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Working abroad or overseas employment is often associated with freelancing or the offshore "digital nomad" lifestyle. In the last few years becoming a digital nomad has really become popular and become also a popular visa category in countries like Barbados, Bermuda, Croatia and Panama to name just a few.

The term "working abroad" is also used when a student teaches, interns or volunteers in another country under a special program, gaining work experience and / or financial reward.

For many, the digital nomad lifestyle is a tempting idea. But before you hit the road and become a digital nomad, study the articles presented in this section, which can help you make the right decisions and avoid the pitfalls.

Remember, becoming a digital nomad is a great opportunity and yet a major challenge, both on a professional and personal level. Many would-be expats have been caught off guard by unexpected new realities. In addition,many digital nomads get caught out by underestimating the immigration and other formalities involved in running a business abroad.

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Your First Steps as Freelancer in Abu Dhabi: Guide for Beginners

Obtain an Abu Dhabi freelance visa: your adventure starts now! Freelance visa vs. freelance license. Receive a freelance visa in the UAE in 3 easy steps: here’s how. Transition to freelancing to begin working on your own in the UAE. Why opt for a UAE freelance visa? Your freelance visa in Abu Dhabi: price. The cheapest freelance visa in Abu Dhabi. Income prospects for freelancers in the UAE: Freelancer taxes in Abu Dhabi.

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Non-Residents in Switzerland: Can You Work Remotely in Local Companies?

Have you ever thought of working in Switzerland? No wonder: the country offers really good salaries, which are high even if we compare it with the European Union countries. The taxes are not very low here, but you get excellent living standards in return. And if you enjoy the work and life balance, Switzerland is the right country for you as nobody here stays at the workplace for more than needed. Employers are limited by laws in assigning overtime hours to their employees. You can also work for a Swiss company remotely or live in a neighboring country to have the status of a cross-border worker.

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Salaries in Uruguay by Profession in 2023. What Job Can a Foreigner Get?

Thinking about relocating to Uruguay? You will not have to care about employment if you have a passive income or you work remotely for an employer abroad. Otherwise, you will need to think about getting a local job. Our article will help you take a look at the employment market in Uruguay in 2023 and see which professions are in the greatest demand. You will also find out why living in Uruguay is sometimes considered expensive though the prices do not exceed those you will find in most developed countries. Look at the minimum and average salary in Uruguay to see how you can earn your living.

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Salary in Serbia in 2023: Labor Remuneration and Living Standards in the Balkans

Are you considering Serbia for relocation? There are many things you should know about the country before you make a final decision to migrate, and Serbia is no exception. Of course, the most burning issue is money: you have to earn enough for the lifestyle you are used to, or maybe for your family. What is the best way to earn money in Serbia? Who gets the highest salary? Which professions are the most popular? How easy is it to get a job locally – or is it better to work as a freelancer? Read the article to find the answers to these questions and much more. Contact our specialists if you need help.

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Which Specialists Earn More in Turkey?

Turkey is a trendy destination for labor migrants from different countries. In this article, we will take a survey of the Turkish labor market in 2023, focusing on issues such as average salary, perspective professions, and much more.

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Is Freelancing Legal in Turkey?

Are you a freelancer who considers Turkey as a possible destination to settle down or stay for some time? Not all countries are digital-nomad-friendly, but Turkey is. Besides its marvelous maritime locations that can be easily accessed, it offers good infrastructure for freelance foreigners who wish to come and work in the country. In this article, you will discover how to arrange a convenient home office, what to do with taxes, and how to receive and cash your income from abroad. We will also look at the intricacies of receiving a Turkish residence permit (or Ikamet, as it is known locally).

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What Work and Life in Turkey in 2022 is All About – Fascinating Previously Unpublished Facts

Life in Turkey. Turkish prices and economy. Working in Turkey – job hunting tips. Jobs available to foreigners in Turkey, with salaries therefor. Pensions and social guarantees in Turkey. Medical and healthcare services. Education, real estate, and business in Turkey. Crime rate. Turkish prices and living costs for foreigners. Useful suggestions for potential immigrants willing to move to Turkey.

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Work as a Freelancer in Portugal: Legal Residence Permit and Taxes

The number of freelancers working from home has grown rapidly do to the pandemic. If you work from home, it means you can choose the geographical location where you want to reside. Portugal is among the most attractive countries where you could relocate and work for your international clients from there. The conditions are superb and the taxes are bearable.

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