchase Turkish real estate upwards of USD 400,000, incorporate a company offering at least 50 jobs, contribute to the country’s banking industry, or purchase Turkish government bonds and securities to obtain their permanent residence in Turkey. Overseas students, refugees, children born into families with one parent a Turkish citizen, and other applicants enjoy an opportunity to get a residence permit for Turkey.
  5. With its strong international commercial relations, Turkey is an excellent location to produce, sell, and purchase goods at bargain prices, using Turkish Free Zones as an instrument therefor. 
  6. Turkish Free Zones and Technopolises offer substantial benefits to member companies, with investors enjoying certain duty and tax remissions. FZ investors in Turkey are free to purchase land plots to build industrial facilities, sell their produce, and enjoy stable profits.
  7. Individuals and legal entities pay moderate taxes in Turkey. These are way below most European tax rates, and a valid reason to consider Turkish residency or immigration to Turkey.

Once you are sure the jurisdiction is right for you to immigrate to, it is high time to think over the best Turkish cities you’d like to obtain your residence in Turkey in. This should be the place you will feel calm and comfortable in, and an excellent permanent residence destination in Turkey allowing you to plan your work, studies, vacations, business, and generally secure a stable future for yourself and your loved ones.


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Best Turkish cities to obtain a permanent residence in or a residence permit for Turkey

Turkey is widely known as a tourist heaven. Business people, students, and pensioners are all eager to settle down or at least spend their vacations here. It is a great business destination for hotel and restaurant owners. Horticulturists and freelancers will find a world of opportunities in Turkey. Due to the country’s mild climate, the beach season is at least 9 months long. Happy and relaxed, vacationers feel like coming back to Turkey for more and even consider immigration to Turkey or obtaining their Turkish residency. The country charms you away and you wish to stay here forever and ever. Those successful immigrants who dare move to the country to obtain residence in Turkey never regret it afterwards. With the above in mind, finding the best Turkish cities to live a successful and comfortable life in Turkey with your Turkish residency in the bag may be an issue as they are all highly appealing.

Each Turkish city is a small country with its own lifestyle, opportunities, and sights, and may happen to be exactly the place for your residence in Turkey. These are not just your first impressions that you should base your Turkish residency choice on when thinking about immigration to Turkey and finding the best place to live in Turkey but also the location’s social and economic reputation. The latter is tremendously important to account for if you wish to have no regrets about your residence in Turkey choice later on. 

Let’s see what ways to move to Turkey are the easiest if you are in for Turkish residency and discuss the best Turkish cities for you to choose as your Turkish residency destination.  

Best places for permanent residence in Turkey – Istanbul

If you are looking for the best place to live in Turkey, Istanbul appears an obvious first choice. Istanbul is a large and beautiful Turkish city mistakenly considered to be the country’s capital by many. It is among the most expensive megalopolises for your Turkish residency although the most appealing to international investors as their future destination for residence in Turkey and the best Turkish cities to reside in as well.


Take a look at the best Istanbul districts for your Turkish residency purposes and see why Istanbul is the best place to live in Turkey:

  • Istanbul city blocks most popular with foreigners who often purchase properties there to obtain either permanent residence in or a residence permit for Turkey are to be found in the Beşiktaş district. They are the Bebek residential quarter, the Levent business district, and the upmarket Etiler neighborhood. The Ortaköy and the Ulus neighborhoods are fashionable and popular with overseas investors looking for their potential residence in Turkey. When on a budget, you can pick decent housing in the Istanbul suburbs for your permanent residence in Turkey. For starters, you are welcome to study the city in general while staying in a hotel or a rented apartment and planning your Turkish residency.
  • Being the largest international business hub, Istanbul accumulates businesses and investors from all industry branches, and is ideal for your Turkish residency purposes. It is a true haven for big company owners wishing to incorporate an Istanbul Free Zone company in order to enter the international market. Investors in Istanbul properties enjoy excellent growth potential as tourists arrive in the city non-stop.
  • Istanbul sits on both sides of the Bosphorus strait dividing the city into its Asian and European parts. It boasts ancient buildings and superb modern sights with their stunning bright graffiti and bustling nightlife and may appear the best place to live in Turkey for those in love with the lifestyle who are about to obtain Turkish residency. The eclectic combination makes you think of several epochs peacefully co-existing in the same time and space.
  • High education and healthcare standards appeal to both students and pensioners who consider immigration to Turkey in order to secure their bright future or good old age, making it one of the best Turkish cities to look for residence in Turkey.

As before, Istanbul remains a huge international financial hub. Its private commercial banks welcome both Turkish residents and foreigners thinking over immigration to Turkey, while budding entrepreneurs and businessmen face no issues with obtaining low rate loans thereat. 

