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Offshore Corporation in Belize: 10 Key Facts You Should Know

IBC and LLC in Belize: what are they? Does an offshore corporation in Belize need a registered office? Restrictions for IBCs and LLCs in Belize. Taxes that Belize offshore corporations pay. Financial reporting, directors, and shareholders. Does a Belize corporation require a secretary to operate? Share types in Belize. Minimum capital requirements for Belize corporations. Start an offshore corporation in Belize with expert assistance.

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Mauritius: An Offshore Jurisdiction with Prospects and Opportunities for Business

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean with a stable political situation and growing economy. No wonder it attracts investors and entrepreneurs. It offers good conditions for those who wish to establish an offshore company and open a bank account. You will find three promising company organizational forms here: authorized company, global business company, and partnership. The first two are rightly considered to be the specialty of Mauritius, and they are discussed in detail in the article. The jurisdiction also boasts a robust banking sector – read on to find out more.

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Start Your Own Offshore Bank in Saint Lucia: Basics of a Successful Business

Have you ever thought of starting your own bank? This is quite an expensive and complicated undertaking when it comes to European jurisdictions, but we propose that you start an offshore bank. Saint Lucia is a good jurisdiction for a debut. You will first need to register an IBC and get a banking license, and only then can you proceed to bank establishment. The post is a brief introduction to the process, and it contains references to other articles on our portal that will help you look at some points in more detail. Please contact our experts for up-to-date information and assistance.

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