Start Your Own Offshore Bank in Saint Lucia: Basics of a Successful Business

Starting your own offshore bank in Saint Lucia, one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, can be just a dream. However, you can turn it into a business plan that works! Saint Lucia can offer more than a modest offshore business, tax optimization possibilities, or beautiful landscapes for a good rest. Starting yet another offshore business is quite an acceptable option, but you can venture beyond that. After all, Saint Lucia is a perfect place to start your offshore bank!

If you want to start your bank in Europe and make it a successful business, it will take at least 12 months to prepare documents and 1-2 million EUR of free assets to invest. It is almost impossible to speed up or reduce the cost of opening, and the probability of failure will be extremely high. Such a business is planned only by experienced business people with unlimited resources.

Own offshore bank in Saint Lucia

But an offshore bank in Saint Lucia is a completely different matter: you can start your financial business here with much less time and money. At the same time, you are unlikely to face any significant restrictions or prohibitions. You will get a fully functional offshore bank and start a business with a fairly high probability of success.

Offshore Business in Saint Lucia 

The first step towards starting your own offshore bank in St. Lucia is the formation of an IBC. The island is a classic tax-free jurisdiction, so company registration and doing business is quite a straightforward procedure – like in the majority of offshores. Some will say that Saint Lucia’s offshore status is a disadvantage in the current realities, but it is not. If you conduct a transparent business and your company is not engaged in aggressive tax optimization, everything will be fine!

Advantages of Saint Lucia for starting and running a business:

  • Information about the beneficiaries is confidential.
  • You are free to acquire citizenship of Saint Lucia.
  • Non-resident companies registered in Saint Lucia decide themselves whether to pay taxes or not.
  • Very mild tax climate.
  • Opening a company and starting a real business does not take much time.
  • There are no minimum capital requirements for offshore company incorporation in Saint Lucia.
  • You can open a company online.

Your Own Offshore Bank in Saint Lucia

An offshore company is a project that will not require significant financial and time costs. In Saint Lucia, companies are registered quickly and at an affordable cost, but an offshore bank is a business that stands on an absolutely different level. Its opening is an obvious confirmation of the fact that you are ready for changes and have grown beyond an ordinary offshore company. The stage of financial business registration and opening typically requires considerable financial resources, but not if you choose Saint Lucia as the parent jurisdiction.

The main advantages of starting an offshore bank in Saint Lucia:

  • There are no requirements for the director’s residence: the position can be held by a foreigner.
  • One shareholder is sufficient to open an IBC in Saint Lucia.
  • No information on the company’s beneficial owner is entered in the register at the stage of opening/registration.
  • An offshore company in Saint Lucia does not pay a capital gains tax.

The procedure for starting an offshore bank in Saint Lucia:

  • Registration of an offshore management company in Saint Lucia. We will not describe the procedure in detail as more information on the topic can be found here.
  • Obtaining a banking license to conduct financial activities in Saint Lucia (it will take about 6 months). Our experts will tell you about all the details and intricacies of the procedure. If you want to get an overview of the licensing process in Saint Lucia, please read this article.
  • Drafting a business plan, bank charter, and other documents required. If you are new to the world of banking or want to look at further steps in more detail, please read an article on the seven steps required to start a bank abroad.

We will register an offshore bank in Saint Lucia for you (through the registration of an IBC in Saint Lucia) within a short time – just rely on our professionals who have extensive experience in the international market. You can develop a serious business by moving from simple to complex things, and we are here to assist you in this journey. Please contact us at 

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