With all its bright sides, Turkey does have several inconveniences for potential residents. You will surely be able to live in Turkey with no Turkish language skills but it will be a rather uncomfortable life. Sufficient language skills are crucial for making new contacts, contracts and agreements, as well as communicating with the locals and settling in a new place if you are about to acquire permanent residence in Turkey. In this context, speaking Turkish fluently or at least at an intermediate level is useful to avoid language barriers and should be kept in mind when considering immigration to Turkey. 

If you fail to learn the language, your social circle will likely be small and limited to your native language community. You will have to hire translators or language tutors for your children, and the number of vacancies available to you will likewise be low.

Ankara as your permanent residence choice 

Another city to consider if you are looking for the best place to live in Turkey is Ankara. Being the capital city and administrative center of Turkey, Ankara is an international metropolis pulling in tourists, investors, business people, and students from all over the world often consider it to be the best place to live in Turkey. With its hot continental climate, Ankara is an obvious Turkish residency choice for those in love with hot summers and cold winters. 


You don’t need to be a billionaire to comfortably live in Ankara, and even those in the medium income level can afford it for their residence in Turkey. In 2022, average rents went as high as USD 300 for suburban apartments and USD 1000 for those in prestigious Ankara neighborhoods. Prices on local markets vary depending on tourist numbers. They are the lowest on the outskirts.

Ankara is among the best Turkish cities boasting multiple delighters for its potential residents. Those considering immigration to Turkey who are currently investigating their relocation opportunities will favor the city’s benefits:

  • Foreign citizens considering Turkish residency are welcome to come to Ankara to acquire their permanent residence in Turkey therein. No matter whether you arrive in the country to study, undergo the necessary treatments, marry a local citizen, purchase properties or land plots, set up your own company, or plan immigration to Turkey, the country keeps its doors open to people coming from abroad.
  • Apart from the city’s natural beauty and mild climate, Ankara boasts certain economic benefits, including, inter alia, access to the international market via Turkish Free Zones, which makes it an appealing destination for your immigration to Turkey and potential Turkish residency.
  • With its reasonable taxes and high-quality banking for both natural and legal persons including non-residents Ankara is among the best Turkish cities to choose for your immigration to Turkey.
  • Ankara with its multiple business opportunities is the best city to live in Turkey for those seeking Turkish residency or citizenship. Potential  investors are free to set up a company here to sell own-produced goods, grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers, make souvenirs, render various services (like cleaning, translation, deliveries, etc.), invest in already available facilities or those under construction. High net worth individuals about to obtain Turkish residency or citizenship will make good profits from construction and development, as well as real estate services and investment. They contribute to the country’s industrial sector promoting the development thereof.
  • Sights of Ankara are world famous, with the Kocatepe Mosque, the Ankara Citadel (Hisar), multiple museums and parks among them. It is the best city to live in Turkey for you if you are into history and ancient cultures.

Small and medium enterprises dominate the Turkish economy. Company incorporation is easy for foreigners seeking Turkish residency or citizenship as they experience no issues with the above procedures whatsoever. Potential founders planning immigration to Turkey may set up businesses in the jurisdiction remotely and the International Wealth experienced consultants are ready to assist them with it in every way possible. 

In Ankara, the main industries are iron and steel works, machine building, and industrial enterprises. Financial institutions in Ankara come second after the Istanbul ones. They offer account opening services for customers with Turkish residency or citizenship for the latter to make international money transfers and employ them for both commercial and private purposes. 

Izmir for foreigners – best city in Turkey to acquire a residence permit or permanent residency in

The third largest city in Turkey, Izmir with its booming economy is hardly as noisy and huge as Istanbul. The city should be considered if you are looking for the best place to live in Turkey and obtain your Turkish residency. It is an obvious choice among the best Turkish cities for those planning immigration to Turkey. Life is calm and peaceful in Izmir, and foreigners arriving here to find their permanent residence in Turkey feel comfortable and secure. Izmir is a good Turkish residency option for those looking for the best place to live in Turkey.


Sitting on the Aegean Sea, Izmir is highly appealing for both tourists and investors for their potential residence in Turkey.

  1. Izmir boasts its own Free Zone for investors to seamlessly start their own business, enter the European market, and proceed with trading on the international scale later on.
  2. Tobacco, olives, figs, grapes, and various fruits are grown in Izmir and exported globally.
  3. Izmir Region is famous for its honey production, and beekeeping is a popular business.
  4. Power generation, military industry, and manufacture of construction materials are traditional industries in Izmir that are safe and profitable to invest in.
  5. After their immigration to Turkey, expats are free to look for jobs in the Izmir tourist sector, primary and secondary education, work in professions they were trained for, or start their own business. The latter works best for small businesses and private entrepreneurs like nail technicians, massage therapists, cleaners, delivery service people, retail clerks, etc.

It makes sense to start thinking about your job and income potential well before your immigration to Turkey if you are looking for opportunities to obtain a residence permit for Turkey and settle down in Izmir or acquire citizenship by investment in the country. You are welcome to set up a company in the Izmir Province, and it may be in any economic sector. Tourism, agriculture, consulting, commerce, and restaurant business enjoy high popularity in Izmir and are potentially promising commercial alternatives. If you purchase real estate in Turkey, you’ll be able to sell it at a profit later on or lease it out to tourists and enjoy stable profits.

Alanya – best city to live in Turkey

Standing out among the best Turkish cities to obtain Turkish residency in, Alanya is a popular seaport and tourist destination boasting ancient history and exciting visitable sights. 

  1. With its endless sandy beaches, magnificent nature’s marvels, superb sights, unforgettable shopping, and high-end sky resort, Alanya gives you inspiration and joy, especially if you think of immigration to Turkey. It is the best place to live in Turkey for nature amateurs in love with the beach lifestyle.
  2. Tourism industry is highly developed in Alanya, and the tourist season lasts all year round. This offers excellent job opportunities for foreign immigrants who can easily start and develop their own business in Alanya. It is one of the best Turkish cities to come for vacations.
  3. You are welcome to obtain Turkish residency on different grounds, including, inter alia, Turkish residency by investment. In the latter case, property prices shall be upwards of USD 50,000 – 70,000. To receive your Turkish passport and citizenship in Turkey you shall invest at least USD 400,000 to buy an apartment, a house or a villa in the country.  The above investment amount makes not only you but also your spouse and minor children eligible for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey.

The International Wealth customers wonder what city they should choose as their permanent residence destination in Turkey. Does Alanya come with more advantages compared to Antalya for those planning immigration to Turkey? No definite answer is possible here, as each Turkish province is unique in its own way. Large entrepreneurs are likely to favor Alanya with its highly developed construction industry and real estate sector. Horticultural and tourist sectors in Alanya are appealing to those businessmen who prefer to live their life and run business close to nature. Antalya, in its turn, is high on the list of the best Turkish cities for active young people, residential and commercial property investors, hotel owners, and vacationers favoring the Mediterranean Sea coast for their potential residence in Turkey.

Kocaeli for immigration to Turkey and obtaining permanent residence therein

Kocaeli is a major Turkish industrial center located on the peninsula between the Marmara and the Black Sea, 111 km from Istanbul. It is a part of the Marmara Region totaling 3635 square meters. 

Kocaeli is famous among foreigners and expats for its ancient history. At different times, it was visited by multiple prominent figures, with Hannibal of Carthage among them. Every second tourist feels obliged to visit the Yazlık Spa Thermal Facility, the Izmit Palace, or the Abdulaziz Saray.


The present-day Kocaeli is an industrial city boasting an average income level that is among the highest in the country. With its favorable geographic and climatic conditions, Kocaeli is among the best Turkish cities for aspiring entrepreneurs and nature lovers thinking of immigration to Turkey.

Famous for its breathtaking waterfalls, magnificent lakes, and sparkling rivers, Kocaeli is the best city to live in Turkey if you wish to set up and expand trout growing and processing companies.

The terms set to obtain citizenship or acquire a residence permit for Turkey to live in Kocaeli are the same as for any other Turkish city. You are welcome to apply for Turkish citizenship or residence in Turkey if you purchase properties therein, invest in the country’s economy, marry a Turkish citizen, start your own business or proceed with professional activities in any industry sectors meaningful for the state.

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If undecided as to what to do to move to Turkey and what to start with, contacting the International Wealth immigration experts may be a great way out. The International Wealth weathered industry pros are here to help you with any comprehensive and complex banking, immigration, and corporate issues. Assisted by the best of the best in the industry, you will successfully relocate abroad and find the best city to live in Turkey or any other jurisdiction of your choice in no time. Except for free initial consultations, we render a wide range of billable commercial services accepting all currencies in payment therefor, including inter alia crypto currencies.

Antalya as tourist paradise and immigration destination

Antalya is the primary choice for potential immigrants looking for the best place to live in Turkey. It is internationally acclaimed for its beautiful sandy beaches and Mediterranean spas. Its mild climate with no off-season and an eternal summer is highly appealing for both vacationers and potential Turkish residents, including those willing to apply for the country’s citizenship by investment program and think over their immigration to Turkey. 


If at a loss as to how you can obtain permanent residence in or a residence permit for Turkey and find a job in Antalya, do study the main benefits of Antalya for foreigners:

  • you can successfully move to Antalya in just 3 days – a one-way ticket and a tourist residence permit for Turkey will do the trick
  • it won’t take you much time and effort to incorporate a company, obtain residence in Turkey, gain employment, and start a new life in the country as the locals are a friendly nation, and with the region’s advanced economy finding a job or setting up your own business in Antalya is a breeze
  • boasting free zones and technoparks that offer various business incorporation and expansion opportunities, Antalya is among the best Turkish cities for setting up a company with international market access, multiple tax benefits, and customs privileges
  • considering Antalya boasts an international school, you enjoy an opportunity to acquire permanent residence in Turkey and move thereto together with your children so that the latter would get high-quality education
  • due to its sprawling infrastructure, together with plenty of properties to purchase real estate in Antalya in order to obtain citizenship or residence in Turkey, including, inter alia, property purchase from the developers via the International Wealth website, Antalya is among the best Turkish cities for a good start into your new life in Turkey
  • some Antalya banks offer loans to foreigners, including mortgages and real estate loans, which comes handy if you think about immigration to Turkey
  • life is beautiful, comfortable, and affordable in Antalya, while local food is delicious. 

Antalya Province boasts a well-developed real estate market. Assisted by the International Wealth highly experienced industry experts, you’ll manage to remotely purchase real estate to your liking, be it in the mountains, on the Mediterranean, or in Downtown Antalya. The same is true with company incorporation or settlement account opening in Antalya. Your presence is not required for it to be successfully accomplished.


Bursa is another attractive and popular location for international immigration to Turkey and one of the best Turkish cities for you to settle down in. Sitting in the Marmara Region, Bursa offers easy access to numerous international trade routes and the Black Sea. 


Besides being a prestigious yet affordable resort, the contemporary Bursa is a center for textile, automobile, engineering, and food industries. Lately, the region has become a magnet for international investors. The latter consider Bursa to be among the best Turkish cities to set up their businesses and open branch offices in Turkey. With its Technological Development Zones offering their member companies preferential tax treatment till 2023 (including, inter alia, for wages in R&D sector, VAT, and income tax) Bursa in Turkey may become a true tech paradise for emergent entrepreneurs and startuppers.

Various reasons encourage foreigners to obtain permanent residence in Turkey and settle down in Bursa after their immigration to Turkey:

  • mild Mediterranean climate in Bursa, with hot summers, warm winters, and temperatures never going below zero even on the coldest days
  • affordable housing with real estate prices and rents below those in Ankara or Istanbul
  • low fruit, vegetable, and food prices, as well as well-developed infrastructure allowing every expat to find something they like or need, with night clubs for young people, hospitals for the elderly, government agencies for businessmen, and shops and markets for tourists 
  • tourists flocking to Bursa consider it to be the best place to live in Turkey in order to enjoy top-quality healthcare services as the district comes with multiple thermal baths and hot springs that make it possible
  • superb beach and mountain ski recreation facilities, together with unforgettable local landscapes will stay in your memory forever, even if immigration to Turkey is not in the cards for you.

Unlike major Turkish resorts and spa areas, Bursa is among the best Turkish cities favored by car users and amateurs of peaceful and tranquil lifestyle. 

Yalova for you to improve health and enjoy life

Yalova in Turkey is famous for its thermal resort attracting tourist crowds year over year. The Province is washed by the Marmara Sea on the north and west. With its magnificent nature landscapes boasting deep gorges, unexplored coves, waterfalls, and the Samanli mountains, Yalova is undoubtedly the best place to live in Turkey.

Yalova is among the best Turkish cities to settle down, if you are looking for a tranquil and affordable city to live in Turkey and obtain permanent residence in.


It lacks the hustle and bustle of Istanbul or Antalya and offers everything necessary to relocate to the best place to live in Turkey and start a new life here. 

Apart from its ancient history and multiple sights to explore, the city comes with a variety of healthcare services for tourists and thus is a great place for your future residence in Turkey. 

Foreigners will find jobs in the Yalova tourist industry and cleaning companies. Budding entrepreneurs are about to flourish in Yalova if they set up a homemade cafe, which is easy to do in Turkey, or start offering manicure, delivery, fitness, or translation services.

Trabzon in Turkey for foreigners

Still haven’t found the best city to live in Turkey for you? Trabzon may turn out to be an excellent Turkish residency opportunity. A harbor city on the Black Sea, Trabzon is among the TOP-10 best places to live in Turkey for foreigners about to obtain Turkish residency or a residence permit for Turkey to set up their own business abroad. Among the best Turkish cities to reside in, Trabzon is known for its slow base and laid-back lifestyle, superb sights, and unforgettable mountains.


In Trabzon, business people will find everything they need to live a stable family life and expand their business. This applies to exporters as well, as the latter enjoy a lucky opportunity to establish international commercial bonds by setting up a company in the local Free Zone or in the country’s domestic market.

Trabzon is not a high-end city, and life is quite affordable therein. The greatest benefit of purchasing an apartment, a villa, or a land plot in Trabzon is that the buyer is not only eligible for Turkish citizenship but will also enjoy a stable rental income. Alternatively, they may profit from growing fruit and vegetables on their lands and selling them on either local or international markets.

Quick summary for those wishing to obtain permanent residence in or a residence permit for Turkey in 2022-2023

To sum up, the benefits of obtaining permanent residence in or a residence permit for Turkey and moving to the country are undisputable:

  • Any foreigners not blacklisted by the jurisdiction (the latter are not numerous) are welcome to come to the country on a residence permit for Turkey or acquire permanent residence in Turkey.
  • English is widely spoken in Turkey and being fluent in or able to speak Turkish is a definite bonus for those planning immigration to Turkey. Language skills undoubtedly make life in a new country easier, especially where permanent residence in Turkey and job issues are concerned.
  • You are free to choose any province as the best place to live in Turkey since all of them offer decent living standards.
  • The easiest way to legally reside in Turkey is to purchase properties there for upwards of USD 400,000. It is a standard practice for developers or realtors to assist real estate buyers with applying for citizenship or permanent residence in Turkey.

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You are welcome to contact the International Wealth immigration experts and employ our services in Turkey, including, inter alia, with bank account opening and purchasing residential or commercial real estate in the country. 

Permanent residence in Turkey – rest assured you’ll get it assisted by industry pros

The above overview of the best Turkish cities to reside in is not complete. Any province offering permanent residence in Turkey or a 2-year (or longer) residence permit for Turkey is a potentially valid addition thereto. Assisted by the International Wealth consultants and lawyers, you’ll enjoy every service necessary for business people, expats, and regular citizens to seamlessly acquire permanent residence in Turkey and move there in no time.

Here’s what the International Wealth professional lawyers and our Turkish partners offer to you:

  1. Obtaining a residence permit for Turkey or citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey together with the supporting documents (your TIN, bank account, health insurance, etc.). You will find eligible residential or commercial properties to choose from at the International Wealth website. Alternatively, the International Wealth employees will be happy to cherry-pick the real estate in Turkey matching the customer’s requirements, including, inter alia, its price, area, location, proximity to the sea, furnishings, etc.
  2. Opening bank accounts for both Turkish residents and non-residents, including, inter alia, remote account opening.
  3. Registering property title and obtaining TAPU in Turkey.
  4. Personal or virtual property tours. You take a thorough look at the real estate and form your judgment about it and the International Wealth experts prepare all the necessary documents, including real estate appraisal, TIN, registration documents from local utility service providers and social services, and TAPU.
  5. Furnishing your apartment or house according to your wishes, with interior designers involved. Furniture and household appliances will be supplied directly from manufacturers.
  6. Agency services to lease out your apartment, villa, or any other property, with rent and maintenance control.
  7. Obtaining Turkish ikamet for real estate investors.
  8. Acquiring citizenship by investment in Turkey for property owners and their family members.  To be eligible for a Turkish passport and citizenship by investment in Turkey, a foreigner shall purchase properties in the country upwards of USD 400,000.

Business people about to not just move to the country or obtain permanent residence in Turkey but also set up their own business in the above jurisdiction, are welcome to contact the International Wealth team to rent an office in Turkey or incorporate a company in any Turkish city turnkey.

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If interested in any of the above, feel free to contact the International Wealth industry pros using our online chat or any of the contact phones above. We are always here to assist you and all initial consultations are free

Is living in Turkey without any language skills possible?

Yep. It is possible although rather uncomfortable. You will feel ill at ease when communicating with the locals, applying for jobs, or studying in local schools if you don’t speak Turkish. Turkey offers multiple language courses for foreigners wishing to study the language, and eventually speaking Turkish will make your life easier and much more enjoyable if you plan to obtain permanent residence in Turkey.

How long may I stay in Turkey if I don’t have Turkish citizenship?

As long as you wish. You should obtain a residence permit for Turkey and extend it when it expires. Being a Turkish citizen is not required to live in the country. The actual terms you should follow depend on your country of nationality.

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